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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Top 4 Pregnancy Contenders – Which DOOL Character is Expecting a Baby Next?



Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) currently has two buns in the oven, but another pregnancy revelation could be looming sooner or later. Which Days character will be expecting a baby next? Let’s consider the four top pregnancy contenders and what it would mean for their storylines.

1. Ciara

It’d be a fantastic writing decision if Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) is pregnant with Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) baby. Since Ciara’s going to be off screen, she might as well be accomplishing something like growing new life inside her. The biggest reason for Days to do this is that they have absolutely no reason not to!

It’d be a no-brainer for Ciara to eventually come back with a “Cin” baby. That’d set up another story in the future – and it’s always wise to think ahead when it comes to soaps. Ben and Ciara both had vivid baby dreams, so maybe they’ve got the right idea about the child they might have down the road.

2. Gabi

Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus) hooked up with Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) before leaving Salem, but she’ll be back soon enough. Could Gabi be pregnant when she returns?

If anyone’s going to give Gabi a miracle baby, it should be Jake! Although Days of Our Lives spoilers don’t necessarily point in a baby-driven direction for Gabi and Jake’s next story, an impending bundle of joy can’t be ruled out.

3. Gwen

Gwen Rizchech (Emily O’Brien) is one of those wildcard characters who’s always full of surprises. You never know what drama Gwen will cause next, so some baby drama is possible.

Gwen could already be pregnant by Jake or could perhaps get knocked up by Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) if they end up in bed together. If Gwen feels a baby will help her, she’ll find a way to get pregnant or at least fake it!

4. Sarah

Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) is another pregnancy contender since she needs a second-chance baby. DOOL views know Sarah was devastated after she learned the real Mackenzie “Mickey” Horton died and was switched with Rachel DiMera Black.

The loss of Rachel only added to Sarah’s pain, so it’s been taking some time for Sarah’s heart to heal.

However, Sarah’s come a long way and has forgive Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) for the baby switch. More problems may be on the horizon for Sarah and Xander due to Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Jan Spears (Heather Lindell), but a baby could help “Xarah” focus on their romance again.

Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) dropped a hint about Sarah having another child one day, so maybe we should believe her!

Who do you think seems most likely to have a baby? Could Ciara, Gabi, Gwen or Sarah be revealed as pregnant next? We’ll give you updates as other Days news pops up.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say some twists are brewing in Salem, so keep watching. CDL’s where you want to be for hot Days of Our Lives spoilers, news and updates!


Demi Lovato’s Ex Max Ehrich Is ‘Very Sad’ Amid Split: ‘It’s Been Hard for Him to Keep It Together’




Broken-hearted. Max Ehrich is “devastated” amid his split from Demi Lovato, a source close to the couple tells Life & Style. “He was so in love with her.”

In Touch confirmed Max, 29, and Demi, 28, broke up and called off their engagement on September 24 after six months together. The former couple looked smitten in their posts on social media, but things quickly went south.

“This breakup is completely out of left field,” the source continues. “A week ago their relationship was seemingly fine. Max and Demi were completely head over heels for each other, they were looking at homes to move into and already planning the wedding. Just last week they were meeting with vendors to look at their wedding flowers!”

Close friends and family were also “blindsided” by their decision to separate, the insider reveals. “Max thought Demi was The One, a perfect and genuine person, he spoke very highly of her always,” the source adds. “They both loved each other very much. Demi’s family loved and supported Max, too.”

The Young and the Restless alum and Demi started dating in March and immediately began to self-quarantine together amid the coronavirus pandemic. They went public with their romance in May while appearing in Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber‘s “Stuck With U” music video. “They had a deep intense connection and were so in love, like soulmates,” the source reveals.

By July, the pair were already engaged after Max proposed to the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer, but that was the beginning of the end. An insider previously revealed to In Touch Demi had “a lot riding” on her engagement and she was feeling tons of “pressure.” The Under the Dome actor was also “feeling overwhelmed” in their relationship.

Courtesy of Demi Lovato/Instagram

Even with the issues they were facing, Max seemed clearly hurt after he revealed he found out about their breakup on the internet in a series of posts on his Instagram Story on September 26. After breaking his silence during a break from filming his upcoming movie, Southern Gospel, the 100 Things to Do Before High School alum “disconnected” his phone to “center himself and process everything,” the source says.

