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Will Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Finally Reunite With Her Mother?



Kailyn “completely” cut off her mom Suzi one year ago after documenting several ups and many downs through the Teen Mom 2 years. But during tonight’s episode, the mother of three received a very unexpected phone call from her absent parent.

“My mom is calling me,” Kail declared, while she was getting her hair done. “I’m going to have to step out.”

But what made Suzi attempting contact even more intriguing was the fact that her mother (Kail’s grandmother) had recently died — and Suzi did not attend the funeral in Texas. And there was also a podcast, which Kail recorded two days prior, with her co-host Lindsie and a psychic medium named Monica.

“Does your mom have a drinking problem?” Monica asked, which Kail confirmed. “I got this feeling of she’s not always really fully with it. And I feel like she also struggles with some sort of mental illness. At a soul level, she’s a really good person. Deep down.”

“My mom is a really good person,” Kail stated.

And then Monica grew emotional.

“Even though you might not have a relationship with her, the love that your mother has for you — even if you can never have a relationship, don’t ever for a second think that she doesn’t love you,” Monica said, while Kail wiped away tears. “The only thing that keeps her going in her life is the thought of knowing that you’re out there.”

Fast-forward 48 hours later with Kail being stunned about Suzi reaching out — and their exchange, which will happen on next week’s episode. What will happen between the mother-daughter duo? And will they reconnect — something Kail has expressed a desire for in the past? Do not miss Teen Mom 2 next Tuesday at 8/7c.

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The Wall: Season Three Viewer Votes




The Wall TV Show on NBC: Season Three Viewer Votes – canceled + renewed TV shows – TV Series Finale



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YouTube Vanced APK: Downloading Guide for Root as well as Non-Root Users.




YouTube Vanced APK is something, which is a platform just like YouTube but is a Modded version of it. Just like in YouTube, you can use this APK to view, like, share, subscribe and download different types of video contents along with an option to comment on it. The APK, which is beloved by millions of people all around the world, has finally upgraded its quality and format to make it more user-friendly. To provide you with more incredible features, we present to you a YouTube Vanced APK.

One of the most demanding APK versions of apps is the YouTube Vanced APK. A version of an application with unique newly launched features, which are not initially available in the original version, is known as a modded or modified version. YouTube is undoubtedly a very renowned application, which does not need any introduction or definition for sure. Indeed it is the excellent medium of entertainment by providing us with innovative and remarkable videos from all around the world. It has been ruling millions of hearts out there and is finally out with this fantastic Vanced APK.
If you are one of the biggest fans of YouTube, then we promise to you that this APK file will make you more addicted because of its incredible, upgraded features that will win your heart. In this article, you will do get to know that how to install this APK file for both roots as well as non-root users. The wait has finally come to an end for all YouTube fans, so read ahead in this article to enjoy some fantastic features of this APK.You can install the Vanced APK by using Vanced Manager or without the Vanced Manager.

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Download YouTube Vanced APK with Vanced Manager for Non-Root Users:

YouTube team has finally found a way to install this vanced APK easily by using MicroG. The app will give you the option to choose the theme you like and can also get used for installing to further upgrades. The steps are as follows:

1. Download the Vanced Manager and make sure to select Non-Root at the top of the screen.
2. Click on install, which will be present next to MicroG.
3. The downloading process must have started, and once it has completed, you can install the MicroG.
4. Click on install next to vanced, and select a theme, then click on ‘Next’.
5. Select a language that you prefer and click on finish.
6. Vanced must have started downloading and once its finished click on install.
7. You are all done.

Download YouTube Vanced APK without Vanced Manager for Non-Root Users:

1. Non-Root users need a MicroG APK to login into YouTube Vanced APK with your YouTube Account.
2. So first, download the MicroG and later download the YouTube Vanced APK from the given link.

Download YouTube Vanced APK with Vanced Manager for Root Users:

1. Download the Vanced Manager on your Android phone and install it.
2. Make a note to select Root at the top of your screen.
3. Grant Superuser access.
4. Disable signature verification in the framework.
5. Click on the guide to open a Google Search for “andnixsh apk verification disable”.
6. Click on the install button.
7. Select the theme and language that you prefer.
8. Finally, you finished installing MicroG and YouTube Vanced.

 Download YouTube Vanced APK without Vanced Manager for Root Users:

1. Download the YouTube Vanced APK from the link.
2. Save your APK in your download section,
3. Uninstall any previous versions of YouTube updates and go to PlayStore to disable the Auto updates.
4. Now you are all ready to access this fantastic version.

Download Youtube Vanced APK :-

For Root User  – Download

For non-Root Users – Download


The fantastic app YouTube is very well renowned not only for all of the incredible content videos but also its high-quality audio and videos. Do make a note of the YouTube Vanced Mod APK version will indeed do prove to be more efficient to use and will entertain you more as compared to the original version. Much more facilities will get provided in this version. Indeed it has been attracting many users from all around the world who have been enjoying this mind-blowing APK. So for what are you waiting plus if you want to be one of them and enjoy this am amazing mod apk then get ready to have fun and to have excellent video contents with by following the steps as mentioned earlier to install YouTube mod APK.

FAQ regarding this Mod APK:

1. Will any ads be displayed while using this Mod APK?

Answer: No, The Mod APK will not display any kinds of ads.

2. Is it illegal to use the Vanced mod apk version of YouTube?

Answer: No, It is not illegal as such and can you can install and access this apk without any issues

3. Can I use this Mod APK in my android phone?

Answer: You, you can but need to have an Android phone with minimum version 4.4

4. Is it safe to use this APK?

Answer: Yes, YouTube Vanced APK is entirely safe.



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Bad Bunny Is Releasing A Line Of Glow-In-The-Dark Crocs




There’s a trend of musicians partnering with shoe brands, like Travis Scott working with Nike, Kanye with Adidas, and J. Cole with Puma. Add Bad Bunny to the list. The Puerto Rican singer unveiled his own collection of footwear, soon to release a line of his very-own Crocs.

Bad Bunny’s eye-catching Crocs, which are apparently making a comeback, have a special feature. While at first glance the shoe boasts a stark white exterior in Crocs’ original design, his version are able to completely glow in dark when the lights are turned off. Of course, no pair of Crocs would be complete without their plastic accessories, Jibbitz, which Bad Bunny made sure to insert into his collection. The charms include stars, planets, as well as Bad Bunny’s signature logo.

In a statement about the collaboration, Bad Bunny said he’s been a “longtime fan” of the shoe brand: “I believe in being true and not placing limitations on myself, which is also something Crocs represents, and this is the message I always want to make sure I send out to my fans. As a longtime fan creating my own design for Crocs was a lot of fun. I hope they inspire others to have their own fun with their personal style and wearing what makes them happy.”

Check out photos of the Bad Bunny Crocs collaboration above.

The Bad Bunny x Crocs Classic Glow Clog hits online stores 9/29 at 12 p.m. EDT. Get them here.

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