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The Good Fight Season 5 Expected Release Date, Cast and Every Other Detail



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The Good Fight season five will very likely get made inevitably, however it might take some time. What’s more, after its season four revive, there are a lot of motivations to envision its inevitable appearance.

The side project follows Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart after a huge money related trick drives her out of her law office, with an expanding center around true occasions driving the show’s account. What’s more, we’ve had a ton of certifiable occasions as of late. Some may state too much.

Obviously, CBS keeps its All Access figures quite carefully shrouded, however with the arrangement being one of the organization’s most advanced brands, we’re genuinely certain it’s as yet behind the show.

The main explanation we can’t state for sure that it’ll return is that – dissimilar to seasons three and four (which were declared during their past season’s runs) – we haven’t had official affirmation that season five is positive yet.

Yet, that is doubtlessly down to the current circumstance that is holding the globe. It implies what happens next is anyone’s guess for the following period of truly every show that isn’t presently in after creation, so The Good Fight certainly isn’t any unique.

CBS is sincerely busy considering around a million unique things as it endeavors to manage the pandemic, so a great deal of what follows is unavoidably going to include mystery. We’ll refresh this element with all the most recent remarkably in, however, so keep us bookmarked.

Also, we do have some hard proof – including a hint regarding what the fundamental string of season five maybe.

Thus, okay, request in the court… How about we get this thing in the meeting.

The Good Fight Season 5 Release Date

OK, so here’s the primary unimaginable inquiry. Season one strolled into our lives in February 2017. Season two showed up in March 2018 and we got season three in March 2019. Season four began in April 2020, at that point quickly took a break. That is on the grounds that the after creation measure was eased back by You Know What, with scene three being postponed.

The cast sympathetically broke the news to fans, as a video message.

“Hi, from The Good Fight family,” Baranski said. “We trust you’re well and remaining safe during this troublesome time.”

Nyambi (Jay DiPersia), kept: “Telecommuting has deferred numerous parts of after creation and we need multi-week to get up to speed.”

They clarified the mammoth exertion that is needed to rejuvenate the show and why those couple of additional days are so basic to getting The Good Fight in the groove again, before finishing on a touch of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Obviously, there are just endless tunes you can sing to pacify fans (simply ask Gal Gadot), who will be totally understanding regarding postponements to prepare four, yet may anticipate more unbending arranging one year from now, when CBS will have more opportunity to respond to the exceptional conditions.

Long story short, it will be a decent while before the group goes into creation on season five, not to mention airs it. They’ll need it to be totally done before introducing it before its crowd next time around, which will add considerably more deferrals to the current closure.

Our best conjecture is late one year from now, perhaps in the fall. Most dire outcome imaginable, we’re taking a gander at mid-2022, which is clearly an exceptionally drawn-out period of time to pause.

The Good Fight Season 5 Cast: Who Will Be In It?

Baranski will be back, there isn’t a show without her. We’d expect Cush Jumbo, Nyambi, Delroy Lindo, Audra McDonald, Sarah Steele, Michael Boatman, Zach Grenier, John Larroquette, and Hugh Dancy to likewise all return somehow or another.

There’s nothing more encouraging for the crowd than a repetitive cast, and there’s nothing more squeezing than standard work for the cast, so we’d expect this line-up to be one of only a handful scarcely any assurances in this circumstance.

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I Ate A Filet-O-Fish Burger For Every Meal Of The Day For A Whole Week And Now I’ve Seen God




First things first: the Filet-O-Fish is a great burger. If you don’t agree, click away. Or read on. I’m not your boss.

To prove to the world – and myself – just how delicious the Filet-O-Fish really is, I decided to eat one for every single meal for an entire week. It seemed like more of a treat than a challenge.

That turned out to be the underestimation of the year (and there’ve been quite a few).

By the end of my tartar sauce-scented journey I had well and truly transcended all carnal desires on this Earth. Let’s unpack.


I’m really fucking particular about what I eat for breakfast. It’s either cereal, or some other breakfast-adjacent dish like toast, or bacon and eggs.

