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18 Scary Movies That Will Teach Children To Appreciate A Good Scare



‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

This Tim Burton classic that introduces kids to a lot of the major players in horror movies: werewolves, vampires, zombies, and more. The musical numbers and romantic subplot keep the movie far from a fright-fest.

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Vampires can be scary, but one of the blessings of old horror movies is that the gore is implied rather than graphically depicted. This horror classic can also help your kids develop an appreciation of the world before color TV and film.

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Coraline is based on a short story by Neil Gaiman. The titular character discovers a door to an alternate universe where her family isn’t too busy to spend time with her. She falls for her “Other Mother,” who turns out to be more monster than mother.

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Jaws was rated PG at a time where PG-13 didn’t exist, so proceed with caution. There’s blood, but not in an overly-gory way. With beach season behind us, older kids, tweens, and teens can likely handle the thrilling film.

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‘Corpse Bride’

Kids will get a kick out of a groom who doesn’t realize his bride’s a corpse. As they travel back to the Land of the Dead, romance and horror do a delicate dance that won’t leave kids too spooked.

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Ghostbuster is a scary movie dressed up as a comedy in all the best ways. It’s also a classic your kids will surely enjoy. There’s definitely some scary moments throughout the film, but the comic relief more than balances it out.

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Casper is more heart-heavy than horror. It deals with the loss of parents for both Casper and Kat, so be sensitive to that fact when considering if it’s right for your kids. It opens up the idea of the afterlife in a way that’s not so scary.

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‘Little Shop Of Horrors’

If your kids are into musicals, Little Shop Of Horrors can be a great way to introduce them to scary elements. It’s got all of the ’80s funniest comedians, plus a man-eating plant.

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Beetlejuice is on the darker, weirder side of the PG spectrum, but blends comedy and horror elements well. When a ghost family can’t get a live family out of their haunted house, they get some help from a demon from the underworld.

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It’s time to let your kids in on the feeding after midnight joke. The Gremlins have come to wreak havoc during Christmastime. The deeper metaphors will be over kids’ heads, but the balance of cute and gross monsters will keep them engaged.

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‘The Dark Crystal’

The Dark Crystal blends fantasy and horror in a way that’s really accessible and intriguing for kids. The magical creatures can be creepy, but not too creepy.

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‘The Witches’

The scene where Anjelica Huston transforms into the Grand High Witch will be burned into your memory forever. If you’ve ever seen the illustrations that accompany Roald Dahl’s books, you know exactly what to expect.

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‘Spirited Away’

Watching a Hayao Miyazaki movie is always a treat, whether or not it’s scary. This one happens to deliver in both areas in the story of a 10-year-old girl who moves to a new neighborhood. There, she finds all kinds of creatures, even monsters.

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ParaNorman is an introduction to zombie movies at its core. When Norman figures out he can speak to the dead, he also realizes he’s the only one who can save his town from a ghostly curse. Along the way, he discovers who the real monsters are.

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Frankenweenie is a modern, kid-friendly retelling of Frankenstein featuring a kid who loves STEM. The stop-motion animation makes the spooky Tim Burton flick complete.

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Goosebumps is pretty safe for even the easiest to scare. It’s got creepy elements but keeps clear of it in favor of group antics and comedy breakaways.

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‘Hocus Pocus’

Hocus Pocus has become a cult classic in its own right. The film features a witch coven brought back to life after killing a girl by an unknowing teenager. Now, they have to outsmart the witches to save the day and their town.

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‘Addams Family Values’

Addams Family Values is more dark comedy than horror, but it’s still a lot of fun. See what happens when the creepy cast of characters tries to be more like an average family, with a few major exceptions. This will become a family favorite.

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Michaela Coel And Donald Glover Got Real Together About The Obsessive Nature Of Social Media




Michaela Coel (creator, writer, and star of HBO’s I May Destroy You) and Donald Glover (creator, writer, and star of FX’s Atlanta) had a conversation for GQ, and it was as expansive and insightful as you’d expect it the piece to be. Amid other topics of discussion, Glover revealed that he’s not necessarily done with Childish Gambino yet, and the two discussed their various brainchildren with Coel revealing that, as far as literal children go, she’s not incredibly attached to the idea but is freezing her eggs. The conversation included Donald raving about IMDY, but he hasn’t seen that finale yet, so a followup discussion might be necessary, public or otherwise.

