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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update



Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th September 2020 Episode starts with the guests sitting in the haveli. Harbheji asks them to think that the haveli will be theirs. Lakshmi’s mother tells that she never thought that her daughter will marry in a big house. Madhav tells that sometimes lottery is won. Harbheji asks Lakshmi what she can do? She tells that she cooks food, takes care of elders etc. Harbheji asks her to sing. Lakshmi sings I am a disco dancer. Saroj says she sings bhajan also. Harbheji goes to call Gabbar and catches Gudiya coming there. She says I asked you not to come here and threatens to blast her house. The wire gets pulled with Gudiya’s hand. Harbheji makes Gudiya go through the window and closes it. She calls her shameless and goes. The wire sparks. Sarla catches Gudiya coming there and scolds Sweety for opening the door. Sweety runs down. Gudiya tells bantu that Harbheji scared her, so she came back home. Sarla scolds Sweety and she cries. Gabbar gets ready and tells that he will defeat Guddu in the ring. Matai tells Harbheji that he has sent Atta out and made all the Servants understand. Harbheji convinces Gabbar to get the injection so that the girl likes him and marry him. Gabbar takes the injections. Sarla scolds Sweety and asks her to come out of room. Sweety comes out. Radhe says this is too much. Sweety asks how you can bear her babu ji? Sarla says when my son can bear you then why can’t he will bear me? Gudiya likes their fight.

Harbheji brings Gabbar and makes him sit. Lakshmi’s mother asks her to serve tea to Gabbar, but Harbheji stops her and tells that Gabbar drinks just milk. She asks the Servants to greet the new malkin of the house. Lakshmi and her parents get happy. Harbheji tells that her son likes Lakshmi and makes him nod his head. The wires spark and the grains bag catch fire. Pandit ji tells that he will make an arrangement for their alliance. Sweety asks Radhe to call Nanhe right now. Sarla says call him here. Radhe asks her to stop it. Gudiya sees fire in the haveli and tells Radhe, Pappu and others. Radhe says we shall inform them. Gudiya says Guddu is not at home. Sarla, Radhe and Pappu come to haveli. Radhe informs them about fire catching in the haveli. Gabbar and Lakshmi are seated for their engagement. Harbheji tries to take him inside, but Pandit ji says inauspicious thing will happen if he don’t apply tilak. Harbheji makes him sit and asks Pandit ji to do tilak. Putli Bai asks Matai, Madhav and others to set off the fire. Radhe tells that they shall set off the fire. Pappu tells that Putli Bai is not afraid of fire. Sweety tells that smoke is coming. Gudiya asks Bantu to bring water. Putli Bai asks everyone to throw the water altogether. Gabbar sees fire and shouts. Lakshmi, her parents, Pandits and Saroj get shocked seeing his condition. Harbheji calls Matai and asks him to take Gabbar home.

Gabbar gets hysterical and attacks Pandit. Harbheji calls other Servants. They lift Gabbar and take him inside. Gabbar says save my Amma, while he is taken away from there. Harbheji cries. Saroj asks the Lakshmi’s parents to sit. They tell that they are poor, but can’t throw her in fire. They leave. Harbheji tells that her Gabbar got scared and cries. Gudiya tells that Amma has locked the door and went. She throws the water on the window. The fire is set off. Putli Bai says I didn’t understand how this dangerous fire broke out. Pappu finds fire and tells that it is taken out by someone mistake and caught fire. Harbheji realizes that Gudiya is responsible. Gudiya rejoices and says fire is set off. Matai opens the door. Gudiya comes there and tells that she has set off the fire. Harbheji calls Sarla. Sarla says no need to thanks. Harbheji asks her to come. Radhe tells that Gudiya informed us else don’t know what would have happen? Putli Bai thanks them. Gudiya asks her not to thank them. Radhe says she is Putli Bai.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Harbheji tells that she will not let Gudiya’s name graham fall on her son’s life. Putli Bai says Gudiya will come here like she used to come. Sarla tells Radhe about Harbheji’s threat. Gudiya comes to haveli again.

Read Online Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th September 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial ByAnd TvIndian Drama Serial Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th September 2020.

Telecast Date:17th September 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 20th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update




Dhruv thanks Nutan and says he knew she would agree for wedding for his happiness. Nutan says she is okay with anything for his happiness. Sonali says if prewedding rituals will continue. Dhruv says yes and let us rock. Sonam excitedly jumps in happpiness and hugs Bua. Bua comments Nutan that this mad girl is becoming his daughter-in-law/DIL. Sonam says she will organize all the dress themes, it would be a fusion for both families. Shashikant says he didn’t understand her plan, but its good. He asks Dheeraj to open his suitcase to get his best dresses and asks Nutan to get her best saris and jewelry. Nutan gets into her room and checks her jewelry when Bua walks in and asks if she gave up and accepted Sonam as bahu. Nutan says she hasn’t and will try to break this alliance till the last moment. Bua praises her and peeps at jewelry. Nutan locks her jewelry and leaves.

