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Noragami Season 3 Realease Date and Plot



Noragami is and always will be one of the most loved anime of all time. It has a supernatural touch to the slice of life and comedy genre. Fans are eagerly waiting for Noragami Season 3 due to its past success. Let’s look into the details we have gathered up so far.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

The initial first 2 seasons received enormous fan support and appreciation. Noragami gained popularity immediately after its release in 2014. In addition to this, Noragami Aragoto wiped out all its competition with its amazing sequel to season 1.

Noragami: Is Yato Really Tsukuyomi? Part 1 - Animehunch

Arguably, Noragami season 3 will perform even better than its prequels. Now that its been 5 years since season 2, the starvation of its fans will make it a huge success. Currently, there has been no official news on the release date of Noragami season 3. But, unlike other animes Noragami season 3 actually has a higher probability of a revival.

Let’s see why shall we?

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Noragami Season 2 Ending

Noragami Aragoto ended its season with many cliffhangers. Fujisaki Kouto is actually Yato’s father and he actually kissed Hiyori. Yato still hadn’t come up with a solution to stop Hiyori’s soul slipping from her body. With so many unanswered questions, Bones(Anime production) stopped the anime series with Noragami Aragoto.

Prime Video: Noragami Aragoto

Usually, when such productions stop an anime with an interesting cliffhanger, they tend to revive it eventually after a few years. Great animes such as Gintama, Attack on Titan, One-punch man, etc have been revived after many years. This leads to the conclusion that the fan-favorite anime may have a season 3.

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Noragami Season 3 Expected plot

Noragami season 3 will probably answer the questions it gave us in the ending of Noragami Aragoto. Like its prequels, Noragami season 3 will most likely have 12-13 episodes. The Noragami manga has a really good storyline. This may be adapted by the anime series for the plot of Noragami season 3. Yato’s relationship with his father is something that might be portrayed throughout Noragami season 3.

Noragami Aragoto – 13 [END] – METANORN

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‘Yakuza’ Video Game Franchise Being Turned Into Movie By Sega




Put down your joysticks. Sega’s popular Yakuza videogame franchise is coming to the big screen near you.

Variety is reporting that Sega is teaming with 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content on a live-action adaptation of the videogame series. Erik Barmack, Roberto Grande and Joshua Long will produce. They are currently looking for writers for the project. This obviously on the heels of the successful launch of Sonic the Hedgehog earlier this year.


Image via Sega

The Yakuza franchise has been around since 2005, when the first game debuted on the PlayStation 2. Since then it has grown to include 7 main title and several spin-off games. According to Variety, “the first game follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu being released from a 10-year prison sentence after taking the fall for the murder of his family’s patriarch. After the entire Japanese underworld is pulled into the search for $100 million stolen from the vault of his former clan, Kiryu is forced back into the lawless world of the yakuza.” Sounds like a pretty exciting idea for a movie!

“Yakuza offers us a new playground in which to set compelling stories with complex characters in a unique environment that audiences have rarely seen before,” 1212 told Variety. “The saga of Kazuma Kiryu has a built-in cinematic appeal – a mix of kinetic action with bursts of comedy, multiple converging storylines, and a gripping journey towards redemption.”

We will, of course, keep you posted on the development of this project as we also try to precariously traverse the Japanese underworld.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Week of September 28 – Steffy’s Intervention Details – Ridge’s New Wedding Shatters Brooke




The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for the week of September 28-October 2 tease that Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) loved ones will rally around her. Steffy may be furious with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) right now, but that’s not going to stop him from taking action.

Liam has to do what’s best for Steffy – and what’s best for her right now is an intervention.

Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) heart will break for Steffy when Liam updates him on the pill situation. Liam will explain how it all went down and seek Finn’s help in dealing with this. Finn should agree that Steffy’s clearly addicted and needs assistance to get her life straightened out.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, so they just have to make Steffy see that she indeed needs support. As Steffy’s father, Ridge will be part of this intervention, too.

Liam, Finn and Ridge will all take turns explaining how much they care about Steffy. They won’t want to see Steffy go any further down this dark path, especially when what’s most important to her is being a good mom.

