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Kushal Tandon takes a witty jibe at Karanvir Bohra after he mistakes him for Kushal Punjabi: Don’t drink more



As Karanvir Bohra does a blunder mistaking Kushal Tandon for that late actor Kushal Punjabi, the Bigg Boss 7 corrected him with a witty tweet.

Kushal Tandon takes a witty jibe at Karanvir Bohra after he mistakes him for Kushal Punjabi: Don’t drink more

Karanvir Bohra has grabbed the eyeballs ever since he has announced an initiative to raise awareness about suicide on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day. He came forward to address the issue of mental health with his initiative and named it Kushal Mangal after the passing away of his good friend Kushal Punjabi who died by suicide in December last year. While the actor has been winning a lot of appreciation for his initiative, Karanvir ended up doing a major blunder while making the announcement of Kushal Mangal.

While sharing the news on micro-blogging site Twitter, Karanvir ended up tagging Kushal Tandon instead of Kushal Punjabi. Interestingly, Kushal was quick to respond to the tweet and corrected the Bigg Boss 12 contestant saying he is very much alive. He even took a witty jibe at Karanvir and asked him to not to drink more as he will soon be welcoming his third baby soon. Kushal tweeted, “main zinda hoon I am not dead. Don’t drink more u have a baby coming on ur way.”

Take a look at Kushal Tandon’s reaction to Karanvir Bohra’s blunder:

Karanvir certainly had a red face to Kushal’s reaction and was profuse in his apologies. He replied saying, “Sorry sorry bro, it was a typo. I love you too and you know that.”

(Trigger Warning)

For the uninitiated, Kushal Punjabi had died of suicide at the age 37 and even left behind a suicide note which read as “There is no one responsible for my suicide.” Karanvir was among the first one to condole Kushal’s demise and wrote, “Ur demise has shocked the hell out of me.I’m still in denial @itsme_kushalpunjabi I know you are in a happier place, but this is unfathomable. The way you lead your life really inspired me in more ways than one….but what was I to know. Your zest for dancing, fitness, off-road biking, fatherhood and above all that, that smiling face of yours, your happy-go-lucky nature your warmth all that was so genuine. I’m gonna miss you so much #kushlani. You will always be remembered as a guy who lived a full life. #dancingdaddy #fit #lifeenthusiast #biker #smilingface #onelifeliveitright #restinpeace #omnamoshivaya.”

If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telegu 24th September 2020 Written Update: Day 17 – Charging task continues




Bigg Boss 4 Telegu 24th September 2020 Written Update on

Day 17, 8:00 am

Song plays and everyone wake up and dance. And tel good morning to biggboss.

Day 17, 9:15 am

Avinash talks a deal for his charging, he asks to believe him but sujatha tells that we cant believe you anymore. Avinash asks a poniy of charging so that he allows one person to use washroom Mehaboob will convey that he will give all his three points if he allow all the members. But Avinash tell that this was too much, all people do their works and all will move on accordingly. Divi asks do the work without any team agreement as yesterday done the same.

Day 17, 9:30 am

Silver teammates loose a point of their charging Mehaboob dances as they loose one point and Lasya will tell that if they loose another point we will dead. The white teammates asks pink teamates to give one point for each

Day 17, 10:00 am

Biggboss asks Ariana to put on her mike. Lasya speaks. Abhijeet tell that if they go out all people are near the washroom and a quarrel will happened between them.

Day 17, 10:30 am

Monal Gajjar will opposes the idea of Mehaboob and asks him to not be so nice. Lasya simply say that they are thinking that we have only one point so we need to go out for charging and their point is if one or two people loose point also they will be safe. Avinash trickly go out and sit beside the Master for charging. And inside Abhijeet and Harika speaks about how to protest for the mike and outside Avinash starts his plan he will tell to Divi that if she not believe her who will believe .Then Divi tell that yesterday he bringa plate and asks to eat. He silently plug the charging by talking with others Mehaboob tell that he didnt have any problem with Avinash.

Day 17, 10:45am

Divi tell that he can’t refuse avva as she was feeding her and she can’t push the plate. The white teammates talk about Avinash plan and they don’t know whether the pepole know that he was keeping charging or not but he was keeping charging. Here out Divi talks about yesterday things while talking in the middle she see that Avinash is keeping charging and Master will say that oh you kept charging. Divi beats him, they think that he didn’t get charging and they see it immediately but charging point increases. Monal gajjar speaks roughly. All teammates tell master that as he give him point go and use the washroom.

Day 17, 11:00 am

White teammates talks a deal with the pink teammates they will allow one person to washroom if they give one point of charging for each one. Avinash runs as Master comes near the door as he kept charging silently, they keep quaralling about the yesterday things. Sujatha becomes serious as she needs washroom for that she give them full charging All white teammates gets cheared by Sujatha words. Sujatha tell that she access charging for two members but the teammates will oppose. Mainly Syed tell that u didn’t have any right two access for two points, they keep quarelling.
Monal gajjar takes Gangavva’s suit for this Avva become serious and lift the chair towards her. Harika tell that we are not behaving in such a cheap way to high boss. The pink teammates off all the switces of basic needs. Monal and Harika speaks loud face to face.

