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The Exact Order Locky Eliminates The Last 6 Bachie Gals Has Leaked & We’re Not Even Mad Tbh



The order in which Locky Gilbert sends home the final six girls on The Bachelor has apparently been leaked and, yup, no surprises here.


Still here? Ok cool.

According to a post on the So Dramatic! podcast’s Insta, it’s Irena who takes out the top spot (although Locky’s since been spotted with *other* women).

“This season has been a disappointing hot mess and it was ruined from the moment they rolled out that 17-year-old budget red carpet!” podcast creator/host/leak-publisher-extraordinaire Megan Pustetto said on Insta.

To see the full final six boot order, scroll on down the page.

6. Maddy Carver

Sorry… who? Surprised she made it this far by spending almost no time either with Locky or onscreen.

5. Kaitlyn Hope

What’s the opposite of an intruder? Whatever. Expect less drama (and possibly more fake hair/lashes/tits) after Kaitlyn gets the boot.

4. Izzy Sharman-Firth

Ahh Izzy, holder of such secrets including whether or not Locky accidentally flashed his cocky in their bubble bath iso date. Gone too soon.

3. Bec Cvilikas

The other intruder who has since been papped hanging in Sydney with her good mate… (see below)

2. Bella Varelis

Bella, Bella, Bella, the villain it took us so long to see. Somehow she villained her way to the top two, perhaps because she may or may not have already known Mr Locky before the season even started.

1. Irena Srbinovska

We all expected this, right? That’s doubly the case since it was revealed at the top of this article. The good news for her is – aside from winning, of course –she came out on top in her feud with Bella.

That’s it! Don’t say we So Dramatic! didn’t warn ya!

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Why was New Girl canceled?




Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, New Girl premiered on Fox all the way back in 2011.

As reported by IMDb, the series revolves around a high-spirited teacher named Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her roommates Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). Jess’ best friend Cece (Hannah Simone) also makes frequent appearances. The main characters are all in their early thirties and living in Los Angeles; the show follows them as they navigate mature relationships and career decisions.

If you love the show, then you know that the series concluded in 2018 after airing for seven seasons. Many people were saddened by the show’s cancellation, and fans might be wondering if there was a reason for it. If you want to know why New Girl ended, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why did New Girl end?

According to ScreenRant, it was originally thought that the sixth season of New Girl would be the last one, so the writers and producers made it so that the season 6 season finale could serve as the finale if need be.

However, series creator Elizabeth Meriwether implored the cast and crew of the series to campaign for a seventh season, and their efforts paid off.

New Girl returned for an eight-episode season that flashed forward three years, allowing fans to see what their favorite characters were up to. It seems that the cancellation of the show was a decision that was made by Fox and not the showrunners.

If you think about it, a lot of great shows don’t get nearly as many seasons as New Girl did. The series had seven years on the air, and the cast and crew made the most of what they were given.

A lot of shows get worse the longer they go on (looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy), but New Girl was great until the end. Fans should just enjoy the seven amazing seasons that they got, instead of wishing for more episodes that might not have been as satisfying.

All seven seasons are currently available on Netflix!

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Nurse Ratched costume: DIY items to dress like the Netflix character this Halloween




Created by Evan Romansky and produced by Ryan Murphy, Ratched premiered on Netflix last week. The series serves as an origin story for the infamous Nurse Mildred Ratched, the sadistic antagonist from Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The intimidating nurse is played by the one and only Sarah Paulson. Other cast members include Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Corey Stoll, and Finn Wittrock.

Along with an all-star cast, the series has incredible costumes, sets, and production value. Sarah Paulson and Sharon Stone wear some fabulous outfits on the show, and it makes me wish that some aspects of 1940s and 1950s fashion would make a comeback.

If you want to dress up for Halloween as one of the characters from the new Netflix show, then we’ve got you covered.

1. Women’s Vintage Tea Dress with Cap-Sleeves

DRESSTELLS Women’s Vintage Tea Dress Prom Swing Cocktail Party Dress with Cap-Sleeves – Amazon

The sunny dress featured in the pilot is simply phenomenal. Who knew Sarah Paulson looked so good in yellow! This dress we’ve shared comes in a plethora of patterns and colors, so you can do your own spin on the famous nurse’s outfit. You can get this dress on Amazon for anywhere between $19.99 and $27.99.

