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Cloud Standout Snowflake Prices Above



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Cloud Standout Snowflake Prices Above Range: Big Winners In The Mega IPO

Snowflake priced its hotly-predicted public providing on Tuesday night time, putting the level for an outsized, much-scrutinized first day of the trading day after today Cloud Standout .

The cloud database employer plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange at a preliminary fee of $one hundred twenty consistent with percentage, in keeping with a couple of reviews, above the higher restrict of an already-revised variety filed with the SEC on Monday.

There’s an excellent threat Snowflake doesn’t ever change at that listing price. But till it opens under the ticker symbol “SNOW,” Snowflake will deliver a valuation of at the least $33 billion at this kind of rate according to proportion, almost three times the $12.4 billion valuations the corporation performed in a funding spherical in February.

Thierry Cruanes, recently resigned from Snowflake’s board but remains as chief technology officer with more than 1.5 million vested shares of the company as of January, despite selling more than 1 million.

Last 12 months No. 2 on the Forbes Cloud a hundred list, Snowflake has garnered enormous buzz for numbers that show speedy boom and excessive retention to go along with high losses and the corresponding more than one on revenue that it’s been able to acquire from investors. Snowflake said sales of $264.7 million for the fiscal 12 months ended January 31, up 174%, and revenue of $242 million for the six months ending July 31, an growth of 133%. It spent heavily to achieve this, with losses widening to $348.Five million for the economic year, up from $178 million the yr before, though it spent less over the six months finishing on July 31, at $171.Three million, than the comparable 2019 period.

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Japanese Actress Yuko Takeuchi Dead at 40: Reports




Japanese Actress Yuko Takeuchi has passed away, according to multiple reports.

The Japan Times reports the star was found dead by her husband, actor Nakabayashi Taiki, in their Tokyo apartment on Sunday, Sept. 27.

Per the publication’s sources, the actress was transported to a nearby hospital where she was confirmed dead.

According to The Japan Times, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation surrounding Takeuchi’s death, however, the local authorities said they believe she took her own life. The outlet noted a suicide letter hasn’t been discovered.

“It came all of a sudden, and we are all stunned and saddened by the news,” her talent agency, Stardust Promotion Inc., said in a statement to the local paper.

The actress was 40 years old and a mother to two kids. She shared a son with her ex-husband, Nakamura Shido, and welcomed a baby boy earlier this year with Taiki.

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Chrissy Teigen Hospitalized Over ‘Scary’ Excessive Bleeding Amid Her Third Pregnancy




Chrissy Teigen‘s third pregnancy is proving to be her most challenging yet.

The 34-year-old momma of two has been keeping fans informed about her journey to baby number three (another boy!) with husband John Legend via cheeky daily updates to her Instagram Story. However, she had followers on high alert Sunday evening after revealing she is spending time in the hospital due to excessive bleeding. Oh no!

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Chrissy’s latest news comes after weeks of doctor-ordered mandatory bed rest to strengthen her body for the baby, but she explained how things have taken a difficult turn at the halfway mark of her pregnancy:

“Today the big difference was it kind of was just like if you were to turn a facet on to low and leave it there. It’s so weird because I feel really good. I’m usually at my happiest pregnant, mood-wise. That way I feel happier than I do not pregnant. That’s why it’s so, so hard for me to come to terms with.”

Ugh, that sounds like an awful position to be in. If only her body and her mind could get on the same page here!

Still, Teigen isn’t letting this circumstance minimize the excitement to expand her family again. She went on to gush about her future son, sharing:

“The baby is so healthy, growing stronger than Luna or Miles. He moves a lot. He’s moved so much earlier than they ever did. He’s like a rollie pollie. We have like a million great pictures of him. He’s just so different than they were. So he’s so strong and I’m just so excited for him because he’s so wonderful and just the strongest little dude, so I can’t wait for him.”

Despite baby Legend’s strength, there’s still a long road ahead of him, though! The Cravings cookbook author, who previously conceived both of her children Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, via in-vitro fertilization, added about how her body is handling it:

“Basically he’s the strongest, coolest dude in the s**ttiest house. His house is just falling apart. It didn’t have a good foundation to begin with, though. He didn’t have the strongest chance at the very, very beginning.”

She continued:

“It’s just hard because there’s not much you can do. I’m in that weird in-between time of it being really dangerous to try anything. Basically if I can make it through the next few weeks, if little boy can make it through the next few weeks, then, you know, we can go from there and be able to kind of get through the danger zone or whatever. But we have to get through this first. So yeah, it is scary. But it’s scary in the way that there’s just really nothing to do.”

Awww. We are all rooting for the safe and healthy arrival of her baby! But speaking of those well-wishes, the expectant momma would really appreciate it if we stuck to the “get well soon” pleasantries instead of trying to diagnose her over the internet!

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Directing the next piece of commentary to her fans who are medical professionals, she said:

“The most unhelpful thing is when I get suggestions from medical Twitter and Instagram… because all it does is make me feel really anxious and nervous and like I did something wrong. If you are a doctor, I cannot express enough how badly I would like for you to stop your guessing games or Twitter pleas to figure out what I’m doing wrong or diagnosing me via Twitter. I’ve seen it all. You have to trust me that I have very good doctors who know what they’re doing, who know the entire story.”

We hope they heard you loud and clear, gurl!

In the meantime, we’re clapping it up for John and the way he continues to support his wife throughout this difficult time for their family. Chrissy shared snaps of him staying in the hospital room with her and putting his own culinary skills to the test by making her a tasty sandwich!

See the cute clips (below):

Hey, the EGOT winner didn’t do so bad if you ask us. LOLz! But more to the point, we’re sending SO much love and strength to Chrissy and her baby right now.

Fingers crossed for the bleeding to slow/stop ASAP so she can get back to basking in a healthy, happy pregnancy!

[Image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram]

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Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie expecting their first child




Jon Snow and Ygritte didn’t make it as a couple on Game of Thrones, but actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are becoming parents!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie met on the set of Game of Thrones, where he was playing the taciturn Night’s Watchmen Jon Snow and she the fierce wildling woman Ygritte. Their love affair ended in tragedy, but Harington and Leslie ended up getting married in 2018, and now, Leslie has revealed that the couple are expecting their first child.

Leslie and Harington haven’t actually formally announced the happy news, but Leslie appeared, baby bump and all, in a photo spread for the upcoming issue of Make magazine, which gets the message across:

Speaking to Make, Leslie says that she and Harington have recently moved to an “incredibly old” Tudor manor house in East Anglia. “What a glorious thing to be able to run to the countryside and recoup,” she said. “It’s a great privilege to be surrounded by greenery, birdsong and hedgerows, and our delightful neighbours. It’s so peaceful.”

As a father myself, if I could give Harington any fatherly advice, it would be to remember that he really does know nothing. Regardless, we wish the couple good fortune in the wars to come…err, parenting.

Harington and Leslie are not the only Thrones alum becoming parents. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane) just welcomed a baby boy with his wife Kelsey Henson:

And Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) just showed off some of her pregnancy pics from before her daughter with husband Joe Jonas was born. Congratulations to everyone!

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