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‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Opens up about What She Wants in a Man



Counting On‘s Jana Duggar is always under a microscope when it comes to her relationships. Usually, she keeps quiet, but she opened up about what she wants in a man.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Is 30 and Single

Being single at thirty isn’t strange—to most families. But the Duggar family from Counting On marries young. Many of the children get married in their teens to early twenties. And it’s not uncommon for them to have kids shortly after that.

Jana Duggar, on the other hand, doesn’t have any prospects for a long-term courtship. Not long ago, the Counting On star said that she wasn’t going to fall for the first guy that came along. In the past, she even went so far as to say she wanted someone that lives in Arkansas—or at least someone that would move there.

Another thing Jana said before was that she wanted a man that works with his hands. But now, it sounds like Jana is a little more open to different types of people. Fans of Counting On say it sounded like she wanted someone like her father, Jim Bob Duggar, or her brothers. But now, she doesn’t seem to have such strict criteria.

Jana Will Follow Him to the Ends of the Earth

Jana Duggar said that she believes it hasn’t been in God’s timing yet. But the Counting On celeb did say that she does get depressed thinking about it. She wants to marry and said sometimes the couples’ events make her sad. Jana said that they have to remember “that we are all brothers and sisters.”

When everyone gets together for these events for couples, she said that’s when being single is the worst. Jana Duggar is ready for her man to come along. But she isn’t happy about people trying to set her up. She wouldn’t answer questions about people setting her up. But it was obvious she went through some bad experiences.

Jana also let viewers of Counting On know that her man didn’t need to be from Arkansas. And she said she now knows she loves to travel. And that she would follow him to the anywhere if she loves him.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On: Why Don’t You Have a Man?

Jana said that it is difficult for her when people ask her about why she doesn’t have a man. In fact, she said she just answers to get people off her back. Some of the things people say that are most frustrating are things like “Are you really picky?” and “Is there something wrong with you?” When she was saying these things, you could tell they hurt.

Jana recently changed her hair. And fans wonder if she is doing a little extra to draw in her new guy. Whatever the case, Jana Duggar has the hearts of TLC viewers.

Watchers of Counting On have their own ideas of who she should date. But she mostly ignores the suggestions and carries on with her life.

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Kendall Jenner Posts Racy Selfies, Nearly Suffers Nip Slip




All summer, we kept you updated on the glory of Kylie Jenner’s quarantine content, which allowed the citizens of a pandemic-ravaged nation to live vicariously through a jet-setting billionaire as she posed in an endless array of high-end bikinis.

But now, the seasons have changed, swimwear is giving way to cardigans — and the Summer of Kylie has yielded to the Fall of Kendall.

We don’t mean “the Fall of Kendall” like her empire is crumbling or anything.

We just mean that of all the stylish members of the Kard clan, Kendall is the one with the closest ties to the fashion industry, and if The Devil Wears Prada taught us anything, it’s that the fashion industry loves autumn.

Don’t get us wrong — Kendall can rock a bikini like few others, but sweater season is her time to shine.

Kendall Jenner's Near Nip Slip

Especially since her idea of a sweater looks like something a librarian would wear while posing for her OnlyFans page after hours.

Yes, as you can see, Kendall’s sweater tells us that cooler temperatures are here.

And that’s not the only aspect of this pic that suggests it might be a bit chilly in that room.

Kendall In a Cardigan

Kendall seems to have accepted a challenge here.

Not everyone can make a cardigan sexy, but it seems she’s up to the task.

These pics are taken from an Instagram Story that sadly wasn’t up for very long, but in the corners of the internet where weirdos perv out to Kendall Jenner (of which there are many), witnesses swear Kendall moved around in such a way that a nip slip seemed inevitable.

Kendall Jenner Wears a Bikini on Vacation

UK tabloid The Mirror reported that Kendall “risked exposing her chest” which is a weirdly formal way to talk about a near nip slip on Instagram, but that’s the Brits for you.

We can’t say for sure how close Kendall came to exposing herself, but the same newspaper claimed that “the tight cardigan top looked like it was behind pushed to the limits of its design as a solitary button desperately held the top in place.”

Damn. We’ve read descriptions of epic battles that were less riveting than that!

