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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?



One thing is for sure — cats are incredibly interesting creatures that like to make their own rules. Whether your cat loves to hang out in the bathtub, or chew on your hair to show affection (yes, it’s a thing!), if you have a cat you’re probably already familiar with some of their unique behavioral qualities. However, as the proud mother of two furry felines, I am still perplexed by their prolonged staring. As I type this, my older cat, Alfredo, is glaring at me from across the room while standing perfectly still. Not even the piercing sounds of the traffic outside or the birds settled on our windowsill are enough to distract him from his staring. So. Much. Staring. But why?

To help figure out why exactly our kitty counterparts like to just perch up and watch us (sometimes for what seems like forever) POPSUGAR tapped two veterinarians to explain whether it’s normal.

Is it normal for my cat to stare at me?

Thankfully, if your cat stares at you then it is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, it is totally normal. “Our furry friends are nonverbal communicators,” says Dr. Jessica Herman, DVM, and veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health. “Paying attention to their body language, daily habits, and behavior is very important in our communication with our pets, and cat staring is typically harmless and not worrisome.” However, Dr. Herman advises paying attention to their other body cues to make sure there is nothing else going on.

What are some reasons why my cat may be staring at me?

As it turns out, there are a few reasons why your cat may like to sit and stare at you. For example, Dr. Herman explains that sometimes a cat may do this because they are telling you it is feeding time, or perhaps you’re sitting in their favorite spot and they’d like you to move. “Oftentimes though, your cat may just be observing you,” says Dr. Herman. “They are curious creatures and are constantly interpreting the world around them and wondering what you might do next.”

Another reason your cat may be staring at you is because they are trying to communicate affection. “If your cat has relaxed loose muscles, a loose tail, and is staring at you [while] blinking slowly, they are just connecting with you and showing you affection,” says Dr. Liz Bales, VMD. “You can slow blink back to return the love.”

However, if a cat is staring at you and seems nervous or on edge, it may mean something very different. For instance, Dr. Bales explains that if a cat is staring at you in a hunting position and with tense muscles, then this may mean it is about to attack you. “This can be dangerous,” warns Dr. Bales. Thankfully if you are experiencing this with your own feline friend then it should be relatively easy to diffuse the situation. “In this circumstance, the best thing to do is slowly look away and distract your kitty by throwing something in the other direction,” adds Dr. Bales. “It’s best to give them time to decompress and leave them alone if you can.”

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Here’s What Convinced Karate Kid Star Ralph Macchio to Return for Cobra Kai




Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai, has been a huge hit for Netflix since becoming available a few weeks ago. Successfully building on the foundations of the beloved 80s movie while maintaining the same endearingly cheesy charm, returning star Ralph Macchio has revealed that it was the change in perspective that ultimately convinced him to revive Daniel-san.

“[Creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg] found an angle into the universe from a different perspective, and they wanted to dive into the gray areas of these characters. And that’s what the big hook was for me.”

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Set 34 years after the first The Karate Kid movie, Cobra Kai re-examines the narrative from Daniel’s rival, Johnny Lawrence’s point of view. Now a struggling alcoholic, Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo, leading to the rekindling of his old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. The show has even looked back over the events of the first Karate Kid through Johnny’s eyes, and paints Daniel in a very different light to the squeaky-clean adolescent we all remember him being.

“Karate Kid was very ‘black and white,’ ‘good over evil,’ ‘Daniel-son good, Johnny Lawrence bad,’ ‘Miyagi good, Kreese bad.’ Cobra Kai, each episode, your allegiance may change on who you’re rooting for and why. Diving into those areas and always paying homage to the film, the nostalgia of what The Karate Kid has become in pop culture and cinema was super important, but no less important than making the story fresh for this generation. And that’s what these guys convinced me we could do.”

This examination of gray areas has led to a debate over who is truly the villain of the piece, with both Ralph Macchio and co-star and on-screen rival, William Zabka, both recently offering their two cents. “As far as the ultimate “who’s the bad, who’s the good guy,” I’m way too close to it to make that decision,” Zabka said. “So that really is up to the fans and the viewers and it’s individual to look at it.”

Macchio echoed the same pragmatic approach to the subject saying, “They both are, at times, the bad, and they’re both, at times, the guy you’re rooting for. And that’s why it’s awesome.” Thankfully, their on-screen counter parts are not as mature, with both believing they are the hero of their own story, and more than willing to throw down to prove it.

A third season of the popular series is now on the way, with the recent confirmation that it will not be delayed due to the ongoing global situation. Thankfully, the series was able to wrap production and get everything necessary finished before the entertainment industry was put on indefinite hiatus some months ago. Showrunner Josh Heald said, “Thankfully with season 3, we wrapped production before the end of 2019, and we wrapped post-production… I think there was a little bit of overlap.” He also noted that, “we finished our final mix, the last big piece of post-production in person.”

Cobra Kai sees the return of both Ralph Macchio as Daniel and William Zabka as Johnny. The series also stars Courtney Henggeler, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouser, Jacob Bertrand, Gianni Decenzo, Vanessa Rubio, Peyton List, and Martin Kove. The series was created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald. Seasons 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai are now available on Netflix, with the third season due to land on the streaming service sometime in 2021. This comes to us from Vanity Fair’s official YouTube channel.

