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Sky, BT and TalkTalk customers have just got a BIG BOOST to their Broadband Speeds!!!



BT, Sky or TalkTalk will come soon with some really good broadband. Openreach, which provides various businesses with their internet access, has just announced a big improvement to its infrastructure at more than 60 locations across the UK, which will mean a significant boost for customers looking to download files that watch movies in pin-sharp 4K rich mobile casino.

The modern broadband Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology allows the web to be whizzed into homes without relying on older infrastructure-often slowing things down to a snail’s speed. Indeed, fiber cables are entirely capable of delivering speeds in excess of 1Gbps which is around 16 times faster than the average UK. Openreach claims this new expansion means more than 560 towns, cities, counties, villages, and hamlets have now been included in the company’s Fibre First initiative – a huge £12 billion project to expand ‘Absolute Fiber’ infrastructure to 20 million premises across the UK by the mid-to-late 2020s.

Talking of the upgrade, Openreach CEO Clive Selley said: “Despite the pandemic challenges we are continually making great strides towards our target of building ultra-fast, ultra-reliable broadband to 20 million homes and businesses

This modern electronic platform can help the UK’s growth bounce back faster from the Covid-19 crisis, and while full recovery is likely to be evaluated in years rather than months, there is clear evidence that Full Fiber broadband could assist in turbo-charging. “It will mean fewer fiber optic faults, faster connexions, and a consistent, reliable network for homes, shops, GP surgeries and schools across the country that will serve them for decades to come.” jeux de casino gratuit

mirage game The news of this update comes as many ISPs have started testing downloads faster. BT already offers 1Gbps speeds and providers like Sky, TalkTalk and Zen are starting to offer far faster downloads to a limited number of customers.


One Chicago: Slimmed Down Seasons for NBC’s Hit Trio




One Chicago is returning to NBC later this year, but each of the three shows will be returning with smaller seasons than usual. 

Per Spoiler TV, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD will each have 15 episodes for their upcoming seasons. 

A smaller episode order was expected given the late premiere dates for the shows, and because of COVID-19. 

All three shows were forced to wrap up their most recent seasons earlier than planned due to quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the virus. 

As a result, many expected to get the missing episodes tacked on to their next seasons, but that does not appear to be the case … for now. 

NBC could possibly increase the orders for each of the shows depening on a variety of factors, but it will all come down to how smoothly production is running when all three shows start back up. 

Due to the nature of the shows, they have a lot of extras, and guest stars, so it could prove to be one of the trickier franchises to get back into production. 

Capp - Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 18

What we do know is that Chicago Med is set to be the first One Chicago series to enter production. Chicago Med Season 6 is currently set to enter production on September 22. 

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, on the other hand, are both targeting October 6 production dates, but we must stress that all of these dates are fluid. 

The cast and crew of each of the shows will be self isolating ahead of production picking up in order to keep everyone safe, but some shows that have returned to production recently have been forced to stop all over again. 

For Life is an example of this, but the show is still targeting a fall premiere date, so it’s best to take these production dates with a pinch of salt … for now. 

In the Field - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 20

All three shows are set to return November 11, and will, once again, lead NBC’s Wednesday night sked. 

We also know that each show will spend 10 days on shooting each episode. It’s likely episodes will take longer to be produced because of the strict rules to maintain social distancing. 

Still, it’s good to know the long wait for fresh episodes is coming to an end. 

What are your thoughts on the slimmed down episode orders?

Risking His LIfe/Tall - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 20

Hit the comments below. 

Remember, you can watch Chicago Fire online, Chicago PD online, and Chicago Med online, right here via TV Fanatic. 

Be sure to return to TV Fanatic when the new seasons get underway because we’ll have reviews of each episode. 

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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Locked Up Season 6: Has It Got Renewed? Know About Its Arriva And Cast




Fans know that Locked Up is a crime thriller series that spins around a young lady who falls for her boss. The arrangement was first released for the fans in April 2015. After 2 Seasons of the drama was released however later was picked by Fox for season 3 and 4.

