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Lil Pump drops $25,000 on Gucci bicycle in Miami



“Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump splashed out on a $25,000 limited-edition bike by Gucci.

We hear that Pump was shopping at TheArsenale in Miami, which sells luxury goods from high-end skateboards to airplanes, when he picked out the pricey white bike with custom logo details this week.

“He was talking about coming back in to look at a $2.5 million submarine,” said the source.

“He seemed part joking, part serious. He was saying he might have to go ‘underground’ for a bit.”


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The 15 Best Arcs, Ranked




In terms of the future of Star Wars in terms of animated shows, Disney+ original series, and television in general, there is no doubt that the bar has been set extremely high by The Clone Wars. Through seven seasons and a theatrical film, The Clone Wars added to and improved the canon so much, and is a joy to watch and rewatch.

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The show is not entirely perfect, of course, but some of the arcs in the show pretty much are, becoming acclaimed and adored, with a rewatchability factor fitting for a franchise like Star Wars.

Updated September 27th By Rhys McGinley: Season seven of The Clone Wars has come and gone, and with it ended an incredible part of the Star Wars franchise that will get rewatched for generations to come. The show provided so many unbelievably good arcs throughout its time — too many to fit into a list of ten. Even with added entries, arcs like the Zyggerian slaver arc, the Ryloth arc, and more are still more than worthy of an honorable mention.

15 The Clone Cadets Arc

Domino Squad on Star Wars The Clone Wars season 3

The Clone Wars adds so much to the broader Star Wars canon it is insane, building on ideas given in the prequels and executing them to perfection. One of the best things the show does is enhance the clones whom so many fans now adore.

This arc starts with “Rookies” in season one before starting up again in season three due to the chopped-up nature of the show’s chronology. It follows the rookie clones, primarily Fives and Echo, but also other members of Domino Squad and the wider clone army, as they rise in the ranks and eventually have to protect Kamino against a Separatist invasion. It has great action, fantastic clone characters, and excellently showcases the clone experience.

14 Boba’s Revenge

Boba Fett is a very divisive character amongst the Star Wars fandom. Some love him for how cool and iconic he is, as well as his vast potential and out-of-movie appearances; others cannot get over how wasted he is in the original trilogy.

Nevertheless, he is excellent in The Clone Wars, just like most bounty hunters, with his standout story being his infiltration of the clone cadets and plot to get revenge on Mace Windu. It is the best dive into Boba’s character fans got, and also showed off bounty hunters, both in their coolness and ruthlessness.

13 Obi-Wan Undercover

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Obi-Wan Kenobi Disguised as Rako Hardeen

Coming in season four, this four-episode arc follows Obi-Wan as he goes undercover disguised as bounty hunter Rako Hardeen, hoping to intercept any plans from Dooku to capture the Chancellor, or worse.

It is not as simple as that, though. Obi-Wan fakes his own death, sending Anakin into a tailspin as those involved did not let him in on it. Obi-Wan is fantastic, as are Anakin and Cad Bane, who are both prominent in the arc. There is so much to love in this story, although it is one of the few times audiences ever disliked Obi-Wan for his lying to Anakin.

12 Maul’s Return

When it got revealed that Maul was alive there was a lot of confusion and doubt, especially considering fans had seen him chopped in half by Obi-Wan. When people get resurrected in Star Wars, it is never good.

But as soon as fans saw Maul and his story began to unfold again, all doubts were washed away. He was magnificent. Over a couple of episodes, Maul’s limited sanity returned, and he set off for revenge on Obi-Wan, leading to a fantastic duel. He and Savage were on a rampage that would, not long after, reach Mandalore.

11 The Citadel Arc

The Citadel arc is well-loved in Clone Wars lore and often talked about as a particularly brilliant one for so many reasons. It sees Anakin and Ahsoka (with help from R2-D2) attempt to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell from a Separatist prison.

