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Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things Season 1: Release Date And Expected Plotline



Netflix is developing some really interesting projects that are all.lined up to make fans all spoilt with great content to binge-watch. We have all the exclusive details about one such project that is under development.

Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things: What Do We Know About This Upcoming Series On Netflix? Here’s What We Know.

Netflix is developing a show that will be loosely based on the Young Adult novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The success of the novel has convinced the streaming service to make a series that will be adapting the story of the novel.

Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things: The Story Revolves Around An Elite Dancing Academy.

The show is going to be revolved around a dancing Academy that will be situated in Chicago called The Archer School of Ballet. As students from various different backgrounds come in this Academy only to be united with a shared passion for dance. We have some casting information about the upcoming novel adapted Netflix series as well.

However, the journey to victory is not going to be an easy one as these students need to make or break their careers at the school by giving whatever they have. Will the path be a smooth one for these students? Well, that’s what we need to look out for.

Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things: When Is The Novel Based Series Going To Air On Netflix?

Netflix has yet not given a release date for the upcoming series but we can assume it can release sometime around this year or the beginning of the next year. Cast members include Lauren Holly who will be playing the role of Monique in the series. Holly’s character will push these students to their last limits to bring out the best in them. Kylie Jefferson will be lying the role of rebellious Neveah who will prove her talents and how she deserves to be in this Academy. We are excited to witness all the ongoing drama that will happen!


This Vid Of Kim Kardashian Crying Bc North Is Doing The Bare Minimum Is Peak Momager Energy




The most insane clip of Kim Kardashian crying while North West is literally doing the bare minimum has gone viral on TikTok and all over the internet.

The TikTok from @saintbluu comes from an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where North West performs a rap at one of Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion shows. In the video, North who is clearly following in her fathers footsteps, starts spitting insane lines like “What are those?”, “These are clothes” and my personal favourite “Wow.”


not kim crying over north doing the bare minimal #FeelingGood #fyp #keepingupwiththekardashians #northwest #kanyewest

♬ original sound – saintbluu

People in the comments are losing it because Kim Kardashian is balling her eyes out…when North isn’t exactly giving the performance of her life. One person even commented “she’s probs crying because she’s embarrassed.” OOFT.

We should cut Kim some slack though, she’s just proud of her daughter and there’s nothing cuter than a proud momager. It truly is such a Kris Jenner move to start crying when your child is doing the bare minimum. It’s the equivalent of “you’re doing amazing sweetie” for the new generation.

The full video of North’s performance is even better, the way she commands the stage is highly commendable. North might not make it as a rapper, but towards the end of the video she lets out a hardcore scream, that makes me think she’d go very far in the metal scene.

After 14 years and 20 seasons, Keeping Up With The Kardashians recently announced that it would be ending for good. This comes after Kourtney Kardashian announced that she would be leaving the franchise. Welp.

Well, at least we’ll have North’s heavy metal career to look forward to.

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What happened to Frankie Muniz and why doesn’t he remember being in Malcolm in the Middle?




Most millennials remember Frankie Muniz as the child actor who played the lead role in the hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle in the early noughties.

Muniz’s undeniable talent and onscreen charm scored him an Emmy Award nomination and two Golden Globe Award nominations. After his TV success, Muniz was cast in big screen roles like Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat Liar and My Dog Skip. At the height of his celebrity, he was considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens and seemed like he was set to have a long career in front of the silver screen.

However, after some health setbacks and a decision to change career, Muniz mostly vanished from the public eye. Here’s what happened to one of the most popular child stars in the world — who is now expecting a child of his own.

Frankie Muniz of "Malcolm in the Middle"
Frankie Muniz starred in Malcolm in the Middle between 2000 and 2006. (WireImage)

What happened to Frankie Muniz?

Once Malcolm in the Middle wrapped, Muniz decided to take a step away from acting to focus on being a full time race car driver. In 2009, Muniz suffered terrible injuries from a crash and put a stop to racing.

Muniz then became a drummer for the band Kingsoil between 2012 to 2014. He toured all over the world with his band mates.

Muniz is now 34 years old and married to his long-time partner Paige Price.

Frankie Muniz. (Getty)

What disease does Frankie Muniz have?

Muniz suffers from transient ischemic attacks.

The former child star has been in and out of hospital and admitted to suffering at least 15 of these attacks. He had his first concussion when he was seven years old while playing goalie in a soccer game.

Muniz experienced severe memory loss after suffering multiple concussions and mini strokes. Throughout his young life, he’s had nine concussions. But things took a turn for the worse when he suffered a mini-stroke in 2012.

“I felt like I was getting stabbed in the head — the worst headache you could ever think of. I couldn’t see anything,” Muniz told People in December 2012.

