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General Hospital Spoilers: Olivia & Robert Are GH Couple to Root For – Crumbling Ned Marriage Leads to Bright ‘Rolivia’ Future?



General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that a romantic shakeup could be in the works. GH fans know Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) have been dealing with some major issues in their marriage. Unfortunately, those issues are set to get even worse once Olivia returns home from this Monte Carlo adventure with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers).

Speaking of that Monte Carlo adventure, plenty of General Hospital viewers are having a blast watching these two on screen. There’s no denying that Olivia and Robert are a ton of fun – and the same can’t be said for Olivia and Ned lately. Robert seems to bring out the best in Olivia these days and cares about her a great deal.

It was cute to see Olivia playing “Bond girl” and pretending she was on her honeymoon with “Liam.” Robert and Olivia really are adorable in their scenes together. Are GH writers going somewhere with this? Could it ultimately lead to Olivia and Robert becoming a legitimate couple?

Ned obviously loves Olivia, but love may not be enough when their mountain of problems just keeps getting taller. Olivia and Ned are weighing each other down at the moment. Robert represents a breath of fresh air – a chance for Olivia to breathe away from Ned, who disagrees with her on almost everything.

On Twitter, there’s tons of support for a Robert and Olivia pairing. Let’s look at what some intrigued and excited fans had to say. “SO happy that the general consensus seems to be that Robert and Olivia are a hit!” one thrilled viewer tweeted. “Of course they are though. @lisalocicerogh and @tristanrogers are AMAZING together! #GH #Rolivia”

“We all love the dynamic between Robert/Olivia, right? Like I feel like that has to be a pretty damn near universal thing,” another fan insisted. One more fan said, “…I really like Olivia and Robert. They’ve got tons more chemistry than her and Ned.”

Naturally, there are even some Olivia and Ned shippers who can’t help but appreciate Olivia’s spice with Robert, too. “I love Ned and Olivia but I also love the sparks I see between Robert and Olivia,” one General Hospital viewer admitted.

All the actors involved here are talented and beloved, so it just comes down to which ones work best and which ones have the better story. Right now, Olivia and Robert seem like the couple to root for! Are you hoping Robert and Olivia officially get paired up down the road?

We’ll offer updates as other GH news pops up. General Hospital spoilers say Olivia and Ned’s marriage will remain on the rocks for a while, so Robert may be waiting if it ends in disaster! CDL will have other fantastic General Hospital spoilers, news and updates to read up on, so don’t forget to visit again soon.


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John Oliver Throws Up His Hands After “Hopeless” Fight Against Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation




When it comes to the Supreme Court, John Oliver is ready to throw up his hands in defeat. On Sunday night, the Last Week Tonight host expounded on the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the GOP’s rush to fill her Supreme Court seat before the presidential election. While Oliver is known for his fighting spirit, he didn’t express much of it as he discussed the fruitless effort to prevent Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. “This has been a very dark week for lots of people,” said the HBO host. “If things seem hopeless right now, it’s because, to be completely honest, they basically are.”

Last night, Oliver devoted the bulk of his show to the fight over RBG’s Supreme Court seat and Trump’s Saturday evening nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, an outspoken conservative. “Trump is about to replace a liberal icon with an extremely conservative justice who’s been called the female Antonin Scalia, and she can serve for a long time,” explained Oliver. “Amy Coney Barrett is only 48, and I know that I make 43 look like 76, but trust me, that is young for a Supreme Court justice.”

“If, and almost certainly when, Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, the impact could be dire,” he continued, explaining that “in recent years, key cases have been decided by just one vote,” such as those related to DACA, the Affordable Care Act, and reproductive rights. “Should those issues come before the court again, they could now easily go the other way. And there is clearly no point holding on to hope that conservatives might choose to respect they precedent they set by refusing to even consider Merrick Garland in an election year, because that was always in bad faith, as was obvious at the time.”