But the Filet-O-Fish holds up surprisingly well for my first breakfast of the week. The imitation brioche bun goes down a treat at this time of day, the fish patty is kind of edible before midday, and the tartar sauce is, well, tolerable.

Come midday and I’m already up to my second Filet-O-Fish for lunch. This time around there’s no immediate smack of flavour, however the burger is moreish nonetheless.

It’s no longer a treat, but rather the sustenance I crave.

By dinner time, I haven’t actually had the desire to eat anything since lunch.

When pitching this story, I promised my editors that I’d up my fruit and veg intake so as to not get, I dunno, scurvy. So far, that’s been a lie.

Anyway, dinner was nice, and it didn’t leave me feeling empty despite the burger’s light buns and fish patty.

It felt like a big fish finger. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but all the delicate intricacies of the burger were lost on me by now (as they are on most other people, most of the time).


Rise and shine, burger bitches.

My breakky burg squirted all over me. It was kinda hot.

That’s not just the tartar sauce, either. With every bite I ravished this Filet-O-Fish, and the moisture from the American cheese and fish patty somehow got splattered all over my face and knees.

Did you know the Filet-O-Fish is only available after 10:30 AM? I didn’t. But that doesn’t matter because I’m a late riser whomst’ve eateth a late breakfast.

For lunch, an ibis with discerning taste had the audacity to try and peck the Filet-O-Fish out of my hands. It was scared away when my housemate bumped into me shamefully hunched over my week’s entire food pyramid.

Dinner time, y’all.

At this point, the burger has no flavour or texture to speak of.  It’s just matter which I’m shoving down my gob in an increasingly manic way.

The staff at Macca’s haven’t recognised me yet, but the people watching me eat in the park sure have.


By now everyone’s been telling me my breath stinks. I for one do not blame the Filet-O-Fish. Maybe it’s just my gut flora up to no good.

Oh, and I’ve also completely lost my appetite by now. I constantly feel full. Eating is but a folly distraction only the weak partake in. Cool.

Nevertheless, breakfast must go on.

Lunch was more of a chore than a calling.

Burger goes in, nothing comes out. It’s this repeat transaction of infinite addition that my days have come to revolve around.

As for dinner, it’s more or less the same story.

I spend my night walking the lonely streets of Sydney, gagging over seafood burger.

It’s awesome.


It’s breakfast time, but I don’t even want to get out of bed. I’m just not hungry in the slightest.

All forms of desire are starting to wither out of my soul. I lay here in bed, transcending earthly urges.

But the challenge must go on, and so I plod along to Macca’s and force myself to ingest yet another Filet-O-Fish.

At lunch time, I realise that I’m not even eating snacks anymore. I only consume the Filets-O-Fish I must have in order to complete the challenge.

With no appetite to speak of, I can only make room in my tummy for the next burg.

In a frantic attempt to reconstruct some semblance of a food pyramid into my diet, I’ve started to go to Top Juice several times a day.

I’m now spending as much on minty kale juice as I am on Filets-O-Fish

I can’t even taste anything at dinner.

All I do is salivate, not at the taste, nor the smell, nor the texture. It’s the ~thought~ of the burg that triggers my most natural of body processes.

Another Filet-O-Fish goes in.


I’m become more and more slovenly w̷͚̑i̸̼̍t̵̯̎h̷̅͜ ̸͙͝e̷͐ͅâ̵̪ć̷̱h̶͇̅ ̵͓̅b̴̥̕i̴̛͇t̸͓͛ȩ̴̃ as the days go on. From breakfast onwards, there’s always tartar sauce on my face now.

