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Chicago Bears: We are talking Allen Robinson and his future



Allen Robinson is causing internal issues with the Chicago Bears

I talked a lot about the Chicago Bears receiver a lot during this offseason and recently posted it soon. Speculation and concern are many things Chicago Bears fans face. The main important thing with Allen Robinson is cost. You can find my write-up on how the Bears shouldn’t overpay him here. I still stand by that. I have asked some of the Bear Goggles members this, what is the point of paying a receiver top dollar if there isn’t faith in the quarterback?

As a fan, you want Ryan Pace to sign Allen Robinson to an extension but are angry that the quarterback tossing him the ball can’t get it to him anyway. So why pay the receiver big dollars? If Allen Robinson can’t live up to his full potential in this quarterback system, what is the point?

There would be no difference in having Alec Baldwin run routes for the Chicago Bears and not catch passes. Yes, Robinson makes some amazing adjustments and catches, but wouldn’t enough be enough?

How would I handle the Allen Robinson situation if I were running the Chicago Bears?

If I were Ryan Pace and running the Chicago Bears organization, I would have difficulty justifying paying my talented receiver top dollar when he can’t produce because of the quarterbacks I chose. Waiting until a quarterback to come in and give him the ball correctly is pointless.

By the time a rookie quarterback from the 2021 NFL draft class would be ready, the Bears would have already lost too much talent to be relevant. If Allen Robinson wants to be a Chicago Bear for life, he needs to make that known.

If he doesn’t, he needs to ask management to move him elsewhere where he can thrive. That is what it comes down too. I respect and have enjoyed Robinson as a Chicago Bear. I want him to be a Bear for life. I also want the team to do what is best for the entire team. If that is trade Allen Robinson for JJ Watt or something good, so be it.

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If that is Allen Robinson takes a home town discount and extends for another three to four years of around $50 million, awesome. But I fear the Chicago Bears in giving him Michael Thomas money. That is just bad business. As I am typing, this rumor has it that Allen Robinson has requested a trade.

NFL Football

The Atlanta Falcons have a major culture problem




The Atlanta Falcons have a culture problem.

The Atlanta Falcons just lost this game in the most inexcusable way possible. If this isn’t a sign for Arthur Blank to make some changes, then I don’t know what it.

To those Atlanta Falcons players that played well, this writer would like to send his condolences for being a part of this tragedy that was this game. Matt Ryan, it wasn’t your fault. Russell Gage and Hayden Hurst, you did what you had to do. Foyesade Oluokun you made some great plays on defense last weekend.

Now on to the problem.

The pass defense was atrocious in the biggest way. Dak Prescott had 350 yards passing. While he only threw for one touchdown, allowing a quarterback to throw for this many yards knowing they more than likely will have to pass the ball to get back in this game is unacceptable.

Some might have thought the Atlanta Falcons would be more aggressive on fourth down and go for it instead of kicking field goals but nope. ”Mr.Conservative” Dan Quinn is at it again. You have a high powered offense but you choose to go for field goals instead of taking it to a defense that was missing several starters and one that you pretty much had your way with the entire game.

Not acceptable

Then there’s the onside kick by the Cowboys. This wasn’t a case where the Cowboys got a lucky bounce. The Falcons special teams literally WATCHED THE BALL until a member of the Cowboys jumped on it. Once again everybody and their mother knew what was coming but it still happened.

Not acceptable.

This all comes down to preparation and accountability and it’s seems as if this Falcons are lacking in both. Dan Quinn can only beat a dead horse so much with his ”we are committed to turning things around” rhetoric.

It’s getting old….as a matter of fact, it’s been old.

It’s time for a culture change in Atlanta. That means getting rid of the coaching staff and front office. It shouldn’t be acceptable for someone to keep their job and receiving chance after chance when they’ve shown they’re not capable of doing their job…and yes I’m talking about Dan Quinn and whoever else can’t seem to prepare this team the right way.

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New England doesn’t have these problems. You don’t have the question these kinds of things in Pittsburgh. If the Falcons want to be great they need to correct their culture immediately or else they will continue to underachieve like they have for the past five seasons.

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Buffalo Bills: Week 3 odds, lines and trends vs Los Angeles Rams




This is a breakdown of the trends around the odds for the Buffalo Bills heading into their Week 3 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

The NFL action rolls into its third week and the sportsbooks across the country have revealed the odds for Week 3. According to The Action Network, the Buffalo Bills are favored by three points while the Over/Under is set at 44.5.

Let’s analyze those numbers and see how similar numbers have played out over the past few seasons versus the Rams.

Buffalo Bills trends under head coach Sean McDermott

In the four seasons under McDermott, the Bills have been favored at home by three points or less five times. Covering the spread they are 2-2-1 in those scenarios. Two of those point spreads were three points, which is the line for this week, and the Bills went 1-0-1. However, the Bills won both of those games in 2017 beating the Miami Dolphins 24-16 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-27.

Overall, when playing at home as three point or less favorites they are 4-1 on the money line only losing to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2019 season in Week 8.

When looking at the Over of 44.5 and comparing to games between 40-45 under the McDermott era with the Bills being the home favorite the Over has hit two of five times. The same Eagles game that the Bills lost and a matchup against the Dolphins later in the 2019 season were the over hits at 40 and 43. The under hits were a 40, 43, and 42.5 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, and New York Jets.

Los Angeles Rams trends since 2017 (McDermott era)

The Rams have been road underdogs of three points or less four times since 2017. They have covered the spread twice going 2-1-1. They have never been road underdogs by three points rather the greatest spread was +2 which they covered. Overall, in this scenario, the Rams have gone 2-2 on the money line when road underdogs by three points.

Next: Predicting when the Bills suffer their first loss of 2020

When the Rams go on the road as underdogs and the over between 40 and 45 the Rams are 2-0 cashing the over both times.

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SF 49ers: Revisiting win/loss predictions in light of Week 2 injuries




Nick Bosa #97 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

With the injuries piling up for the SF 49ers and opponents beginning to show themselves more, Niner Noise revisits the schedule to predict a final outcome.

To say that fans of the SF 49ers are tired of hearing injury news at this point would be a bit of an understatement.

The Niners lost both edge rusher Nick Bosa and defensive tackle Solomon Thomas to torn ACLs within three plays of one another during Sunday’s win over the New York Jets and feared the worst-case scenario for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo‘s high-ankle sprain, not to mention the week-to-week nature of knee ailments for running backs Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman.

This was on top of already missing wide receiver Deebo Samuel (foot) for the first three weeks, cornerback Richard Sherman (calf) missing at least Weeks 2 through 4, and All-Pro tight end George Kittle‘s knee sprain keeping him out for one game, so far.

So, yes. It sort of seems like the injuries are just piling on top of one another, putting the outcome of this season in serious doubt, especially for those who were looking forward to another trip to the Super Bowl, this time with a chance to win it all.

But in spite of all the losses, all hope is not one of them, as the Niners are sitting at 1-1 and there remain 14 games on their slate for the year, not to mention a midseason bye week to help retool and prepare for what is hopefully another long playoff run.

Sure, the rest the NFC West teams are all off to 2-0 starts, but a lot can happen over the course of the next 15 weeks and nobody should be counting the SF 49ers out just yet. The blows they’ve taken are difficult, but they are ones the team can overcome.

With that said, and in light of all the injuries, let’s revisit the win/loss prediction from the offseason and see if San Francisco will still be in contention for one of those expanded playoff spots come the end of the season.

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