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‘Riverdale’ Season 5 Begins Production in Vancouver



Courtesy : Seventeen Magazine

After four successful seasons, teen-drama-gone-crazy Riverdale is now rolling and has begun production in Vancouver for Season 5. Series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa posted a photo Sunday night on Instagram with cast members Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Cole Sprouse and Drew Ray Tanner.

“After fourteen days of quarantining ???? and months of prep, #Riverdale Season 5 starts shooting tomorrow. Spent the night in the bubble, reminiscing with these lovely people and celebrating @lilireinhart 24th birthday How time flies. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang this week. Here we go…,” Aguirre-Sacasa wrote.

By the end of September, Riverdale producer Warner Bros. TV is expected to have almost 20 series back in production.

The Riverdale cast gathered for the first (virtual) table read for season 5 last week.

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Kapil Sharma welcomes Mahabharat star cast on The Kapil Sharma Show, fans can’t keep calm | VIDEO





Kapil Sharma welcomes Mahabharat star cast on The Kapil Sharma Show

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma is all set to host the star cast of the iconic mythological show Mahabharat, produced by BR Chopra. Actors Nitish Bharadwaj, Puneet Issar, Pradeep Kumar, Gajendra Chauhan, Gufi Paintal and Arjun Firoz Khan graced the comedy show and revealed many BTS fun moments from the good old days. Kapil gave a sneak peek to the fans by sharing a video on social media in which the team is seen sharing that people believed that Bheem and Lord Hanuman are Punjabis since the actors playing the characters used to speak in Punjabi accent. The team also shared how the supporting character would reach the sets late because they were busing watching Mahabharat on television.

In the video shared by Kapil Sharma, the comedian asks actor Nitish Bharadwaj, who played the iconic role of Lord Krishna, if it ever happened with him that he went to the producers for his cheques and they answered that they have offered the money in Lord Krishna’s feet. Kapil also jokes if Nitisj respond to people when thye call him by his name or when people call him ‘prabhu.’ Check out the video here-

Fans are eagerly waiting for the episode to air on Sunday and watch the magic unfold as the iconic star cast reunite and recall the old days. Social media is already flooded with posts that reveal how excited the fans are. One Twitter user wrote, “Super excited for #Mahabharat all team #NitishSirFirozSirGajendraSirPuneetSir Or #GufiSir biggest fan of you all  thanks to @KapilSharmaK9.” Another said, “You can’t miss this one.”

Earlier, Kapil Sharma had informed his fans that the star cast of Mahabharat will be gracing the show and asked them for questions. He tweeted, “Today the actors of Mahabharata are coming, if you want to ask any question, send it in the comments. Thank you.” Fans flooded the comedian’s post with several questions and also asked to invite the star cast of the new Mahabharat soon as well. While fans were still contemplating who all are coming for the episode, actor Arav Chowdharry, who played Bhishma in Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat, reacted to the tweet and said that they have not been called. Arav tweeted, “We have not been called.”

Kapil Sharma also shared BTS pictures from the shoot of The Kapil Sharma Show and got into a hilarious banter with Sumona Chakravarty. The comedian wrote, “Couldn’t find any caption…help guys” sharing a picture featuring Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Krishna Abhishek and Chandan Prabhakar on a chariot dressed as Kingsmen. To this, Sumona questioned, “Main kahaan hoon? (Where am I?)” Responding to her, Kiku Sharda shared another picture featuring her along with the other stars of The Kapil Sharma Show and wrote, “Tum yahan ho (you are here)” Kapil also reacted with a funny tweet and said, “Khud hi to bola tha main ghode pe nahin chadungi woh mujhe pehchaan lega.” However, he then shared a picture with Sumona and wrote, “Ye lo…ab naraaz mt hona. ab caption apne aap sochlo”


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Anupama 26th September 2020 Written Episode Update




Anupama 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 26th September 2020 Episode starts with Baa asking Samar to show the ring. Samar doesn’t show it. She says show it to me. Kavya messages Vanraj and smiles. Samar says no, Kinjal will see the ring. Vanraj replies to Kavya. Anupama says cheat is cheat. Kamini says I m ready to apologize. Anupama says you have to apologize someone else. Kamini says don’t tell Baa. Anupama calls Jhilmil. Kamini asks why did you call the maid. Anupama stares. Kamini says forgive me Jhilmil. Jhilmil says its okay. Anupama apologizes to Jhilmil. Baa says enough Samar, give me the ring. Anupama comes and says Samar, why are you not giving the ring if Baa is saying. She takes the box and keeps the ring. Samar smiles. Anupama gives the ring to Baa. Baa sees the ring and says now I will keep it, you couldn’t keep it safe. Mama ji jokes. Anupama says you are right, ring should be with you. Samar says real diamond is my mummy.