It’s an aura that follows me wherever I go. I smell a̶̛͔̬̝͇͕̯̤͎̹̳̯̠͎͍̜̳̠̓́͂͗͆̿͊̓͒̐̽̍̚̚͝ṃ̵̙͙̭̠̖̯͖̯̼͚̓͋͑̉́̓́͐̒͗͑̃̈́͜͠ͅa̸̡̡̨̜̥̳͙͖̯͉̟̞͉͗͛̈̇̍̃̑͂̀̉̿̎̃͗̀̆́̏̄͠z̴̨̢̨̛̻͔͚͕̾̏͐̇̑̅̓͗͌̏͂̚̚͝ͅi̵̡͕̹͓̮̱͉͎̝̯̞̯̣̣̭͉̒̈́͜ͅn̸̠̹̰͚̻̘̎͝ͅģ̴̣̪́̀̓́̕͝.

At lunch, I wipe this tartar sauce from my face as a kind of ablution before consuming the flesh of Ronald McDonald himself. The fish and bun is his earthly body, but there’s no wine to signify his blood.

The t̴̪͕̀a̸̗̥͝͝r̶̟̓̽ẗ̵̟́͝a̶̡͗r̶͎̬̈ ̸͖̇̈́s̸̟̏̓a̴̟͔̐ù̷͖̖č̵̮̟͗e̵͔͍̔ will suffice.

It’s dinner time and I’m once again called to consume yet another Filet-O-Fish in a carnal act of devotion and reverence to the burg which I love so dearly.

With each bite – PRAISE.

W̸i̸t̴h̴ ̸e̷a̷c̶h̸ ̷b̴i̶t̴e̸ ̷–̴ ̶P̶R̷A̸I̷S̵E̴.̴

W̷̲̻̃͌̍i̷͙̳̒̏t̸͚̫̀̏h̸̰̤̀̑͜͝ ̵̗̪̓̏̉e̷̘͔͛͘a̸̼̹̿̾̈́ċ̵̨̭͉͊̀h̶̳̝̮̍̐ ̶̼̣̏̍b̸͓̩͉̾̏ì̸͖̳͓̽t̵̘̀e̸̳͎͑͒̌ ̵̱̈́̑–̴̛̭̞̈́͝ ̵̘̈́P̵̨̝̈͂͝R̶̡̈́͘A̷̼͂̓̾Ḭ̴̩̬̋̈̇S̶̩̀̒͑E̸̮̓̓.̸̡͖͗͋͒


I soar Ḧ̶̤̈́I̴̫̤̔͜G̴̰̍H̷̟̓͆̾ ̴̯͗̓A̶̻͒̉̃B̸̲̯̣̓̑O̶̲̽͛̚V̴̰̞̻̽̇̽Ê̷̹̫͈ the mortals in the street who are beholden to their feeble n̵o̶t̸i̷o̴n̷s̴ ̴o̴f̸ ̶h̸u̶n̷g̸e̵r̴.

A raging lust for the Filet-O-Fish emanates from the bowels of my bowels as I wait in line at Macca’s for breakfast.

No, I’m not hungry. You fools. I am D̶̰̥̻̾̒̍̊̒E̴̘͕̍̿͘V̶̲̙̉͒̏̔O̷͖̙̘̤͌̃͊͘͜T̸͔̈́͂̐Ĕ̶̥͚͖̳͇D̷͉̝͖͐́̓͗.

My lunchtime muse is the blessed Filet-O-Fish. With each bite, I feel a rush – physically, spiritually, vorarephilicly.

I arrive home. The tartar sauce residue from the 17 Filet-O-Fish boxes I have so far accumulated in my room festers like the élan vital perspired by a victorious army returning from battle.

I bask in my stuffy, fishy sauna of the ḃ̸̟͎͇̪e̸̝̋͆̀̄ļ̷̛̱̦̳̿̑͜o̸̢̺̹̥͛͗̊v̷͙̤̹̙̫͐̾̎ę̸͌͐̌̏̚d̶̲̤̈͋̈́̓́ ̵̫̈́b̵̧̞̭̎͒́̿́ṵ̴̲͑̎̄r̴̥͇̘̮̾̿̑g̴̢̛͍͘ͅ.

My desire for dinner is in fact sheer lust. With every gulp, yet another chunk of the burg is inside of me.

