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Edwin van der Sar reveals Donny van de Beek’s favourite position



Donny van de Beek can play in a variety of roles (Picture: Getty)

Ajax CEO Edwin van der Sar says Manchester United new boy Donny van de Beek prefers a ‘deeper’ midfield role.

The 23-year-old completed a £35million move to Old Trafford in August, adding to United’s impressive options in midfield.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had been expected to target weaker areas such as as central defence and the right wing but Van de Beek will now compete with the likes of Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Nemanja Matic and Fred for a starting berth.

With so many options, United fans are wondering where the Dutchman could fit in at the Theatre of Dreams.

Manchester United New Signing Donny van de Beek

Van de Beek wants to play in a ‘deeper’ role (Picture: Getty)

‘He can play in different positions in midfield – he can be a six or an eight or a 10, he has a great eye for a goal. His technique is brilliant, he can go box to box,” Van der Sar told MUTV Group Chat.

‘I presume he’s had a talk with Ole and they’ve talked about different positions [he can play]. He’s multi-functional, he can play a little bit deeper which I think is his preferred role.’

United kick-off their Premier League campaign against Crystal Palace at home on Saturday.

The Dutchman is expected to be handed his full debut against the Eagles and Van der Sar says United fans can expect to see similarities between Van de Beek and former midfielder Paul Scholes.

‘I’d compare him a little bit to Scholesy, although Scholesy had a cracker of a shot from 30/40 yards out and that’s not Donny’s strength, but he likes to come into the box and chip in with goals,’ said Van der Sar.

‘Maybe it’s unfair to compare him to Scholesy actually, but he’s a good lad and I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to the team that Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] is creating for United.

‘Of course, we know United already have a couple of great midfield players there so he will find his way in the team and also with the amount of games that top clubs need to play this year in the Premier League and Champions League and the cup matches, everything is quite intense so you need a good, wide squad and I think the midfield looks okay at the moment for United’.

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Manchester United


‘Magic Mike’ Is Leaving Netflix In October, So Watch Channing Tatum While You Can




Once upon a time in 2012, the world was graced with one of the greatest gifts imaginable: a movie about male strippers starring Channing Tatum. Whether you saw Magic Mike in theaters and felt some kinda way as you munched on your Milk Duds, or you didn’t fully appreciate the flick until years later, it doesn’t matter. The film is straight up art. And while the movie deserves to be preserved in a time capsule so future Martians can watch it, there’s a snag: Magic Mike is leaving Netflix in October, so it’s time to sear the sexiness into your memory for good.

When the movie was first released, fans were lowkey shocked. (The eroticism! The choreography! The abs!) After everyone’s pulse returned to a normal pace, it was clear the the film was not only scorchingly hot, but it also had a pretty interesting storyline as well.

In case you need a refresher (or you were too distracted by the dance moves to follow the plot), the movie is about Mike (Tatum), a male stripper who takes newbie Adam (Alex Pettyfer) under his wing to teach him the ins and outs of stripping. Tatum is the star performer at Xquisite Strip Club, a fictional Tampa-based club owned by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). Naturally, there’s sex, drugs, and drama, but the biggest draw is the dance numbers and Tatum’s impressive moves.

The real kicker is that not only is Tatum actually performing all the moves and stunts, but the film is actually based on his own life. Before becoming one of the most beloved celebs in Hollywood, Tatum worked as a stripper in Tampa, just like his character in the film.

Between Tatum’s hotness, astounding stage presence, and fascinating backstory, it makes sense the movie would be a big success and merit not only a sequel (Magic Mike XXL), but also a live show in Las Vegas as well. Though the film is leaving Netflix on Oct. 31 (talk about scary), you’ll still be able to rent it on Amazon Prime if you suddenly have a hankering for watching dudes get down on a dance floor (you can also rent the sequel there too).

You have until Halloween to watch Tatum grind, so get your fill before Magic Mike leaves Netflix for good.

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The craziest moments from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’




Well they didn’t come here to make friends, did they?

In the history of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor,” you’d be hard-pressed to find a dull moment, as its contestants pull off viewer-worthy stunts to win love and, let’s face it, lots of attention.

Fans have watched in shock and awe as lovesick singles admit their deepest secrets, riding tractors in minimal swimwear and get down in a windmill.

From contestants faking panic attacks to ruthlessly breaking hearts left and right, we’ve rounding up the craziest moments from the past few seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

Colton jumped over a fence and disappeared

‘The Bachelor,” Season 23

Most bachelors tend to stay on the radar while filming, but Underwood broke the mold when he scaled a massive fence in order to elude the cameras. The heartbroken bachelor had just been dumped by his first choice Cassie Randolph in Portugal after her father flew out to dissuade her from getting engaged. After their fight, Underwood stormed out of his room, shoved the camera operator and jumped the fence as Chris Harrison chased behind him.

Hannah Brown makes a comeback

‘The Bachelor,” season 24

After starring in the 15th season of the Bachelorette and having no luck with love, Brown made a surprise visit to Peter Weber’s season after breaking his heart once before (the two even shared a steamy affair in a windmill). Brown shows up in the middle of Weber’s group date, and the pair proceed to have a very awkward conversation full of tears and running mascara. Weber asks her to join the season as one of the contestants, but she ends up declining.

Raven Gates admits she’s never had an orgasm

“The Bachelor,” season 21

For most, any talk about going down to O-town isn’t exactly the first thought while talking on national television, but for contestant Gates — who was competing for Nick Viall’s heart — she let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. During an intimate conversation with Viall, Gates admits: “It’s really taboo to discuss, but it’s important. Maybe I haven’t before with my last person because I really didn’t trust him. You just have to trust someone to be able to go there.”

Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposes…again

‘The Bachelor,” season 22

After proposing to Rebecca “Becca” Kufrin and changing his mind, Luyendyk Jr. tries his luck a second time before the season even finishes during the “After the Final Rose” finale. At the end of the segment, the bachelor proposes to runner-up Lauren Burnham, getting down on one knee in front of a live audience. The cringe-inducing moment did not sit well with fans who widely criticized his heartless move.

The weirdest two-on-one date ever

‘The Bachelor,” season 20

As if going on two-on-one dates weren’t already weird enough, Higgins decides to take twin sisters Haley and Emily Ferguson on a date at the same time to meet their mom during the season’s most awkward outing ever. After mom gives the bachelor a breakdown of the twins’ personalities — saying Emily is the “dominant one” — Higgins ends up sending Haley packing.


Ashley S. is an onion you don’t want to mess with

“The Bachelor,” Season 19

We’re not sure what’s stranger, ranting about an onion or purposely ruining your one shot at making a decent first impression. Brooklyn-based hairstylist Ashley S. leaves her dignity in Williamsburg as she rants to the cameras about how she and onions are similar, as they both boast plenty of layers. OK then.

Things take a turn for the even more bizarre when the blonde beautician not only crashes Soules’ date with wrestler Brittany, but attempts to illustrate her onion-y point by using a pomegranate.

Everybody in the mansion getting tipsy

“The Bachelor,” Season 19

When it comes to “The Bachelor,” alcohol isn’t hard to find — especially on introduction night. Cowgirl Tara may have had a bit too much bubbly as she nearly topples over to collect her rose from Soules. Not like it matters; the farmer gifts the equally drunk Jordan a stem of her own too.

Jordan became the mansion’s resident party girl, as the contestants note her “drunk” state of mind (which seems to be a constant). And though (spoiler alert) she doesn’t end up with Soules in the end, Jordan definitely marks (or twerks) her place in “Bachelor” history.

Nothing says romance quite like tractor racing

“The Bachelor,” Season 19

Forget dinner and a movie: When it comes to this season of “The Bachelor,” it’s about cornfields and barns. As an ode to Soules’ country roots, one episode features the contestants racing tractors — in bikinis, because, why not? — to win Prince Farming’s mellow heart.

While the stunt is a head-scratcher, to say the least, downtown LA has been subject to far weirder events than reality TV.

Let’s talk about sex, or lack thereof

“The Bachelor,” Season 19

Virgins and reality TV don’t typically go hand-in-hand, but “The Bachelor” made quite the exception this season. While mingling in the fantasy suite, finalist Becca makes a startling confession that she hasn’t swiped her V-card yet.

The moment goes from innocent to awkward in a matter of seconds, as a befuddled Soules clearly is at a loss for words on how to “handle” the situation. Juan Pablo’s catchphrase “Ees OK” would have been more appropriate.

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Is Henry Cavill Too Hot to Play Sherlock Holmes in ‘Enola Holmes’? An Investigation




When I sat down to watch the new Netflix movie Enola Holmes last night, I anticipated a cute two hours featuring the lovely Millie Bobby Brown becoming an amateur detective in old time-y England. Sure, I knew Henry Cavill was in the film, and I knew he played her older brother, the famous Sherlock Holmes. But I didn’t know that his hotness, his chiseled jaw and Superman good looks, would distract me so much that I wouldn’t be able to tell you what the actual plot was. It got me thinking: Is Henry Cavill too attractive to play Sherlock Holmes? Follow me on this weird and slightly deranged journey.

Let me start with a disclaimer. I am not a Sherlock Holmes fan, necessarily. I’ve never dabbled in the books, and I don’t think I’ve seen any of the previous film adaptations. So you might think that disqualifies me from having an opinion on this. You’re probably right! But I have things to say, and I’m going to say them, because this is the internet and that’s what we do here.


I started to notice the problem in Henry’s very first scene. Enola goes to fetch her brothers from the train station, and it’s supposed to be a funny moment where they don’t recognize her because they haven’t seen her in so long. But I couldn’t even really focus on the matter at hand, because my reaction upon seeing Henry in his Victorian England getup was something like this:

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I was, simply put, stunned. And then he spoke, and I knew I was in for a rough time. The way he pronounced “Enola,” with the slightest bit of disdain and putting the emphasis on the second syllable, really got me. For the rest of the movie, I was stuck in this same basic state of shock and awe. The way he laughed! The way he smirked! The slight smugness! Everything about it ruined me.

To be clear, this isn’t me throwing shade at the other people in the movie. Millie is downright perfect as Enola. But the problem is that even the best of performances can’t stand a chance against that jawline, you know? It’s too powerful. Netflix cannot expect one person’s brain to process Henry and anything else at the same time.

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That got me thinking. How does this man compare to the other men who have played Sherlock in the past? Has this always been a problem, or is it just this particular instance? (Or the more horrifying and most likely option, is it just me?) I think of the typical actor who portrays this character as bookish and maybe even quirky looking. The first two former Sherlocks that come to mind are Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. And yes, those two guys are not unattractive. Some would even say they are both also hot. But… I mean…

show   gq men of the year award 2018

Andreas RentzGetty Images

It’s not even a fair competition. So that answers my earlier question: Yes, it is just this particular instance.

But that took me even further down my little spiral. I asked myself, in my most Carrie Bradshaw voice, can you be too alluring and too captivating to play a certain part? (Yes.) Is it Henry’s fault that I want to swim in that little chin dimple so badly that I can’t pay attention to any other part of this movie? (No.) And most importantly, am I going to have to rewatch Enola Holmes ten more times just to test my own theories and assumptions? (Yes. Definitely yes.)

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