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These Halloween Movies On Disney+ Are A Scream to Stream



Halloween is one of the biggest American holidays on the calendar. It’s a day to dress up, run around in the dark, see the neighbors, and hand out candy to smiling children. But this year will be different. The coronavirus pandemic will most likely put a kibosh on door-to-door candying. Parades and mass gatherings in the pumpkin patch are out. But never fear, there are still other ways to celebrate this October. These Halloween movies on Disney+ are one way to keep the Halloween spirit alive at home.

Most people don’t think of scary or spooky when they think of Disney. The House of Mouse provides plenty of fodder for costumes, from Star Wars to Marvel to Disney princesses. But the PG nature of the Disney brand causes viewers to write it off when looking for festive movies to watch this time of year.

But one look at Disney+ will prove this false. Disney happens to have some of the best Halloween films ever made, including several Touchstone Pictures classics. The Disney Channel has also spent decades creating Halloween films for all ages. The result is that Disney+ has one of the best film lineups for families looking for at-home ways to celebrate this Halloween.

1. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

The one, the only, the original story of Jack Skellington, Tim Burton’s famed Halloween cartoon, The Nightmare Before Christmas, is now a resident on Disney+, and is still as perfect for the season as you remember.

2. ‘Hocus Pocus’

Hocus Pocus is still a mainstay of Freeform’s Halloween movie countdown. But this Bette Midler-led film from Kenny Ortega (the man behind High School Musical) can be watched anytime on Disney+. (And there’s a sequel in the works too.)

3. ‘Coco’

Coco is Pixar’s brilliant story of a little boy transported to the Land of the Dead to seek out his deceased musician great-great-grandfather. It’s perfect viewing as part of any Day of the Dead celebrations.

4. ‘Escape To Witch Mountain’

This 1975 tale of two psychic orphans is usually classified as science fiction. But the haunting story in what has become the long-running Witch Mountain saga has plenty of spookiness for the Halloween season.

5. ‘Under Wraps’

Under Wraps, made in 1997, is considered the first Disney Channel original movie. It’s also one of the few horror-themed Disney Channel movies in existence. Three 12-year-old kids discover an Egyptian mummy that comes alive with the full moon and they have to get him back in his sarcophagus by the end of Halloween night.

6. ‘Frankenweenie’

The other Tim Burton comedy animation on the list, the 2012 3D stop motion Frankenweenie, is a full-length remake of Burton’s 1984 short story. In it, Victor Frankenstein uses electricity to resurrect his dead Bull Terrier, Sparky.

7. ‘Don’t Look Under The Bed’

The scariest movie the Disney Channel ever produced, Don’t Look Under the Bed, details Francis’ quest to determine if The Boogeyman is real. The film is famous for the House of Mouse pulling it from rotation after parents complained, and it was the last horror-themed film made by the Disney Channel for many years after.

8. ‘Zombies’

After the success of High School Musical, it’s not surprising Disney Channel went whole hog one Halloween and made a zombie musical. Based on Zombies & Cheerleaders by David Light and Joseph Raso, Zombies stars Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly as a zombie football player and human cheerleader who fall in love. It was followed by a sequel, Zombies 2.

9. ‘Twitches’

Based on the series of novels by the same name, Twitches stars Tia and Tamera Mowry of twin witches separated at birth who rediscover each other on their 21st birthday. The film was so popular, it spawned a sequel, Twitches 2.

10. ‘Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire’

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire features a preppy mom in Caroline Rhea, two meddling tweets who discover she’s dating a vampire, and Robert Carradine turning up to spoof himself as Malachi Van Helsing.

11. ‘Halloweentown’

The first of four Halloweentown films, this 1998 Disney Channel classic creates an entire alternate universe where all the scaries of Halloween (witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, trolls, zombies, pumpkin heads, and so forth) have separated themselves from humanity and run their own village called Halloweentown.

12. ‘The Haunted Mansion’

Eddie Murphy stars in this 2003 supernatural comedy based on the famed Disney park ride. One of the few big-budget, big-screen films on the list, The Haunted Mansion was a critical disaster at the time but has since become a fun family-favorite and a so-bad-it’s-good cult classic.

13. ‘The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall’

This 1980 story of an army of ghosts trying to prevent the merger of 100-year-old Buxley Military Academy with a school for girls isn’t just a classic: It’s a timely tale of the futility of trying to hold back progress.

14. ‘Mr. Boogedy’

A tale of colonial ghosts haunting a New England mansion is classic Halloween stuff. The Davis family moves in to find all sorts of haunted house goodies, including “The Boogedy Man.” This made-for-TV movie was so popular when it arrived in the 1980s, Disney made a sequel, Bride of Boogedy.

15. ‘Can Of Worms’

A 1999 Disney Channel science fiction comedy based on the novel by Kathy Mackel, Michael Shulman stars as Mike Pillsbury. Mike discovers he is an extraterrestrial when The Bom, an alien lawyer, arrives to have him sue for millions of galactic credits due to Earth’s substandard living conditions.