The streaming program Netflix bought the rights for streaming the show on its platform. The show made an enormous excitement. The web series has likewise been generally welcomed by the critic, and the series is loved by many fans.

Source: Finance Rewind

Will We Have Season 6

The upcoming sixth season of the series might face a deferred because of the Covid19 pandemic. Furthermore, we are additionally summing up reports identified with the upcoming season, which has not been renewed. Likewise, there has been no official affirmation from Netflix or the makers for the sixth season of the series.

We likewise have as much misery as you about this present show’s retraction since we, as well, loved it to such an extent. As much as you prefer, what is the reason for this show being dropped? What sort of rationale is that? We know nothing about it yet, much the same as we will think about it. Similarly, if we enlighten you regarding it, there are no official reports on it.

Expected Release Date

There are many reports about season 6 getting canceled; however, neither the rumors of its cancelation nor the restoration reports have been affirmed at this point, so we can’t generally say anything. Aside from one thing that if season 6 happened, we will get it on our screen on 2021 end or 2022.

What’s The Cast Details

  • Maggie Civantos will appear as Macarena Ferreiro
  • Najwa Nimri will be playing as Zulema Zahir
  • Alba Flores as Saray Vargas de Jesus
  • Maria Isabel Diaz as Soledad Nunez
  • Ramiro Blas played via Carlos Sandoval Castro
  • Ana Maria played by Picchio
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The top 10 Big Brother winners of all time




Boogie, Ian and Jordan are all Big Brother winners.
Boogie, Ian, and Jordan all won Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother is arguably one of the best reality TV shows of all time.

Things have changed a lot over the last 22 seasons, but the constant remains that there can only be one winner.

Over the years, there have been some winners who have won fans over and some who didn’t leave the best taste in viewers’ mouths.

With over 21 winners to choose from (24 if you count the Over the Top digital season and the two Celebrity Big Brother seasons), picking the top 10 wasn’t as hard as some may think.

These are the 10 best Big Brother winners who have stood out among all the others.

1. Dr. Will Kirby – Season 2

Dr. Will Kirby on Big Brother.
Dr. Will Kirby. Pic credit: CBS

When you think of Big Brother, Dr. Will Kirby is one of the most-mentioned players. He won Season 2, and since then, has been a part of the franchise on and off.

From returning for the first round of Big Brother All-Stars to hosting the jury house round table, Dr. Will Kirby is a familiar face within the Big Brother family.

2. Rachel Reilly – Season 13

Rachel Reilly on Big Brother.
Rachel Reilly. Pic credit: CBS

After being evicted during her freshman season during Big Brother Season 12, Rachel Reilly came back to show everyone who was the boss. Not only did she win the big prize, but she also ended up meeting her husband on the show as well.

It has been 10 years since Rachel Reilly met Brendon Villegas and the two will be welcoming their second child in the near future. She may have won the money, but he went home with the prize.

“Floaters, you better grab a life vest” became one of the biggest catchphrases from the show, even being made into merchandise and memes all over.

3. Evel Dick Donato – Season 8

Evel Dick Donato won Season 8.
Evel Dick Donato. Pic credit: ©

This win was an interesting one. Evel Dick Donato sat in the final two with his daughter, Daniele Donato, and won. They were estranged heading into the house, which was an even bigger twist.

And while Evel Dick may not have earned his nickname on Big Brother, he sure did live up to it!

He attempted to return during Season 13 with Daniele, but he was ultimately asked to leave due to something that wasn’t disclosed until later. Evel Dick Donato revealed that he was HIV positive after learning the news from Big Brother production.

Now, he hosts the Dick at Nite podcast and talks to former houseguests. You can find him on social media sharing his opinions about everything happening in the Big Brother house.