In the meantime, the two discussed (among subjects as wide ranging as “WAP” and Elon Musk taking over our brains) the urge that many people have to obsess over social media approval. Michaela mentioned that time when she first revealed (a few years ago while giving a keynote address) that she turned a Netflix offer, and she actually didn’t follow up to see if people tweeted about it. Glover was all in on that vibe and referenced how Nina Simone probably wouldn’t dig Twitter:

“That’s awesome. Nina Simone did her thing and then she went home. She wasn’t on Twitter checking, “Do people like this sh*t?” I try really hard not to know what people are saying about me. That’s not to say that I’m impervious, because I definitely do check. It’s so easy to get caught in that loop. I feel like a lot of people I see are getting caught in the narrative of who they are. And I’m like, “Man, you’re not anybody. Stop!”

From there, Michaela likened Twitter to a “monster,” but she added that this is a highly relative term, as in “just like all monsters, you can see it either as this huge monstrous thing or this little baby that’s having teething problems.” She said that while writing IMDY, she had to get the heck off Twitter for awhile because it wasn’t contributing to the clarity of her narrative. Before this declaration, GQ quotes Donald as remarking, “Naming that bar Ego Death [in I May Destroy You]? I was like, “Yo, this sh*t is f*cking deep. This is a f*cking deep dive, man.” Agreed. You can read the full feature here.

In closing, I’d like to mention that Michaela happened to tell us that she wouldn’t mind if her Arabella character popped up in Atlanta one day. And given that Atlanta‘s third and fourth seasons are apparently written and ready to film whenever it’s safe to do so, might we suggest a slight revision for an Arabella cameo? Surely, Glover can make it happen. Even if Arabella’s only walking by in that pink wig and telltale sweater or dancing to The Prodigy, it’d be an unforgettable crossover.

(Via GQ)

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How are Joe Biden’s teeth so blindingly white?





Joe Biden’s changing appearance has become something of an obsession for Donald Trump. From the early days of Biden’s 2020 campaign, Trump publicly attacked the former Vice President for supposedly having several procedures to turn back the clock on his 77-year-old visage. But one thing he’s never touched on is Joe Biden’s teeth.

At a recent campaign rally in Pittsburgh, the president mixed it up, combining cosmetic surgery speculation with anti-mask sentiment. 

Referring to Biden’s comfort level during the debate, Trump said, “Is he going to walk in with a mask? Honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up with a mask? Seriously, the whole deal!” 

You don’t have to be a Beverly Hills “dermatologist” to recognize Biden’s “glow-up” may be chemically enhanced. Flipping through chronological pictures of Joe, time moves forward, but wrinkles on his face dissipate as thoroughly as his 1987 plagiarism scandal. He’s lost weight, but his cheeks are fuller; his hair is thicker. But surgery? As in, “going under the knife”? I’m not sure.

Joe Biden plastic surgery

A lot can be done before the anesthesia knocks out an elderly patient on blood thinner medication. There are non-surgical nose jobs done with filler. Kybella can be injected into your neck to eliminate sagging jowls and a double chin. Dissolving threads can be sewn into your face to give you a facelift (gag). 

Spend any amount of time on Instagram, and you’ll see licensed MDs and RNs hypothesizing on just which procedures famous people have had. In one pretty subtle photo, @Dr.Motox ventures that Vanessa Hudgens has had, “Tear trough filler, marionette line filler, brow lift, and anti-wrinkle injections.” 

As a layperson who doesn’t work out of a medspa, my best guess for Biden is regular botox from the forehead down, cheek filler, under eye filler, something to perk up his nose, and Kybella or another tightening injectable under the jaw. 

Joe Biden teeth

After last year’s denture debacle, I am confident that Biden has some form of veneers or crowns on his pearly whites. If you skipped last fall’s Democratic debates (fair), you might have missed the bizarre moment when the Veep was asked about the NRA, and his teeth seemed to slide around and almost out of his mouth. That cringe is just one part of a myriad of dental questions people have about the malarkey man. Why are Joe Biden’s teeth so blindingly white? Why has Biden’s gum line shifted over the years? Why does Joe Biden, 77, have better teeth than a 15-year-old who just got his braces off? 

Five years ago, u/therock21, a verified dentist, posted a lengthy explainer on Reddit, hypothesizing the dental work of various politicians. TheRock21 stated that Biden’s mouth work was “the most difficult” to identify, because in their opinion, “these are all crowns.” As in, Joe Biden’s entire grill is porcelain, like a Victorian doll. “There are several giveaways,” therock21 posted, noting “the uniformity of color on each tooth,” and “the shapes of the teeth,” looking too long and rounded. By contrast, when the dentist got to President Barack Obama, he said, “I got nuthin’. These look perfectly natural.” 

joe biden teeth


On Quora, JoAnne Kelly, a verified periodontal therapist and dental hygienist posited another theory. Because Biden is 77, the lack of fluoridation in water caused him standard teeth decay over the near-century of his life. Thus, the crowns on his front teeth. But because Joe grew up rich and remained middle class to extremely wealthy his whole life, he never suffered gum disease or any situation that would cause actual dentures. Biden’s changing gumline simply reflects a person who is able to have a complete dental makeover of his crowns as frequently as dental technology changes and allows.

