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Man Lost His Phone, Ended Up Finding It In The Jungle Nearby And Laughed At All The Monkey ‘Selfies’ On It Interview With Owner



Losing a phone is quite an awful experience. Not only are you now somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world and your routine is compromised, but you’re also having that near-heart attack feeling worrying about who might get their hands on all of your precious photos and videos (and memes, don’t forget your precious memes).

Now, what if your phone somehow gets lost and finds itself in the hands of a monkey? This is exactly what happened to Zackryds Rodzi, a 20-year-old senior year computer science student from Batu Pahat, Johor.

When it comes to stealing phones, you wouldn’t naturally expect a monkey to do it!

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

So, Zackryds, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, woke up one Saturday morning and noticed that his phone was missing. He couldn’t find it anywhere and began suspecting that he might have simply lost it as there were no signs of a robbery or anything.

This led to the next logical step—to try and call his phone. Upon calling the phone, he started hearing a ringing coming from the jungle near his house. So he followed the sound and, sure enough, found his now-dirty phone buried in a pile of palm tree leaves.

Zackryds did note that his dad saw a monkey outside their house at one moment that morning, so that might have been it, but Zack was skeptical: “I didn’t suspect a monkey would steal my phone since I’ve never seen a monkey around my house the entire time I lived here.”

Well, this one did, and it took selfies, as explained by Zackryds Rodzi, the person who’s phone this was

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack first noticed his phone is missing when he couldn’t find it anywhere one Saturday morning

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

His relative also jokingly pointed out that there might be photos on the phone or some other evidence that would explain how the phone found itself in the jungle. After a glance at the gallery, he found a bunch of photos and videos of the culprit—the mischievous monkey seen by his dad earlier.

You see, there are many places around the world where monkeys live near or in urban areas such as this, but Zackryds did clarify that there were no instances of monkeys ever being seen, let alone stealing from people, in his neighborhood. It must have entered the house through his brother’s open bedroom window.

“I was shocked to find my phone misplaced and a bit broken. At first, I was mad about it, but as soon as I opened up the gallery, I started laughing. It was hilarious,” said Zackryds.

Zackryds’ dad did noticed a suspicious monkey in the morning—a rare sight in the neighborhood

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack wound up finding the phone in the jungle behind his backyard—a bit broken as seen in the photo below because the monkey tried to chew on it several times

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

There were a handful of photos as well as some videos of the monkey trying to figure out how phones work. One of these videos soon found its way to the internet via Zack’s Twitter, where it went viral. Besides the various social media it found itself on, it also made headlines in the local as well as global media.

Among the myriad of various random photos and videos the monkey took, the student also noticed that there was one photo that stood out—a scenic shot of some palm tree leaves that grow in the nearby jungle. It looked quite professional—like the monkey knew what it was doing. Either that, or it was pure luck. Regardless, it’s a nice photo!

Among the many random selfies, the monkey did manage to take one professional looking photo (below)

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack shared the now famous photos and video on Twitter where it went viral

“Next time, if a monkey wants my phone, it should just say so because it took some pretty nice photos!” commented Zackryds. Do you know the saying that if you had a million monkeys bashing at typewriters, they’d eventually write Shakespeare? Well, it only took one this time around.
We’re beginning to see a pattern here with monkeys taking selfies as British photographer David Slater had his camera picked up by a monkey named Naruto who also took a selfie. There was even an entire copyright dispute about it. See, see how mischievous monkeys can get?!

Zackryds shared with us the full video of the critter monkeying around

Click to unmute

What are your thoughts on this? Would you give your phone or camera to a monkey and see what happens? Let us know in the comment section below!


Utopia season 1 ending explained: Who is Mr. Rabbit?




Utopia ending explained: Who is the real Mr. Rabbit? Does the gang stop the Undoing? Find out the answers in our complete recap of the finale!

Well, it’s here, the big finale. And since the series hasn’t been received well by critics or audiences, it could well be the last episode. I hope not, though, because, despite its faults, Utopia has been a fun ride, and in Utopia episode 8, we come finally face-to-face with Mr. Rabbit. We’re diving into the recap, here is the Utopia ending explained.

Jessica seemingly confirms that Kevin Christie is Mr. Rabbit when she sees the Chinese symbol tattooed on his side. He also doesn’t play coy with anyone and is fine with admitting to all the horrific things he’s done over the years. We get confirmation that those crates Jessica saw at Home were children bought from other countries. Plus, Becky’s Diels? It came from Harvest, and it’s genetic, so if she ever has children, they’ll have it, too.

While chatting with Kevin, Thomas gets a call tipping him off to Arby’s betrayal. He sends out a team to retrieve Kevin, telling them to bring Jessica alive while not caring what they do to Arby.

As the Harvest goons close in, Alice finally finishing piecing together the pattern inscribed on the pages of Utopia. It’s a new virus, the one inside the impending vaccine.