4. Dan Gheesling – Season 10

Dan Gheesling on Big Brother 14.
Dan Gheesling. Pic credit: CBS

Winning Season 10 was epic for Dan Gheesling, but his funeral during Season 14 was probably what he is most remembered for. He lost to Ian Terry during that jury vote, but he became the first-ever Big Brother player to sit in the final two twice.

Dan Gheesling was also the first and only Big Brother winner to receive a unanimous vote.

Scoring $550,000 from CBS within a couple of years was a huge feat. In fact, Dan Gheesling is still well respected as a Big Brother player and was one of the top picks to return for another all-star season.

5. Jordan Lloyd – Season 11

Jordan on Big Brother.
Jordan Lloyd. Pic credit: CBS

Jordan was put into the popular clique during her season on Big Brother. She was likable and presented herself as a huge ditz. Her idea of playing the game was different than many of the other houseguests which put her in a position to win it all.

While she wasn’t there for a showmance, she found herself in one with Jeff Schroder. They became a fan-favorite, and she went on to win the season and keep the guy. The couple married in 2016. Since then Jordan and Jeff have welcomed two little boys.

6. Mike Boogie Malin – Season 7

Mike Boogie Malin won Season 7.
Mike Boogie Malin. Pic credit: ©

Winning the first all-star Big Brother season is Mike Boogie’s claim to fame. Boogie became a household name during Season 2 of the show. His alliance with Dr. Will Kirby, Chilltown, garnered quite the response.

He has officially played on three seasons of Big Brother, winning only one. Mike Boogie got put on the villain list after making cutthroat moves in Season 7. It was also then that he was involved in a showmance with Erika Landin.

Things have changed for Boogie, who is no longer affiliated with Dr. Will Kirby. What was once the ultimate bromance is no more.

7. Jun Song – Season 4

Jun Song on Big Brother.
Jun Song. Pic credit: CBS

What a ride Jun Song had on Big Brother Season 4! The twist that year was an ex entering the game. Not all of the houseguests had one enter, but Jun did.

Despite that, she managed to bag the win. Since then, she has gone on to get married, have a baby boy, and split from her husband.

She is one of the most underrated winners of Big Brother in the 22 seasons that the CBS reality show has aired.

8. Josh Martinez – Season 19

Josh Martinez on Big Brother.
Josh Martinez. Pic credit: CBS

This may be a controversial pick, but Josh Martinez beat Paul Abrahamian in the final two. Paul was a Season 18 runner up and was outplayed again.

During his time in the house, Josh is remembered for banging on pots and pans in an effort to get into his housemates’ heads. It was an interesting time watching him play his game and ultimately go on to win.

Since then, Josh has found a home on MTV being part of The Challenge crew. Unfortunately, Josh didn’t appear on the second all-stars, but he has been tweeting alongside the fans who have been watching.

9. Derrick Levasseur – Season 16

Derrick Levasseaur on Big Brother.
Derrick Levasseur. Pic credit: CBS

As part of the Hitmen duo with Cody Calafiore, Derrick Levasseur made it to the end of Season 16 and won it all. He came in with a strategy to not let anyone know he was a cop and was able to keep playing the game while making big moves.

Always one step ahead, Derrick made sure he was set up in the game. He made big waves from the way he played and being a part of one of the best Big Brother alliances is no easy feat.

He has since gone on to host his own show on ID and has put out a book.

10. Ian Terry – Season 14

Ian Terry on Big Brother 14.
Ian Terry. Pic credit: CBS

Beating Dan Gheesling was a huge deal. Ian Terry was able to bring his A-game when it came to Big Brother.

During his season, Ian Terry was with four coaches in the house. Dan Gheesling was one of them, which is how he ended up beating him in the final two.

After his Big Brother success, Ian Terry remained out of the spotlight but did return for the second season of all-stars.

There have been plenty of Big Brother winners, but these 10 are the cream of the crop.

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