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LA Rams Sunday Night Football Game Recap vs. the Dallas Cowboys



LA Rams Sunday Night Football Recap against the Dallas Cowboys

If you thought that the Dallas Cowboys were the better team before the Sunday Night Football kickoff, you were among most of the NFL fans polled before the game. For months leading up to tonight’s game, Rams fans had to endure the constant buzz surrounding the Cowboys coming off an 8-8 season.  With head coach Mike McCarthy taking over, the Cowboys were mentioned as Super Bowl contenders this year all the way until kickoff.

Of course, the two last teams to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl were the San Francisco 49ers in 2019, and the LA Rams in 2018. So what did the buzz about the NFL have to say about the LA Rams?  Well, to say that the consensus was neither kind nor optimistic would be lying.  Most projected the Rams to fall even further in 2020, ending up in the NFC West basement with no more than 6-8 wins.

SoFi Spectacle

The LA Rams needed to do three things in the season opener. The offensive line needed to prove that they were better than in 2019. The defense needed to find a way to harness Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott to under 100 yards. Finally, the Rams needed a way to improve the passing results in the red zone.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.  The Rams offensive line did get some push for the running game. And the Cowboys were forced to use a series of blitzes to get pressure on Jared Goff. The defense was surprisingly stout in run defense. Seriously. Amazing. The Rams held Elliott to under 100 yards, and the entire Cowboys rushing offense to just 136 yards.  The only blemish to the Rams was their inability to score with their passing attack.  Goff moved the ball up and down the field but never threw a pass for a touchdown.

Final Score

The LA Rams won the game by just a three-point margin.  However, it was the Cowboys who were favored in the game by as much as three points. For the Cowboys, RB Ezekiel Elliott scored both touchdowns – one rushing and one passing. The Rams countered with two touchdowns by RB Malcolm Brown, both on the ground.  Believe it or not, the difference in this game was the leg of rookie kicker Sam Sloman, who kicked two of three field-goal attempts.   The visiting Cowboys kicker, former Rams Greg Zuerlein, was only good on one of his two attempts.


Dallas Cowboys


Los Angeles Rams


The stars of the game for the Cowboys offense had to be veteran running back Malcolm Brown, whose 79 yards and two touchdowns rushing combined for 31 yards receiving.  For the defense? A tremendous stop by rookie safety Jordan Fuller late in the game changed the momentum. The Rams were hanging on to a small lead and his stop helped the Rams get the ball back.

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The 1-0 Rams now travel to the East Coast to take on the 0-1 Philadelphia Eagles, while the Dallas Cowboys play host to the 0-1 Atlanta Falcons.

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Buffalo Bills: Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano return to practice




Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds, who missed the game due to injuries.

The good news for the Buffalo Bills is that both were able to get back onto the practice field on Wednesday in some capacity. While this doesn’t guarantee they will be available for this week’s game, this is a big step in the right direction.

Buffalo Bills have seven players not practice on Wednesday

While Edmunds and Milano returned on a limited basis, the Buffalo Bills had seven players miss practice on Wednesday. In this group was wide receiver Cole Beasley, running back Zack Moss, tight end Dawson Knox, defensive end Jerry Hughes, defensive tackle Ed Oliver, linebacker Del’Shawn Phillips, and cornerback Taron Johnson.

This was certainly the most players to miss practice so far this season for the Buffalo Bills. However, some teams try to use Wednesday as a rest day, especially for some veterans. If some of these players miss tomorrow’s practice then their availability against the Los Angeles Rams certainly would be more in question.

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The other big name on this injury report was cornerback Tre’Davious White, who was limited on Wednesday due to a shoulder injury.

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Bengals: How Zac Taylor can turn around the red zone offense




Zac Taylor and the Cincinnati Bengals must improve their red-zone offensive performances if they are to turn things around.

The bad news is that the Cincinnati Bengals are 0-2 on the season. The good news is that both games were decided by less than a touchdown and the club had chances in both contests to come away with a win.

If the franchise is going to come away with their first victory of 2020 this week, Zac Taylor has to make several adjustments for their game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Chief among them is putting Joe Burrow in better situations in the red-zone.

Currently, the Bengals are converting their red-zone possessions into touchdowns just 40% of the time. This is good for the third-worst percentage in the NFL, and one of the biggest contributors to leaving points on the field.

The offense was 0-1 against the Chargers in what resulted in a frustrating loss and was 2-4 against the Browns. This kind of percentage will make life more difficult for Burrow, especially when the defense is struggling to stop the rush. This is not a new issue for Cincinnati, but it is one that the offensive coaching staff could have some solutions for.

