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Khamzat Chimaev stopped to feed a homeless man while preparing for UFC Vegas 11 (Video)



YouTube by MMAnytt shows Chimaev running on a street apparently training for his upcoming UFC Vegas 11 bout against Gerald Meerschaert. He sees a homeless man and stops to talk to him. He then leads the man over to a McDonalds and buys him some food. This is all going on while Chimaev in running for training, he is most likely cutting weight and could not eat that food himself, but has the kindness to stop and feed a man in need.

Chimaev only made his UFC debut two months ago and is already on the radar of some longtime veterans. He broke onto the scene with two very impressive wins over Rhys McKee and John Phillips. After his UFC Vegas 11 bout on September 19, the UFC has a plan for him to face Damien Maia in November.

At 26 years old, Chimaev is undefeated with eight professional bouts and rising quickly up the middleweight ranks. If he continues on this path he could be setting himself up for a title bout in no time. He has the passion and flare both inside the cage and out to make him a star and his star power paired up with his kindness is something the UFC needs right now.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Freddie Roach doesn’t have much confidence in Pacquiao vs. McGregor going more than 6 minutes




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Israel Adesanya finally reveals why he ditched the pink hair look before UFC 253




Advice from father led Israel Adesanya to scrap pink hair before UFC 253

In early August, images and video surfaced on social media of UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya sporting a new look, dying his hair pink, that caught plenty of people off guard.

But in the days leading up to UFC 253, and at the event itself, Adesanya was back to his natural black hair look as he successfully defended his title against Paulo Costa.

Israel Adesanya reveals why he stopped pink hair look ahead of UFC 253

During the UFC 253 post-fight press conference, Adesanya revealed it was the words of his father that convinced him to get rid of the pink-hair look.

None of it had to do with looking silly or any negative reception about the look, however. According to Adesanya, his father claimed the brightness of the pink hair would be a disadvantage for him — even if he were to damage Costa’s vision.

“My dad…he said I’m going to blind him with my jab,” he said. “And when he’s compromised in one eye and I take the other eye out, if he sees a pink hue, he’ll still know where my head is. He’ll know that’s where my head is, and he’ll just aim for the pink hue. So I was like, ‘You’re right.’ And like a good boy, I listened to my dad. He’s a smart man.”

Fortunately for Adesanya, he made easy work for Costa, needing just two rounds to finish him off in dominant fashion.

Adesanya now turns his attention to the Robert Whittaker vs. Jared Cannonier bout scheduled for UFC 254 on Oct. 24, which may help determine the next challenger to his title. He predicts that Cannonier will handily win against the former champ and welcomes that fight; however, he adds that he’ll make quick work of Whittaker again if it comes to it.

Adesanya knocked out Whittaker at UFC 243 to become undisputed middleweight champion.

“I think that Jared is going to dust Robert Whittaker, and I look forward to fighting him. What we said in the DMs, he said he wants to get it done like Naruto and Sasuke, and I said, ‘I look forward to that.’ I think he’s going to get it done; I’m rooting for him. But, if Robert Whittaker wins and he wants to get knocked out a third time, I can do that, too.”

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UFC 253 took place on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, live from UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Follow along with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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Bellator 246: Juan Archuleta claims vacant bantamweight title in comeback win over Patchy Mix




Juan Archuleta’s body shots lead him to title, comeback win over Patchy Mix

Juan Archuleta defeated Patrick “Patchy” Mix via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 x2) at Bellator 246 on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

With the win, Archuleta claims the Bellator bantamweight championship, which had been vacant since Nov. 27, when Kyoji Horiguchi relinquished the title due to injury. This also marks Mix’s first loss in professional MMA.

“Oh my God,” Archuleta said in his post-fight interview. “My family, they deserve it. My teammates, they deserve it. My country…they deserve it. Their fighting spirit shows in me.”

Here’s how the fight played out:

Juan Archuleta vs. Patchy Mix round 1

One-two from Archuleta to start. Mix with a front kick. Archuleta moving around outside. Archuleta misses an overhand and Mix takes him to the fence. Mix looking for the takedown and eventually scores it just after the one-minute mark. Archuleta manages to get back to his feet, albeit with his back still to the cage, and Mix looks to get the fight back down right away. It does, and Mix looks to extend Archuleta’s leg, but the fight gets back to standing. Archuleta with a body shot. Right hand by Archuleta. Low kick and a punch for Archuleta. Archuleta catches Mix’s kick and lands a couple of punches. Archuleta overextends and Mix grapples up again, taking Archuleta’s back and brings the fight back down. Mix looking for the rear-naked choke. Archuleta fights it off, but he can’t get back to his feet. Mix has his legs around Archuleta’s body. They each trade a shot. Mix and Archuleta now sitting, with Mix’s bac to the fence. Elbow to the head by Mix. Archuleta struggling to get Mix off him. Mix gets into full mount with five seconds left and lands several shots, but obviously no time to get the finish.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Mix