Nandini gets some french fries. She says its a treat from my side, you got the ring, that’s why. He asks her to learn making food at home. She says I can’t cook, but I love eating. He jokes on her. She laughs. He says this treat doesn’t look good. He dances and adds salt, lemon and pepper in the fries. He asks her to have special aloo chaat. He says mummy taught me everything. She says you are a guy. He says mummy says everyone should know cooking, Paritosh was busy in studies and didn’t learn, its ready. She likes it. He says lol, lots of lazeez/taste. She says come daily to spice up my meals. He says tell me when to come, I will be there. He laughs and says you thought I will come daily. He smiles seeing her. Yeh hai pyaar…plays…

Vanraj speaks to a client. He says fine, I will make a video call. He collides with Kavya. She smiles. He says Mr. Duggal is going out for a week, we have to keep the meeting on video call, we have to make sure we get the deal. She asks shall we go to bedroom, there will be noise here, it will look unprofessional if there is background noise.

He says right. Anupama says listen, you can have meeting in hall, elders won’t like it, no one will disturb you. He says fine, we will have meeting here, I will get my laptop. He goes. She sees Kavya and says if Vanraj takes his friend to room, what will we teach kids, Baa was angry when Pakhi came home with her friend, Baa will feel bad, I don’t want Pakhi to get a chance to answer, we women have to think. Kavya says yes, I understand. Anupama says thanks, call me if you need anything. Kavya says sure and goes. Anupama says I feel strange, Baa is right, friends can have a place in our house, not bedroom. Samar comes and shouts mummy, find the bike keys soon. He sings. Vanraj and Kavya look at him. Samar shouts again and dances. Kavya goes to Samar. He removes the headphones. He sees Vanraj. Anupama asks what are you doing, we are talking to imp client, you are shouting. He says I didn’t know dad is working here, he usually works in room. Anupama asks him to say sorry. He says sorry. Kavya scolds Samar. Anupama says I m there to reach him manners, you don’t worry. She asks Samar to go. Vanraj ends the video call. He shouts Samar…. He throws his coat and says you know it was an imp meeting, its good Kavya stopped you. Samar says sorry, this won’t happen again.

Vanraj scolds him. Samar says I want to learn dance. Vanraj says dance is not a profession, but a hobby. Samar says its my life. Vanraj asks what do you know about life, I have seen life, so I explain you to stop running after this useless dream. Samar says that’s not me, I want to see my dream, don’t stop me. Kavya asks how can you talk to your dad like this, how can you disrespect him, what’s wrong with you. Vanraj says its okay Kavya. Kavya says its not okay to argue and shout, if he doesn’t want to study, why do you want to force him. Anupama says enough Kavya, he has a father’s right to scold Samar, Samar has a right of a son, I can speak in between as a wife and mother, but none has right to speak between them, if I m not saying anything, you also leave it. Vanraj says she is right, no one has a right to speak between us, be it family or outsider. Samar says sorry dad, but I can’t leave my dance. He goes. Vanraj also goes. Anupama says whatever I said, whatever Vanraj said, don’t feel bad, when Vanraj talks to his children, we don’t talk in between, you shouldn’t talk between relations, I don’t talk, I taught the same to my children, there is a big difference in having rights and expressing it, you understand it, sorry to answer you like that, Vanraj said a lot, he has nothing in his heart, you spend few hours with him in office, I m always with him since 25 years, to understand someone else, you have to be with him, just a wife can tell about her husband, sit, I will get coffee for you.

Kavya knocks the door and comes to ask for phone charger. She asks do you manage laundry also. Anupama says just for Vanraj, he wants me to handle his personal work, he doesn’t like it if any outsider does it. Kavya gets angry. Baa shouts sewing machine is ready. Anupama says wow, I will make a gift from Vanraj and my side. Kavya asks will you give one gift. Anupama says husband and wife are one. She opens the cupboard. Kavya sees Vanraj and Anupama’s clothes. Anupama asks her to take charger and goes. Kavya recalls Vanraj and Anupama. She separates their clothes. Anupama says machine is good. She sees her saree. Baa asks its that saree, right. Anupama says yes, Vanraj gave it to me when he was becoming Paritosh’s dad. Everyone smiles. Anupama says I will make Paritosh’s engagement sherwani by this saree. Mama ji jokes. Baa says cloth is nice. Anupama says this saree threads have my love for Paritosh, I know you like to wear readymade designer clothes, this sherwani will be made by our blessings and memories, there are many functions before engagement, wear designer clothes, we will like it if you wear this during engagement. He nods. Anupama smiles.


Anupama 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya takes Anupama’s mangalsutra and is about to wear. Vanraj says you need to stop this nonsense. She says you are pointing the finger at me.

Read Online Anupama 29th August 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial ByStar PlusIndian Drama Serial Anupama Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Anupama 29th August 2020.