Day 17, 1:00 pm

Avva offers water to pink teammates and the opponent tell that he will give full charging, but later when Harika asks they will say that we will speak to Avva. On the other side Monal keep charging with Avva’s suit but the teammates will oppose and tell that we get food and we should not do this now. Sujatha tell that before taking any discussion once ask all don’t take on your wish, once see all the faces before taking a descion.

Day 17 , 02:15 pm

Avva and Syed talks. Syed asks Avva to open the door once.

Day 17 , 03:00pm

Avinash sings a song to convince Master that he broke his trust by taking charging he says that he will not believe him anymore.

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What Happened To Noah On ‘Love Island’? Find Out If He Left The Dating Show




Love Island USA recently introduced another chiselled bachelor, Noah Purvis, to its audiences. The 24-year-old made his debut on the show on September 18, just when the cast of Love Island was reeling over the loss of four islanders. Noah Purvis seemed to be the man with a plan as he had his eyes on Moira from the get-go. See the list below:

Noah swept Moira and all the Love Island fans off their feet in the first date itself. However, fans of the show were shocked when Noah disappeared after a couple of episodes. Love Island’s official network CBS, did not provide any explanation to the fans as to why the new islander, Noah Purvis was missing in action after merely a couple of episodes. Find out, “What happened to Noah on Love Island?”

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What happened to Noah on Love Island?

Noah Purvis on Love Island USA entered the island and the villa on Day 26 of the show’s season 2. On CBS’s official website, Noah’s bio mentions that he is a 24-year-old home healthcare provider currently pursuing his credentials in massage therapy. However, many fans of the show began having a “Déjà Vu” after seeing Noah on Love Island

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Upon some research, it has been found that Noah Purvis, is actually an adult film star. Noah Purvis goes by the name Ethan in the adult film industry and has appeared in gay adult films which were shared on exclusive websites. In fact, his latest adult film was posted on an exclusive website merely 10 days ago.

Many fans on Twitter were quick to recognise Noah from his films. Some even joked about the fact that CBS had not done proper background research on the contestant before appointing him as an Islander on the dating show.

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Why did Noah leave Love Island?

CBS has mentioned on his website that Noah Purvis is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. From his Instagram handle, it is clear that this southern gentleman spends a lot of time in bodybuilding. He also makes comedy videos for his YouTube channel, which has over 10 thousand subscribers. 24-year-old Noah Purvis is also the brand ambassador for personal training app Fitplan.

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Noah Purvis removed from Love Island 

Afterword started spreading on Twitter, it soon reached the executives at CBS who were clearly not aware of Noah’s “other profession.” CBS immediately removed him from the show and started editing the islander out of episodes.

Hence fans won’t be able to find him in any scenes except for a few where he appeared in the background. In the September 20, episode, it was confirmed that he “walked out” of the Villa because he was nowhere to be seen during the Recouping Ceremony. CBS also scrubbed Noah’s name, pictures as well as his bio from all Love Island USA social media as well as from its official website.

Promo Image Source: Noah Purvis (Instagram)



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Simbu Loses 20 Kg For His Role In Suresh Kamatchi’s Upcoming Action-thriller ‘Maanaadu’?




Silambarasan TR, also known by the name Simbu, has reportedly gone through a massive physique change for his role in the upcoming film, Maanaadu. A report by Pinkvilla suggests that the actor lost close to 20 kg for his role in the upcoming Kollywood film. Maabaadu is being written and directed by Venkat Prabhu and is also expected to star Kalyani Priyadarshan as the female lead.

Simbu working hard for Maanaadu

According to a report by Pinkvilla, actor STR has been working out heavily to get into shape for this film. The actor reportedly lost close to 20 kg and came down from a 100 kg to 79 kg, due to the demand of his role. There have been several reports about the actor following a strict workout schedule and diet to get into shape while he stays in London.

According to Pinkvilla, the film had previously been dropped by the makers as they had a few disagreements with STR. However, after major discussions over the past few months, the film was brought back on track. A few months ago, there had also been various speculations about the film being shelved due to the ongoing COVID 19 crisis.

However, the producers of Maanaadu cleared the rumours and took to Twitter to speak about their plans to start working on Maanaadu as soon as the COVID situation is under control. The film has been creating a lot of buzz amongst the Kollywood fans and is hence, expected to do well.

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Fans have been quite elated to see Simbu in an intense avatar in the film Maanaadu. The film is expected to star actors like SJ Suryah, Manoj K Bharathiraja, SA Chandrasekar, Kalyani Priyadarshini, and Bigg Boss Tamil fame Dany. Maanaadu is being directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by Suresh Kamatchi, under the banner V House Productions.

The film was previously set to release in April 2019 but it was pushed ahead due to various reasons. The political-thriller film is expected to be high on action and drama which has been creating more anticipation amongst the viewers.

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Image Courtesy: STR Instagram



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