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Creators Who Hated Adaptations Of Their Own Work




Andrew Lloyd Webber Hated The Cats Movie, Too

Like all of us, Andrew Lloyd Webber thought the Cats movie was a travesty. He didn’t hold back at all, saying, “The whole thing was ridiculous.” Unlike all of us, though, he thought the problem came down to one thing: director Tom Hooper not wanting anybody involved with the original show to be involved with the movie. Which honestly sounds pretty surprising, since it implies that, somehow, the movie’s problem was not being faithful enough to the musical. Let’s look at why that makes absolutely no sense at all.

First and most important, the movie is about a bunch of bipedal cat-like beings doing elaborate dance routines (and somehow, that description doesn’t even start to do justice to the movie’s weirdness). There’s almost no plot, and the whole thing is a collection of songs in which every cat introduces themselves. So far, so bizarre. But … that’s precisely what the stage version was like, only they put makeup and fake hair on the actors rather than turn them into nightmare cat-human hybrids through visual effects. In other words, the movie had the same vision as the musical but rendered with cutting-edge CGI.

Universal Pictures
They warned us technology would be an instrument of terror.

And, sure, there were some narrative differences, but they were the kind you’d have to put in a mega-budget Hollywood movie. The biggest change is that the movie make Victoria the protagonist,  giving her an arc that takes us through all the bits where cats introduce themselves through song. Sure, a Broadway musical can be just a bunch of twee Victorian cats singing about who they are, but a movie whose budget is nearly in the nine figures has to give at least lip service (whisker service?) to cinema conventions just so the people shoveling all that money feel a little bit safer. 

So, all in all, it feels pretty hard to imagine a big-budget Cats movie that could be more faithful to the original musical.

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Top 10 Horror Games of All Times to Play




Are you a lover of horror, as well as video games? Then this article is solely for such people. Horror in video games gives an entirely new and thrilling experience to the users. These video games follow an exciting storyline and blend it with horror to provide the players with premium satisfaction.

Here is a list of 10 horror video games of all time that will take anyone on a joy ride.

Resident Evil 7

The first game in the Resident Evil series uses a first-person perspective to give the Player a central view of everything in the game. The narrative follows Ethan Winters as the protagonist. The Player will be in the role of Ethan Winters, searching for his missing wife and has to face numerous challenges.

Layers of Fear

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Layers of Fear Game Poster

The developers and publishers of this game are the Bloober Team. The Player is in the role of a mentally troubled painter who is making his masterpiece. He navigates in a Victorian-style mansion to find out secrets about his past. Apart from exploring the painter’s life, the Player has to solve multiple puzzles.

Alien: Isolation

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Alien Isolation Game Poster

It is an action-packed game full of adventure. There is only a single-player mode for Alien: Isolation. The inspiration for this game was from a 1986 movie by the name Aliens. As the name suggests, the Player has to defeat an Alien who is causing destruction. He can use multiple tools to fight against the alien.

Silent Hill

Clock Tower Game Poster

The game uses a third-person perspective and follows the story of Harry Mason. The setting of the game is in the American town of Silent Hill. Harry is looking for his missing adopted daughter when he comes across a group of mysterious people. Then he ends up finding the true identity of the child. There are a total of five possible endings to the game.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Game Poster

This is another third-person view game following the story of Sebastian Castellanos. The gameplay of the game makes the player deal with enemies and defeat them using melee weapons and guns. The players also have to find collectables, avoid traps, and use resources to enter new levels.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

This game is a remake of Resident Evil 2, which was out in 1998. The players are in the role of a college student, Claire Redfield, and a police officer, Leon S Kennedy. Raccoon city faces a zombie attack, and the duo is trying to escape to save their lives.


Red Barrels are the developers and publishers of this first-person view game. It follows the story of Miles Upshur, who is a freelance investigative journalist. He goes to investigate a psychiatric facility in the deep mountains of Lake County, Colorado. The hospital is called Mount Massive Asylum.

Dead Space

The setting of a game is in a mining spaceship. After the discovery of an artefact, the Marker, dangerous monsters called Necromorphs, come alive. The Player is in the role of Isaac Clarke, who is an engineer. Isaac tries to move about in the spaceship, defeating the monsters and finding a way to survive.


With its release in 2019, the game was popular among people. But due to a controversy, it has been removed. The game’s setting is in Taiwan in the 1980s.


The city of Yharnam is full of inhabitants who are suffering from blood-borne diseases. The Player is in the role of a Hunter who navigates through this Victorian interior city to find the plague’s source. He also has to fight deadly monsters and unravel the mysteries behind.

All of these games are going to be extremely enjoyable. Anyone will be able to spend their time well and even try multiple endings with thrilling storylines.

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The Animated Series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Is Arriving At Disney+




One other energized “Star Wars” collection is royal strolling its method in the direction of the little display screen. Disney Plus has given a collection request for “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” a facet challenge of the mainstream “Clone Wars” collection, Selection has affirmed

The collection might be launched in 2021:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars wrapped up its final season on Disney+ two or three months prior, nonetheless, there’s one other vivified collection in progress from a cosmic system far, distant. Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch will debut on the gushing help one yr from now.

