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Overlord Season 4: Cast, Plot, and Release Date Get All Information Here!



The Japanese Anime Series Overlord is coming back with the fourth season and here we will give you all information about Overlord Season 4.  After three successful seasons on anime seriesOverlord, makers coming up with season 4.

As you all know that Anime series Overlord is based on a Japanese novel and have a different fan base. Overlord season 3 was released in October 2018 and fans love the show in good numbers.

Overload Season 4 Release Date –

The Overlord series makers were ready to shoot for the fourth season of the series but because of COVID-19 Pandemic, the series gets postponed, and now the Overlord season 4 will be released in 2021. Japanese Series Overlord has an amazing fan base. The makers didn’t announce the exact date of Overlord season 4 but it will be released in 2021.  

Overlord Season 4 Story Plot-

The Overlord lasts three seasons cover the Japanese novel 10th and 12th volume so now the Overlord season 4 is based on the Novel 11th and 12th part where the story starts from the end of season three and makes Ainz character more powerful. The Overlord season 4 will show you how to Ainz earn power and strength of the Sorcerer Kingdom? As based on the novel the season four gets more interesting and reveals many dark secrets of the series.

Overlord Season 4 Cast-

In Overlord season 4 you will see the same voice and old characters of the series where they will start a new story and make overlord season 4 more amazing.

  • Maranello Fiora – Voiced by YumaUchiyama
  • Shalltear Bloodfallon – Voiced By SumireUesaka
  • Ainz Ooal Gown – Voiced by Chris Gerrero
  • Albedo – Voice By Yumi Hara
  • Demiurge – Voiced by Masayuki Kato

So, here is the full information about Japanese AnimeSeries Overlord season 4 and we’re sure that you get all updates here. The Overlord season 4 will start from 2021 and it will entertain you as well. For more latest updates stay with us.


Nordstrom Sale: Save Up to 50% on Women’s Designer Clothing, Beauty and Perfume Deals




Nordstrom Sale: Save Up to 50% on Women’s Designer Clothing, Beauty and Perfume Deals | Entertainment Tonight

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Fall Movies Fantasy League Week 3 Results: Antebellum Is a Dud




Antebellum is the most critically panned movie of the fall.
Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Lionsgate

In Vulture’s Fall Movies Fantasy League, contestants stake their pride, and the respect of their peers, on their ability to predict the tumultuous next few months of cinematic releases. You can play the league open to all readers.

If you’ve been reading this week, you’ve probably gathered that we are not huge fans of the new social thriller Antebellum, “a noxious tour of historic violence against Black folks in service of a story that has nothing novel to say,” in the words of our critic Angelica Jade Bastién. She’s not alone — Antebellum bears the distinction of being the most critically panned movie of the fall so far, and its RottenTomatoes score of 27 is low enough for the film to earn the season’s first anti-bonus. (And before you accuse Angelica of purposefully tanking the movie’s Tomatometer score to gain an advantage in this game, rest assured that she is not playing.) The movie did top the VOD charts, but you don’t get points for that in FMFL, so Antebellum debuts with a whopping two points, our lowest total for any movie that’s actually been released. Sorry to this An.

In the weekend’s other releases, we got a look at the new normal for nonevent movies: The Noomi Rapace Romani revenge flick The Secrets We Keep (a popular budget pick in the league) and the Jude Law domestic drama The Nest opened in over 300 theaters each. On the weekend box-office chart they landed at No. 11 and No. 13, respectively, with per-theater averages hovering around the $200 mark. But at least The Nest has great reviews, with our own Alison Wilmore calling it “virtuosic.”

We’ll close out this update by talking about two very different Robert Pattinson movies. The Devil All the Time, which sees the English actor play a West Virginia preacher with a mouth full of molasses, hit Netflix last week, and its mediocre reviews earned it a perfectly mediocre five points. And in Tenet box-office watch, Christopher Nolan’s film inched past the $250 million mark, putting it halfway to earning the max bonus. Will the film’s slow-and-steady approach pay off for the owners who paid so high a price for it?

Here is the update for the staff league:

Rachel Handler
The Secrets We Keep: September limited release (5) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) = 6 points

Total: 6 points

Katy Brooks
The Secrets We Keep: September limited release (5) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) = 6 points

Total: 6 points

Alison Wilmore
The Secrets We Keep: September limited release (5) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) = 6 points

Total: 6 points

Justin Curto
Antebellum: September VOD release (3) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) + RT score below 30 (-2) = 2 points
The Devil All the Time: September streaming release (4) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) = 5 points

Total: 7 points

Neil Janowitz
The Nest: September limited release (5) + Hitting scheduled release date (1) + RT score above 80 (2) = 8 points

1. Katy Brooks: 34 points (5 movies)
2. Rachel Handler: 32 points (4 movies)
3. Tolly Wright: 17 points (3 movies)
4. Jackson McHenry: 13 points (2 movies)
5. Alison Wilmore: 10 points (2 movies)
6. Neil Janowitz: 8 points (2 movies)
7. Justin Curto: 7 points (3 movies)
t-8. Chris Murphy: 6 points (1 movie); Jen Chaney: 6 points (2 movies)
10. Hunter Harris: 0 points (0 movies)

Vulture’s Fall Movies Fantasy League is open to all readers. Enter and you can look forward to an exciting autumn of endlessly refreshing Box Office Mojo and Rotten Tomatoes and quibbling over the precise definition of wide release.

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Kate Garraway reveals husband Derek Draper has had a ‘tough week’ as he remains in hospital




Kate Garraway has given an update on husband Derek Draper’s condition.

The 53-year-old looked emotional on today’s Good Morning Britain after an interview saw former Prime Minister Gordon Brown send his best wishes to Draper, a former lobbyist and political advisor.

“My best wishes to you and to Derek as always,” he said. “I know how brave you’re being.”

Thanking Brown for his support, Garraway said: “It’s been a tough week, actually, for Derek.

The former Prime Minister sent support to Kate (ITV)

“It has been a tough week, but it’s Friday so we look forward.”

Garraways’s co-presenter Ben Shephard said, “Keep smiling,” in a bid to keep his long-time pal strong.

Lorraine Kelly, who next featured on the programme, also gave her support to Garraway.

Garraway admitted it had been a tough week (ITV)

“I’m sorry you’ve had a rough week,” she told her. “We love having you on the telly though!”

Draper, 53, was hospitalised with coronavirus back in March, and was put into a clinically induced coma in a bid to save his life.

While he has since tested negative for the virus, he remains in a low state of consciousness.

Garraway has since been warned that her husband, who she shares two children with, may remain in this condition for some time.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, she explained: “I have been living at the end of the phone 24/7, waiting for news of Derek.


“But the doctors have warned that his condition could persist for years so I have to get on with life while we are waiting for him to get better.

“My priority is to make the children feel safe, to not let them see me feeling vulnerable in a world where Derek was my rock.”

Garraway herself had to pay a visit to hospital this week, after suffering from pain in her eye – which transpired to be an old contact lens which had gotten stuck for five days, resulting in a nasty infection.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays from 6am on ITV

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