My housemates join me for the walk, but they end up ordering KFC. They’re weak.

Spitters are sinners, and s̴͔̋̓p̸̤̈́i̶̗͋t̸̮̓͂t̸̠̊e̶̙̍ŗ̵̠̅̃s̸̫̑ ̶̺̋͝ȧ̵̧͇r̵̖͗ë̴͔́̎͜ ̷̣̅̐q̴̞͚̿̉ǘ̵̥̇î̵͉͝t̷̖̔t̷̰̯͒̚e̸̟̻̓̄r̷̪͓̎͒s̴̒̑ͅ.


Every time I consume the B̴̩̌U̴̧̟̕R̷̥̪̋G̷̡̈́Ĕ̵͓̈R̴̗̀͒, the B̵̛̞̲̳͇̩̙̪͉͈̻̳̊̀̂̑̊͐̅̿̈̌͠ͅŨ̸̡͔͕̻̙̞̻̈̽́̃̈́̒̄̓̆͊͠Ṛ̵̞̊̈͋͗̚G̷̣͙̹̮̞̯̠͎͆͛͠E̵̱͉͙̹̞̝̩̬̗͉͂͛͌͐̅͛̓̄͗̉̕ͅR̴̼̦̍͋́̿͂̕̕͘ consumes me.

The Filet-O-Fish and I become one more intimately than any bond known to mankind thus far.

A̷̦̍̌G̴̢͎̕͠I̵̧͎̊̾O̵̼͎̊͝Š̵̞͙̈́ ̶̳͛O̸̖̼͐͊ ̷̖̰͐͗B̴̍̽͜Ä̶̳͍́̌P̷͖̹̔̓H̸̻̩̀Ȏ̴̱͐Ṁ̴̭͍̉E̶͔̕͝T̶̼͝,̷̪͗ ̷͓̃K̷̞̇̉Ë̵̟́E̵̛͎P̸̦̉͜E̶̦̅͐R̶̬̘̒́ ̴̺́̐O̶̠͘F̸̬̬̉ ̶̟̐T̸̬̱̋Ȟ̶͇̈́Ȇ̵͎̳ ̷͈̬͗̐F̵͕͛̿I̸͎̹͝L̸͕͆Ě̸̗̞T̸̟͕̉̇-̵̡̱̐Ô̶̼-̵̫͘F̵̟̈́͜I̶̯̊S̷̠̘͆̌H̷͎̀.̵̯͎̑͑
̵̟̪̒͑M̷̺̏͐A̶̻͗Y̴̰̟̓͝ ̸̪͌ͅT̸̰͍͆̒H̵͔͋͆Ę̵̀ ̷̯̃̌F̶͚̈́Ĕ̶͓͓R̵̟̲͆̒T̷̹͊I̸̭͕̅Ḷ̶͒́Ẻ̵̮̦͛ ̸̳̔̓S̴͖̎Ó̷͎͈͠IL̶̼̄ ̷̱͌Ǒ̸̧F̶̞̈̉ ̴̘̈́T̶̰̍͠H̴̤̐E̶̤̘̊͐ ̵̮̈́̇Ţ̶̈Ě̴̲̗R̷͖̋R̸̠̞̃E̵̤̙͐̊Ṡ̷̗̍ͅT̵̙͝Ȑ̴̢I̴̪͚͌A̴̘͆L̵̦̙̾ ̷̪́̓P̶̥̞̽͋A̵̬̱͠R̴͖̘͐Á̵͎̈́D̸̛̟̥I̸͖͇̊͝Ş̵͈̎͝Ĕ̷͍́ ̸͍̃ͅB̷͕̮̅̚E̶̯̕ ̴̛̭̥̇I̸̝̒R̶̙͖̽̌R̷̡̗͝I̴̳̓̊Ḡ̸͚̘̀A̵̲͎͝T̴̢͌E̸̠͖̚D̷̠̔ ̷̘͝W̴̙͝I̶͓̚T̴̨͂͆H̸͇̖̉̕ ̶̡̤̽T̷̘̑H̵̰̗̉Ê̶̙̚ ̶͇͂B̶̰̟̎̓Ĺ̵͇O̴͚̍Ȯ̶͎̟̐D̸̞̓͠ ̸͍͉̔̍O̸̱͖̽F̸̲̔̇ ̷̛̺̤H̸̠̝́̄Ề̴̜͙ ̷͉̳͋͝Ẅ̶̢̍H̶͎̦̚Ő̴̟͊ ̴̘̳̕L̴͔͐Ṳ̸͈̊̏Ṡ̸̘̒T̶̘̽̊S̴̙̒͆͜ ̵̦̪̉͑F̵̳̠͊̿O̴͚̼͑Ŕ̸͕̩͂ ̴͕̇̎T̵̼͎̍Ḧ̵̨̧͌Ë̶̺͔́ ̶̻͌F̶͕̭̃̀I̶̫̲̔̔L̷̨̺̀́E̵͓͔̓T̷̜͖͗-̵̻͓̐Ỏ̴̘͊-̴̦̮̉͝F̷̧͍͌͠I̶̱̼̚͝S̴̨͍͋̒H̶͍̰̆̽.̸̩̄͑

