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10 Accessories You Need to Upgrade Your iPad



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Apple announced a brand-new version of the iPad Air at an event it held on September 15. The update brings a totally refreshed design, the fastest processor available on any iPhone or iPad.

While the new model doesn’t ship until October, we’ve rounded up the best accessories that’ll work with Apple’s latest-and-greatest iPad. We’ve also made sure to include gear that’s compatible with current versions of the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. We’ve also provided alternatives to many of our picks if it only works with one or two devices.

The iPad bridges the gap between a traditional laptop and ultra portable tablet, and the accessories below can help you use it more productively and creatively.

1. AirPods Pro


The AirPods Pro are Apple’s latest totally-wireless earbuds, and they work with every model of iPad, iPhone, Mac released in the past few years. Their most notable feature is active noise cancellation, which uses microphones to filter out unwanted sounds.

This feature is rare in earbuds, and the AirPods Pro do an impressive job blocking out consistent sounds, like noise from a subway, plane, or bus. The AirPods Pro get five hours of battery life, but get recharged every time they’re inside their charging case. The case gives the AirPods Pro an additional 18 hours of battery life before it has to be charged. Apple’s tech rarely goes on sale, but the AirPods Pro are down to their lowest price ever.

If you prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones, we recommend Shure’s AONIC 50 and Marshall’s MID ANC models instead.

2. RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 Wall Charger

RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 Wall Charger


The new iPad Air has a USB-C port, which means you can connect it to a fast charging power adapter without a special Lightning to USB-C cable.

This one from RAVPower has a USB-C PD (power delivery port), that can deliver up to 61W of electricity. It’s powerful enough to charge your iPad Air, iPad Pro, or even a 13-inch MacBook Air at their fastest charging speeds.

The adapter also has a standard USB-A port on it, so you can charge a smaller gadget (think Bluetooth headphones) while charging your larger device. When both ports are begin used, the USB-C PD’s power output will be limited to 41W.

If you want to use this power adapter to fast charge an iPhone or previous generations of the iPad and iPad Air, you will need a Lightning to USB-C cable.

3. Anker 5-in-1 USB C Adapter

Anker 5-in-1 USB C Adapter


The iPad only has one port, but Anker’s hub lets you get a lot more out of it. It has two USB-A ports for accessories, an SD and MicroSD card for memory cards, and an HDMI out port, so you can connect your iPad to a TV or external monitor.

Plug this adapter into the new iPad Air or iPad Pro (2018 or later), and you can use any of its ports as if they were built into the tablet.

Apple Magic Keyboard


You can use your iPad with any Bluetooth keyboard, but the new Air (and iPad Pro models released after 2018) support Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

This full-sized keyboard becomes magnetically attached to your iPad, and allows you to adjust the tablet to a comfortable viewing angle. Its standout feature is the built-in track pad, which lets you navigate the iPad using Mac-like gestures. The track pad also brings up a cursor, which you can use to select objects (text, for example), or tap buttons as if you were using a mouse.

This keyboard case is only available for Pro iPads and the new iPad Air, but Logitech has a similar one (without the trackpad) for the entry-level iPad.

5. Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller


You’ve been able to pair Bluetooth game controllers to iOS devices for years, but Apple recently implemented support for the official Xbox Wireless Controller.

This controller was designed for serious gaming, so it’s lightweight, extremely accurate, and comfortable to hold. This is the controller I use with my iPad Pro, and have had excellent results.

It’s important to know that not all iOS games have controller support, so you should definitely check to see if you can use the Xbox Wireless Controller with your favorite titles.

6. SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD



You can’t upgrade an iPad’s internal storage, but you can connect an external SSD to the tablet, and add more space that way.

Samsung’s T7 gets our recommendation because it’s small, extremely fast, and can hold a lot of files (we’re recommending the 500GB model). Using an external SSD with an iPad is different than using it with a Mac. You can’t do full system backups to it, or use it to store files from third-party apps like Spotify or Netflix.

You can move photos, music, and video files from your personal collection onto the drive, but can’t use it as the primary location for new ones. For instance, if you take a photo on your iPad, it won’t automatically be stored on this drive, you’ll have to move it over manually.

Despite these limitations, the Samsung T7 is an excellent accessory if you need to carry around a lot of large files, or want an easy way to transfer important data between your iPad and a Mac. This drive is only compatible with iPads that have a USB-C port.

7. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)


The Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) is the company’s first-party stylus. It’s pressure sensitive, hyper response, and charges by magnetically attaching itself to the wireless iPad Connector on the side of your tablet.

While the Pencil is primarily an artists tool, it can be used to for any iPad-related task, like opening apps, scrolling through web pages, and editing text or photos.

This version of the Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Air and iPad Pro (2018 or later). If you have a previous generation iPad Pro, iPad (2018 or later) or iPad Air (2019 or later), you can use the first-generation Apple Pencil instead.

8. LG 27UK850-W 4K Monitor

LG 27UK850-W 27


If you get the new iPad Air, or have an iPad Pro (2018 or later), you can connect it to 4K monitor with a USB-C cable. We recommend LG’s 27UK850-W because it’s slim, and has an ample amount of inputs (ports), so you can use it with your iPad, Computer, or a gaming console.

Once connected, your iPad’s screen will be mirrored (copied) onto the monitor, so you can see the apps you’re in on a larger display. In some cases, apps will allow you to “extend” your display, showing different information on the monitor and the iPad’s screen.

If you’d like to connect an older iPad to an external display or TV, you’ll need  Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter and an HDMI cable.

9. Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)


Focusrite’s Scarlett Solo can help turn your iPad Air or iPad Pro (2018 or later) into a professional recording studio. The audio interface can be connected directly your tablet’s USB-C port, which will supply power in addition to data, so you won’t need to worry about using an outlet.

The Scarlett Solo has one microphone preamp and one 1/4-inch instrument input, so you can record vocals and a guitar or bass at the same time. You can adjust the volume of both inputs independently, and monitor (listen) to your recording in real-time by plugging a pair of headphones into its headphone jack.

This compact audio interface can record 24-bitmusic at a sample rate of up to 192kHz, which is far better than CD-quality. If you’re a musician who wants an extremely portable rig for producing high quality demos, this is a good choice.

10. AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger

AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger


Apple says all models of the iPad should get about 10 hours of active use per charge, but having a high-powered battery can extend that a lot further.

AUKEY’s 30000mAh battery holds enough power to fully recharge the previous generation iPad Air 2.8 times, and you should expect similar results with Apple’s new model. The battery has one USB-C PD (power delivery) port, which can be used to fast charge your phone or tablet, and two USB-A ports, which should be used with less power-hungry tech, like Bluetooth speakers.

This battery pack can be used with any model of iPad, and it’s an essential accessory if you travel often, or like to work outside of your home.

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WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Live Stream: How to Watch the Matches Online




Roman Reigns defends the Universal Championship against his cousin Jey Uso at WWE Clash of Champions!

Later tonight, every WWE championship will be defended as, the title of the event so aptly explains, a slew of champions put their gold on the line. Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Championship in an Ambulance Match against Randy Orton; Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn meet in a triple threat ladder match for the Intercontinental title; Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews collide for the United States title; and Bayley battles Nikki Cross for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Who’s leaving the Amway Center draped in gold? We’ll soon find out! Here’s how to watch WWE’s Clash of Champions 2020 live online.


The official show begins tonight (September 27) at 7:00 p.m. ET on the WWE Network. The Clash of Champions Kickoff show, which can be streamed for free on, the WWE App, and the WWE YouTube page (along with WWE’s Facebook and Twitter pages), begins at 6:00 p.m. ET.


Clash of Champions is available through a variety of TV providers, but your best (and cheapest) option is the WWE Network. Available for $9.99/month, the WWE Network not only provides a cache of vintage pro wrestling content, but it also features every live WWE pay-per-view event at no additional cost. The WWE Network is available as a channel on your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices.

Once you sign up, you can access the WWE Network by going to the official WWE website through your web browser, or you can download the WWE Network app via iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.


While the WWE recently launched a free version of the WWE Network, Clash of Champions is only available to stream through a paid subscription to the WWE Network.


Nope. With the launching of its free tier, the WWE discontinued their WWE Network free trial promotion.


  • WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso
  • WWE Championship Ambulance Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton
  • Triple Threat Ladder Match For The Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan
  • WWE United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs. Nikki Cross
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Lucha House Party
  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka vs. Zelina Vega (Kickoff show)

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Rhino says IMPACT! right now “feels like ECW”




IMPACT Wrestling’s Rhino has done it all during his over 20 year wrestling career.

Having first made his name in ECW (becoming the company’s last-ever World Heavyweight Champion) he went on to compete in WWE, where he became a tag team champion alongside Heath.

