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90 Day Fiance Exclusive: Did Colt lie about Vanessa moving out? Source says she’s still there



Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After
Did Colt lie about Vanessa moving out? Pic credit: TLC

As 90 Day Fiance fans might recall from Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Colt Johnson explained that Vanessa moved out and he was taking time to work on himself.

According to a source close to Colt, that wasn’t the truth.

In fact, according to The Fraudcast Podcast,  a source claims Vanessa didn’t move out at that time and still lives there!

Among all the other reasons Jess had to leave Colt behind, perhaps the fact that Vanessa never really moved out played a larger role in their split. 

The missing puzzle piece 

Back in September of 2019, Colt posted a pic on his IG of a custom piece of jewelry he commissioned from @slowjackjewelery.

Colt Johnson's puzzle piece necklace
Now we know who Colt gave the missing puzzle piece necklace to. Pic credit: @savagecoltj/Instagram

The item was a silver puzzle piece with a heart-shaped cut out as a pendant on a silver chain. Colt never explained the reason for this commission, but fans were left to assume this item was a friendship or love necklace, and that another piece would be made to fit. The biggest question was – who would get this item, and what would it mean?

When fans found Vanessa’s IG page (@guerra_702), they were quick to notice the “missing puzzle piece 🧩” added into her Bio. This fueled further speculation that the pair were more than just friends, especially when Vanessa posted a group pic of her wearing the puzzle piece shaped necklace.

Colt posted the same pic on his Instagram but conveniently cropped out Vanessa, we’re assuming for show consistency. He didn’t hold back on commenting on Vanessa’s post by commenting “Oh s**t you were there too?”

He was obviously having fun with fans, knowing that Vanessa was still around and still friends with him.

Colt Vanessa and friends
Colt can be seen posing with Vanessa, Mother Debbie and their friends. Pic credit: guerra_702/Instagram

Vanessa and Colt really dated

According to the same source, Vanessa and Colt legitimately dated for some time after the events of filming took place.

On September 2, a video of Colt and Vanessa was posted on @90dayfiancenow IG page. The video shows the pair on a double date with friends (the same friends as the previous group pic), as they walked down the street while holding hands. 

From the face masks, we can tell the photo is more recent than filming. However, a lot has changed since that video went up. 

Colt and Vanessa have since broken up

The source also added that since the video was posted, the two have broken up. They said that Vanessa “thinks Colt is an ‘a**hole now” and they aren’t as close as they used to be, but are still friends.   

Despite being broken up, Vanessa still resides in the residence with Colt and his mother, Debbie. The only reason the source could provide as to why Vanessa still lived with them was “they like her. More so, Debbie likes her.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 


Is It True That Gabriela Berlingeri Cheated on Bad Bunny?




Did Gabriela cheat on Bad Bunny? Rumors have been swirling about the Puerto Rican musical sensation (real name: Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) and his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, since the beginning of the year.

The “Yo Perreo Sola” singer and Gabriela went Instagram-official in the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine, when he revealed that he was isolating with his love, and that the two were also collaborators, with Gabriela helping Benito with photography and even having a hand in some of his recent musical endeavors.

Since then, fans have been obsessing over the adorable couple, and any update in their relationship has quickly become a trending topic.

In early August, Gabriela took to Instagram to post a video on her page and fans were quick to zoom in on the diamond ring she was wearing, which many took to mean that she and Bad Bunny were engaged. 

Weeks later, fans leaked a video taken inside a church and took it to mean that Bad Bunny and Gabriela had gotten married.

Now, TikTok and Twitter users are saying that Gabriela has been cheating on Bad Bunny! Is there any truth to the rumors? The rumor of Gabriela cheating on Bad Bunny seems to only be a rumor at this point, one that began circulating on TikTok over the weekend of Sept. 26 and quickly developed a life of its own. 

Did Gabriela cheat on Bad Bunny?

Soon after many fans made videos on TikTok to better understand the situation between the couple, Gabriela’s name began to trend on Twitter on the evening of Sept. 27, with everyone wondering whether she had indeed cheated on the “No Me Conoce” singer, and more often than not, asking themselves how she could do such a thing.

“Gabriela cheated on Bad Bunny?” one incensed fan asked on Twitter. “I’m hoping that’s a lie Bc you’d be dumb af to cheat on BAD MF BUNNY.”

While others have been doing their best to defend Gabriela from the baseless rumors, someone else explained where the gossip mill began.

What did El Dominio say about Gabriela?

It turns out that the rumor of Gabriela cheating on Bad Bunny began with Puerto Rican trap artist El Dominio claiming in an Instagram Live that Gabriela cheated on Bad Bunny with him years ago in the very early days of her and Benitos’ relationship.

In the words of one avid Bad Bunny fan, “El Dominio mocked Bad Bunny for taking his seconds via Instagram Live and also implied he has proof of Gabriela being intimate with him before Bad Bunny came around. El Dominio accuses Bad Bunny and his production company of blocking videographers from working with him, claiming Bad Bunny has interfered with his career ever since Gabriela’s alleged cheating.”

While neither Gabriela nor Bad Bunny have spoken up on the matter, two things seem clear. For one, it’s becoming increasingly obviously why the singer is so private about his personal life, and given the rumor mill, we’re beginning to doubt if he will ever even speak on whether he and Gabriela are engaged (or married?). 

And two, even if things did go down the way El Dominio is claiming they did, it feels less like Gabriela cheated on him and more like he’s hurt she would leave him for someone so much more successful than him. 

Bye, hater!

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Sound Off Reactions To Who Is The WWE NXT Mystery Person




Yesterday we asked who you thought the mystery person was in the above video. The individual has teased a return to NXT at next Sunday’s TakeOver.

The front runners in the comments were either Robert Roode or Bo Dallas — both who have been off TV for some time now. Other names mentioned were Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and Ember Moon.

Thanks to everyone who responded, below are some of the top comments:

“Bo Dallas would make the most sense. He should reinvent himself.”

“Leo Kruger.”

“Probably Robert Roode because Lord knows everyone else from Canada has come back to wrestle except for him, and the main roster will have nothing for him upon his return.”

The Leviathan:
“Hornswoggle. It always ends up being Hornswoggle. I want it to be Roode. Back in NXT would help both he and the brand.”

We’re currently doing another Sound Off about WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, which you can check out here.

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