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5 Movies to Watch If You Liked Lion King Series



Animated characters are not only a vital part of our childhood but also are something of greater importance as we grow up. Understanding these characters and relating to them on a much deeper level as we grow is not weird at all. The Lion King series is an all-time favourite for many. The story of how Simba fights for his deceased father, Mufasa, and his kingdom is truly inspiring. Similarly, a few other animated movies are a beautiful memory in our lives, making us feel a tingling sensation every time.



Produced by DreamWorks Animation, Madagascar comprises of multiple movies in its name. All of them with interesting stories but the same characters. The story starts with how four mischievous animals, with some penguins’ help, flee from the New York central zoo escape. What makes it more interesting is that the penguins were not intentionally helping out the animals to run away. All of them finally end up in Madagascar. It is the perfect animation movie one can watch on family night.

The Book of Life

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The Book of Life Movie Poster

It is a 3D musical animated movie with drama, fantasy, romance, comedy, and adventure, a complete package. The story starts with three friends, Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin, which will turn into a love triangle as they grow up. The gods make a bet on who Maria will marry, and accordingly, the events of the movie fall into place. Even though the film is full of fantasy, it is a joy ride. A museum tour guide named Mary Beth narrates the story to a group of school detention students.

Finding Dory

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Finding Dory Movie Poster

With a release in 2016, this movie is a spin-off to Finding Nemo (2003). It is a heartwarming movie of a blue tang fish, Dory, who is amnesiac. She separates from her parents as a child and cannot remember much about them due to short term memory loss. Dory meets Marlin, a clownfish who is in search of Nemo, his son. Dory and Marlin together find Nemo and are living on the reef together. Life was nothing different for them, but Dory gets a flashback of her parents one day. After that, she embarks on the journey to reunite with them.


Produced by Walt Disney animation studios, Moana is the story of a strong-headed teenager who embarks on an adventure. Moana lives on an island with her parents happily. Her father is the chief of all the people living on the island. But somehow, in the coming years, the fish, plants, and trees start dying, and Moana has to find a way. She goes out into the ocean to find Maui, who is a mythical demigod. Maui’s acts create troubles for everyone with Te Fiti, the goddess providing everything to humans. Moana finds a way out, goes against her father, and saves her people.

The Jungle Book

The adaptations of this movie are from the famous novel by Rudyard Kipling. It is a live-action adventure movie telling the story of a young boy with the name Mowgli. In India’s jungles, a panther finds an infant and brings him to a pack of wolves. The wolves bring up Mowgli like their own, teaching him tips and tricks to survive in the jungle. As Mowgli grows up, his paths cross with Sher Khan, a Bengal tiger. Sher Khan killed Mowgli’s father and wants to kill him too. But with the support of the animals in the forest, Mowgli somehow manages to defeat Sher Khan.

The animation movies are entirely fictitious but completely enthralling.


Zlatan Ibrahimović has left a major mark on the people on this recently held event and here is what we are talking about!




Zlatan Ibrahimović had two moments, two chances to make one major difference. And it’s obvious that he was the one to bring the difference. Yes, you guessed it right, I’m talking about the recently held UEFA Europa League Second qualifying round match. The match was really thrilling and fans were all amazed to see the Swede, Ibrahimović using the opportunity to show his great play against the Shamrock Rovers.

Conclusion of the match was indeed ruthless. Roberto Lopes was another great player of the match. He scuffed, he volleyed through the cleared path and linked with Hakan Calhanoglu and in no time Ibrahimović had another goal with his help.

The way he kept going without even raising his head to see where the goal was is quite admirable. He seemed to be completely focused in shot his aim to the goal. And during the goal the way he lept into the air clearly shows that even at the age of thirty eight he still has the zest for these type of moments. You will be amazed to know that he’s three years elder to Stephen Bradley, the boss of Rovers. And whoever be in the opponent team, goals is what he deals in.

He proved that he is one of the great player of world football. Ibrahimović got stuck while 23 minutes were left for the game to end.