Sonam decorates house for prewedding shoot. Ankita praises her skills. Sonam says she will give matching dresses for Ankita and Dheeraj and make them look like Virat and Anushka. Tanu says they look more like Ranveer and Deepika. Dheeraj says let it be, after years of marriage, wife looks like maid and husband like gardener. Sonam asks about Dhruv and walks to his room. She searches him and opens bathroom where he is bathing and shouts in shock. Dhruv hides his modesty nervously. She closes door and jokes that that there is no use now as she already saw what she has to see. He drapes toweel around him and walks out. She insists to tell what he is wearing for prewedding shoot. He says she will be surprised and locks door.

Amber adjusts his camera for prewedding shoot. His and Sonia’s nok jhok starts. Nutan gets angry, but Shashikant stops her. Sonam walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Everyone praise her. Nutan applies black dot saying she will not get nazar/bad eye. Dhruv walks down next. Sonam stands mesmerized. Dhruv asks how is he looking. Subhadra says handsome and applies him black dot. Ankita says he is looking like a prince. Nutan says he is a prince. Amber starts prewedding shoot. Sonam and Dhruv sit hesitantly at a distance. Amber asks them to come closer. Shashikant senses their hesitation and takes all elders away. Dhruv and Sonam them start shoot sitting closely.

Back to Nutan’s room, Bua continues brainwashing Nutan. Subhadra walks in and says she wants Nutan and her to exchange their saris to strengthen their bonds. Bua jokes if bhauji will wear samdhanji’s pant. Subhadra says she brought even saris and seeing Nutan’s face asks if she is still angry. Nutan says rituals are missing in her son’s wedding. Subhadra asks her to describe in detail. Nutan says dowry ritual, leaving Subhadra shocked.

Precap: Nutan demands 25 lakhs+ dowry from Subhadra. Bua praises her. She says she doesn’t need any dowry and is just frightening Subhdra to break this alliance.

No New Episode Telecast Today

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17 Photos Which Show That Dogs Can Teach Us A Lot About Geniune Love




Having a dog at home is a pure blessing. They make our world happy with their warmth, smile, love and care. From bringing you their toys to play, hugging you when you feel low, and taking care of you when you don’t feel well. These little four leged creaturs can’t speak like us but can show their affection like no other.

We at Hiptoro found these adorable pictures of dogs on the Internet and brought them together for you. Some dog owners captured their dogs while them showing true affection towards them.

So scroll down and if you don’t have a buddy to look after you, get one home soon.

1. “Bonnie put her favorite toy on my packed suitcase.”

2. “My dog was so excited to see me when I got home, he ‘hugged’ me!”

3. “My anxious dog after making her first doggy friend”

4. “My daughter was born a week ago and my dog will not leave her side.”

5. “How my dog hugs me when I come home.”

6. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, brings her blanket to you if she likes you.”

7. “My dog takes care of me when I’m sick, and he only sleeps when I’m sleeping. I took this picture right after I woke up.”

8. “My dog cuddling with her only newborn puppy”

9. “My fiancé chose my dog over me for a cuddle and my dog just rubbed it in my face.”

10. “I just want someone to look at me the way my dog looks at me.”

11. “How my daughter’s dog waits for her to get home from school.”

12. “This is how my new dog rode in my car after we left the shelter.”

13. “Find someone who stares at you the way my dog stares at my wife.”

14. “My girlfriend’s dog hugs me every time I come over.”

15. “My parent’s dog came to visit for the first time since February, and my golden retriever was so happy to be reunited.”

16. “My son broke his arm and ever since he came home, my girlfriend’s dog won’t leave his side.”

17. “My wife just left for work for the first time in 3 months.”

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Child artiste Esther Anil’s makeover pics go viral!




Esther Anil became a household name after her performance in the Mohanlal-Jeethu Joseph’s Drishyam won the hearts of critics and audience alike. Esther who made her entry to films as a child artist is now a gorgeous teenager.

The little diva recently shared a BTS video of one of her recent photoshoot sessions.

Esther Anil photos

The video has the actress looking drop-dead gorgeous in red shimmer dress. Here are some of the pictures from the photoshoot!

Esther Anil 1

Esther Anil photos 4Esther Anil photosEsther Anil photos 6Esther photos drishyamEsther Anil photos newEsther Anil photos 45drishyam actressEsther Anil new photos

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Hi again! @vivek_t_venu @jo_makeup_artist @devraagh @_shelooo_ @clov_____

A post shared by Esther Anil (@_estheranil) on

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