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The arc sees Wilhuff Tarkin and Anakin get very friendly, with the show helping make Tarkin even more hatable. It has many memorable character moments throughout as well as fantastic action sequences — including the death of Echo, which would later get revealed to be a capture, not a kill.

10 Yoda’s Journey

Star Wars The Clone Wars Yoda Darth Bane

The final arc of season six of The Clone Wars, just before its cancellation, followed Yoda on a journey that led him to a deeper understanding of the Force and glimpses into the future of the Galaxy.

The episodes give a great insight to Yoda as a character, as well as some of the inner workings of the Force. Seeing Yoda in a battle with Dooku and Sidious alongside Anakin was great to see, as was Darth Bane, and Yoda talking to Qui-Gon.

9 The Second Battle Of Geonosis

While zombies and Star Wars sounds like the kind of nonsense you would see in the Legends timeline, it is done very well by Lucas, Filoni, and company in this arc that takes the Jedi and clones back to Geonosis.

The Jedi are drawn there by a plot involving a droid factory, and darkness soon ensues with the Geonosians being zombies, with the Jedi a prime target. Eventually, the clones are infected by the parasite, forcing Ahsoka and Barriss Offee, heartbreakingly, to kill some. It is packed with action and emotion.

8 The Nightsister Trilogy

The Nightsister trilogy adds a lot to The Clone Wars and is chock full of fantastic stuff. Not only does it give more insight to Asajj Ventress, but it introduces Savage Opress, gives more details on the Nightsisters, and reveals Maul is alive.

Starting with Palpatine demanding Dooku kills Asajj, the arc goes at a quick pace, with so much happening from Savage secretly working for Asajj while being trained by Dooku, to the two facing Dooku, to Obi-Wan and Anakin’s involvement, it is a fantastic set of episodes.

7 The Mandalore Trilogy

Mandalore is always a fantastic place for The Clone Wars to go, and when it first goes there in season two, it leads to one of the best arcs in the show, especially if you like Mandalorians and Obi-Wan.

With Mandalore now a pacifist society, the trilogy introduces to Duchess Satine Kryze, a woman whom Obi-Wan loves. He wrestles with those feelings throughout the arc while fighting off Death Watch and attempting to prove the Separatists have a role in the attempts on Satine’s life.

6 Ahsoka Leaves The Council

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano Star Wars The Clone Wars

The final arc of season five is a heartbreaking one that sees an attack on the Jedi council blamed on Ahsoka and follows her on the run from the Republic as she attempts to clear her name before getting captured and put on trial.

Eventually, she is proven innocent, with Barriss Offee having been the perpetrator, but refuses to join the Jedi Order again, and parts ways with everyone. The arc is full of great action and character work for everyone involved and dives into what is wrong with the Jedi Order, showing nobody but Anakin truly believed in Ahsoka.

5 The Mortis Arc

Star Wars: Anakin Saves Ahsoka on Mortis in The Clone Wars

The Mortis arc is well known in the Star Wars fandom, and a truly fascinating set of episodes that sees Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka stuck on a mysterious planet with three beings of insane power in the Force.

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With the Father, Son, and Daughter being living embodiments of each side of the Force, it is a fascinating look at Anakin’s potential power and future alongside another exciting look into the Force, as we see the Son and Father both attempt to recruit Anakin.

4 The Conspiracy Arc

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Fives Discovers Inhibitor Chip in Tup

The conspiracy arc that kicked off season six is one of the most heartbreaking and frustrating (in a good way) arcs, which follows Fives as he uncovers Palpatine’s conspiracy with inhibitor chips after Tup’s malfunctioned.

It is frustrating because Fives was so close to getting the mystery solved and bringing it to the attention of the Jedi. Fives has one of the shows saddest deaths, and the arc is full of suspense, tension, and a fantastic look into the clones inhibitor chips and Palpatine’s plot.

3 The Umbara Arc

What is there to say about the famous Umbara arc that has not already gotten said? It follows Rex and the 501st at a tense battlefront on Umbara led by Jedi Master Pong Krell, who has a severe disrespect and lack of care towards clones.