But only Biden knows the truth of Joe Biden’s teeth.

Joe Biden hair

The former Veep’s hair loss journey has also been well-documented. This Politico article from 2008 confirmed from unnamed sources that Biden got a hair transplant or hair plugs back in the 1980s when his hair was darker. Dr. Barry Cohen, a Washington, D.C.-based doctor, told the Washington Examiner this month that he thinks Joe has since had those plugs touched up by “filling in his frontal hairline.” 

Lastly, and this is all me, don’t sue me, I firmly believe that Joe’s twinkling baby-blues are enhanced with the use of a non-FDA-approved eyedrop like Collyre Bleu. All the celebs use these, and they’re illegal in America. Maybe if Joe wins, he can fast-track their legality. 

But none of those procedures, even the hair ones, are technically considered surgery. The most significant “conspiracy” regarding Biden’s makeover takeover is the supposed “facelift-scar” behind his left ear. When I look at these “bombshell” pictures, I have trouble making out any scar at all. Somehow, I doubt Joe underwent “the big stretch,” even if it was over a decade ago. Fillers do a lot, as can those dissolvable face strings, as can ol’ fashioned tape. Yes, tape. Ask any Hollywood makeup artist, and he or she will divulge that “facelift tape” is one of the most common tricks used to make our elder statespeople look regal on the big screen. 

It’s possible that the “facelift scar” results from one of Biden’s two brain surgeries. After suffering two aneurysms in 1988, Biden underwent several serious medical procedures that kept him from the Senate floor for seven months. One Google of “brain aneurysm scars” (don’t do it while eating,) and it’s nearly identical to the other gross Google of “facelift scars.” Some people have also attributed the moment in which Joe’s eyeball filled with blood while talking to Anderson Cooper as a possible lingering side effect of these surgeries.

But—like—NONE OF THIS MATTERS! Men can get plastic surgery! Men can get fillers! Presidents can get non-surgical nasal lifts with the help of a weird thread! Old people can want to “turn back time,” and young people can want to give themselves “Instagram Face” if they feel like it! It’s all fine and acceptable because it’s his body! And if the filler “migrates,” as filler is want to do, it’s okay! Biden’s cheekbones can move around and settle in a more natural place, just like his journey from not supporting universal health care at all to sort of supporting it, in concept only. 

I believe Trump’s insults about Joe’s appearance are a three-pronged attack. Attacking Biden for getting cosmetic enhancements plays upon Biden’s physical insecurities. Attacking Biden for getting plastic “surgery” at all makes him seem effeminate and less-masculine. Attacking Biden for changing his appearance makes him seem like Biden has “something to hide.” Add the mask attacks to this, and you’ve got a perfect Trump insult. By the way, Trump also believes masks are not manly; “I’ve never seen a man that liked a mask,” Trump told a crowd early in September.

Donald Trump himself is a living before-and-after. In 1990, Ivana Trump recounted under oath the night that Trump returned from undergoing a “scalp reduction surgery.” Intended to correct balding, this harrowing process involves cutting out the bald spot and sewing the skin back together. It was also just revealed he spent over $70,000 on hair styling.

According to the book Born Trump by Vanity Fair senior reporter Emily Jane Fox, the president once encouraged a young Ivanka Trump to get breast implants as a surefire way to secure her modeling career. Meanwhile, in 2011, the Trump Taj Mahal offered a $25,000 plastic surgery prize to a lucky casino winner. 

When Trump’s critics point out this hypocrisy, writers will claim that Trump just doesn’t like sloppy nip tuck jobs. Last year, Olivia Nuzzi wrote in a Biden profile for New York Magazine, “[Donald Trump] considers it an all-too-common tragedy when someone has their face inexpertly altered.” Framing Trump as some kind of cosmetic connoisseur is the grossest outcome of all of this. Barf.