Amid this pandemic, we all are facing a lot of problems. But this match turned out to be a great cherishing moment for the Rovers fans. However, Ibrahimović gave a tough fight to the Rovers captain Ronan Finn. And the fans wish to see more such amazing games in left matches of the league.

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Three Takeaways From A Dominant Lakers Performance In Game 1 Of The Finals




Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals started with Miami looking like the more aggressive and assertive team, as they darted out to a 25-12 lead at the 4:21 mark of the first quarter. However, once the Lakers woke up, it was a thorough ass-kicking for the next 40 minutes as they were dominant in every facet of the game on their way to a 116-98 win and a 1-0 series lead.

There are plenty of things both teams will look at from this game, with Miami obviously having the most to work on to get back into this series. Here, we’ll explore three takeaways from Game 1 and how they will shape this series going forward.

1. The Heat need a new plan for Anthony Davis

Davis got off to a tremendous start to his first NBA Finals game, with 34 points, nine rebounds, five assists, and three blocks, and he was as thoroughly dominant as those numbers would indicate. Davis controlled the game on both ends of the floor, deterring Miami drivers on defense and overpowering just about everyone the Heat threw at him defensively while continuing his strong shooting from deep in this postseason.

Miami did not match Bam Adebayo up with Davis much in Game 1, as Adebayo spent most of his time on Dwight Howard early when he started, and that would seem to be the necessary adjustment — or to try out more zone defense. However, with Adebayo leaving Game 1 with an apparent shoulder injury, the task of slowing down Davis would get far more complicated. If Adebayo can’t go in Game 2, they’ll have to get very creative with their rotations, likely meaning bigger minutes for Solomon Hill, who played a good bit in the opener and held up reasonably well, and others like Kelly Olynyk, who might at least be able to draw Davis out of the paint when Miami’s on offense.

Davis is going to produce; that’s always going to happen, but he can’t dominate the way he did on both ends if Miami’s to have a chance. Part of that comes down to Adebayo having a dismal game even before his injury, but the Heat have to go back to the drawing board with how they plan to deal with Davis on both ends.

2. Tyler Herro is the Lakers’ top target

Tyler Herro was very rudely welcomed to the NBA Finals stage by LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. The young swingman had a breakout performance in Game 4 of the conference finals and has been a key contributor all postseason, but the rookie had a horrific Game 1. Herro finished with 14 points on 6-of-18 shooting (2-of-8 from deep) and Miami was a stunning minus-35 while on he was on the court. While there’s always some noise to single game plus/minus, it felt as bad as that number indicated.

Herro looked to be moving very quickly on offense, bordering on out of control at times, but it was his defensive performance that has to concern Miami the most. LeBron James is the best in the league at hunting mismatches, and he and the Lakers went at Herro just about every opportunity they could. Herro got cooked by nearly every Lakers perimeter player at least once, and the Heat were all too willing to let James get the switch onto Herro, allowing James to attack and, at worst, force a hard rotation to open up a L.A. shooter once he cleared Herro going to the basket.

The Heat love their rookie and won’t go away from him totally, but they might have to be a bit more judicious with his minutes when the Lakers hunt him the way they did defensively. On offense, he has to be better to stay on the floor and part of that is being smarter with his shot selection, but the main concern is what L.A. did picking on him defensively. They need a new strategy on that end of the floor, namely in being less willing to give LeBron whatever he wants with their switching, because if not, he’s going to attack Herro — and Duncan Robinson — mercilessly. James finished with 25 points, 13 rebounds, and nine assists, and I’d wager a guess that at least half of those points and assists were the direct result of Miami’s willingness to let him pick his matchups.

3. How serious are the Miami injuries?

I want to be very clear about something here, which is injuries were not why the Lakers won Game 1. However, for Miami to have a chance in this series, they will need their stars on the floor, and Jimmy Butler, Goran Dragic, and Bam Adebayo all picked up injuries in this one. Butler’s seems the least severe, as he continued playing and was on the floor for 33 minutes of the game despite rolling his left ankle late in the second quarter.