Getting Joe Burrow out of the pocket will be key for the Bengals

One design scheme that could help the situation is to roll Joe Burrow out of the pocket when they get closer to the goal line. As passing lanes get tighter, the defense can bring more pressure and impact the young signal-caller’s ability to read the defense.

Rolling him away from pressure will not only give him more time, but it increases the probability that he will be able to use his legs. Burrow showed in the opening touchdown of his career that he can run effectively and Zac Taylor needs to utilize that more.

The other thing that rolling him out of the pocket will do is cause the defense to pause knowing that he is more of a threat to run the ball. A slight delay is all A.J. Green or Tyler Boyd will need to create separation and get open in the endzone.

With an offensive line that is struggling, the Bengals cannot count on Burrow having the time he needs, but instead need to get more creative when points are so close. If Taylor can minimize the offensive line’s impact by rolling Burrow out, Cincinnati should get more touchdowns and end on the right side of the scoreboard.

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It’s the dawn of a new day for the LA Chargers franchise




The LA Chargers have entered a new era.

It’s a new day for LA Chargers football, folks. Even though it came unexpectedly and without warning, Justin Herbert was the main attraction this past Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs and fate did Anthony Lynn‘s work for him in bringing him the new franchise quarterback Charger fans knew they had on a silver platter.

Before I start on Herbert, I have to acknowledge the fact that what went down Sunday came at Tyrod Taylor‘s expense. The guy has been a hard worker in this league for nine years now and has the utmost respect of his peers, so much in fact that he’s been named the starting quarterback twice over an early first-round pick in his career.

This is not to be taken as a diss at him, but rather a silver lining for this Chargers franchise. It’s unfortunate that Herbert got his chance to show his stuff under these certain circumstances, but everything happens for a reason, and I believe now the door is open for this team to go further than it expected to going into this year.

We all expected Herbert to be held off for at least the first month or so of the regular season, perhaps even longer than that. Some even thought he wouldn’t play at all.

But this past Sunday was a sign from the football gods that the time to move forward with your next franchise quarterback is now for the Bolts.

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The days of Aaron Rodgers sitting behind Brett Favre for years before getting his chance are long gone. Rookie quarterbacks are coming into the league more ready than ever to take over starting roles.

From Andrew Luck to Baker Mayfield to Russell Wilson to Joe Burrow and countless others, franchises these days have an obligation to do what is best for the team and go with the best quarterback on their roster for the starting gig.

Putting your team in the best position to win games is paramount, and younger quarterbacks have increasingly and consistently showed a knack for being able to give their franchise the best chance to be competitive. On this level, youth at the position is proving to be growing the game.

Justin Herbert is no different. He was absolutely sensational in his NFL debut going toe-to-toe with the might Chiefs and golden boy Patrick Mahomes giving the defending champs a scare they needed early in this 2020 campaign.

A few mistakes made by Herbert in this game will get doubters to question his readiness, but there’s no doubt in my mind this LA Chargers team was in great hands this past Sunday and will continue to be if Herbert is named the full-fledged starter the rest of the way.

We now have an interesting team in the AFC West and AFC in general because…….folks…….Herbert can play. Big arm. Sneaky athleticism. Believe it or not, shows up in key situations despite his naysayers pointing to his bad Auburn game in college to try and prove otherwise.

Like I said before, fate did Anthony Lynn’s job for him. Herbert wasn’t supposed to play in this game and the Bolts were forced to throw in their rookie quarterback, who did fantastic against the defending champs.

Now the pressure is off Lynn of when exactly he’ll move to Herbert. His decision has been made crystal clear. I know he wants to look out for Tyrod, but the right thing to do here is to keep rolling with the rookie QB and put your team in playoff contention like Herbert proved he can do this past Sunday. This isn’t a Hue Jackson-Baker Mayfield situation where the coach is trying to keep his job and doesn’t want to start the clock on his number one pick QB.

I’ll be honest with you guys, the LA Chargers didn’t really do it for me this season when I was making my preseason predictions. They seemed very clearly to me like a team in-between relativity and obscurity with a bridge quarterback in Tyrod Taylor to help get them over the hump into 2021.

But now that I’ve seen what Herbert can do, this is a team I’m excited about moving forward this season. Sometimes sitting works out for young high-draft quarterbacks. I mean, just look at Patrick Mahomes. However, I feel in this day and age of the sport, the higher likelihood is that they will be successful if you start them right away.

Herbert will go through rough patches this year, but ultimately, I believe the Chargers will be in a much better situation than they would have been had they gone strictly Tyrod this entire season.

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Charger fans, the future of your franchise came a day early. Through unfortunate means, yes. But now we all know what the mystery rookie quarterback is capable of, and so do the LA Chargers staff. This is ultimately going to work out for the best.

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