In our new universe of senior citizen candidates, the unapologetic use of plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers, and specialized Scotch tape is expected. And since we keep electing men who uphold heteronormative bullshit like truck-driving and push-up contests, we might as well embrace it that those men also want a little snip snip and a squirt squirt. Honestly, Biden becoming a filler queen is maybe one of the bright spots of 2020. No more articles about how “the Presidency ages you.” More articles about how Grampy politicians are “doing the work,” while “getting the work” done, ya know? 

The Daily Dot’s 2020 election coverage

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Electrician Fixes 72 Y.O. Woman’s Lights, Then Enlists Entire Community To Fix Her Broken-Down House For Free




Having something break down in your home is unpleasant, to say the least. Luckily, it’s great there’s always someone who can help—and it’s even more awesome when it’s an entire community doing so.

Massachusetts handyman and electrician John Kinney was recently called in to fix an electrical problem at an old lady’s home, but found so many problems around the house that he couldn’t just leave them be. So he organized a volunteer group and fundraiser to give it an overhaul—completely free to the kind old lady!

Electrician John Kinney was called in by 72 Y.O. Gloria Scott to check out an electrical problem

Image credits: John Kinney

Meet John Kinney, a Massachusetts-based electrician and all-around repairman who recently got a call from 72-year-old Gloria Scott from Woburn regarding a light fixture that went out in her home.

So, Kinney went down to investigate, and sure enough, the light fixture was not working… along with a slew of other things that needed repairs badly.

Half of the lights were out, most of the wiring was shot, the house had no running water, the ceiling was falling apart, there were serious plumbing issues, and the outside area was like a jungle, among many other problems. The sight struck him so much that he knew he had to do something about it.

But Kinney found a lot more problems with the house and decided that something had to be done

Image credits: John Kinney

So, he gathered some volunteers to clean the place up and to make some very needed repairs

Image credits: John Kinney

You see, Gloria is a 72-year-old woman who is just barely getting by with the money she has, and she has no family to help her out with everything. So Kinney decided to round up some volunteers and help the old lady by doing some cleanup and ordinary repair work.

Everyone worked hard and did some good work, “[but] it’s simply just not enough,” said Kinney. So he organized a fundraiser and called upon a team of professional craftsmen who would volunteer their time along with some lesser-skilled volunteers to help fix up the house to a degree where it wouldn’t be a hazard.

But that wasn’t enough, so he got some professionals to volunteer their time and started a fundraiser

Image credits: John Kinney

Unfortunately, the 72 Y.O. Gloria Scott is in a situation where money’s tight and has no family

Image credits: John Kinney

The fundraiser aims to raise funds to pay for the needed materials and equipment

Image credits: John Kinney

“She has some serious plumbing issues that need to be corrected. There is extensive drywall repair to be done. A massive amount of painting. Her front porch brick steps are an accident waiting to happen,” elaborated Kinney on the fundraiser page. “I have a network of skilled professionals that will donate their time to this cause. I’m looking to raise money for materials.”

And so a miracle was born. All of the volunteers gathered to do some serious fixing: everything from revitalizing the yard to redoing the ceiling and walls, painting the house, and renovating the porch stairs were among many works done to restore the house to its former glory.

The self-proclaimed Gloria’s Gladiators are now working tirelessly to restore the old lady’s home

Image credits: John Kinney

They’re doing everything from painting the walls to fixing the roof to redoing the garden

Image credits: John Kinney

The fundraiser took off as soon as news about it started spreading. Since August 16th, the fundraiser has managed to collect over $110,000 towards building materials for the house. Besides all of this, there were people who even donated home-cooked meals to keep the volunteers working.

Mind you, Gloria didn’t have to pay a single cent for all of this, and needless to say, she was absolutely grateful for it all. “Look at these people… [You] can’t even comprehend the gratitude that I have,” she told CBS.

The good deeds of the community soon started making headlines online and went viral

Image credits: John Kinney

Image credits: John Kinney

The group of volunteers are now known as Gloria’s Gladiators and there’s an entire Facebook group dedicated to this project. It has so far gathered over 14,600 members. There’s also an Instagram, so be sure to follow it and become a member of the Facebook group.

And it seems it won’t end with this house, as Kinney explained: “I don’t want it to [end]. And that’s why we put a name to it—Gloria’s Gladiators—and we want to keep going with this.”

At the moment, the fundraiser has collected over $110k to be used for materials and equipment

Image credits: John Kinney

Image credits: John Kinney

Image credits: John Kinney

So, consider donating. Or if you live in the Woburn, Massachusetts area, join the many who have already volunteered in any way they could!

What are your thoughts on this? Has a community effort like this happened in your area? Let us know in the comment section below!

Here’s how the internet reacted to this wholesome story

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