16. ‘Phantom Of The Megaplex’

The Disney Channel’s 2010 take on Phantom of the Opera, The Phantom of the Multiplex is as funny as it is gently spooky. A haunted megaplex has several suspects who could be the Phantom, and it’s up to assistant manager Pete Riley and his younger siblings to figure out who it is while also remembering to value their childhood.

17. ‘Now You See It…’

Now You See It… is a mockumentary film told from the point of view of Allyson (Aly Michalka). In it, her quest to make a reality show about hunting for “the world’s best magician” accidentally turns up real magic.

18. ‘Invisible Sister’

Based on the book My Invisible Sister by Beatrice Colin and Sara Pinto, Rowan Blanchard stars as the nerdy Cleo, who accidentally turns her popular older sister Molly (Paris Berelc) invisible.

19. ‘Girl Vs. Monster’

A 2012 fantasy-comedy, Girl vs. Monster stars Olivia Holt as Skylar, who discovers one Halloween she is descended from a long line of monster-hunters.

20. ‘The Scream Team’

Mark Rendall and Kat Dennings star as Ian and Claire Carlyle, whose late grandfather Frank ran a horror ran a horror shop in Steeple Falls. Frank’s spirit is trying to tell them something, which leads them to uncover a group of ghosts known as “The Soul Patrol.”

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Dakota Johnson says it’s ‘boring and sad’ how Hollywood assistants can be treated




Having spent her whole life in the spotlight, Dakota Johnson says she’s witnessed people being mistreated by the stars they work for.

The 30-year-old actress is the daughter of Hollywood legends Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, but found her own fame when she starred in the Fifty Shades franchise. In her latest film, Johnson plays Maggie — an aspiring music producer who has found herself as the assistant to veteran superstar Grace David (Tracee Ellis Ross).

While the actress has never been an assistant in real life, she’s certainly had them in the past.

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith.
Dakota Johnson at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ 11th Annual Governors Awards on October 27, 2019 (Getty)

“My relationship with my assistant is the greatest. I adore her, and I’m so grateful for her,” she says. “I think every person should be treated with respect and kindness. Especially for people who are helping me in my life, and I’m so grateful for them.”

Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, not all assistants are treated with respect in Hollywood.

“I just want everyone to feel loved, supportive and happy,” Johnson says. “I was brought up learning how to treat people with respect and gratitude. But I also saw people not treat their assistants or team members that way, and it’s boring and sad.”

Dakota Johnson in The High Note.
Dakota Johnson in The High Note. (Universal Pictures)

Johnson describes her character, Maggie, in The High Note as a woman who “doesn’t let the people who shut her down shut down her ambition and drive.”

“That was extremely important to me. That there was a young woman who had just lofty dreams, and the way she achieved them was by being deeply ambitious,” she says. “She was constantly focusing on being better at her craft.

“It hurts her and it’s not easy, but she keeps going and that was something that I think not only for a young woman is important, but important for any human being. As long as you work hard and are kind to people, you just keep going.”

READ MORE: Dakota Johnson reveals she has struggled with depression since 14

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith.
Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson. (Getty)

Johnson, who is dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, showcased some musical talent of her own in The High Note with some beautiful piano solos and singing alongside co-star Kelvin Harrison Jr.

“I did a lot of piano lessons in the early morning before work,” Johnson said. She also chose to have artists like Aretha Franklin and Wise Blood playing on rotation in preparation for the part.

“I make playlists for every movie that I do,” she says.

Johnson grew up in a very musical family.

“My dad used to play music all the time in the house,” she says. “My two older brothers are musicians as well. I grew up in a household that was always full of musicians. My dad listened to a lot of classic rock. My brothers who are into ’90s grunge, rap, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tribe Called Request. That’s how I go into learning about music.”

Dakota Johnson wants to take on projects other than films. (Getty)

The sky is the limit for Johnson who is drawn to the idea of taking on projects outside of acting.

Having recently directed an idyllic music video for Coldplay’s track ‘Cry Cry Cry’, her aspirations extend beyond movies.

“I have a lot of ambitions but mostly making movies and maybe making some more music videos,” she admits. “There are loads of things I want to do that I haven’t yet accomplished.”

The High Note is set to be released in Australia on September 24.

Kristen Bell, throwback photo, Instagram

Celebrity throwback photos: Guess who!

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Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s Wearable Art Gala Virtual Appearance




Beyoncé might be a global superstar and a powerhouse businesswoman, but even she’s susceptible to familial critiques. On Sept. 19, the 39-year-old singer made a special appearance at the virtual Wearable Art Gala — organized by her mother, Tina Lawson — to partake in the event’s “Corny Joke Time” bit. The segment required celebrity guests to tell cringeworthy quips throughout the event, which also hosted an art auction to help support Los Angeles creatives and families affected by COVID-19.