BUY IT NOW: Women’s Vintage Tea Dress with Cap-Sleeves

2. ‘50s Hat Pillbox Hat

Fascinators Hats 20s 50s Hat Pillbox Hat Cocktail Tea Party Headwear with Veil for Girls and Women – Amazon

Clearly, Ryan Murphy loves a monochrome look. The yellow outfit that Ratched wears in the first episode is awesome, so you might as well grab a hat to go with your dress! This hat comes in a variety of colors, so you can mix up the color scheme if you want. You can get it on Amazon for $8.99.

BUY IT NOW: ’50s Hat Pillbox Hat 

3. ’50s Fitted Pencil Dress

GownTown Women’s 50s 60s Vintage Sexy Fitted Office Pencil Dress – Amazon

All of the nurses at Lucia wear these lovely blue dresses. It probably wasn’t very comfortable to wear while treating patients all day long! The blue color looks amazing with the color scheme of Ratched, and a lot of the characters on the show wear them. You can get this dress on Amazon for anywhere between $9.37 and $32.98.

BUY IT NOW: ’50s Fitted Pencil Dress

4. 5-Piece White Nurse Hat and 10 Pins for Dress Up

WILLBOND 5 Pieces White Nurse Hat Headband Nurse Cap Costume and 10 Pins for Dress Up Costume Halloween Party or Gift to Nurse – Amazon

To go with your nurse outfit, make sure you get an old fashioned nurses cap! These little hats look more like a folded up napkin than anything else, but wearing one will be essential to your Ratched Halloween costume. You can get this set of five hats, including 10 hairpins, for $13.99.

BUY IT NOW: 5-Piece White Nurse Hat and 10 Pins for Dress Up

5. Women’s Long Sleeve Faux Fur Coat

Simplee Apparel Women’s Long Sleeve Fluffy Faux Fur Warm Coat – Amazon

If you want to do your best Lenore Osgood impression this Halloween, then an extravagant fur coat is a must. Sharon Stone wears several iconic outfits in the first season, but I thought her all-white look with the gold belt was the best. You might want to grab a monkey stuffed animal to really complete the look! You can get this coat on Amazon for between $37.99  and $46.99.

BUY IT NOW: Women’s Long Sleeve Faux Fur Coat

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Despite It All, Avatar 2 Has Wrapped Production




For most Hollywood filmmakers right now, a shooting day is the true unobtanium. But self-proclaimed King of the World James Cameron has managed to call “that’s a wrap!” in the age of coronavirus. He has announced that, despite numerous obstacles, the sequel to his 2009 mega-success Avatar is 100 percent done filming, and the third installment in the series is about 95 percent complete.

The visionary sci fi director appeared on a video call with his old cybernetic pal Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Austrian World Summit, part of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. Other speakers include the U.N. Secretary General António Guterres, Prince Charles, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jane Goodall, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and others.

Cameron’s return to Pandora has been met with eight different release day changes, but his crew in New Zealand have come out the other side. “We lost about four and a half months of production,” he said.

“We’ve rolled around one more full year for a release in December of 2022,” he said. “Now that doesn’t mean I have an extra year to finish the film,” he added, lest physical fitness enthusiast Schwarzenegger think his old boss would then sit on the couch eating Pringles and streaming Pluto TV. “The day we deliver Avatar 2 we’ll just start working on finishing Avatar 3.”

The 2009 film Avatar was the first to surpass the $2 billion mark at the box office. It also ushered in a now mostly-abated resurgence of 3D filmmaking. Its final $2,790,439,092 tally was eventually surpassed in worldwide gross by Avengers: Endgame, by a little over seven million. (Cameron can lick his wounds, though, knowing he doesn’t just have the silver medal, but also the bronze with a little picture called Titanic.)

In the conversation with Schwarzenegger, which was mostly about climate change and cutting edge technology, Cameron said he was not an environmentalist in the sense of having credentials or a degree, but he considers himself an environmental advocate. Schwarzenegger said that it was Cameron who first brought environmental issues to his attention back in the 1980s when they made the first Terminator film. Cameron discussed the negative environmental impact of eating meat, sharing an anecdote about explaining vegetarianism from a Econ 101 point-of-view to Rupert Murdoch.

Cameron declined to give any story information about the Avatar sequels (or as Schwarzenegger calls it, “Ovitahhh”), citing his “love for the mystery,” but made it clear that his friend Arnold was welcome to come down and see the studio any time. It’s clear that these two men have a great affection for one another.

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