̵̙̀T̴̙̖͛͠H̷͎͗R̵̺̙͆Ȏ̸̥͉͊Ṵ̷̙̈́͠G̴̞͖̃̕H̶̠̻̉͑ ̸̳̖̀̄I̷̤͇̒̚M̷̩̦͠M̵͍̟̀A̵͓̎͋̐C̶̬̜̜͆̚U̵̹̺͋L̵̠̪̈ͅA̶̢͍̅͝T̶̥̤́͋E̵̩̣̰̊̈́̇ C̴͇̠͝Ô̵̢̰̍Ń̵̲̟̂Ṣ̴̅̇Ú̵͖̲M̶̬̤̊P̴̟͓̂̊T̶̨̲́Ì̶̠̆Ó̷̖Ņ̷̍ ̸̟̔̃W̷̢̧̨̢̜͚̤̩͚̯̦̙̥̥͉͎̮͍̼͇̣̰̙̭̉̔͗̉̔̆͌̔̽̽̉͛̑̋̄́̋̾̀̕ͅͅË̷̛̳̥̭̻̹͍͎͚͈̱̝̯͖͚̱͎̼̝͌̂͑̋̇̍͊̅̊̒̎͂̋̾͑̑̎̋̃̋͊̈́͋́̀̈́͒͒̃̀̚͘̚̕͠͝͠͝ ̷̢̡̛̛̻̫̞̘͈̭̲̮̙̮̣͈͚͔͚̟̘̳͇͍͖̣̮̑̄̈́̍̊̏̑͒̌͋͂͗̅̈́̑̈́̀̏́̽͊͑̾̽̈́̈́͒͒̾̏̂̚̚̕͘͝͝͝͝ͅḂ̴̮̟͉̲̹̬̠̺̦̘͓͔̤̬͌̄͐̄͊̏̉͋͆̀͘͝E̶̡̨̢̛̼͇͈̼̟̱̱̖̻̩̙̭̝͚͎̠̳͕͖̣̬̘͖̠̮͇̪͕̹͓̗̳̘͔͐͛̊̌̓͗̾̂̍̄̋̍͛̈́́́̽̉̀̂̀͆̑̅͛̉̈͂̔͌̕̕͝ͅͅC̸̢̡͈͉̩̪͖̗̘̖͚̙̗̼̼͖̻̤͈̖̻̬̎̔̋̿͜ͅͅO̷͇͈̪̾͊̅̃͌̋̋́̄̒͆̔̽̇̑̑̔̏̐͗̏́̇̀͛̚͘̕̚͠͠͝͝M̵̛̛̘̐̃͆̅̉̐̈́͛͗́̄̈́̐̿͆̾̀͆̈́́͗͆̔̐̄̍̒̍̄̚͠E̶͉̻͚͉̞͌̾͝ ̴̡̡̥̫͎̤̞̞̻̹̝̉̎͂̃͌̇̈́̈́̇́U̵̧̧̟̬͖͕̖̥̰̦̭̻̱͉̙̲̜̙̪̗̥͈̩̗̺̘̝̹̲͙̥̥͈̽̉̂́͑̀̒͑̄͑̇̂͂̽̾͘͜N̵̛̛̮̱̙͓̒͆͐͆̋̂̋̐̇̐̀̀̑̑̋͋̂̏̽͐̈̔͒̓̂̄I̴̢̨̢̛̲̞͈̤̫