That’s why Kevin wanted it because it could link back to him. He explains that he and Jessica’s father invented an omnivirus that doesn’t kill people, but it is a cure for our “current situation.” They intend to sterilize people, to halt human reproduction for the next three generations.

While Kevin explains his masterplan, Arby picks off the Harvest team one by one outside.

Inside, it seems like Kevin’s speech about how his vaccine will save the world by solving overpopulation is swaying at least one person: Wilson. I have a terrible feeling that he’s going to turn traitor.

Kevin reveals to Jessica that her father supposedly never cared about her. He claims the starburst scar on her arm is from when she was inoculated. She was the original test rabbit and her father only cared about her in so far as he could use her to test out his creations. She was kept inside her yellow house and given her vapor inside there.

”This should be underlined in blood: you belong to me.”

Jessica smacks Kevin, and the gang leaves the room to figure out how to stop the vaccine. While left alone, Kevin inches closer to a globe decoration, one I presume is more than it seems as Michael also pointed out the same one was at Dale’s house.

They plan to infiltrate Christie Labs, destroy the viruses, and the original virus. Then Wilson concocts a plan to film Kevin confessing to killing hundreds of children to make a vaccine that would earn him millions. He thinks people will be more likely to believe he did it all for greed rather than the sterilization stuff.

After his confession, they’ll make it look like Kevin became overcome with guilt and shot himself in the head. To get inside, they’ll need Kevin’s thumb to get past the biometric scanner. He lets them chop it off since he’s confident they’ll die anyway.

Jessica and Wilson stay behind while the rest of the group heads toward Christie Labs. Instead of helping Wilson, though, Jessica finds Arby outside by a pile of artfully arranged dead Harvest member bodies. He tells her his purpose is to help her, that he was born to assist Jessica. He notices she looks sick (the plague rabbit bit her), and Jessica says she wants to go Home. Arby volunteers to take her there.

The gang successfully infiltrates the vaccine warehouse, but… it’s a lot of freaking vaccines to destroy.

Utopia ending explained – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios

Utopia ending explained: The gang destroys the vaccines & Michael steals a viral egg.

At Michael’s house, Wilson is left with Kevin, and I cannot help thinking he’s about to betray his team because everything Kevin says is in line with what he’s been saying all season. Plus, there’s no way that Kevin is going to confess to anything, he doesn’t fear death and Wilson has no real leverage. Kevin is a master manipulator and knows exactly what to say to entice him. However, there is also the fact that Kevin killed Wilson’s family. He holds a gun to Mr. Rabbit’s head.

Slowly, the group manages to destroy as many vaccines as they can, helped along by Grant and Alice finding industrial motorized carts. They knock everything down and light it all on fire with a molotov cocktail. Ian and Becky can’t help but pause in the middle to kiss as Ian gifts Becky one of Jessica’s rings.

Michael searches for the “mother virus egg” and cranks up the heat to destroy it all as the group makes their grand escape from the facilities. On the way out, Michael notices Thomas Christie, who makes an announcement that they’re under attack by bioterrorists.

Unfortunately for our group, they don’t quite make it to safety. Grant and Becky run ahead and the cops catch them, apprehending Grant because of his false identity as the spree killer. Becky manages to run away from the cops while Ian and Alice disappear into the woods. Ian’s initial reaction is to try and save Becky, but as Alice points out, they can’t do anything if they get caught, too.

Utopia ending explained: Wilson betrays the group.

Becky continues running until a truck screeches to a halt beside her. Wilson jumps out and tells her to get in, and as I feared, Thomas and Kevin Christie are in the front seat. Becky is horrified by Wilson’s betrayal, although she still believes they’ve won, wiped out all of Christie’s work. He says that’s not true. They just need Jessica.

As for Michael, he’s seen driving away from everything, with a single virus egg in the passenger’s seat.

While all of this is happening, Arby takes Jessica Home, a place, by all appearances, that is full of light and sunshine. Children play, and frolic in the fields as Arby explains their purpose to help with experiments and go places that adults can’t. He says he wishes it wasn’t like that, and Jessica tells him it doesn’t have to be.

Utopia ending explained: Who is the real Mr. Rabbit?

Then he brings her to her old yellow house. Jessica explores inside and notices her old gas mask. Then someone slowly approaches and sits beside her on the bed. It’s Milner and…SHE’S THE REAL MR. RABBIT. According to her, she’s done working with Kevin Christie — he just doesn’t know it yet.

Realizing she’s walked into a trap, Jessica throws Utopia out the window and the children scamper toward the pages. Milner says she doesn’t care about the comic, that it was only bait. What she really wants is inscribed across Jessica’s back, a smattering of strange symbols waiting to be harvested. Milner claims she and Jessica’s father envisioned a Utopia where people are immune to cruelty, greed, and other terrible impulses. Whatever deadly virus they’ve cooked up is hidden within Jessica.

Then Jessica passes out, succumbing to her flu, although Milner says her blood will heal her.

