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Chithi 16th September 2020 Written Update: Mallika asks Dharma to bring Venba to their house



Chithi 16th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini kissing Kavin on his cheek and saying I love you Kavin. The latter goes upstairs without responding while Yazhini smiles happily.

Dharma comes to the temple and prays for Venba. He asks to God to save Venba from Mallika, to reveal to everyone that Venba is his daughter, to make Gowri accept Venba, to make Kavin marry Venba and to make Mallika understand him.

Venba comes to the same temple. Few goons follow her. She comes and stands next to Dharma and starts praying. Dharma gets happy seeing Venba there and thanks God. Dharma asks Venba to take the prasadam.

Dharma offers Venba to drop at her office, and Venba agrees. The goons, who waited for Venba, outside the temple, informs Mallika that Venba is went with Dharma in his car. Mallika asks them to leave her and she will take care of her.

Shanmugam and Saradha comes to see the construction work of their house. Saradha is lost in her thoughts. Shanmugam asks her what happened. She says nothing. The engineer says the bore water is very tasty and calls one of her employee whose name is Padma to bring water. Both Shanmugam and Saradha are disturbed hearing the name Padma. Saradha thinks Padma would have found that she is Saradha after eating the kozhukattai. Padma could have asked to her instead of running away from her. Shanmugam also gets flashes of Padma. While walking back to the car, Shanmugam reveals to Saradha that the name Padma recalled him his past. Saradha looked stunned.

In car, Dharma says to Venba that Saradha and Shanmugam are not her real parents. He asks why she doesn’t try to search for her real parents. Venba says her dad is dead for her. Dharma asks why she is saying like this. She says they throw her like they throw garbage. Shanmugam and Saradha are her real parents. Dharma asks to understand her parents’ situation too. Venba says whatever be the situation, how could they throw a baby like this. She calls her dad selfish and wishes to never meet him and gets emotional. Dharma apologizes to ask this question. She says Saradha brought her like her own daughter. Though in future her real parents come and stand in front of her, she wouldn’t go and hug them happily. Dharma looks at her tearful eyes.

Mallika calls Dharma and says she had send goons behind Venba to kidnap her but he made the work easy. Dharma is shocked. She asks to bring Venba to their home. At the same time Kavin calls Venba and asks her to come to his home. Venba informs that she has to Kavin’s house. Dharma cries thinking Mallika asks him to bring his own daughter to her so she can harm her.

Nandhini who comes to the temple sees Gowri there. She intentionally collides with her and make the kukumam fall. She engages the conversation with her asking about Yazhini and Kavin’s engagement. Nandhini says to Gowri she has a bad news for her. Gowri looks at her shocked.

The episode ends

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The Pursuit of CompTIA A+ Badge With Dumps




When you in pursuit of CompTIA A+, you need to be self-efficient and have some of the best-of-breed resources by your side. It’s because A+ is no ordinary IT professional badge. It’s the gold standard of professional certification for those who plan to build a successful career in IT. Author: Violet Z

One such tool that has proved its significance in helping the CompTIA A+ aspirants to save time in prep processis dumps. By making your exam ready at multiple fronts in one shot, such files are vital for every A+ aspirant. 

Wondering why? Here is the answer. But, before anything else, let’s know this beneficial tool in a better way. Author: Robert A

Dumps – An Overview 

Exam dumps are the files containing real exam questions gathered by previous candidates who have recently taken the exams. Such files are offered in two variants either free or paid. Paid files are checked by IT experts, meaning that the questions and answers there a verified. To know more the dumps are trained on the special soft known as testing Engine that resembles the real exam environment, thus equipping you with the necessary skills to complete different types of exam questions. In addition, you can track your results, improve them, and develop time management skills. Author: Maya B So, as these dumps are crafted by the hands of IT professionals and are dually checked for accuracy, they are going to ease down your pursuit of the CompTIA A+ badge. 

Why Every CompTIA A+ Aspirant Must Refer Dumps?

There are several reasons how dumps can assist you in earning the A+ certification: 


  • Dumps Make You Aware What You Are Going to Face 


As dumps contain questions that appeared in the previous CompTIA A+ exams (220-1001 and 220-1002), you’ll be able to find out about the exam pattern, question types, format andtopics tested. This understanding before the actual exam helps a candidate to know its goal and prepare accordingly. Author: Tyler C 


  • They Put Your Knowledge and Learning Under Trial 


If you want to secure the passing grades in the A+ exams, then it is important to know what are your loopholes and which areas need improvement. Without doing so, you’ll keep on doing the same mistakes without even realizing it. Dumps help you define the topics on which you need to focus more.Thus, these mock tests help you find out the trajectory of your learning path and give you a chance to improve your results and get a passing score, which is 675 in 220-1001 and 700 in 220-1002. 


  • They Teach You Time Management 


All your efforts will go in vain if you are not able to match-up your pace with the allotted time duration. Time management is one crucial aspect that almost every CompTIA A+ aspirant tends to overlook. Author: Caroline D You’ll have to complete each exam within 90 minutes, and by using Testing Engine, you can set the option of time framing the test are selecting to train.

Before The Final Good-bye  

Dumps, when used in the right manner, have the power to make your exam ready in a strategic manner. With their help, a candidate can face the challenges of the CompTIA A+ exams with full confidence and conquer all of them. However, authenticity plays a crucial role. Author: Madelyn F No, any run-of-the-mill dumps are able to help you out. So, try to use only reliable and trustworthy files, for that, know the exam objectives first.

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Sushant Singh Rajput Death Probe Updates: After Bollywood divas, three male actors on NCB radar




Image Source : INDIA TV

Sushant Singh Rajput Drugs Probe | Bollywood Drugs Probe LIVE Updates

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is widening its approach in the drug prove in connection to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case as new names are coming into the fore. After Bollywood divas Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh, three male actors’ names have surfaced in the investigation who will be soon summoned by the NCB for questioning. The agency has seized the mobile phones of the actresses and is looking into it to decode the Bollywood drug syndicate. On the other hand, it has already arrested more than 20 people including actress Rhea Chakraborty and brother Showik in the drugs probe. On Tuesday, Bombay High Court reserved the order in the bail pleas of the brother-sister duo. 

The NCB has claimed that Rhea Chakraborty and brother Showik are “active members of drug syndicate connected with high-society personalities and drug suppliers”, besides her involvement in procuring and financing the drugs, which was revealed in her statement recorded by the NCB. Currently, the duo is in judicial custody till October 6. 

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On the other hand, the AIIMS forensic team roped in by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to give medico-legal opinion in Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case has ruled out any kind of organic poisoning. The team further said that they need to look into some legal aspects before reaching a “logical legal conclusion”. The final report from the AIIMS forensic team is yet to be submitted.

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Bollywood Drugs Probe | Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case LATEST UPDATES


Fight against Coronavirus: Full coverage

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Subharambh 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update




Subharambh 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 1st October 2020 Rani is looking around for Raja and gets worried when she is not able to find him.

Update in Progress

Subharambh 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :

Read Online Subharambh 1st October 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial ByColors TvIndian Drama Serial Subharambh Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Subharambh 1st October 2020.

Telecast Date:1st October 2020
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot

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