Dragic and Adebayo are much bigger concerns, as neither returned after they departed the game. Dragic suffered a left foot injury, and there is reportedly concern that his series is done. Given the offensive boost he’s given them in this postseason, averaging 20.9 points per game, his absence would be crippling to the Heat’s effectiveness on that end, and surely force a lot more Kendrick Nunn minutes. Adebayo left with a shoulder injury, and while X-rays returned negative, he did not return for the second half as well. The Heat all postseason have been heavily reliant on the Adebayo minutes to win games, as their net rating went from plus-8.5 to minus-3.9 when he left the floor. With the Lakers’ size, his presence is vital to their chances, and his absence would lead to serious issues for Miami.

The Heat have plenty of on-court adjustments to make, but they’ll likely be rendered moot if they’re without one or two of their best players for an extended period.

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In Defending Hunter, Biden Showed Us His Potential




“Black Pill” is internet slang that has gained prominence in 2020. It’s an alternative to the Matrix’s red/blue pill binary, and, as opposed to “opening your mind,” it refers to something that makes you look to the future with harsh and utter pessimism. Last night’s debate was a bulky and bitter black pill. Yet, there was a shining, damn-near beautiful moment that may signal a change in America’s view of addiction.

It occurred during Biden’s response to a question about the current president’s record. Biden brought up the intelligence pointing to Russian bounties being placed on the heads of American soldiers when Trump charged that Biden’s son received millions of dollars from Russia. After moderator Chris Wallace tried to once again scold Trump about the rules of the debate Biden continued, eventually returning to the subject of his family.  He recounted his son Beau’s service to the country calling him “a patriot.”

“Are you talking about Hunter?” Trump replied. “He got thrown out of the military for cocaine use.”

Biden could have sidestepped Trump’s insult to his son Hunter. Instead, he looked directly at the camera and said: “My son, like a lot of people, like lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem. He’s fixed it, he’s worked on it. And I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son.”

Hunter Biden struggled with addiction to alcohol and cocaine for much of his adult life. He eventually achieved long stints if sobriety with the help of Twelve-Step Programs and with treatment using the psychedelic plant extract Ibogaine. Joe Biden’s up-close-and-personal experience with substance abuse disorder could indicate the potential for great changes in our country’s approach to this issue. Hunter’s experience with Ibogaine treatment could inspire more study for the potentially game-changing substance, which is currently illegal.

Having the son of the president represent the recovery community is a new paradigm. This wouldn’t be the president’s distant kin quietly slipping into a million-dollar rehab for 28 days. This would be the president’s son acknowledging that he is in recovery, that he has smoked crack and come out the other end of that indelibly narrow glass tunnel. Merely acknowledging the problem is profoundly meaningful — the first of the twelve steps.

Addiction is a realm where reform often comes from those who have been through it. If Hunter continues to wear the label of “addict” without shame, lending his experience and the experience of others in recovery to pertinent policy discussions, this could be a ray of optimism during bleak times for those in recovery. Especially now, when so many people are confronting one of the bleakest times in modern history.

Dark times are the perfect occasion for people struggling with addiction to relapse. For people with substance use disorder, both good and bad times can be opportunities to use — but utterly hopeless ones like these are especially tempting. Overdose deaths have increased in 40 states since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the American Medical Association.

Trump looks at addiction on the same strength/weakness binary through which he sees much of the world. Biden’s stance on the issue was a clear and defined point of difference for Biden in an evening of confusion. Trump seems not to even be listening to many of his own voters: addiction does not discriminate between race, class, or even between the weak and the strong. It does tend to impact marginalized people to a greater extent, much like the pandemic that now envelops us. If Trump had a better understanding of addiction, he wouldn’t have tried to hurl it in Biden’s face last night. Biden’s proclamation — ”I’m proud of him, I’m proud of my son” — was an indication that he understands something else Trump never will, that struggling through and surviving hardship can give a person actual strength. It can even make an entire country stronger.


Correction: A previous version of the article stated that Chris Matthews was the debate moderator. It was Chris Wallace. 

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