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Outlander’s Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh) recalls “weird,” emotional final day on set



Outlander star Duncan Lacroix looks back on Murtagh’s heartbreaking death scene, as well as working with Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser).

Outlander broke our hearts several times over during its fifth season. But perhaps one of the biggest gut punches was losing Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), Jamie’s beloved godfather. In Diana Gabaldon’s novel series, Murtagh dies during the Battle of Culloden, in Dragonfly in Amber. He lasted longer on the Starz show, but it didn’t make losing him hurt any less.

Speaking with Cinemablend, Lacroix reflected on Murtagh’s death scene, and his final day on set. “We had little weird things happening like the fake blood on my chest kind of attracted a swarm of wasps at one point… which was a bit of a challenge. But yeah, it was an emotional day and a kind of fitting end, I think.”

I think many Outlander fans will agree that the hardest part of that episode was watching Jamie come to grips with the reality of Murtagh’s death. Even though Murtagh was gone, Jamie took his body to Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the hopes that she could work her magic and save him. Lacroix recalled how strange it was to be a part of that scene, yet not participate at all.

I could feel myself getting emotionally drawn in. It’s such an emotional scene. I was getting upset myself…. But it’s just a question of the technicalities. Just holding your breath and staying still as possible, kind of overrides anything that’s going on. But again, just phenomenal work on both their parts in that scene. You know, it’s strange when you are are kind of a pivotal member of that scene but you’re not actually participating at the same time. It’s kind of a weird experience.

Jamie and Murtagh definitely went on an emotional roller coaster in season 5, starting in the premiere when Jamie told his godfather to run up to the moment he held Murtagh’s body in his hands. It was a painful, memorable way for him to go.

Speaking of painful, Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) went through her own deal of turmoil in season 5, especially with Roger’s (Richard Rankin) near-death experience that all but took away his ability to speak. Frustrated and upset with the situation, Brianna turns to her father for advice in a deleted scene, recently put on YouTube by Sony Pictures Television:

I’m really sad that they cut this scene out because it shows Jamie’s love for his daughter, and how closely he listens when Claire talks about things beyond his understanding.

When two people love each other enough, nothing can tear them apart. No pain, war, death, nor time. I told your mother once, ‘Nothing is ever lost, only changed.’ She told me it was the, uh, first law of thermodynamics. I said it was faith.

This deleted scene (along with other behind-the-scenes goodies) are all available in the Outlander season 5 collector’s edition Blu-ray and DVD set.

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5 Ways Freddy Krueger Is The Best Slasher (& 5 It’s Ghostface)




When it comes to slasher movies, they don’t really come much bigger or better than Scream or A Nightmare On Elm Street. Both of these franchises have had many incredible movies and several tremendous moments, but it is Freddy Krueger and Ghostface themselves that really carry them.

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They are two horror icons and that is due to how scary and entertaining they both are within their movies. Each character has a massive amount of personality and while they both are classic slasher-style villains, they do offer something very different in their delivery, and how they provide their scares. This is why they have so many different fans and why they are two of the very best within the genre.

10 GHOSTFACE: No One Knows What Ghostface Is Thinking

While Ghostface tends to be very talkative, Ghostface doesn’t show any real emotions because of the mask. It’s easy to see what Freddy is thinking and feeling at any given moment due to his facial expressions, but the same cannot be said for Ghostface.

That’s what makes Ghsotface slightly scarier. At times, it’s impossible to know what is running through Ghostface’s mind even if a keen observer examines the killer’s body language. The fear of the unknown is a big thing, and that is something Ghostface has in spades when it comes to the scare factor.

9 FREDDY KRUEGER: He Has More Variety

Freddy Kruger and Ghostface are classic slashers and because of that, their kills are always going to be similar. One uses a knife, the other uses a glove with razors, but they provide a similar outcome: someone get stabbed. But because Freddy can dip into slightly more unrealistic ideas, it allows him to have a little more creativity with his scares and kills.

Having the power of dreams just helps make Freddy more exciting to watch as it really allows for unpredictability. This originality and flavor is key to any horror film’s success, and that’s exactly what Freddy provides.

8 GHOSTFACE: They’re More Realistic

While Freddy Krueger’s world of torment and mind games does create for some fun and wacky situations especially in the later movies, Ghostface is more realistic. It is easier for viewers to relate to someone in a mask running around stabbing people compared to killer boogeyman. While it might not be as wild and adventurous, the former can be scarier.

Audiences instantly put themselves into the shoes of the victims and imagine what it would be like to be in such a life-threatening situation. While the idea of a murderous dream demon is scary on its own, running from a psycho in a deliberately generic Halloween costume is frighteningly more mundane and relatable. That simple fact is that a killer grounded in a little more reality is just scarier.

