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Kelly Clarkson Found Inspiration After Her Life “Took a Nosedive”



Piece by piece, she’s putting her life back together.

Kelly Clarkson sat down with Late Night with Seth Meyers host Seth Meyers to chat about her quarantine experience, new music and how her divorce inspired her next album.

“I think I wasn’t feeling that creative at first until my personal life just took a nosedive,” she shared about her need to be creative during the pandemic. “So I think how I get through my emotions is through music.”

Clarkson announced her divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock earlier this year and has been candid about how hard the process has been for her and her family. Like any true artist, she took the pain and turned it into a masterpiece.

“It’s very therapeutic for me, so that’s how I’ve always been able to kind of process everything,” she explained of her new album. “I’m so thankful for the gift of being able to do that. Because keeping all of that in while going through something so huge, and everybody around you going through something so huge, and there is just a lot of weight with decisions and everything. That was really helpful for me.”

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Top 10 Mind Blowing TV Shows Like Daredevil




It will be fair to say that Daredevil reinvented itself on Netflix. Directed by Drew Goddard, the series has been a revelation for most fans. Being a part of MCU, the show was a must-watch for Marvel fans. But fans loved the show because of its dramatic flair and adherence to the comics.

The series was one of the most acclaimed productions for MCU. And it is inevitable that fans would have flocked to it, had the series continued. But that must not be a reason for despair. For superhero genre offers plenty of other equally compelling watches. Here is a list of shows that Daredevil fans would love to catch up with.

The Flash

Barry Allen’s story is nothing new. The speedster has been a part of the Justice League for as long as anyone can remember, which makes The CW rediscovering the character such an achievement. The show focuses on the superhero’s life and strength heavily, from creating an alternate timeline to avenging his mother. The series takes the audience into a topsy-turvy journey, which is thrilling in every step.

Iron Fist

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Iron Fist tv show Poster

Just like Daredevil, marvel fans must also be aware of Iron Fist. The show is a part of the broader MCU and leads to The Defenders series—the nuances of the playset it apart from the others of its types. The series continuously forces the theme of self versus duty. The show was canceled from Netflix prematurely after just two seasons. Which means the series could be streamed in a very short time.

Legends of Tomorrow

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Legends of Tomorrow tv show Poster

Legends of Tomorrow is a part of DCEU. The story sees the unification of a group of superheroes to protect the Earth from Vandal Savage. However, this is not your usual set of heroes. The show is a respite from the dark and gritty tone of the Justice League. And fans seem to agree on that point as the series has been renewed for a sixth season coming next year.


Supergirl TV Show Poster

Supergirl has been picked straight off the pages of DC Comics. A cousin to Superman, she is one of the last surviving Kryptonians in existence. Kara is a humble young woman. But when the world faces adversities, she has to step up. The series sees her in her countless adventures with occasional appearances from her biological cousin.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. see Agent Coulson leading from the front. The much-cherished character from Marvel movies, he leads a group of skilled agents to combat extraordinary threats. Airing on ABC, the series is a popular destination for fans because of the multiple easter eggs hidden in the show. The series came to an end this year. With no fear for any spoiler, now is a great time to catch the show.


Arrow tv show Poster

Arrow made its premiere on The CW in 2012. Being a part of Arrowverse, the show follows the story of Oliver Queen. A billionaire, he returns to his city after being away for five years. Seeing the corruption in his hometown, he bends on serving vigilante justice. The series turned out to be popular with the fans. And also it concluded recently, fans continue to endear Queen-like before.

Luke Cage

Directed by Cheo Hodari Coker, the series never fails on the action. Making its debut in 2015, the show is based on the Marvel superhero of the same name. Product of a failed experiment, Cage gains unbreakable skin and super strength because of it. Using his abilities to fight crime, the superhero is a part of MCU.

Jessica Jones

Another of the Marvel heroes appearing on ABC, Jessica Jones, is perhaps the best of the lot. She is unlike any other heroes on this list, for she uses her powers to tackle crime differently. After retiring from being a superhero, she opens her detective agency to save the world. A story of different tastes, Jessica Jones, is undoubtedly out of the box.


Gotham is a series that fans of Batman are not going to complain about. The show begins after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. It does not deal with a grown Bruce, purging the city of its crime. Instead, the show focuses heavily on Gordon and some of Batman’s early villains. The series received much recognition during its five seasons on the air. So there is no chance of going wrong with it.