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‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Harry Jowsey Spills On His Split From Francesca Farago, Justin Bieber Sliding Into His DMs




Harry Jowsey is opening up about life post-“Too Hot To Handle”.

The Australia native, 23, stopped by the “Hollywood Raw” podcast with co-hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn and spilled on his breakup with Francesca Farago and how Justin Bieber slid into his DMs.

“We have each other both blocked on everything,” Jowsey revealed. “So we broke up the first time and I wrote her this love letter. I was so sad, I was so heartbroken. I even bought her this rose gold cuff that had coordinates on it from where we met.”

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Jowsey and Farago met on set of the hit Netflix reality series. They later got engaged before breaking up for good.

“The only time we saw each other was one time in a whole year, and that’s when we decided we still loved each other and we wanted to give it another go,” he added. “It was weird… I was like once she moves to L.A. we’ll try it fresh and build it from the ground up and get those feelings back and move forward. BUT it wasn’t received that well and it went pear-shaped and now we just have each other blocked on everything.”

When asked about his DMs, Jowsey said Bieber was the “craziest person” to slide in.

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“He DM’d me and was like what’s your number because he watched the show,” he explained. “I think he saw a lot of similarities between myself and him… He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met, he’s so sweet, he’s so warm and welcoming. Honestly, I kinda freaked out and cried. I was like there’s no f**king way this guy knows I’m a human and exist.”

What’s next for Jowsey? “I would f**king love to be ‘The Bachelor’.”

“Too Hot To Handle” is streaming now on Netflix.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Son, ‘The Comey Rule’, Tom Ridge, Amy Coney Barrett, Jacob Wohl, Caitlyn Jenner, Stevie Nicks, Fab The Duo: HOT LINKS




WASHINGTON POST. Joe Biden for president: “In contrast to Mr. Trump’s narcissism, Mr. Biden is deeply empathetic; you can’t imagine him dismissing wounded or fallen soldiers as ‘losers.’ To Mr. Trump’s cynicism, Mr. Biden brings faith — religious faith, yes, but also faith in American values and potential. In place of Mr. Trump’s belittling and demonizing of opponents and allies alike, Mr. Biden offers a deep commitment to finding common ground in service to making government work for the greatest number. He has demonstrated that commitment in reaching across the aisle to Republicans, and also — most recently — in bringing unity to the Democratic Party without compromising his own fundamental convictions.”

EXPLAINER OF THE DAY. Whose Vote Counts, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

ON BOARD. Cindy McCain joins Joe Biden’s transition team: “This transition is like no other, preparing amid the backdrop of a global health crisis and struggling economy, which makes Mrs. McCain’s experience as a business woman, philanthropist, and longtime advocate for issues impacting women and children all the more valuable,” said transition co-chair and former Sen. Ted Kaufman.

Amy Coney Barrett

MICHELANGELO SIGNORILE. Amy Coney Barrett will destroy marriage equality: “It’s not hard to see how, with Barrett joining the court’s other religious conservatives, Americans who are anti-LGBTQ who couch their views as religious beliefs will have special rights afforded to them to discriminate against LGBTQ people and others. That’s the ultimate goal of the religious right — the agenda for decades — and it will have profound and disastrous effects on equality for queer Americans, lurching the court to an extreme that is totally out of step with the majority of Americans.”

TOM RIDGE. GOP former Pennsylvania Governor endorses Biden: “I will cast my vote for Joe Biden on Nov. 3. It will be my first vote for a Democratic candidate for president of the United States. But it is not the first time I have said “no” to Donald Trump. I urge my fellow Pennsylvanians to join me.”

Jacob Wohl RBG

UNDER INVESTIGATION. FBI investigating far-right trolls Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman: “Ironically, the document revealing the investigation was filed just days after Wohl and Burkman staged a fake FBI raid on Burkman’s home in a bid for media attention. The FBI investigation centers on Wohl and Burkman’s February release of confidential juror questionnaires from the trial of Trump associate Roger Stone. The FBI is investigating the pair for potential witness harassment, criminal contempt, and obstruction of justice, according to the filing.”

CASTING NEWS. Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins reportedly in talks to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

BABY NAMES. Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara chose a very special name for their baby boy.

POPE FRANCIS. Food and sex are there for you to enjoy. “The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God.”

CLIP OF THE DAY. The Comey Rule. “Andrew McCabe (Michael Kelly) received a phone call from Trump.”

NAKED LUNCH. Former NFL player Eric Decker ditched his clothes to promote his wife’s cookbook.

JIM OBERGEFELL. Marriage equality plaintiff devastated over Trump nomination of Amy Coney Barrett: “I feel what I, and the many other marriage equality plaintiffs fought for, is at more risk than ever before.”

CALIFORNIA. Transgender inmates to be housed based on gender identity: “Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Saturday requiring California to house transgender inmates in prisons based on their gender identity — but only if the state does not have ‘management or security concerns.’”

MALE MODEL MONDAY: Tom Hutchinson, Dom Fenison, Chase Mattson, Jules horn, Giovanni Bonamy and MORE.

TRAILER OF THE DAY. Dream Home Makeover.

MASH-UP OF THE DAY. Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks – Edge of Midnight (Live Version)

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Fab The Duo “Party For Two”.

MONDAY MUSCLE. Robert Kennedy.

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