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LA Chargers: Joshua Kelley is closing in on Justin Jackson for RB2



Joshua Kelley saved the day for the LA Chargers in Week 1 with his offensive firepower, effectively putting Justin Jackson on notice.

No one saw Joshua Kelley‘s performance on Sunday for the LA Chargers coming. A few of my friends asked me whether Kelley was worth stashing on their fantasy rosters this season. Most of the time, I’d shake off the idea by mentioning the dynamic between Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson.

That changed against the Bengals when Jackson was declared out for the rest of the game with a quad injury.

From that point on, Kelley was the second running back. He put on a show by running with great movement and speed for most of the game. In terms of final stats, he ended up with 12 carries for 60 yards and the Chargers’ lone touchdown of the day.

Kelley always had nice power and vision, but the combination of the two that he showed off in Sunday’s game was on another level. He used leverage so well on Sunday and made the Cincinnati defense look silly at times. His agility and vision at the beginning of this play are particularly crazy.

The Bengals had Kelley dead to rights for a two or three-yard loss. That spin move to get out of it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from him before. The amount of balance required to turn that loss of three into a nine-yard gain is remarkable as well.

Kelley’s truck stick to absolutely light up a Bengals’ defender was another highlight moment. The most important thing from this game for me was just how comfortable the LA Chargers were when it came to trusting Kelley close to the goal line.

No other running backs got carries inside the five, not even Ekeler. Shane Steichen and Anthony Lynn seem to be liking him as a goal-line runner quite a bit with his strength and athleticism.

As for Jackson, he will try to work his way back into the rotation for this week. There’s a strong expectation that Jackson will be back for Week 2 vs. Kansas City. Unless the quad keeps him out for longer than expected, he will likely reclaim the RB2 role for now.

That being said, Kelley is right on his tail after this performance. I wouldn’t call Jackson injury-prone, but the best ability is availability. Nagging lower body injuries doomed him last season and the quad injury allowed Kelley to turn heads this week.

The next two weeks are a critical juncture when it comes to Jackson and Kelley battling it out. Kansas City and Carolina finished towards the bottom of the league in DVOA against the run in 2019. Carolina was actually dead last in that metric. If there’s a time to pile up rush yards and impress the coaching staff, it’s these next two weeks for sure.

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I never thought Kelley would be in this position quite this early, but he’s arrived. Instead of being a 2021 factor, Kelley is officially an impact player this year.

NFL Football

The Atlanta Falcons season officially ended with Sunday’s loss




The Atlanta Falcons 2020 campaign is now officially over.

The Atlanta Falcons defense played excellent through three and half quarters until fatigue set in because the offense did absolutely nothing in the entire second half. Do not blame the defense for this loss, this one rest solely on coaching (yet again), and the offense.

The offense looked atrocious for the majority of the second half, wasting a great defensive effort from the other side of the ball.

The defense was on the field entirely too long, in the fourth quarter especially, and it was clear that they were gassed. This team, for whatever reason, just can’t put it together on both sides of the ball, which has been a problem since Super Bowl 51.

Everyone on the staff has to go right now because it is at the point where it is expected of this team to blow a lead, and that is just sad. Pretty much everything about this team is just pitiful.

The Atlanta Falcons are a broken team.

Like Jonathan Vilma said in the fourth quarter, this team lacks mental toughness and that lies solely on Dan Quinn, who clearly has no idea what he is doing.

As a fan, I do not look forward to watching this train wreck of a team every Sunday, which is something that, for the first time in my life, I can say. I never thought I wouldn’t care about an Atlanta Falcons game on a Sunday, but we have finally reached this point because it is tiring to see a team so talented looks so helpless and lost every week.

This team needs a major overhaul because it seems like the players have no idea what to do once the fourth quarter starts. The saddest part is, with six minutes left in the game, I grabbed my laptop and started writing this article because I already knew this was going to end in a loss.

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The icing on the cake is that the Atlanta Falcons had the lead with 2:12 left, but you wouldn’t know it because the guys looked completely dejected.

They knew the game was over, and so did everyone at home.

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Colts: Philip Rivers tosses 400th career TD pass to Mo Alie-Cox




give Indy an early lead.