Arby watches on from outside, and whispers, “Stay alive, Jessica Hyde.”

Milner slowly descends into her basement and approaches a man scribbling pages with similar artwork to Dystopia and Utopia.

”I have your daughter.”

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Utopia ending explained: Odds & Ends from the finale

  • If the series gets renewed for another season, I hope we get more explanation as to the differences between Kevin Christie and Agent Milner. Why does Christie emphasize that Jessica “belongs to him?” Yet Milner claims she and Christie are going to part ways? It’s all very murky right now. So is the mysterious virus embedded in Jessica.
  • Why does Christie have the “Mr. Rabbit” tattoo if he’s not the real one? Is he just a decoy? is that his “purpose?”
  • What is the deal with the *literal* virus eggs? Is that a thing?

What did you think about the Utopia season finale? Do you want the series to get renewed for season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

All eight episodes of Utopia season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.

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The Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Cowboy Bebop all resume production




Hollywood is creaking back to life after a long COVID-19 hiatus, with lots of high-profile shows resuming production.

This past March, the coronavirus pandemic tore through the world, interrupting businesses and lives. That’s still happening, but some businesses, at least, are clawing their way back, including Hollywood, which had to shut down filming on a variety of movies and TV shows thanks to the disease.

In fact, three major shows are resuming filming this week, starting with the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things in Atlanta. Eagle-eyed fans in the area have noticed things like the set for the Hawkins Family Video Store and Palace Arcade going back up, with filming presumably having officially started back up yesterday:

Stranger Things filmed a good chunk of material before things had to shut down, enough to release a teaser showing off the return of a fan-favorite character. With a lot of our characters now living apart, season 4 promises to be more of a globe-trotting affair than season 3 was, but we’ll have to wait a while before we find out the specifics. Once upon a time, we hoped that the new season might release this year, but with the COVID-19 shutdown, I think 2021 is the best we can hope for.

That year should be packed with delayed goodies. After enduring its own shutdown, Deadline reports that Amazon’s fabulously expensive Lord of the Rings show is now back in production in New Zealand, which was also the place where director Peter Jackson shot his Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. But the new show won’t retread that old ground: it’s set during the Second Age of Middle-earth, long before characters like Frodo and Sam were born, although immortal characters like Galadriel will still be around.

The Lord of the Rings has an interesting production history. Amazon has already ordered two seasons, and the crew had filmed a good part of the first two episodes before the coronavirus came knocking. The funny thing is that, after those two episodes were done, the show was going to take a planned hiatus anyway to assess and tweak while the writing team penned more episodes. With the hiatus coming early, showrunners and executive producers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have already started to map out and write season 2, so perhaps now the team can go full speed ahead.

Finally, Netflix is set to resume filming on its live-action remake of the popular anime series Cowboy Bebop tomorrow. This show also began filming a while back, but had to delay because star John Cho, who’s playing the stylish space bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, injured his knee. This was in the fall, before COVID-19 had reared its head, but that delay bled right into a new one. All told, it’s been about a year since the show shot anything.

But that’s over now. Relatedly, James Cameron just announced that he’d finished production on Avatar 2 and was nearly done with Avatar 3, so sets are springing back to life everywhere! There’s probably gonna be some weird dead spaces for shows and movies coming up, but with everybody throwing themselves back into work, it doesn’t look like they’ll last too long.

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h/t Newsweek

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Gabrielle Union, NBC Reach Settlement After Claims of AGT’s Toxic Workplace




Former America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union has reached a settlement with NBC, following her claims in 2019 that AGT fostered a toxic work environment.

“We’ve reached an amicable resolution,” NBC and Union’s spokespeople said in a joint statement on Tuesday. “NBC Entertainment appreciates the important concerns raised by Gabrielle Union and remains committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive working environment where people of all backgrounds can be treated with respect.”

Though details of the settlement have not been made public, our sister site Deadline reports that Union received “significant” compensation from NBC.

Union’s clash with the network first made headlines in November 2019, when it was reported that neither she nor Julianne Hough would return as AGT judges. Union then went public with her concerns about the show’s behind-the-scenes environment, alleging that AGT was a hotbed of racial insensitivity, sexism and misconduct.

An independent investigation was launched into Union’s claims, but in May, NBC announced the investigation’s conclusion that “no one associated with the show made any insensitive or derogatory remarks about Ms. Union’s appearance, and that neither race nor gender was a contributing factor in the advancement or elimination of contestants at any time.” (The findings did, however, highlight “some areas in which reporting processes could be improved” at the show.)

In June, Union filed a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing against NBCUniversal, AGT producers Fremantle and Syco, and Union’s fellow judge Simon Cowell, citing her experiences with racial insensitivity and sexism on set. The complaint also named then-NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegdy, who allegedly warned Union to stop pursuing her claims of racism; Telegdy has since been let go from NBC, following an investigation into his toxic behavior with both Union and many other NBC employees.

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