7 FREDDY KRUEGER: Those One-Liners

While people aren’t necessarily going into a horror movie looking for laughs, throughout history the genre has tended to provide plenty of them. Freddy Krueger is a big example of that, as he often delivers some excellent one-liners throughout his movies that leave audiences in floods of laughter.

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Sometimes, this works in a frightening way because his jokes can take the audience to a different mindset. Basically when the kill comes, the attack is even scarier since Freddy’s obviously having a ball. Plus, it just makes Freddy that much more entertaining.

6 GHOSTFACE: They Have Tons Of Personality

Ghostface killer in Scream

While Ghostface might not be pulling out witty one-liners after every kill, that doesn’t mean that Freddy has this horror icon beat in the comedy department. Nope; Ghostface is, in fact, one of the funniest horror characters of all time, mainly because Ghostface is always full of personality.

Before actually killing anyone, Ghostface usually taunts victims with an encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies and their tropes. Once again, it isn’t the laughs that people are watching Scream for, though Ghostface’s dark sense of humor does provide Scream with lighter moments and makes the viewing experience more enjoyable.

5 FREDDY KRUEGER: He Has A Stronger Backstory

Freddy Springwood Slasher

Freddy Krueger has one of the best backstories of any major horror icon, which is what makes him such a compelling villain. His past actions (i.e. being a notorious child-killer) are despicable and they set him out as a true villain even before he becomes the burnt boogeyman that everyone thinks about.

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Having that detailed backstory really does set the tone for him as a character and instantly makes him out to be someone people should hate. It adds an extra layer to him, which is what makes him a more intriguing human monster. Meanwhile, nothing is consistent about Ghostface since the person under the mask always changes, and so does Ghostfaces’ motives.

4 GHOSTFACE: That Self-Awareness

Sometimes, it can be hard to take horror characters seriously because of the classic tropes they follow and religiously adhere to. However, that is what sets Ghostface and the Scream franchise apart from the rest. Though generally recognized as slasher movies, the Scream franchise and Ghostface are incredibly self-aware.

They openly mock plot holes that a lot of horror films fall into, and that helps set Ghostface apart from the pack. The fact that Ghostface knows how a slasher movie would play out and how their victims would react or otherwise makes them less predictable, and that makes whoever’s under the mask a lot scarier.

3 FREDDY KRUEGER: He’s An Expert At Psychological & Physical Scares

Freddy Krueger in Wes Craven's New Nightmare

The brilliant aspect of Freddy Krueger is that it isn’t just the slasher killer element that is scary about him; it’s the mental torture he plays on his victims, only killing them in their nightmares when they are sleeping. It makes viewers find everything more relatable, as everyone knows the feeling of trying to desperately stay awake.

The mental burden of forcing one’s self to not fall asleep is amplified to a nightmarish extreme with Freddy, making him scarier than a normal human killer. Sometimes, those moments can be more terrifying than the big kills and attacks themselves, and the psychological terror certainly makes Freddy a more developed character than most.

2 GHOSTFACE: Their Identity Is Always  A Mystery

It doesn’t matter what installment of A Nightmare On Elm Street people watch; everyone knows Freddy’s behind it all. This is where Ghostface has a nice advantage over him, and is also why the Scream villain is one of the best horror characters of all time. Basically, Ghostface always has an air of mystery because no one knows who’s under the mask until the very end.

This mystery is something audiences can get sucked into no matter what else is happening in a Scream movie. The idea of trying to determine who will be behind the mask requires attention to detail and closely following every possible lead, which can result in some great surprises along the way.

1 FREDDY KRUEGER: He’s Always The Same Man

While a mystery can be fun, the beauty in Freddy Krueger always being the same man is that it actually makes him scarier. Freddy is an invincible killing machine who continues to come back and ask for more in each movie, which also allows for some continuation of the story and character development — things Ghostface doesn’t really get.

Having him be consistent only makes Freddy even scarier. The fact that audiences know who’s wielding the bladed glove and still come back for more showcases how effective this creative choice is,. This actually forces the writers to create something fresh and unique for Freddy — no matter who’s playing him — in each of his outings.

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Apple Takes on Netflix with First Oscar Slate: Tom Holland’s ‘Cherry,’ Sofia Coppola, and More




Apple has picked up “Cherry” for north of $40 million, and the Russo Brothers are already touting Tom Holland for the Oscars.

With the announcement that Apple Original Films has acquired worldwide rights to Anthony and Joe Russo’s “Cherry” in a deal reportedly worth north of $40 million, the streaming giant continues to build its first Oscar slate. Apple has announced an early 2021 release for “Cherry,” and the Russo Brothers have been touting star Tom Holland as an Oscar contender for much of 2020. Holland stars as an Army medic in Iraq who returns home suffering from PTSD and becomes addicted to opiates and heroin.

