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Aggretsuko season 4 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more



The latest season of the masterfully crafted and top-rated musical comedy anime series Aggretsuko has proven to be just as good, if not better than its predecessors. This has led the anticipation for Aggretsuko season 4 to rise to an all-time high with Netflix subscribers all over the world wondering when the next chapter will arrive.

The selection of animated programs available on Netflix is a stellar assortment of enthralling narratives that fans can’t seem to get enough, but the most critically acclaimed original the streaming giant has on its roster is, without a doubt, the well-written and visually stunning Japanese anime series. It is one of the few shows in existence that has not one, not two, but three seasons receiving a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This exceptional program follows Retsuko, a 25-year-old single anthropomorphic red panda, who lets out her frustration with her accounting job by singing death metal at a karaoke bar. Its take on relatable problems in a uniquely hilarious manner has allowed it to stand out amongst the rest like no other prompting the demand for another outing to materialize sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet renewed Aggretsuko for season 4, which isn’t surprising at this stage, considering the last iteration released on Aug. 27. Since it’s so popular, a renewal is probably likely leading many to wonder when the next installment could land on the streaming service?

Aggretsuko season 4 release date

Assuming Aggretsuko is renewed for a fourth season, it would be wise not to expect a release date for Aggretsuko Season 4 to come out anytime soon. The streaming powerhouse likes to vet the demand and ratings for any program before it greenlights a follow-up. But considering how well the first three chapters have been received overall, it’s hard to imagine another run not happening.

The first season of the Netflix anime came out in April 2018, and the second chapter was released in June 2019. The last season dropped in August 2020, so there is a chance we could see Aggretsuko season 4 in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic is still an issue when it comes to productions causing Netflix to move more cautiously than usual when it comes to developing new projects, and this could very well slow down the progress of Arggretsuko season 4.

While this is all just speculation at this point, it feels like all hope isn’t lost on Aggretsuko season 4 arriving in 2021, and even if it takes until 2022, it will most assuredly be worth the wait.

Aggretsuko season 4 cast

Although nothing has been confirmed regarding the cast of Aggretsuko season 4, it would be bizarre if the major players did not return. The Japanese anime is available in both Japanese and English, with some exceptionally talented individuals bringing these brilliant characters to life.

Kaolip voices Retsuko in Japanese with Rarecho providing the vocals for the death metal enthusiast. In English, Erica Mendez handles the voice work of Retsuko with Jamison Boaz taking care of the vocals. It would be a real shame if all of these top-notch performers didn’t return for Aggrestuko season 4.

Director Ton’s Japanese voice actor Souta Arai and English counterpart Josh Petersdorf would hopefully return as well. Rina Inoue, Katelyn Gault, Shingo Kato, Ben Diskin, and the rest of the talented cast of regulars will most certainly be heading back into the booth should Aggrestuko season 4 get the green light.

It will be interesting to see who returns and if any new characters are set to appear, if and when Aggrestuko season 4 finally makes its way to Netflix for subscribers to enjoy all over the world.

Aggretsuko season 4 synopsis

Netflix has not released anything resembling a synopsis for Aggretsuko season 4, and it’s safe to assume one will not be arriving, at least until much closer to the release date of the next season.

The first season saw Retsuko resolve issues in the workplace, and the followup looked into her personal life.

Season three was the Netflix originals boldest move yet as the narrative shifted, having Retsuko deal with her financial problems by taking on a secret role as a member of a Japanese idol group.

Where things could go in Aggrestuko season 4 is anyone’s guess, really, and whatever the future holds for the superb Netflix anime, subscribers everywhere will be excited to see what’s in store as well as rock out to more excellent death metal performances.

Aggretsuko season 4 trailer

There is no trailer for Aggretsuko season 4, and one should not expect one to be released anytime soon. Until one is released, fans should take out their frustration at their local karaoke bar, the shower, or in front of the mirror and belt out some heart-stopping, pulse-pounding death metal. As soon as the fantastic anime drops a tantalizing new teaser, we will be sure to share it with everyone.