“He’s very sad. It’s been hard for him to keep it together and talk about it. He is currently working and living on the set of his new movie in Atlanta and has been there for a few weeks. He’s not sure what he is going to do when he comes back,” the insider explains. “I’m not sure if he rents out a place in Los Angeles, but I do know that he was mostly living with Demi, some of his stuff is still at her house and they were recently looking for homes to move into together.”

The American Princess star returned to social media on September 27 to double down on the details of how he found out about their split. “He needs a support system right now. His friends want him to know that they are here for him,” the source adds.

In the early hours of Monday, September 28, Max took to his Instagram Story again and claimed his engagement with Demi had not been called off yet and their relationship wasn’t over because they had not spoken to each other over the phone. Hours later, the Sweet/Vicious star confirmed their “chapter finally closed” and he was ready to move on.

“Right now, he is focusing on his movie and his music to heal,” the insider adds. “They both deserve to have happiness and love.”

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Diana French, woman accused of stealing Kyle Richards’ ring, speaks out




Diana French has a bone to pick with Kyle Richards. And Diane Keaton, for that matter.

French, a retired pharmacy clerk from Los Angeles, wound up an unwitting viral star when “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards saw a picture of French’s hands on Diane Keaton’s Instagram and thought she recognized a ring that had been stolen from her home in a 2018 burglary.

For some reason, Keaton identified French in the picture as a psychic from Santa Monica, which may have been why Richards’ subsequent attempt to find French through a private investigator came to no avail.

This week, however, a TikTok user identified French as her grandmother from her hands and attempted to clear her name, saying that the ring had been in her possession for decades while offering photographic proof.

French, however, is fed up, telling “Inside Edition” during her Sept. 28 appearance that she wants an apology from Richards and Keaton.

“I don’t deserve this,” she told the show. “My twin sister called and said, ‘Diana, you’re on Google.”

“My mother was killed 40 years ago and my dad gave me her band,” French explained of the ring, noting that she has appraisal papers from 1980 that set the ring’s value at $2,500, along with a trove of family photos showing her wearing the item for decades.

As for the nails, French said she’s always had them: “I am totally lost without them.”

And while she doesn’t remember the particular date Keaton took the pic, she does remember the actress was her customer.

“That picture of my hands was taken on the counter of the pharmacy,” she said.

Reached by Page Six, Richards’ team had no comment; Keaton’s has yet to respond.

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Ending Explained




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Dirty John is a crime-based show that focuses on the true events for each season. The first season of the dirty john franchise depicted the harrowing true story of John Mehan, a man who tricked his wife Debra and abused her emotionally.

It received great appreciation from the public who said that it was the most impactful show and is a must-watch for women all over the globe.

The dirty john season two focused on the story of Betty Broderic, the true crazy crime enthusiasts have binged watch the whole season and it all comes down to what happened to Betty Broderic at the end? The dirty John season 2 is adopted and imitated like the 1989 murder case of Dan and Linda Broderick.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Ending Explained

The season is 8 episodes long and some of the characters and the scenes have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. The killer was Betty Broderic the ex-wife of Dan Broderick who murdered Dan and his wife Linda and is still in prison today.

In the eighth and the final episode of Betty Broderick titled “perception is reality” we see that Betty Broderick goes on trial for the double murder. She had shot and killed not only her ex-husband but also his new wife. On being confronted by the jury Betty did not deny committing the murders. The prosecutor argued that she had pre-planned the murders.

The first trial ends with a hung jury. Betty was receiving hundreds of letters from the woman across the world standing in her favor. She remained confident that the outcome of her second trial would lead to the same as the first one.

At the second trial, the prosecutor brought her former friends to the stand who explained the anger of the housewife and her obsession with Dan and Linda. On the stand, Betty claimed that she had no idea how she ended up committing murders as she was planning to go to the beach and kill herself, she also claimed that she pulled the trigger on the revolver 5 times because she had “tensed up”.

The prosecution argued that the pulling of the trigger was deliberate as she would have had to change the aim to kill Dan after Linda, also Dan and Linda were left helpless as Betty had also unplugged their phones.

The jury pronounces her guilty of murder on double counts and sentences her to 35 to life years in prison.

The end of the episode shows Betty looking over all the key points in Betty and Dan’s relationship while sitting in her prison cell where she could see adult Dan and Linda smiling at each other.

Today Betty Broderic, now 72 has been denied parole 3 times and has no chances of getting another parole hearing till January 2032.

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