̭̖̱̮̬̻̳̝͙̩̭̬̜̗̦̮̘̫̪͓̗̞̰̐́̂͆̓̀̃̓͋͊̐̈̅̈́̐̎͊͂̐̀̅͊̍̌̄̅̈́͌̃̏͒̅̔̌͛͒̈́̿̓̌̚͜͜͝͠͠͝ͅF̴̡̢̨̧̢̡̤̲͓̜͙̥̞̩̟̳̬͙̼̤̞̟͖̰̜̘̤̟͓̼̪͓̼̝̈̓I̵̡̨̛̛̛̛̛̞̹͖̼̺̥͈̫̜͎͉͖̦̟̣̹̺̟̙̥̜͈̹͚̣̞̝̥̻̮̘̞̟͖̟̝͌̐̓͐̾͋̿̀̀̀́̀̍́̈́̇͒̍͛̓̓́̕͘͜͝ͅȨ̷̧̨̨̨̛͙͓̰̝̗͎̯̙͕͙̼̯̦̩͇̼̙̥̘̤̈́̌̀͛͊͂̅͂̏̈́̂̿́͊̃̀̀̄̓̾́̈́̚̚͝͝Ḑ̶̡̡̡̨̢͍̮̝̙̫͙̼̗͚͔̻͈̦̝̪̤̖̱̙͎̣̫̤̟͚̣̣͔͍̼̝̗̞̖̘̦̜̙͊̋̿̀͗͋͗̉̊̐́̆͒͂͌̈́̅̊̚̚͜͜͠ ̵͎̖̰̮̮͖̻̙̣̤͉̰̲̼̱̾̂́̔́̍̔̅͗̄͌͊̐͂́̒͊̽͗͘͝͠͝͝A̷̡̢͚̼̯̦͓͎̼̣̝̠̦̱̗̼̮̦̣͙̼̺̜̦̰̱̫͇̥̖̰͇̠̹̲̗̩̬̗͌͗̎̅̐̊̀̏̂̉̑̀̍̾̌̐̓͌̑̉́̑͗͌̀̀͊̀̒̒͐̃̅̚͘͘̚͜͜͝S̷̛̪̳̭̯̹̦̥̟͕̳̐͆̊̀̀̀̽̍͑̉̍̆̿̆̋͒̀̀͊͛̎̃̈́́͌̈́͂̐̍̍̚̕̕͝͝ ̵͖͍̺̣̳͒͆̿̄͑̄̔́̓̚̕Ǫ̶̹̝̤̀̆̽̃́͒̓̀̍̒͒͌̒̊̔͛͋̄̂͗͐́͗̊͗̍̓̐̓̊̆͗͌͆͘̚̚̕͘͝͝͝N̵̡̨̖̠̯͉͍̻̤̙̙̰̼̺̼̥͎̭̗̣̗̰̞͕̯̙̙͔͖̦̯͈̩̐̏͂́̽͗͂́̓͘̚͝͝E̷̢̧̡̧̛͎̺̞͎̟͖̜̦̪̯̤͇͉̠͉͇͖̫͙̖̬̜͔̗̙̱̭̯͌͋̔̈̋͛̇̍̾̽̎̎̂͒̎̅̅́͋͆̄̀́̓͊͋̕͜͠͠͝ͅ.̷̛͖̅͋̄̈́͛͗̎̔̿̏̿̃̀̑͛͑̾͝͝͝