Telecast Date:29th August 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar

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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 8




Hey All!!!!
Scene 1
Babita and Ashok get shocked seeing Mini and Neil.
Babita: Mini, what is this? Did I send you for this? I didn’t expect this from you.
Mini: Babes, please listen to me once.

Babita: What to listen? Do you know about Neil’s past?
Mini: Babes, I know that he has a past but I don’t know what it is. But I don’t care about it. I love him. Atlast I found someone who is able to handle me.
Babita: Did you think about Hanuman ji? He had much hopes on you.
Ashok: Wait a minute. Why Hanuman should worry and take decision about my daughter’s life.

Mini: You shut up Mr. Ashok Khurrana. You don’t have any rights to call me as your daughter. My dad is Hanuman uncle. We share a relationship more than of dad and daughter. Babes, what are you doing with this man?
Babita: He saved me from goons.
Mini: Thank you Mr.Ashok Khurrana. Now you can leave. This is our family matter.
Ashok: I can’t leave as you are my daughter.
Babita: Let it be Mini. We need not to care about him. Now you should know Neil’s past. Neil, the time has come to unleash your past.
Mini sees Neil.
Neil: Mini, I had a past which consists of my wife and daughter.

Mini, Preet and Bobby are shocked.
Mini: Wife, daughter???

Mini sees Ashok and she get reminded of her past with Ashok.
Mini: How can you leave them and come to me Neil. I thought you were like Hanuman uncle but I’m wrong. You are like this snake Ashok.
Babita: Mini, please calm down. I don’t know whether Neil is like Ashok or not but for sure Neil’s wife is not like me.
Mini: Which means?
Babita: Listen to his whole story. You will find whose fault it is.

Mini: Go ahead Neil.
Neil: Me and Isha studied together in college. My family is very rich. We have two havelis in Rajkot. But due to our business, we left to Delhi. My dad took care of business. Isha’s family was poor. But we didn’t saw any difference between us. We got into a relationship. After my studies, I told my family about wedding. They agreed. But Isha’s family didn’t agree. We studied catering as both our passion was cooking. One day Isha came and told me that they will elope and marry.
Neil and Isha get marry in a temple. When he come home, he sees his parent’s body. Police informs him that they had died in an accident. Neil is heart-broken. After some days, he joins a big restaurant as head chef. He earned decently. Isha was a happy house – wife.

Later she becomes pregnant with Neil’s baby. Neil take care of her very well. Then Isha pesters Neil to take care of his business and leave his chef job. At first Neil thought that she is saying for his good as business was going down. But Neil wasn’t interested in it. Due to Isha’s pester, Neil renames one company to Isha’s company. She hires a manager called as Ishan to take care of business as she has no idea in it. Neil also agrees. Isha and Ishan becomes so close while managing business. They both roamed together and spent lavishly. Only then Neil understood that Isha was behind his money. Neil and Isha started fighting on this matter and seeing her pregnancy state, Neil used to reconcile with her.

After few months, Isha delivers a baby girl. They name as Kia. Neil loved Kia a lot. But Isha doesn’t even care about baby and go to roam with Ishan. Neil was angry on this. Isha and Neil’s fight grew bigger every day. One day Neil sees Isha and Ishan sleeping in his room. Devastated, Neil shouts and kicks Ishan out of his home. Isha gets angry and agrees that she loves Ishan and has no more feelings for Neil.

She also further tells that she wants a life with Ishan. Neil gets broken hearing this. He allows her to go to him. But while going she also takes Kia with her.

He pleads her to leave Kia, but she doesn’t listen and goes. Neil tries to see Kia but Isha doesn’t allow him to see. Five years roll on. Neil starts to live a Nomad life and comes to Patiala. He joins as head chef in Patiala Babes restaurant. Knowing Neil’s past, Hanuman make him as tenant.
Mini gets teary eyes hearing the past.
Neil cries. Mini supports him.
Mini: I will be with you Neil.
Ashok: Wow Mini. You support this man who left his wife and daughter but not me.

Mini: Shut up. You are not even equal to his feet. You are the one, inspite of having a family went in search of other. You just leave now.
Ashok gets angry and goes.
Neil: Babita mam, how did you come to know my past?
Babita: Hanuman ji told me. He even told me about your feelings for Mini. But he against it.
Mini: I will talk with him.

Babita: Even I’m against it. Let’s discuss this later.
Mini: One-minute Babes, I will be with Neil atleast as his friend and solve his problem. Neil, we will fight together. You will get your rights as dad.

Neil cries and hugs Mini.
Babita feels proud of Mini as well as she fears that Hanuman will not accept this.

Scene 2
Kunal: Mishti, please stop crying. You know about bhai right? He will not leave you.
Mishti: I’m really worried.