In Beyoncé’s video, shared by Tina’s Waco Theater company on Instagram, the “Black Parade” singer first tells her joke while sporting a casual, makeup-free look. “Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? For drizzle,” she says before daughter Blue Ivy playfully calls her out for speaking a certain way. “Mom, the voice, no,” the 8-year-old jokes. The clip then plays an audio message from Tina who asks Beyoncé to zhuzh things up. “Hi, Bey. I really appreciate you doing the joke because I know how busy you are,” she says. “But will you just put on some makeup, get in some good light and stuff because . . . it’s the gala, girl!” The video cuts back to a fully glammed up Bey who repeats her corny joke without any objections from Blue.

Other stars who took part in the segment included Yara Shahidi, Marsai Martin, Kerry Washington, and Issa Rae, as well as Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, who told Tina’s favorite joke of the night. Look ahead to watch the Knowles sisters show off their comical sides, then check out the entire virtual Wearable Art Gala live-stream!

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Emmy flashback 25 years to 1995: 1st wins for Julianna Margulies, Glenn Close; series wins for ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘Frasier’




“Frasier.” “Friends.” “ER.” “The X-Files.” It’s amazing how just the mention of a TV show can take you back in time, and with this list it’s no surprise that we’re offering our flashback 25 years to 1995, remembering the 47th Emmy Awards. It was a night with no one big winner among several now-classic series, a new EGOT recipient, some sentimental moments and a memorable homage to TV theme songs. Jason Alexander of “Seinfeld” and Cybill Shepherd of “Cybill” led the festivities on September 10.

Perennial favorite “Frasier” held on to its title of Best Comedy Series for the second year, a streak it would continue until 1999, winning for each of its first five seasons. It beat out popular sitcoms “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Mad About You,” “Seinfeld” and newcomer “Friends.” Kelsey Grammer won his second of four Best Comedy Actor Emmys for playing the title character, while his onscreen brother, played by David Hyde Pierce, won his first of four in the supporting category. The Supporting Actress winner was also a first-timer, as Christine Baranski won her first and only trophy for her work on “Cybill,” although she has received 13 more nominations for various series through the years. The Best Comedy Actress winner, however, was the won to beat for several years, and concluded her reign at this ceremony.

Candice Bergen won her fifth Emmy in seven years for her work on the groundbreaking series “Murphy Brown,” making her the third performer to win five Emmys for playing the same character. This would be her final win for “Murphy,” as Bergen declined to submit herself for consideration during the show’s final three seasons, as she felt she had been won enough for that show. This remains Bergen’s last Emmy to date, although she did receive two nominations for her work on “Boston Legal.”

Not only was it a year for stellar comedies, but there was also stiff competition on the drama side. “NYPD Blue” won its only award for Best Drama Series after a stunning loss the previous year. It was for the second season, beating out “Chicago Hope,” “Law and Order,” “The X-Files” and newcomer “ER,” which garnered 15 nominations but few wins (it was the overwhelming favorite in several). This situation mirrored the year before, when “NYPD Blue” received 19 major nominations in its freshman season, but lost the big prize. Oddly enough, the next year, “ER” would win its one and only trophy for Best Drama for its second season.

Despite six acting nominations, the only performer from “ER” who took a statue home that night was Julianna Margulies for Best Drama Supporting Actress. Mandy Patinkin took home the prize for Best Drama Actor for “Chicago Hope,” which was his first of seven nominations and his only win to date. “Picket Fences” snagged two acting trophies, with wins for Kathy Baker as Best Drama Actress and Ray Walston for Best Drama Supporting Actor. Octogenarian and veteran actor Walston declared, “I have 30 seconds to tell you I have been waiting 60 years to get on this stage.” Both Baker and Walston would repeat their wins the next year.

One big winner of the evening was “Barbra: The Concert,” which was named Best Variety, Music or Comedy Special. Barbra Streisand also won for her performance, and her longtime collaborator Marvin Hamlisch accomplished a rare feat. The acclaimed composer won his first two of four Emmys that night, becoming the sixth EGOT recipient (there are now 16). Furthermore, in addition to his Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards, he had also won a Pulitzer Prize, giving him the extremely rare PEGOT status.

One actress got halfway to an EGOT that evening. Glenn Close won her first of three Emmys to add to her three Tonys, this time for Best Movie/Mini Actress for her role in “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story.” Almost a year after his death, Raul Julia won the Best Actor prize in that category for HBO’s “The Burning Season.”

Another highlight of the evening had Alexander showing off his various talents with a six-minute mash-up of some of the all-time greatest theme songs, including “Green Acres,” “All In the Family,” “The Jeffersons” and “Gilligan’s Island.” He finished with a blend of two of the best, seamlessly weaving lyrics from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Cheers.”

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