The Filet-O-Fish is a good burg. 9/10, would recommend.

If you don’t believe that I really did eat all those burgers, I have nothing for you other than my above testimony and a wad of Macca’s receipts.

Now, to guzzle coffee for a whole week, not for the energy boost but in the hope I can shit my brains out.

Postscript, one week on: My tummy is still perpetually upset and I’m thinking of seeing a doctor. I’m also pissing more frequently than a dog with a gut parasite. Maybe that’s TMI but you’ve read this far anyway.

Postscript, two weeks on: I’m feeling better now.

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Save Yourselves! review: A clever alien-invasion comedy




Sunita Mani and John Reynolds in Save Yourselves!

Sunita Mani and John Reynolds in Save Yourselves!
Photo: Bleecker Street

Bait and switch may be a reprehensible sales technique, but it often works wonderfully in movies. The indie comedy Save Yourselves! kicks off with what seems like a solid sitcom-episode premise: Extremely online couple Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) decide to spend an entire week disconnected from the internet, focusing instead upon their in-person interpersonal dynamic. (The impetus for this experiment, typical of the movie’s droll sense of humor: Su, frustrated, knocks Jack’s phone out of his hand and across the apartment without warning, whereupon he turns to her and says with deep sincerity, “Thank you.”) To that end, the two Brooklynites borrow a friend’s isolated cabin upstate, bringing along their smartphones and laptops but vowing not to pick them up unless there’s a genuine emergency. It’s not too hard to guess what sort of jokes would emerge from this scenario, and severe tech withdrawal does briefly play a key role. The film’s true premise, however, involves the emergency that soon arises, since Su and Jack have cut the world off at the precise moment that it’s invaded by a hostile alien race.

It’s at this point that Save Yourselves! becomes potentially divisive—not because of the switcheroo (which is both inspired and pretty heavily telegraphed), but due to the nature of the invading aliens. In a touch that some will find hilariously silly and some may find just plain silly, Earth has been overrun by creatures that, to human eyes, resemble a particularly useless piece of ornamental furniture. Su and Jack wind up calling them “pouffes,” because that’s what Su mistakes the first one they encounter for—it’s just sitting on the floor of their cabin, round and fuzzy and seemingly innocuous. The thing keeps turning up in different spots, though, even though both Su and Jack deny having touched it. Once the threat becomes apparent (and days’ worth of retrieved frantic emails and text messages reveal a global apocalypse), much of the comedy hinges on the absurd disjunction between the pouffes’ physical cuteness and homicidal fervor; it’s as if Star Trek’s tribbles behaved like the Alien franchise’s xenomorphs. Maybe there’s a metaphor here, since our phones likewise appear harmless and can be destructive. Mostly, though, it’s just goofy-a-go-go.

The broader laughs wouldn’t land, however, had the film not first established an engagingly specific context. Written and directed by first-time filmmakers Alex H. Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, who are themselves a couple, Save Yourselves! benefits enormously from a very precise understanding of how people in a long-term relationship can get on each other’s nerves. Early on, while taking a decidedly non-sexy shower with Jack, Su asks him to pass her the face wash and gets irritated when he asks which of their numerous tiny unlabelled bottles that might be: “It’s the orange one! Jack, acquaint yourself with the soaps!” Indeed, the film is arguably strongest during its first half, when our heroes are still self-obsessively unaware of the danger. If Simon Pegg wandering his neighborhood in a hungover daze, oblivious to the zombies and carnage, is your favorite Shaun Of The Dead sequence, here’s an extended remix of that basic idea, facilitating plenty of background gags even as millennial oversensitivity gets razzed upfront.