The show tells the story of Frank Castle. The show lacks the familiar charm of any superhero movie. Instead, its claustrophobic nature keeps the audience always at the edge of their seat. Frank seeks revenge for the death of his wife and children. And plunges as a vigilante into the criminal world of the city.

The superhero genre has been on a surge since 2008. It has managed to earn a popular fanbase through series. That has gifted the world some genuinely brilliant creations. And with no new releases coming soon, now will be an excellent time to watch all of these fantastic shows.

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Does Legacies’ New Series Regular Spell Doom for The 100 Prequel?




Legacies Season 3 has postponed to 2021, but at least we know it plans to address some of the lingering plots from Legacies Season 2. 

Deadline is reporting that Leo Howard, who played Sheriff Mac’s son Ethan in three episodes of the sophomore run, has been promoted to series regular. 

If you watch Legacies online, you know there was a lot of untapped potential in the direction of Ethan’s arc. 

He was introduced early in the second season as Hope tried to blend in as a normal teenager at Mystic Falls High. 

Unfortunately, the character all but disappeared shortly after, but it’s possible there were plans to bring Ethan’s storyline full circle in the episodes that were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

August in The Bunker - The 100 Season 7 Episode 8

Legacies Season 2 wrapped several episodes early due to the pandemic. 

Howard recently appeared on the backdoor pilot for The 100 prequel, and played the role of August, a pivotal character who quickly got close to Callie. 

Given that The CW has yet to confirm a pickup for the spinoff, it’s possible the series is not moving forward at the network. 

Then again, it’s also possible that Howard’s recurring deal with Legacies meant he could be upped to regular and that The Vampire Diaries/The Originals spinoff was in first position. 

legacies ethan

If The CW does pull the trigger on The 100 prequel, then Howard could pop up for an episode or two to wrap August’s arc up, or he could be recast. 

But given how deadly The 100 is, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that August has perished early into the apocalypse. 

It would be difficult for Howard to appear on both shows regularly because Legacies shoots in Atlanta and The 100 prequel will be shooting in Canada if it goes to series. 

All we can do is speculate for now. 

ethan legacies 2

What do you think of Leo getting a series regular contract at Legacies?

Hit the comments below. 

Remember you can watch The 100 online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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What happened to the kids in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous? Are they still alive? Details here




blood pressure tablets ramipril Jurassic World has a lot of universe surrounding many stories, depicting life-threatening situations, humongous dinosaurs, and various characters. One particular universe Camp Cretaceous introduced a new story and setting of survival horror of dinosaurs and the terror they inflict.

Created by none other than Steven Spielberg, who created numerous films of the series Jurassic Park. Along with Frank Marshall and Colin Trevorrow. Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous is heavily oriented for the younger audience through animated scenes of dinosaurs. Surprisingly this series keeps all the elements of danger and putting everyone in life or death situations involving dinosaurs, including kids. Wondering what happened to the kids in Camp Cretaceous universe? Did they survive? Read on more to know about Season 2 and who survived among the group of kids?

Who survived among six teenage heroes in Camp Cretaceous?

At the finale of Season 1, one of the kids of six teenage heroes Isla Nublar’s fate is unknown and fans are wondering if he survived. As well as another kid Ben (Sean Giambrone) could be dead as well seeing how he fell off the monorail. Set during the same universe as Jurassic World 2015. The animated series Camp Cretaceous tells the story of Darius, Brooklyn, Sammy, Yasmina, Kenji, and Ben. Kids who got the chance to experience behind the scenes of Jurassic World. Unluckily their dream vacation turned into horror as Indominus Rex got free and razed everything in the theme park resort. The kids tried to escape through the southern island to rendezvous for evacuation, but they were too late and got stranded on the island.

Determined on surviving the kids have to adapt to their surroundings to increase their chances of survival. Everyone is moving as groups, with Kenji who knows the VIP access areas of Jurassic World. And Darius who knowledgeable about Dinosaurs. The Island contains a lot of resources including shelter and food to cope up and survive. That is if the campers can make it the main park without getting eaten. Season 2 will answer most of the cliffhangers left by the series and will tell more about the survival of kids and their fate legit website.

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