After throwing to a clip of Mitt Romney explaining why he will support Barrett’s nomination (“It’s also appropriate for a nation which is, if you will, center-right, to have a court which reflects center-right points of view,” said Romney last week), Oliver tore into the Utah senator. “What the hell are you talking about, Mitt?!” asked Oliver. “Set aside the notion that a court that gutted the Voting Rights Act is a ‘liberal court,’ since when is this nation naturally center-right?”

The Last Week Tonight host proceeded to rattle off statistics about Americans’ party affiliation, polls showing that “Americans favor abortion rights, with support of Roe v. Wade reaching record highs,” and majority support (“59 percent,” to be exact) for waiting until after the election to fill RBG’s seat. “So, our country isn’t so much center-right as Mitt Romney is center-wrong,” said Oliver.

“The Supreme Court is about to lurch to the right for the foreseeable future,” he concluded. “This is a pivotal moment. And while we got here a little bit by bad luck and bad timing, we also got here through diligent effort by Republican leadership, and crucially, some very big systemic problems that just have to be addressed.”

Watch John Oliver tackle the Supreme Court vacancy in the clip above.

Where to stream Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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NXT UK’s Pretty Deadly had a Dirty Dancing post-lockdown reunion




WWE’s NXT UK brand returned last week after being on a filming hiatus for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The show has settled into its new home of the BT Sport Studios in London and the roster are excited to get back to in-ring action following such a lengthy break.

But for up-and-coming tag team Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker) the early months of lockdown were particularly hard as they had to spend time apart from each other.


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“We were actually separated for two months, 28 days, and three minutes, not to be too specific,” Lewis told DigitalSpy exclusively. “Those first three months were quite devastating.”

Sam added: “The latter months, when the rules got lifted a tiny bit, were able to quarantine and then come back together safely and we had a tough time but the time of our lives.

“We gym-ed together, we ate together, we trained together, we planned together. We were just by each other’s side and I think more than anything you need someone during this time with you.”

dirty dancing lift


Describing their long-awaited post-lockdown reunion, Lewis said: “Have you seen Dirty Dancing?

“It was a strange moment because as we were running towards each other it was like time slowed down. I just saw [Sam] coming towards me and it just felt right. I leapt into the air and Sam held me and it was just a real special moment.”

Sam added: “There was a sunset and people just started clapping, people from down the road. It was 8pm on a Thursday so it might have been for something else but it felt right.”

In order to prepare for their return to action, the boys even bought a wrestling ring to train in their back garden.

And although it means they’ve managed to avoid ‘ring rust’, it’s still not quite the same as facing opponents in NXT UK.

“We’re training with each other, but we’re not gonna punch each other in the face, we’re not going to go ham if you will,” Sam said.

“So it’s not exactly the same but we train, we’re ready and we feel good about ourselves and we feel good about what we’re bringing to the table.”

Before the pandemic, the team got the chance to go to Florida and have matches with Superstars from the US NXT brand. While they enjoyed interacting with the crowd, they weren’t exactly too popular.

wwe nxt uk pretty deadly


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“The reaction from the crowd was great,” Lewis said. “A lot of our act, per se, is that enjoyable interaction with the crowd and we really had that in America but they weren’t too fond of us.”

“I think they took our openness, our flamboyance, as a weakness and they decided to boo us,” Sam added.

Lewis continued: “You’ll see that a lot and there’s a term we like to throw around – ‘toxic masculinity’ and you’ll see that a lot.

“We come out and we’re flamboyant, we’re confident, we’re a little bit feminine in some aspects and people struggle with that.”

wwe nxt uk pretty deadly


Sam added: “They catch this disease called toxic masculinity and they struggle with that. But we had a fabulous time over in America doing the live shows for NXT and being ourselves.”

But, for now, Pretty Deadly will have to adjust to performing without an audience at the BT Sport Studios.

“We like to be watched and when the bell rings we get it done and we enjoy people seeing that so without them it’s going to be difficult,” Sam said.

Lewis added: “It’s going to be a whole different environment and we’re gonna have to adapt but me and Sam, we’re pretty adaptable. So it’s going to be possible but it’s definitely going to be different.”

Watch Pretty Deadly on NXT UK at 8pm on Thursday nights on WWE Network, and Friday nights at 10pm on BT Sport.

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