Kunal: Don’t worry. Me and Kuhu are with you. We will solve everything. Come let’s go now.
Mishti: Thanks, Kunal.
Kunal: No need of thanks. We share 2 relations. Bhabi and Sali. So my support is always for you.
They both go.
Meenakshi: Abir, you know Neha from your childhood, right?
Abir sees Neha.
(She is Sonarika Bhadoria)

Neha: Hi Abir. Do you remember our college days, where we used to put drama on Salim-Anarkali? Everyone used to appreciate our pair. I’m happy now that reel pair is going to become a real pair. This is all because of aunty.
Abir glares Meenakshi and reminisces his college play with Neha.

Hearing this, Mishti feels sad.

Kuhu whispers to Kunal and Msihti.
Kuhu: Who is she? I don’t like her.
Kunal: She is my brother’s best friend from childhood. But after college, bro decided to cut all his friends. So, they stopped talking. But mom found her itseems.
Kuhu: Mishti don’t worry. Only you will be perfect for Abir bro. Let’s make this Neha to run out of this house. We are team power puff girls.

Mishti smiles hearing her.
Kunal: I’m boy. Change the name.
Kuhu: No this is good. Its ok. We are new gen powerpuff girls.
Kunal and Kuhu argue.
Mishti: Please stop this both of you. Here my life is changing and I’m getting replaced but you both are fighting for a name.
Kunal and Kuhu: Sorry.
Kuhu hugs Mishti.
Scene 3
Neil come there with Mini and Babita. He introduces Babita.
Neil sees Neha.
Neil: Neha what a surprise?
Neha: Actually Neil, me and Abir going to get marry.
Neil and Mini is shocked. They see Abir and Msihti. Mini goes to Mishti and console her.
Just then, Nidhi ask Meenakshi to fix Ketki’s alliance also. Meenakshi agrees and makes an announcement on Ketki’s wedding.
Meenakshi: Ladies and gentlemen, I introduced my two bahus. Now time has come to introduce our family’s only jamai, Sameer Maheshwari.
Sameer and Ketki are shocked. Vishaka, Varsha are happy.
Mishti and Kuhu are shocked to the hell.
Kuhu: I don’t know how many bombs are there for today.
Sameer: Wait a minute aunty. I need to talk to Ketki once.
Vishaka: Sameer, this is fixed by me.
Sameer: So, what ma, I need to talk with her.

Meenakshi agrees.
Ketki and Sameer go and have a talk.
Ketki: Brother?
Sameer is surprised.

Sameer: Did you call me as bro?
Ketki: Yes. Please stop this wedding. I’m in love.
Sameer: Even I came to tell this. I’m also in love. Let’s say no to this wedding.
Ketki: Deal. Come let’s go.
Ketki and Sameer come and tell everyone that they are not interested in this wedding. Meenakshi drags Ketki and ask her to agree. Seeing this, guests’ bad mouth about Meenakshi.
Guest: Don’t force children. They are going to live together and not you. Leave it to their choice.
Vishaka and Sameer’s mami also scolds Sameer. Rajshri controls them.
Mishti: Well done Sameer, atleast your problem got solved.
Scene 4
After the function get over, everyone leaves. Mishti ignore Abir and goes.
Sameer calls Naina and tells her about the incident.
Naina laughs!!!
Naina: I told nah, you were looking special.

Sameer: But she called me as bro. That is hurting.
Naina: You can marry her Sameer. I won’t tell anything. Even the grooms which taiji showed very good itseems. I will marry that groom so that, me and Preeti can be together for life.
Sameer: Really???
They both laugh.

Naina: Sameer listen, I’m going to Mumbai on day after tomorrow. When will you come here?
Sameer: Tomorrow is wedding. I will come there only after 3 days.
Naina: Please come soon. I want to see you before going to Mumbai.

Sameer: I will try but not for sure. Don’t worry, I will come to Mumbai to see you.
Naina smiles and they end call!!!
Scene 5
At midnight,
Abir goes out.

Neha sees him going out. She follows him.

Abir goes to Mishti’s home. He wakes her up.
Mishti gets shocked

Mishti: What are you doing here at this time?
Abir: You come with me.
Mishti: where?
Abir: Come…
She goes with him. They both leave in car. Neha too follows them in her car. Neha is angry as he went with Mishti.
Neha: Mishti you did wrong by snatching my Abir from me.

They go to a beach.
Mishti is surprised to see a candle light setup with balloons flying in air.

Abir: I don’t want to drag it more Msihti. I love you.

Mishti cries…
Mishti: I was about to propose you today but everything went wrong. I love you Abir.

They both hug!!!!
They have a romantic dance!!! Dheere Dheere plays!!!! They dance in water too….

Neha is angered to the core. She gets down and go to them!!!!

They get shocked seeing Neha there!!!
!!!To Be Continued!!!

The post Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 8 appeared first on Telly Updates.

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