Now, as one of IMPACT’s top stars, Rhino is happier than ever, having recently been reunited with his best friend Heath.

Impact Wrestling

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Rhino revealed how IMPACT currently reminds him in many ways of the original ECW.

“Right now [IMPACT] feels more like ECW and I know why because you’ve got influences like Scott D’Amore, who would go on the road with me quite a bit, and he studied and learned a lot from Paul Heyman,” Rhino explained.

“Tommy Dreamer, Don Callis, that’s a great influence and a lot of the men and women that are in the locker room, they watched ECW and what made that product was unpredictability.

impact wrestling rhino

Impact Wrestling

“Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, bam, something totally different happened which just brought you in even more.”

Backstage, Rhino says the veterans are all also willing to look out for and mentor the company’s rising stars.

“About a month ago I was in the IMPACT locker room and I watched Eddie Edwards walk by and I see Dreamer talking to younger talent trying to help them become better than what they are.

“I see Don Callis in the corner talking to someone, I see Rob Van Dam sitting there, either eating or, you know, being Rob Van Dam and I took a deep breath and I thought, ‘I’m part of something pretty great’.

“And this is coming from a guy that’s been in a lot of locker rooms over 26 years and I look over and see Heath coming down the hallway and I think, ‘and I’ve got my best friend here too.'”

Speaking about ECW, nearly 20 years after it folded, Rhino admitted he didn’t fully appreciate how special his time there was while it was happening.

impact wrestling rhino and heath

Impact Wrestling

“I just went over to Pakistan and I was still getting ECW chants,” Rhino said. “I get ECW chants all over the place.

“But when you live it you don’t realise the memories you’re creating, you’re just out there just hitting that grind, doing the best you can and just living it.

“You don’t take a second to step back, take a deep breath and look around,” he added. “That’s what I tell a lot of people I mentor – don’t get caught up too much where you don’t stop for a second take a deep breath and look around.”

IMPACT Wrestling is available for FREE for fans in the UK on the IMPACT Plus app. Bound For Glory airs on October 25 at 1am on Fite TV.

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Danny Dyer’s The Wall return date confirmed by BBC




Danny Dyer-fronted game show The Wall is returning for a second series and it’s coming very soon.

The BBC has confirmed that EastEnders star Dyer will be back for “the ultimate game of risk and reward” on Saturday, October 3 and it has released a brand new trailer for the show in celebration, which you can watch above.

It may be a short clip but we can already feel the tension as Dyer introduces the famous wall, saying that if this wall could talk it would say “strap yourself in for the ride of your life – but it would also say don’t ever think you’re in control”.


Related: The Wall viewers can’t stop cringing at Danny Dyer’s pet name for contestants

Success on The Wall requires a combination of strategy, knowledge and luck from its contestants and the latest batch of competitors certainly look like they’re having their nerves shredded.

Dyer takes charge of hosting duties on the show while questions are voiced by Angela Rippon.

“Wildly unpredictable with heart stopping jeopardy, The Wall gives and The Wall takes away,” the BBC said while teasing the new series. “Expect colossal wins and heart-breaking losses, this game show really can change people’s lives in an instant.

“In this game, pairs need the right answers, the right bounces and cast-iron trust in each other to win a life-changing cash prize.”

danny dyer the wall bbc


Related: EastEnders casts Bad Girls star for new Carters storyline

The Wall was first aired in the US in 2016 on network NBC and has gone on to be sold to 24 global territories, making it the most travelled TV format of 2017 and 2018.

Dyer’s EastEnders character Mick Carter meanwhile could be facing more trouble as his wife Linda, played by Kellie Bright, becomes tempted to drink again after spending the past few months battling her addiction to alcohol.

The couple have sold The Vic and moved out of the pub to try to aid her recovery but Linda struggles while on a night out next week and takes a sip of an alcoholic drink.

Observant Max Branning (Jake Wood) will step in to talk to Linda, but whether she confides in husband Mick is another question.

The Wall returns on Saturday, October 3 at 9.15pm on BBC One.

Alcohol Change UK offers information, advice and support with their questions about drinking and the problems that can sometimes be caused by alcohol. For more information, visit Alcohol Change UK’s website. Drinkline also offers free, confidential advice to anyone who is concerned about their own or someone else’s drinking on 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am–8pm, weekends 11am–4pm).

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