While pre-cabin scenes offer up an assortment of perfectly realized Brooklyn types, who say things like “We didn’t want to do the whole mariachi thing cause it felt a little too much like appropriation” and “Our individual lives are meaningless, if you think about it. But only if you think about it,” this movie is fundamentally a two-hander, which means that casting was crucial. Mani (who plays Beirut on GLOW but is currently perhaps best known as the woman inexplicably dating the obnoxious sign guy in those ubiquitous Progressive ads) and Reynolds (from Search Party and Stranger Things) have to walk a tricky line, playing characters who are definitely meant to be annoying but not so annoying that we’re actively rooting for their demise. Both pull it off, retaining just the right amount of sympathy while demonstrating an easy, relaxed chemistry together. Save Yourselves! didn’t have the budget to pull off its ambitiously bizarre and essentially unresolved ending (which might not have been satisfying even had it been fully realized—it’s really way out there, quite literally), but it gets the small things just right, and that’s far more important.

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Women Are Revealing Their ‘Glow-Down’ Transformations In A New TikTok Challenge




You’ve probably seen a pic of your classmate showing up on your news feed who looks virtually unrecognizable. Their knock-out looks and confident smile are nothing like you remember seeing by the end of high school. These jaw-dropping transformations, known as glow-ups, have been surfing around social media and you can see what I mean with glow-up pics after moving out of conservative homes, 10-year challenge glow-ups, and mental health glow-ups.

But in reality, not every glow is up. Armed with a smashing sense of humor, one woman, @gabslife99, has posted a TikTok video to initiate the glow-down challenge. The caption of the now-viral video said: “I physically peaked in high school. Like, the hottest I’ve ever been was when I was 18. I look nothing like that now.”

More women got on board to share their own before and after snaps of the glow-up in reverse. Both honest and comical, the glow-downs are a fun response to near-perfect glow-ups that often are too far from reality. Ultimately, looks don’t even matter, since we are beautiful in our own way.

This woman posted a viral video on TikTok saying she physically peaked in high school

@gabslife99show me y’alls glow downs ✌️##glowdownchallange ##duetthis♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

And she challenged everyone to share their glow-down snaps too

In no time, other women on TikTok have joined the humorous challenge

Image credits: mack_bell11

@mack_bell11##greenscreen calling myself out 😂 ##siblingcheck ##workdistractions ##indoorworkout ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: pinkellewoods

@pinkellewoodsGlow down check 😂 ##hottest ##to ##now♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: aylor_liiight

@aylor_liiight##glowdownchallenge ##fyp♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: happymadimoo

@happymadimoo##glowdownchallenge peaked at 18 😅♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: anitatrzebunia

@anitatrzebuniawelp ##fyp ##foryou ##glowdownchallenge ##glowdown♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: carolinekraemer_

@carolinekraemer_Exposing myself ##glowdownchallenge ##glowdown ##fyp ##foryou ##freezeframe♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: bellabetten

Image credits: foreverfloow

@foreverfloow27 be hitting different ##glowdownchallenge ##funny ##wheniwasyoung ##foryou ##frontcamera ##fyp♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: maghenhamilton

@maghenhamiltonMy pregnancy glow down. I gained 100 lbs 😅 ##glowdown ##glowdownchallange ##pregnancy ##fyp ##stillfatdoe♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: angelicalovestiktokkkk

@angelicalovestiktokkkkF in the chat😔😔 ##fyp ##foryou ##glowdownchallange ##xyzbca ##funny ##trending ##brighterinside ##viral ##challenge♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: elixriv

@elixrivGlow down challange 😂 ##fyp ##fatlife ##foryoupage ##momlife ##glowdownchallange♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: broooksterr

@broooksterr##glowdownchallange♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: melissasuggitt

@melissasuggittqueen of the glow down. ##glowdown ##glowdownchallange ##fyp ##foryoupage ##igotfatandold♬ Awkward Coffee Flirting – coolman_coffeedan

Image credits: willyssaga

@willyssagasad but true ##glowdownchallange ##glowdown ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

Image credits: ranch_mammi

@ranch_mammii would like to dedicate this video to the quarantine, couldn’t have done it without you 😘 ##glowdownchallange♬ original sound – Gabrielle McDonald

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