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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Enzo Palumbo figures out pre-gaming alliance



Enzo Palumbo Plays BB22 POV
Enzo Palumbo may have figured out huge Big Brother All-Stars secret. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Enzo Palumbo may have figured out a huge secret.

The secret is that pre-gaming alliances were made before some of the All-Stars cast even set foot in the front door this summer.

It’s something that fans watching on the live feeds figured out a while ago and something that led to Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato calling Daniele Donato a cheater for taking part in.

A wall-yeller also tried to warn people about it earlier this summer, letting the cast know that Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore are working together. Later, Evel Dick took credit for a message that one wall-yeller would use.

An alliance called The Committee has been running things and it includes Nicole, Cody, Dani, Tyler Crispen, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett. It could be hard to stop them because outside of Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, nobody has been willing to really stand up to them. Well, until Da’Vonne Rogers made that Power of Veto play.

Did Enzo figure out The Committee?

While talking with Kevin Campbell, Enzo started to come to a realization while subscribers were able to watch on the CBS live feeds. He postulated that Cody, Dani, and Nicole have been working together all along.

Enzo was 100 percent correct in his assessment, but he will need to find a way to get back in power if he is going to do anything with that information. That is, unless he can figure out a way to leverage it and get Tyler evicted from the game this week.

Below is the video where Enzo and Kevin discuss what might be going on. Kevin calls it “cheating,” while Enzo starts to put together an equation that has been staring them in the face all summer.

Will Enzo ever make a bold move in the game?

When Enzo won the Head of Household Competition several weeks ago, he said that he was going to make moves that would leave him covered in blood. That’s not at all what happened, though, as he went for the obvious target and worked to get Kaysar Ridha out of the game.

Enzo may have made a vital mistake by targeting Kaysar, though, as it just removes another outsider that The Committee needed help taking down. If Enzo got the power again, would he even be willing to make a big move? Or, if he won HOH this week, would he just put people like Da’Vonne Rogers and David Alexander on the block?

These Big Brother 2020 spoilers definitely show that Enzo Palumbo has the information he needs to make a big move in the game. Now, he just needs to get the power back or feed that information to someone in power who is outside of The Committee.

It’s a tough road ahead for anyone not in that alliance, though, as they have been so successful at eliminating roadblocks that there aren’t many people left playing the game.

And, at the same time, did Enzo possibly pre-game to form a final two with someone? Maybe Cody? So he might be really upset when he finds out how many deals Cody has with other BB22 houseguests.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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For instance, when Frodo puts on the Ring, he too enters that spiritual dimension and is able to see the Ringwraiths in all of their otherworldly horror. When Merry and Êowyn stab the Witch-king in battle, both of their arms immediately go numb. Their weapons also disintegrate, with Merry’s burning like a piece of wood and Éowyn’s breaking into splinters. In the book The Fellowship of the Ring, it’s even implied that characters like Gandalf, Aragorn, and Glorfindel are uniquely suited to resist the Riders. This isn’t because they hurl flaming brands through the air, Viggo Mortensen-style, but rather because of their stamina and effectiveness in the spiritual realm — a realm that the Ringwraiths are very familiar with.

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“A part of him just has a hard time giving up on anybody,” the EP tells TVLine. “You know, like with Rick. Daryl saw a bridge blow up and catch fire, and he was like, ‘No, that guy’s not dead’ and searched the river for him for years.

“I don’t think he gave up on wanting to find Beth when she was gone, either,” she adds. “In that same way, I don’t think he’s given up hope of finding Connie.”

The trouble is, Daryl’s a bit distracted at the moment, what with the Whisperers and their horde descending on his friends’ hideout in Season 10’s fauxnale (airing on AMC Sunday, Oct. 4, at 9/8c). “So he’s just trying to cope the best he can,” Kang says. “He’s got Judith, who is basically like a goddaughter to him. She’s got no parents left, and they’re in the middle of this crisis, so he’s having to focus very much on what’s right in front of them.

“But,” she continues, “I don’t believe that he’s entirely given up hope that Connie might be alive.” What about you, Dead-heads? Do you think Connie, like Magna, survived the disaster at the cave? Hit the comments with your theories/fears.

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How to Watch the ‘South Park’ Pandemic Special Live Tonight




You know the world is in a rough spot when every day feels like an episode of South Park. And this month Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s animated comedy is taking a stab at addressing just how weird things truly are.

South Park is returning with “The Pandemic Special,” the long-running comedy’s first ever hourlong special episode. Wondering how you can watch this new episode of South Park? Or what this means for South Park Season 24? We have you covered.

When Will South Park Be on Comedy Central tonight?

We may not be getting a full season just yet, but in the meantime we have a teaser to hold us over. A new episode of South Park will premiere on Comedy Central this Wednesday, September 30 at 8/7c. “The Pandemic Special” will be a one-night only, hourlong episode.

If you have cable, you’re already set to watch this new episode live. Just turn your TV to Comedy Central at 8/7c and prepare to be horrified. And if 8 p.m. is too early for you, don’t worry. There will be two more encore performances at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. You even have an option to watch if you don’t have traditional cable. Most live TV skinny bundles like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV come with Comedy Central. And if none of those work there’s always streaming.

Will South Park Be on Hulu?

Nope, things are different this year. Once HBO Max launched it took all of South Park with it. So if you only have Hulu, you’re out of luck. But if you’re a Hulu and HBO household, you’re all set.

When Will South Park Be on HBO Max?

New episodes of South Park will be made available on HBO Max 24 hours after they premiere on Comedy Central. That means you’ll be able to stream “The Pandemic Special” starting on Thursday, October 1 at 8/7c p.m.

What if you have HBO but you’re unsure if you have HBO Max? Don’t fret. If you subscribed to HBO through cable, the now defunct HBO Go, or HBO NOW you have access to HBO Max. Simply enter your HBO username and password into HBO Max and start watching. There is a downside to this new system. HBO Max is currently only available through the Apple, Google Play, and Samsung TV app stores, meaning that it’s not yet available on Roku. You may have to log into HBO Max on your computer and use Chromcast or a HDMI cable to watch the streaming service on your TV.

Is There a Trailer for the South Park Special?

You bet, and it’s just as dumb as you would expect. While Randy is launching a new strain of Pandemic Special weed, the kids have to adjust to life in their new socially distanced classroom. Keep your mask handy and watch above.

Is the South Park Special the Start of Season 24? Will There Be More New Episodes of South Park?

“The Pandemic Special” will be the first special in South Park’s history. It’s not connected to this upcoming season and will be a standalone, hourlong episode. There’s a good and bad side to that news. The bad is that “The Pandemic Special” is the only South Park episode that we know is premiering in 2020. Comedy Central has yet to announce when Season 24 will start, and considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has halted Hollywood production we’re probably going to have to wait a while. But on the flip side, an hour of South Park is better than nothing.

Where to stream South Park

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