When Rex and the clones arrest Pong Krell and Rex fully realizes that orders are not everything and that both individuality and being a good soldier can coexist, it is beautiful. The action, emotion, the other action, Pong Krell, the clones, everything in this arc is epic, and it is often – but rightfully – heralded as one of The Clone Wars’ best.

2 The Shadow Conspiracy Arc

Obi Wan Kenobi holds a dying Duchess Satine in Clone Wars

Talk about devastating, the arc that takes the show back to Mandalore sees Maul rise to power as both the ruler of Mandalore and as head of a range of crime syndicates, with his brother Savage by his side.

When Maul captures Obi-Wan and murders Satine right in front of him, it is one of the most devastating moments in all of Star Wars and brings the pair’s rivalry to the next level. Everything works beautifully in this arc, and the surprising end to it with Palpatine arriving at Mandalore to dispose of Maul and Savage is nothing short of epic.

1 The Siege Of Mandalore

Ahsoka saluting Rex on Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7

The final arc of The Clone Wars could not have ended the show in a better way. It was perfect. Every episode was phenomenal as we follow the Siege of Mandalore and the events of Revenge Of The Sith from an alternate point of view.

From unbelievable action in the Maul vs. Ahsoka duel to heartbreaking moments like Rex succumbing to the effects of Order 66 to the somber end with Vader, everything is incredible in the arc. It will get rewatched for years as both a movie on its own and a part of the show that it closed out.

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10 Things That Make No Sense About Modern Family

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K-Pop Doc ‘Break The Silence’ Tops New Films for a $12 Million Box-Office Weekend




As reissues of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” make the top 10, audiences still seem uncertain about theaters.

It will be many months before exhibitors might expect to see box-office returns that resemble the norms we once took for granted. In the meantime, a different metric has taken hold: Is there proof that domestic theaters are gaining traction against the audience’s pandemic resistance? Does it makes sense to go for broke with a high-end domestic release?

This weekend did not offer that evidence. The top 10 titles took in around $10 million, with somewhere under $12 million all told. This weekend saw perhaps 3 percent more theaters open over last weekend, which totaled a little over $11 million. All told, a little over 75 percent of all U.S. complexes are open; the total percentage for North America is a bit higher since nearly all Canadian theaters are now open.

There were four new entries, which included two reissues; they brought in less than $2 million. The overall take for the weekend is likely to be somewhere under $12 million, close to last weekend. A year ago, the same three days represented $95 million. Even if all theaters were operating, it’s hard to project even an $18 million estimate.

“Death on the Nile”


New York and Los Angeles locations might be edging closer to reopening, but with Disney moving “Death on the Nile” from October 23 to Christmas, and “Black Widow” to next year (along with “Deep Water,” their other early November entry), the question remains how can theaters manage to keep going through nearly two months until the releases of “No Time to Die” and “Soul”?

“Tenet,” which lost a handful of theaters for the first time, had a modest drop of 26 percent. Its domestic haul to date is $41.2 million, with a worldwide total of $283.2 million; foreign accounts for 85 percent of the return. The abnormally low domestic percentage reflects the greater impact of COVID-19 in the U.S. and, with that, the public’s far greater resistance in returning to theaters.

The ultimate estimate for “Tenet” now appears to be around $350 million; $400 million seems unlikely. Fortunately for Warner Bros., its theatrical release will allow for substantial future platforms; “Mulan,” with its Disney+ debut, does not have the same advantage.

Among new entries, 551 theaters were enough to propel “Break the Silence” to a #3 spot with a little over $1 million. BTS’s previous concert film, “Burn the Stage” in 2018, opened to $2.4 million in 627 theaters. The new film did about 50 percent less in its per-theater average. Under normal circumstances, we might expect to see a 25 percent drop in interest for the second installment. All things considered, this result is a fairly optimistic sign that for avid fans, going to theaters is still a viable option.