Kendall Jenner: Boob Selfie 2020

Obviously, Kendall Jenner nude photos are nothing new, but the model’s talent lies in taking fully clothed pics that are sexy enough to make you forget about her past experiments with full nudity.

Now that’s talent.

And it looks like Kendall’s skills are soon to pay off like never before.

Kendall Jenner's Bikini Selfie

It was recently announced that Kendall and Kylie are collaborating on a new line of cosmetics.

That means older sis might soon be joining younger sis in the ultra-exclusive billionaires’ club.

Not only are the folks in that tax bracket overwhelmingly male very, very few of them are in their twenties like Kylie and Kendall.

Kendall on Top of Kylie

Yes, both sisters are at points in their respective careers where they don’t have to post thirst trap skin pics on social media.

They just do it for the love of the game.

And for that, we thank them.

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Ant Anstead’s Daughter Amelie Supports Him Amid Split From Wife Christina Anstead




Family love! Ant Anstead’s daughter, Amelie, supported her dad amid his split from wife Christina Anstead after nearly two years of marriage.

The teen called her dad, 41, her “best friend” in a sweet comment after he broke his silence on Sunday, September 27, following the news he and the Flip or Flop star, 37, called it quits.

Courtesy Ant Anstead/Instagram

“Anyone who really knows me knows that I don’t like to share private matters publicly,” the U.K. native captioned a smiling black-and-white photo with his estranged wife. “I have remained silent while holding on to hope. I never gave up on us. I pray Christina’s decision brings her happiness.”

The Christina on the Coast star first broke the news about their “difficult decision to separate” via Instagram on September 18. The HGTV babe opened up more about their uncoupling days later. 

“Sometimes our calling is bigger than our plans. I never thought I would have one divorce let alone two. I never thought I would have [two] baby daddies — but sometimes life throws us curve balls,” Christina divulged via Instagram on September 25. “Instead of getting stuck in these ‘setbacks,’ I choose to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow. So while some may judge me and throw around rumors about me, most of you support me. And that says a lot about this world and where we are headed. I’m messy, I’m real and I’m working on healing. I’m surrounded by extremely powerful women who help me cope, build me up and push me to be better.”

The interior designer continued by noting her priorities are with her kids at the moment. “If you’ve DM me or text me — I haven’t written back because I’m taking time to clear the ‘noise’ and focus on myself and the kids,” she wrote. “I appreciate the support and I hope my story inspires you to not be so hard on yourself for the decisions/choices you’ve made. We are all a work in progress.”

The couple wed in 2018 and welcomed son Hudson in September 2019. Christina shares kids Taylor and Brayden with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa while Ant’s kids Amelie and son Archie are also from a previous marriage. Their whirlwind romance coming to an end came as a shock to fans and their inner circle alike.

“No one saw this coming … Christina and Ant just grew apart,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “They’re very different people from totally different backgrounds, and that definitely played a factor.”

All in all, it wasn’t easy for either side. “It’s very sad, but they say they still love and respect each other,” the insider continued. “The conversations about splitting were gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, but they both came to the same conclusion and decided it wasn’t going to be a lifetime marriage.”

It looks like Ant will always have his daughter in his corner!

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Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner in talks to join ‘RHOBH’




The Kardashians may be coming to Bravo after all.

While Kris Jenner confirmed she will not be taking Denise Richards or Teddi Mellencamp’s place on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” there’es talk of ex Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins joining teh cast.

Sophia, founder of Lumasol SPF and Jenner’s manager and roommate, is in talks to join Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi and Garcelle Beauvais as a “Housewife”, with Caitlyn Jenner agreeing to appear as well, according to an insider.

We’re told that Caitlyn, 70, and Sophia, 24, mutually decided to try the new reality show together, and Jenner is pushing for Hutchins to be cast. If so, Hutchins will certainly be the youngest-ever “Housewife” and the franchise’s first transgender cast member.

If Hutchins does get her diamond, we’re told she’s friendly with Lisa Rinna and would likely get along with Kyle Richards since both are tight with Kris.

Plus, Kyle, 51, may need a new ally now that Mellencamp, 39, is out and sister Kathy Hilton is not interested in the full-time gig.

A rep for Bravo declined to comment on casting speculation.

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