It’ll observe the Unhealthy Batch (shockingly sufficient), a gathering of check clones who appeared in The Clone Wars. Each one in all them has an distinctive aptitude, “which makes them remarkably powerful warriors and an imposing team,” as indicated by a Star Wars blog entry. The Unhealthy Batch will deal with missions as troopers of fortune whereas they search for one more reason “in the quick outcome of the Clone War.”

There are various different Star Struggle collection might be launched in a few years on Disney+

Star Wars sturdy Dave Filoni is among the many collection’s official makers, and Jennifer Corbett (of Star Wars Resistance) might be head essayist of The Unhealthy Batch. Alongside this present and one other interval of The Mandalorian, there are a number of different Star Wars collection whereas in transit to Disney+. All through the next couple of years, you’ll be able to hope to see a Rogue One prequel about Cassian Andor, an Obi-Wan Kenobi collection (with Ewan McGregor coming again to the job), and a female-driven present from a co-maker of Russian Doll.


The post The Animated Series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Is Arriving At Disney+ appeared first on Gizmo Posts.

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The Purge Season 3 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?




the purge season 3 updates usa network
Fans are wondering if The Purge will survive for another season. Pic credit: USA Network

The popularity of The Purge horror movies spawned a television series that has gone for two seasons on the USA Network.

The premise involves a 12-hour time period each year, where all crime, including murder, is legal in America.

With Season 2 having concluded in late 2019, viewers are waiting to see if more episodes will arrive.

Here’s what we know about The Purge Season 3 happening in the future.

This article provides everything that is known about The Purge Season 3 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Will there be a third season for The Purge?

As of this writing, it appears The Purge may have met its demise. According to Deadline, both The Purge and Treadstone were canceled by USA Network this past May.

The cancelation report mentions that the TV series acted as a companion to the films and was a breakout hit in the first season. However, they indicate linear viewership was down in-season, despite being a solid demo performer.

Purge has just a 42 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer based on 38 critics’ ratings. It also holds a 63 percent audience score based on 263 user ratings.

The RT critics’ consensus is that the show was “bloated and boring” and “proves that not all stories work better on the small screen.”

Even though the USA Network canceled it, other shows have found new life on new networks or streaming platforms. It’s always possible Hulu, Netflix, or one of the many new streaming platforms could keep the series alive.

Release date latest: When does The Purge Season 3 come out?

With the show canceled as of mid-May 2020, there is no release date for The Purge Season 3.

However, there is a final film coming out since the movies have continued to enjoy success at the box office. The newest movie, titled The Forever Purge, was initially set to arrive this past July but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, it appears that fans of the franchise will have to wait until July 9, 2021, to see the fifth and final film.

The new movie is directed by Everardo Gout and stars Ana de la Reguera, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta, Will Patton, Leven Rambin, and Cassidy Freeman.

Not much is known about the upcoming movie’s plot, except sources told The Hollywood Reporter it will “take Purge out of its usual metropolitan setting while still dealing with class and race issues” as the previous films have.

The Purge Season 3 cast updates

Season 1 and Season 2 of The Purge on the USA Network featured 10 episodes, each with unique casts.

The first season had Gabriel Chavarria as U.S. Marine Miguel Guerrero and Jessica Garza as his sister Penelope, who is also a cult member. It also included Amanda Warren as Jane, Colin Woodell as Rick Betancourt, Hannah Emily Anderson as Jenna Betancourt, and Lili Simmons as Lila Stanton.

In the second season, viewers saw Derek Luke as Marcus Moore, Max Martini as Ryan Grant, Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona, Joel Allen as Ben Gardner, and Rochelle Ayres as Michelle Moore.

These were main cast members, with many different recurring characters also appearing in both seasons. A few key members from the film franchise also appeared (see spoilers below).

If another network or platform picks up the show for a third season, it’s likely they’d have another unique set of cast members. If any news pops up regarding the show continuing, we’ll have the latest update.

The Purge Season 3 spoilers

Both seasons had ties to the movies, using the theme of a totalitarian government ruling America and allowing for a 12-hour period where all crime is legal. That allows many individuals to go on murder sprees, while others fight for their survival.

While both seasons kept that theme, they had different stories and characters throughout them dealing with Purge night.

The first season was set in the year 2027, meaning it took place between the Anarchy and Election Year films in terms of The Purge timeline.

During the series, Cindy Robinson reprised her role from the films as the Purge Emergency Broadcast System. Ethan Hawke also showed up briefly as a guest star to reprise his role from the first Purge film as security system designer James Sandin.

In addition, the God mask that appeared in the films was used in the show.

As far as Season 3 spoilers, with no news of another season happening, there isn’t any indication of plot ideas or stories.

However, with the way the horror movies have continued to come out and the potential that another network resumes The Purge, fans are hoping there are new concepts to bring into the series.

The Purge Season 1 episodes are available for streaming on Hulu. The Forever Purge arrives in theaters on July 9, 2021.

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