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Brad Pitt Action Movie ‘Bullet Train’ Adds ‘Warrior’ and ‘Snake Eyes’ Star Andrew Koji



Warrior star Andrew Koji just got a ticket for Bullet Train. The Brad Pitt-led action thriller directed by David Leitch is based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by best-selling author Kotaro Isaka, and centers on the age-old premise of assassins on a train. Koji will be playing one of the assassins.

Deadline broke the news that Koji is set to join Brad Pitt on board Sony Pictures’ Bullet TrainThe Kissing Booth‘s Joey King is also reportedly joining the Bullet Train cast.

David Leitch will steer Bullet Train as the director and supervisor of the script written by Zak Olkewicz. The film is based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, whose representatives Ryosuke Saegusa and Yuma Terada of CTB Inc. are executive producers on the project. The movie has earned a lot of interest since Leitch boarded the project and Pitt joined him soon after — Leitch has become a hot Hollywood commodity after box office his like Deadpool 2 (though critically, his track record is a bit more spotty), and this will be Pitt’s first major movie role since winning an Oscar for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Plus you’ve got a wacky premise about “a group of hitmen and assassins with conflicting motives on a train in Tokyo” that is being compared to films like Speed and the 2014 Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop. Of course this movie is being fast-tracked.

Koji, who stars in Cinemax’s Warrior and will next appear in Paramount’s Snake Eyes opposite Henry Golding, is expected to play one of the four assassins in the movie along with Pitt and King. Considering the Tokyo setting and his martial arts experience, the British-Japanese actor seems like a natural fit for the role.

While the cast is great, and the idea of seeing Pitt, Koji, and King play assassins is intriguing, I do have some reservations about Leitch, who has shown to have great skill at crafting hard-hitting action pieces like Atomic Blonde, but whose last film Hobbs & Shaw was…not great. Still, the single setting and simple premise could bring Leitch back to his John Wick roots and provide him a chance to show off what he’s best at.

Sony plans to shoot Bullet Train this fall, with the understanding that since the film is meant to be shot on one contained set, it’ll be easier to operate under the new coronavirus-influenced health restrictions that film productions need to take into consideration. Sony is distributing, while Leitch is producing along with Kelly McCormickAntoine Fuqua (who was attached to direct at one point), and Kat Samick.

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Zendaya fans mistake the meaning of ‘upset’ after historic Emmys 2020 win




The 2020 Emmys offered a teachable moment for Zendaya fans, who were apparently confused by the meaning of “upset.”

The 24-year-old’s surprise victory for her portrayal of Rue Bennett in HBO’s “Euphoria” over acting vets Jennifer Aniston, Laura Linney, Olivia Colman, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh left groupies shocked — over the New York Post’s tweet announcing Zendaya’s Lead Actress in a Drama Series win.

“Biggest upset: Zendaya wins Emmys 2020 over Jennifer Aniston, Laura Linney,” read The Post’s tweet, accompanied by a screengrab of a tickled Zendaya, the youngest woman to win the trophy in Emmy’s history, clutching her award.

Fans were quick to come to Zendaya’s defense.

“No ones upset,” wrote one fan, garnering more than 1,000 “likes” on the platform. “Hate to see a powerful woman winning an award she deserves, I see,” commented another less-than-impressed fan.

Some were quick to point out that in the context of a competition, like a sports game or award’s show, “upset” is used to mean a surprise victory, especially for an underdog like Zendaya who was up against industry heavyweights.

“There is no hope for humanity if this many people don’t know what ‘an upset’ means,” said one Tweeter while another lamented, “well damn they should’ve used another word in the dictionary.”

Hundreds of amateur linguists went at it with Zendaya stans over the word’s multiple meanings, and whether The Post was underestimating the former Disney princess’ performance in the HBO drama. Other internet warriors staked claim in the replies of the original tweet to fight for their “Ozark” queen, Linney — among them:

“Zendaya did a great job but Laura Linney deserved that award. She was outstanding.”

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BTS Bring Fall-Ready ’70s Disco Threads To Intimate Tiny Desk Concert




Last month, ahead of their staggering set of wins at the 2020 VMAs, BTS broke down their latest smash, “Dynamite,” to MTV News. “It’s a really fun disco-pop track about doing what we can do, even when things don’t work out as planned,” RM said.

But even as 2020 has been the year of things not quite working out they way we planned them, BTS has continued to thrive. “Dynamite” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group picked up four VMAs, including one for Best Pop. And now, even if they can’t rock stadiums with their live spectacle, the group is still making it happen: Their latest performance for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series is proof.

The group brought “Dynamite” to life to kick things off, seated in a row and bedecked in their best ’70s attire — flared collars and pant legs and a sea of fall-ready earth tones — from a record shop in Seoul. It’s cool to see the group perform this way, backed up by a band behind them for what’s essentially an intimate in-store moment. And it’s the first time they performed the track with the band to accompany them.

BTS take advantage of that added muscle. For “Save Me,” the piano-led rhythm and live drums lend the track a stadium-grandeur quality, even as the action remains grounded in the diverse vocalizations between all seven members. After, “Spring Day” ends their set on a note of hope, thanks to a preface from RM: “This has been the roughest summer ever, but we know that spring will come, so let’s go together.”