“The Empire Strikes Back” (#5) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (#10) (originally Fox titles, now Disney), and “Akira” (Funimation, #9), are reissues that broke into the top 10. “The New Mutants” and “Unhinged” again placed high (second and fourth). Each approaches $20 million, which is no small accomplishment. “Unhinged” dropped just 22 percent; it’s a nice start for what should be a good home-platform run. As an action film with a star (Russell Crowe), it’s the kind of offering that usually scores well as a VOD premiere.

The second weekend for the faith-based Christian-in-peril “Infidel” (American Cinema International) added 161 theaters to total nearly 1,900. It dropped 41 percent, grossing $880,000. Of note is, like four of the top six titles, it had a per-theater average around $400-$500. “Shortcut,” a horror film from direct-to-home player Gravitas Ventures, made the top 10 with $305,000 in 725 theaters and a PTA in the $400 range. The company hopes to position this as a longer-playing title to fill the Halloween gap.

The grimness of the specialized world is reinforced by the fate of two prime titles. Miranda July’s well-received “Kajillionaire” managed only $215,000 in 529 theaters. It faced a limited choice of theaters given Focus’ PVOD plans in four weeks. Consider this further evidence that no matter how much top chains want to get back in business with quality titles, they want their 90-day windows more.

Sony released the Sundance-premiered “The Last Shift” with Richard Jenkins. This With all top companies playing, it managed only $235,000 in 871 theaters.

No other title grossed as much as $200,000, with “Kajillionaire” and “The Last Shift” falling just under the Top Ten. Unreported was the first weekend of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Trial of the Chicago 7” (Netflix). It opened in at least eight theaters in five markets, led by Chicago, suburban Washington, Boston, and Phoenix. Spot-checking websites for theaters that had advance sales showed only a handful of tickets sold for main Saturday evening shows. More theaters will be added this Friday, ahead of its October 16 streaming start.

The Top 10

1. Tenet (Warner Bros.) – Week; Last weekend #1   2930

$3,400,000 (-26%) in 2,850 theaters (-70); PTA: $1,193; Cumulative: $41,000,000

2. The New Mutants (Disney) – Week 5; Last weekend #2

$1,100,000 (-31%) in 2,305 theaters (-203); PTA: $477; Cumulative: $19,400,000

3. Break the Silence: The Movie (Trafalagar) NEW

$(est.) 1,010,000 in 551 theaters; PTA:  $1,815; Cumulative: $(est.) 1,000,000

4. Unhinged (Solstice) – Week 7; Last weekend #4

$1,002,000 (-22%)  in 2,182 theaters (-142); PTA: $459; Cumulative: $17,100,000

5. The Empire Strikes Back (Disney) (reissue)

$908,000 in 2,097 theaters; PTA: $433; Cumulative: $(adjusted) 921,000,000

6. Infidel (American Cinema International) – Week 2; Last weekend #3

$(est.) 880,000 (-41%) in 1,885 theaters (+161); PTA: $ 467; Cumulative: $(est.) 2,810,000

7. The Broken Hearts Gallery (Sony) – Week 3; Last weekend #5

$470,000 (-41%) in 2,141 theaters (-80); PTA: $; Cumulative: $3,238,000

8. Shortcut (Gravitas Ventures) NEW

$305,000 in 725 theaters; PTA: $421; Cumulative: $305,000

9. Akira (Funimation) (reissue)

$(est.) 270,000 in 445 theaters; PTA: $; Cumulative: $

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (45th anniversary)

$250,000 in 70 theaters; PTA: $3,571; Cumulative: $(adjusted) 517,000,000


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‘Supermarket Sweep,’ ‘Emergency Call’ & More Can’t-Miss Unscripted Fall TV




This fall 2020 television season may not be what viewers expected, but thanks to unscripted TV, there’s still plenty of new content to watch!

Whether you’re interested in a game show reboot like Supermarket Sweep (ABC), seeking a foodie extravaganza like Hulu’s Eater’s Guide to the World, or intrigued by a political docuseries like CNN’s First Ladies, there’s something for every taste premiering soon.

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