Kelly Spencer (Avalon and Collette Gray) needs Steffy to keep being the same great mother she’s always been, but Steffy can’t be that if she’s a drug addict.

Although Steffy will remain in denial at first, it looks like it’ll be Finn’s plea that tears her walls down and kicks off her true recovery. Steffy’s going to trust Finn eventually and will rely on him to get through the difficult battle ahead.

As for Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle), she’ll fret over Steffy’s well-being and the toll this will take on Kelly. B&B spoilers say Liam and Hope will have a tough discussion about Steffy’s treatment and how they’ll handle things. Hope and Liam will certainly want to shield Kelly from as much of the drama as they can.

In the meantime, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) will learn Ridge and Shauna Fulton Forrester’s (Denise Richards) new wedding is happening. Ridge will fill Brooke in and leave her tormented by the thought of Ridge saying “I do” once again.

Shauna will probably grapple with more guilt, but she’ll still be pleased that the do-over nuptials are moving forward.

Naturally, Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) will be thrilled since this was her grand plan. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Quinn had better enjoy the taste of success while it lasts – because it’s not going to last long! Brooke will face devastation for now, but things will turn around for her in the coming episodes.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say a promotion is headed Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) way. Carter will be moving on up in the world of Forrester – and that means spending more time with Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes).

This should give Carter and Zoe a reason to celebrate as well as a reason to deepen their romance.

As other B&B news becomes available, we’ll pass along more details. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say some gripping scenes are coming up, so keep watching. CDL’s your one-stop source for scorching Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, news and updates, so be sure to pop back in often.

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’90 Day Fiance’: David Toborowsky like You’ve Never Seen Him before – See Pic




90 Day Fiance star David Toborowsky recently shared a picture of himself that fans have never seen before. He opened up about a time in his life when he was a young, thinner man. The image caught many off guard since it was a part of David’s life that they didn’t know much about. But, TLC watchers were thankful for him sharing it.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky Shares Old Military Photo

David Toborowsky shared a never before seen throwback photo of himself. Most of the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s pictures are fun and light-hearted. But, this image was more meaningful.  The picture was of David while he was serving in the U.S Army. He said that the photo was from thirty-two years ago. He found it “hard to believe” that it was that long ago.

In the picture, the 90 Day Fiance reality star was only twenty years old. David Toborowsky said that joining the army was an “amazing experience.” Annie Suwan’s husband said that he did his basic training at Fort Lost in the Woods in Missouri. However, David acknowledges that his time in the army was a long time ago.

David Jokes about Weight Gain

David Toborowsky was hoping he could relive his younger days by wearing his uniform. The 90 Day Fiance alum said that he wished he “could fit into that uniform today.” Unfortunately, with age, putting on weight is common, and David doesn’t deny it. He often makes jokes about his weight. Although, some viewers have noticed that he has dropped a few pounds over the years. But, for now, he is Annie Suwan’s “sweet potato.”

90 Day Fiance’s David Toborowsky has made jokes in the past about his wife Annie Suwan being the reason why he gains weight. Annie is known for cooking delicious meals. She often shares what she cooks with her husband, and David doesn’t hesitate to try each dish. Being married to a great chef, it is hard not to eat the food they cook.

Fans React to ’90 Day Fiance’ Celeb’s Throwback Picture

David Toborowsky has shared a few snapshots of himself when he was younger with TLC viewers. He had previously shared a photo of himself at five years old doing his first “pillow talk.” David has been open to his supporters about certain aspects of his past. However, seeing him in an army uniform was different for fans. Many of them left comments thanking him for his service.

However, some 90 Day Fiance fans did leave comments about  David Toborowsky’s appearance. These supporters felt like he hasn’t changed much. One fan said that it doesn’t even look like he has aged since his twenties.

A 90 Day Fiance follower also said that in thirty-two years, he hasn’t “changed much.” The fan thought it must be Annie Suwan’s cooking that’s keeping him looking young. Another fan said that David was “handsome then and now.”

Don’t forget to check back with Soap Dirt for more 90 Day Fiance news.

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