“I think it’s an Oscar-worthy performance,” Joe Russo said in April. “I think he is absolutely amazing in it. He gives a gut-wrenching performance. What he does to himself emotionally and physically is unbelievable. We haven’t seen an actor in a role like this in a while. The movie spans a decade, complemented by an epic performance. And one that I certainly hope will be in the Oscar conversation.”

“Cherry” reunites Holland with the Russo Brothers, who directed him as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in “Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Avengers: Endgame.” For the Russo Brothers, “Cherry” marks their first directorial effort since the record-breaking run of “Endgame” last summer. The script was co-written by Jessica Goldberg (“The Path”) and Angela Russo-Otstot (“The Shield”). Rising actress Ciara Bravo stars opposite Holland as his character’s wife.

Films that aim to be eligible for the 2021 Oscars have to be released by February 28, so expect “Cherry” to launch before that cut-off date. A buzzy premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival ahead of an early February streaming launch could be in the cards.

“Cherry” joins Sofia Coppola’s “On the Rocks” and the Tom Hanks war thriller “Greyhound” as the narrative features in Apple’s inaugural Oscar slate. Coppola’s new film debuted at the New York Film Festival to positive reviews, but it’s a lighter affair for the Oscar-winning “Lost in Translation” screenwriter. Oscar voters haven’t nominated a Coppola effort since “Marie Antoinette” won Best Costume Design. Bill Murray’s well-reviewed “On the Rocks” performance might appeal more to the Golden Globes than the Oscars, but expect Apple to push the actor and Coppola’s original script for contention. A24 is opening “On the Rocks” in theaters October 2, followed by the Apple TV+ debut October 23.

“Greyhound,” written by Hanks and directed by Aaron Schneider, was released on Apple TV+ over the summer after the streamer picked up the movie from Sony Pictures amid the pandemic. While not expected to be an above-the-line contender, Apple could have success with “Greyhound” in the craft categories depending on how the rest of 2020 shakes out. War films are catnip to the sound branch (see “1917 earlier this year), and there’s a lack of big-scale studio contenders outside of “Tenet” right now. Upcoming tentpoles “No Time to Die,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” and “Dune” are likely to factor into the craft races, but there’s no guarantee these films stay on the release calendar.

Apple’s likeliest contender at the moment is Jesse Moss and Amanda McBaine’s “Boys State,” which is in the running for Best Documentary. The film earned rave reviews out of Sundance 2020, where it was picked up in a joint deal by Apple and A24. IndieWire’s Oscar expert Anne Thompson lists “Boys State” as a frontrunner in the Best Documentary race along with Netflix’s “Crip Camp” and Amazon’s “Time.”

Netflix is expected to dominate the Oscars this year with contenders such as Aaron Sorkin’s “The Trial of the Chicago 7” (confirmed to be a full blown contender), David Fincher’s “Mank,” Ron Howard’s “Hillbilly Elegy,” Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods,” and George C. Wolfe’s “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” Amazon also has Regina King’s acclaimed feature directorial debut “One Night in Miami,” which already has buzz for its performances and King’s direction.

Does Apple have what it takes to break into the Oscar race against heavyweight rivals such as Netflix and Amazon? The new streamer managed to do just that at the Emmys earlier this month, where Apple original “The Morning Show” picked up five nominations and won the prize for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series thanks to Billy Crudup’s performance. With “Cherry” now under its wings, Apple is getting ready to do the same at the Oscars.

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The 8 Most Devastating One Chicago Deaths, Ranked




The One Chicago shows deal with life and death every day, and sometimes, it hits too close to home.

All three shows — Chicago FireChicago P.D., and Chicago Med — have lost characters, and some have been more heartbreaking than others. The latest finales weren’t deadly as past ones have been, but they did have us concerned for a couple characters.

Firehouse 51 suffered another injury on the job — though fortunately, Capp (Randy Flagler), was clear to return to duty soon by the end — and Intelligence’s Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) just made enemies with some powerful people in the CPD and Mayor’s office. (But he was right to tell the truth about a cop’s racial profiling causing his own and an innocent man’s deaths.)

While we wait to see what’s next for our favorite first responders over the next three(!) seasons, click through the gallery above to see the One Chicago deaths that still hurt, even years later, ranked from least to most devastating.

Chicago Med, Season 6, Wednesday, November 11, 8/7c, NBC

Chicago Fire, Season 9, Wednesday, November 11, 9/8c, NBC

Chicago P.D., Season 8, Wednesday, November 11, 10/8c, NBC

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