Juan Archuleta vs. Patchy Mix round 2

Left hand by Mix. Front kick by Archuleta. Combination by Archuleta. Mix comes in and grapples up again before taking the fight back down. Mix wraps his legs around Archuleta and he’s got a reverse guard up, potentially looking for an inverted triangle? Archuleta taking a hold of Mix’s legs. Each delivering a couple of elbows. Archuleta might be looking for some sort of leg lock? A couple of shots by Mix. Mix transitions and gets Archuleta’s back again! Figure four around Archuleta’s body as Mix looks for the choke once again. Archuleta looks to get away but they’re sitting up and Mix is on him in backpack position. Archuleta transitions into Mix’s guard and avoids a triangle attempt. Nice knee from Archuleta with both men seated. The fight goes back to the ground as Mix attempts an unsuccessful guillotine. Transitions and Archuleta gets Mix’s back now, as he looks for some heavy ground-and-pound to finish things! Archuleta ends round two on top raining down blows.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Mix, 20-18 Mix overall

Juan Archuleta vs. Patchy Mix round 3

Right hands from both men. Front kick by Archuleta. Body shot by Archuleta. Kick from Mix, punches from both men. Body shots from Archuleta. Knee by Mix. Archuleta misses an uppercut but lands more body shots. Low kick by Archuleta. Mix has slowed down it seems. Archuleta misses a right. Mix misses a front kick. Archuleta misses a right, Mix clinches up but Archuleta gets him off with another body shot. Combination by Archuleta. Left to the body by Archuleta. Front kick by Mix. Left hand by Mix. Mix misses a knee. Low kick by Archuleta. One-two by Archuleta. Front kick by Mix. Mix misses a right. Both men trade combinations. Front kick by Mix is answered with a one-two by Archuleta. Low kick by Mix. Right hand by Mix. Archuleta lands to the body. Left from Archuleta. Left hand and a two-level combination by Archuleta landing nicely. Front kick by Mix. Archuleta misses a big uppercut. One-two missed by Mix. Big right hand gets Mix’s attention. Left hand by Archuleta. Round kick by Archuleta. One more combo from Archuleta to end the round.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Archuleta, 29-28 Mix overall

Juan Archuleta vs. Patchy Mix round 4

Left hand by Archuleta. A couple of more land upstairs for Archuleta. A couple of more right from Archuleta. Mix is coming forward but not throwing much. Archuleta nearly lands a big right but follows it up with a successful combo. Front kick by Mix and Archuleta lands a jab and a body shot. Combination by Archuleta again. Round kick by Archuleta. Archuleta shoots in and scores a takedown, with Mix looking for a guillotine. Archuleta shakes him off and the fight goes back to the feet. Archuleta throws a kick to a grounded Mix that lands to the body, but the referee calls time and admonishes Archuleta like he hit the head. Wow! Fight resumes. Mix throwing some head kicks now. Low kick by Archuleta. Mix misses a leg kick. Body shot and a straight upstairs for Archuleta. One-two from Mix. Combination by Mix. Front kick from Mix is blocked. Archuleta complaining of an eye poke but the ref says he didn’t see it. Mix misses a couple of jabs. Combination by Archuleta. Another couple of combinations from Archuleta. One more before the end of the round.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Archuleta, 38-38 overall

Juan Archuleta vs. Patchy Mix round 5

One-two from Archuleta to start. Combination by Archuleta. Front kick by Mix is blocked. Combination by Archuleta again. Combination again by Archuleta. Right to the body by Archuleta, and he is pouring it on. Mix trying to clinch up but Archuleta is tagging him, especially to the body. Two more uppercuts to the body by Archuleta. Low kick by Archuleta and Mix throws to the body in response. Mix goes to the body. Mix misses a kick and Archuleta lands an uppercut-hook combo. Left hook to the body by Archuleta. Another shot inside. And again. Straight by Mix. Combination by Archuleta. Low kick and a head kick — both from Mix. Mix clinches up with Archuleta, but Archuleta is the one who brings the fight to the wall. Mix throwing shots, but all very weak. Archuleta goes for a takedown, but Mix grabs the cage to prevent it. Mix landing open-handed slaps to the head of Archuleta. Elbow by Mix. Mix throws a couple of spin kicks but misses. Combination by Archuleta. Knee to the body by Archuleta.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Archuleta, 48-47 Archuleta overall

This was Archuleta’s second Bellator title fight in three fights, and it was his first at his natural weight class of bantamweight. Archuleta challenged Patricio “Pitbull” Freire for the Bellator featherweight title in September as part of the opening round of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix, losing a unanimous decision. Archuleta had received that title shot after his highlight knockout of former Bellator champ Eduardo Dantas, and the loss to Freire was Archuleta’s first since a 2015 loss in the World Series of Fighting (now PFL). Prior to tonight, Archuleta’s most recent appearance was at Bellator 238, where he defeated Henry Corrales by unanimous decision.

This was just Mix’s third fight in Bellator. Mix debuted in a major way last year at New York’s Madison Square Garden at Bellator 222, where he submitted Ricky Bandejas in 66 seconds. Between then and this title fight, he scored two more first-round submissions: beating Isaiah Chapman with a Suloev stretch at Bellator 232 and choking out Yuki Motoya at RIZIN 20.

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Bellator 246 takes place on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, live from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. Follow along with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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