Why doesn’t Frankie Muniz remember Malcolm in the Middle?

Due to his severe memory loss, Muniz struggles to remember his experience filming Malcolm in the Middle.

“Truth is, I don’t remember much [of Malcolm in the Middle],” he said during his recent appearance on the US version of Dancing with the Stars in 2017. “It almost feels like it wasn’t me.”

“It makes me a little sad,” Muniz added. “Things pop back into my mind [that] I should have remembered. I’ve gotten to do anything that I really wanted to do. But the truth is, I don’t really remember much of that.”

Frankie Muniz and the cast from Malcolm in the Middle. (Nine)

More recently, Muniz reflected on what it’s like to have gaps in his memory, and for the most part it doesn’t bother him.

“I only know what it’s like to be me. Or have my brain,” Muniz told People in 2019. “So, I’m only reminded of how bad my memory is when people I see, they come to me and go, ‘Oh, you remember when we did this? Remember we went on this trip to this country?’ And I have no recollection of it, but in my head, it’s not like I feel bad or sad about it.”

What is Frankie Muniz net worth?

Muniz is reportedly worth US$30 million dollars (approx. $43.3 million), according to

How much money did Frankie Muniz make from Malcolm in the Middle?

When Muniz started playing Malcolm, his salary was US$30,000 (approx. $43,722) per episode. But as the show became more successful, Muniz became even richer. By 2006, he was making US$120,000 (approx. $174,891) per episode.

Frankie Muniz poses for a studio portrait in 1998. (Gettty Images)

By the time Malcolm in The Middle was over, he was reportedly worth $US40 million (approx. $58.2 million).

What is Frankie Muniz doing now?

A few years ago Muniz bought a small speciality shop called Outrageous Oils & Vinegars in Arizona. In a 2019 interview with the Arizona Republic he explained what his daily schedule is like.

“My day this morning started at 6am getting up to go to Restaurant Depot to get products that we needed,” he said. “Then I got here early to start filling bottles and to make sure all the shelves were stocked. We’re not just ordering product and putting it on the shelf. We bottle everything. We label the bottles. We seal everything. We do all that ourselves here in store. It’s a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding when people come in and rave about the product.”

In May, he expressed his gratitude on Instagram for all the orders he’s received.

He captioned a snap with the product on May 22, saying: “Words can’t express our gratitude for all the orders we’ve received over the past couple of weeks. It makes @pogmuniz and I feel extremely appreciated.”

Is Frankie Muniz married?

Muniz recently got married to his long-time girlfriend Paige Price. The couple announced their engagement on November 18, 2018. They eventually tied the knot on February 21 this year. In September, they announced they were expecting their first child.

Does Frankie Muniz have social media?

You can follow Muniz on Instagram at @frankiemuniz4.

Stream complete seasons of Malcolm in the Middle for free on 9Now.

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Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle, and more on why we love pratfalls




Everyone knows that falling down sucks. It’s embarrassing, you can get hurt, and even if you’re able to turn it into some sort of “I meant to do that” moment, there’s still a nagging part of your brain that thinks, “God, that was stupid.”

So why, then, do we love to watch other people fall down? As Albert Brooks could tell you, physical comedy is almost a universal language. People all around the world love pratfalls. For about as long as time has existed, we’ve loved to watch others take spills—on purpose or not—for the purpose of our own entertainment. In entertainment, that’s manifested itself over the years through Shakespeare’s fools, vaudeville routines, and The Three Stooges, with more recent entries into the pratfall canon coming from physical performers like Jim Carrey and Melissa McCarthy.

For The A.V. Club’s latest entry in our Why We Love series, we looked at why we love physical comedy, from head-over-heels tumbles to a Stooge-style poke in the eye. Why do shows like Wipeout and Floor Is Lava thrill while the idea of dear old grandma taking a header invokes chills? What makes a well-timed baseball bat to the crotch really sing, and why have Chris Farley-as-Matt Foley’s coffee table antics endured as long as they have?

For answers, we went to some experts in the field, from Peter Seely, an academic who edited a book about The Three Stooges to Rutledge Wood, host of Floor Is Lava. We consulted Saturday Night Live alums Jason Sudeikis and Rob Riggle—who also hosts the very prat-filled Holey Moley, and actor, director, and Buster Keaton aficionado Natalie Morales. We went to stuntwoman Zoë Bell to find out what makes a fall funny, and to Peter McGraw, director of the Humor Research Lab and author of Shtick To Business for a lesson on “benign violations.” We even sat down with Jackass icon Steve-O to talk about 20 years of falling down, and to frequent Jackass collaborator Lance Bangs for some insight into the group’s commitment to truth in comedy.

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