It’s in keeping with a similar message J-Hope told MTV News in that same pre-VMAs interview about “Dynamite.” “We hope this song can be your energy,” he said. If the electrifying, show-stopping VMAs debut can’t be – or if you need just a little more, perhaps something autumnal and sweet — continue the vibes with BTS’s engrossing new Tiny Desk concert above.

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Kay, So Does the Royal Family Watch ‘The Crown’?




The Crown season 4 is nearly here! And, well, if you’ve watched any of the previous seasons, you know the royals don’t always come off looking that great. At this point, I should mention that spoilers for The Crown’s third season are about to come atcha, but also, this entire show is based on literal history, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. (Side note: If you’re in love with Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip, please join my support group at 1-800-THIRST*.)

I think we can all agree that The Crown is highly entertaining and paints a nuanced and complicated portrait of Britain’s royal family while also refusing to shy away from some of the uglier truths about their history. Take season 3, which shines a harsh light on Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with Prince Charles. Sooo, how does the royal family feel about the show depicting them like this? And more to the point, have they even watched? Does the royal fam share a Netflix account or what? Here’s what we know.

*Not a real number, don’t call it, lol.

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Princess Eugenie Has One Hundred Percent Watched

According to Hello! magazine, Eugenie—aka the Queen’s granddaughter—said she’d watched “a couple of episodes” and was down. “It is filmed beautifully,” she said. “The music is wonderful, the story is beautiful. You feel very proud to watch it. I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s how I felt when I watched it.”

Cool cool cool, also, this has literally nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I found this cute GIF of Eugenie and her husband, Jack, and I need you all to look at it with me:

Event, White-collar worker, Ceremony, Dress, Marriage, Gesture, Wedding, Wedding dress, Fashion accessory, Suit,


The Queen Freakin’ Loves It

Or at least she used to. This nugget of info came from Vanessa Kirby, who played Princess Margaret in seasons 1 and 2. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Vanessa said a friend of hers was at a party and overheard Princess Eugenie confirm that her “granny” is a fan. “A friend of mine was at a party and didn’t know anyone, so he sidled up to this group who were talking about The Crown, when one said, ‘Well, my granny watches it and really likes it,’” Vanessa revealed. “It slowly dawned on him that the girl was Eugenie and her granny was the queen.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s son Prince Edward is apparently the one who got his mom hooked on The Crown, at least according to a ~source~. “It has been a long-standing arrangement that they drive to Windsor at the weekend to join the Queen for an informal supper while watching TV or a film,” said source told the Daily Express. “They have a Netflix account and urged her to watch it with them. Happily, she really liked it, although obviously, there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatized.”

L-O-L at the royal family’s casual Netflix account, what is life.

Event, Official, Gesture,


The Queen Was “Upset” by Season 2

A senior courtier told that scenes about Prince Charles’s time at school—and Prince Philip’s insensitivity toward him—during the show’s second season didn’t sit well with her, but she understood there was nothing she could do about it.

“The Queen realizes that many who watch The Crown take it as an accurate portrayal of the royal family and she cannot change that,” the courtier said. “But I can convey that she was upset by the way Prince Philip is depicted as being a father insensitive to his son’s wellbeing. She was particularly annoyed at a scene in which Philip has no sympathy for a plainly upset Charles while he is flying him home from Scotland. That simply did not happen.”

Prince William Is Not Here for It

Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth in season 3, met Prince William at a Buckingham Palace reception and they had a verrrrry awkward conversation about the show. “He asked what I was doing at the moment before he quickly added, ‘Actually, I know what you’re doing,’” Olivia said on The Graham Norton Show. “I was so excited and asked, ‘Have you watched it?’ His answer was a firm, ‘No.’ But he was very charming and very lovely.”

Too busy dancing to watch The Crown, clearly:

Event, Ceremony, Marriage, Plant, Flower, Wedding reception,


The Palace Got a Little Salty About the Show

So last September, The Crown’s showrunner Peter Morgan told The Times that he has meetings with “people who are very high ranking and very active within the organization” (aka the royal household) to “tell them what I have in mind and they brace themselves slightly.”

The Queen’s communications secretary then wrote a salty letter to The Guardian, saying:

“Your article (the writer of ‘The Crown’ reveals he keeps royal household in the picture, 7 September) may have the unfortunate consequence of leading your readers to believe that the television series ‘The Crown’ is made with some sort of endorsement by the royal household or an acceptance by the royal household that the drama is factually accurate.

We appreciate that readers of ‘The Guardian’ may enjoy this fictionalised interpretation of historical events but they should do so knowing that the royal household is not complicit in interpretations made by the programme.

The royal household has never agreed to vet or approve content, has not asked to know what topics will be included, and would never express a view as to the programme’s accuracy.”

So, sounds like they’re here for the show but not here for the drama. Which, understandable! Truly can’t wait for the “courtiers” to sound off on what Queen Elizabeth thinks of season 4. Bye!

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