After conceding a touchdown on the subsequent possession, Philip Rivers took his first snap with the game already tied at 7-7. However, the wait for fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium was well worth it, as the eight-time Pro Bowler came out on fire, completing all four of his passes for 40 yards and a touchdown strike to tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

The score was a special one for Rivers, as it was the 400th TD pass of his esteemed career.

According to Pro Football Reference, Rivers is just the sixth quarterback in NFL history to reach that milestone, and he is now just 20 touchdowns behind Dan Marino for the No. 5 spot on that list. Assuming the 38-year-old makes it through the 2020 season with a clean bill of health, you have to think he will leapfrog the Dolphins legend before the end of the year.

If we’re being honest, the way the Jets defense has played after falling behind early so far this season, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rivers continues chipping away at Marino’s milestone over the next two-plus quarters.

This moment is exactly what Rivers deserves, as he’s been one of the most consistent and durable signal callers over the last 15 years. Let’s hope he keeps up this level of play for the rest of the game and the Colts come out of Week 3 with a win over an inferior Jets side.

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Why it’s imperative the NY Giants don’t start off 0-3




NFL history has not been kind to teams that start off 0-3, which is why the NY Giants simply need to find a way to win this weekend.

There are a multitude of long-term reasons why an 0-3 start would be disastrous for the NY Giants, but for the short-term, their already slim chances of making the 2020 postseason would pretty much go out the window should the team lose to the San Fransisco 49ers in Week Three.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there have been 176 teams to start off 0-3 in NFL history; only six of those squads ended up making the playoffs — that equates to just 3.4%.

In other words, the NY Giants are basically screwed if they can’t figure out a way to beat the banged-up 49ers on Sunday.

If it seems like the NY Giants get off to horrific starts every season lately, it’s because they have. Big Blue has started 0-2 in seven out of their last eight campaigns, effectively putting the nail in the coffin before things ever really got started.

Rookie head coach Joe Judge had inspired confidence since he took over that things would be different under his leadership, and although it’s still very early in the Joe Judge regime and way too early to make any long-term judgments, so far it’s been the same old NY Giants.

Not many were expecting the G-Men to make the playoffs this season anyway, but starting off 0-3 with the remaining tough games left on the schedule would make that tall task virtually impossible.

What would an 0-3 start mean for the future of the NY Giants?

GM Dave Gettleman was already on the hot seat heading into the 2020 season; if the team stumbles out of the gates once to 0-3, that seat will be scorching.

Gettleman vowed that this team would be competitive, and after three full offseasons, he has no one else to blame but himself for the current state of the team.

While Jerry Reese surely made some questionable moves that put the franchise in an undesirable spot, this is all on Dave Gettleman. This team hasn’t gotten any better since he’s taken over; in fact, one could argue that the team is actually worse now than it was after a terrible 2017 season.

At least that team had playmakers that other teams had to fear and account for; right now, the NY Giants have some solid players, but few stars.

In addition, the team doesn’t really have a position group outside of the defensive line that could be considered in the upper-echelon of the league.

While it’s not Gettleman’s fault that superstar Saquon Barkley went down with a torn ACL, it speaks to how risky it was to take a running back with the #2 overall pick was in the first place.

The drafting of quarterback Daniel Jones was likely a key component in buying ‘DG’ more time, but even if Jones impresses in 2020 it won’t be enough to overcome another losing season — especially if the team is picking in the top-five of the draft again which is the direction the team is currently trending in.

I doubt that owner John Mara would fire Gettleman mid-season no matter how bad things got as that would make him look foolish for bringing him back in the first place, but he would have to be infuriated to see the season over before it started once again.

The problem with keeping Gettleman and firing Pat Shurmur was that Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman were always going to be on different timelines.

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Should the team continue to lose, Joe Judge’s prerogative is going to be giving younger guys a shot in hopes of finding talent that can stick around for the long haul rather than putting out the best possible team that would probably include some veterans that have no future with the NY Giants.

That’s something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Hopefully, the NY Giants are able to beat the 49ers on Sunday and begin to show signs of improvement.

If not, things could begin to get ugly quickly and you can bet that fans will be calling for Dave Gettleman’s job sooner rather than later.

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