When we know more about Aggretsuko season 4, we will be sure to let you know all the news and updates as they come out. For more information about the deeply funny Netflix anime series, stay tuned here!

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Fox moves up premiere for U.S. version of “I Can See Your Voice”




Fox has fast-tracked the premiere of its latest music-themed entertainment format I Can See Your Voice to its fall programming slate.

Hosted and executive produced by comedic actor Ken Jeong, the “mystery music guessing game” will debut on Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following the season four premiere of The Masked Singer at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

With the back-to-back premieres, Fox will create a two-hour Wednesday night block of South Korean-originated formats. I Can See Your Voice is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment and is based on a South Korean format from CJ ENM.

“Safely filming I Can See Your Voice this summer was a win in itself, but when we saw the pure magic of the show and felt the palpable suspense in the room before that first note hit, we knew we had to share it with audiences this season,” said Rob Wade, president of alternative entertainment and specials at Fox Entertainment, in a statement. “It’s no secret that viewers need a little fun and escape now and, as a companion to an all-new season of The Masked Singer, this will be a fantastic night of family entertainment – and a fantastic night of Ken Jeong.”

Jeong will be joined on set by Emmy-nominated actress Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Daytime Emmy Award winner Adrienne Bailon-Houghton as part of a rotating panel of celebrities – including comedians, pop culture experts, and a musical superstar – to help identify the good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note.

Contestants will attempt to determine the bad “Secret Voices” from the good based on clues, interrogations and lip synch challenges, all for the chance to win a US$100,000 cash prize.

Episodes will culminate with the selected vocalist revealing their real singing talent, or lack thereof, in a duet performance with the musical superstar.

James Mckinlay , Craig Plestis and Ken Jeong serve as executive producers.

Photo credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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Exclusive: “Time”, “I Am Greta” to bookend CIFF ’20




Nathan Grossman’s cinéma verité feature I Am Greta and Garrett Bradley’s award-winning ​Time are among the feature and short documentaries to screen at the 2020 edition of the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF).

The full festival program, presented by non-fiction creative hub the Points North Institute, includes 30 features, three mid-length films and 27 shorts from 27 countries, with more than half of the feature films presented as major premieres. In addition, 55% of this year’s films are directed or co-directed by women, and 48% of films are directed by filmmakers of color.

For the full list of feature-length films playing at this year’s festival, click here.

“There’s no question this has been a challenging and strange year for independent filmmakers and film festivals, but the bold and creative ways in which these films were constructed, reminded us time and again that nothing has changed when it comes to the power of storytelling,” said Ben Fowlie, executive and artistic director of the Points North Institute, and founder of the Camden International Film Festival, in a statement. “We feel compelled to do all we can to ensure these imaginative and essential portraits of our world are experienced. The show must always find a way to go on.”

CIFF will launch its 16th annual edition with Garrett Bradley’s Time​, which follows the intimate story of a wife fighting for the release of her husband, who is serving a 60-year sentence in prison at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Closing out the festival will be Nathan Grossman’s I Am Greta (pictured), Hulu’s latest feature documentary about teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and her rise to prominence.

The festival will also present new work by documentary luminary​ Victor Kossakovsky (Gunda, ​chronicling the unfiltered lives of a mother pig, a flock of chickens and a herd of cows) and​ Academy Award-winning directors Frederick Wiseman (City Hall, examining the inner workings of Boston government) and Steve James (City So Real, a complex portrait of contemporary Chicago).

Three films will also make their world premieres at the festival, including The Long Coast by Ian Cheney, which provides an artful portrait of seafolk and seafood producers along the coast of Maine; The Mystery of D.B. Cooper by John Dower, which takes a look at the greatest unsolved heist in American history; and Bicentenario by Pablo Álvarez Mesa, which charts Simon Bolivar’s liberation journey across Colombia on the 200th anniversary.

The digital event — taking place Oct. 1 to 12 — will see the launch of the Filmmaker Solidarity Fund and a new Points North partnership offering US$30,000 in funding for short documentaries.

The event will culminate with a special program to honor Indigenous People’s Day in partnership with Nia Tero and Big Sky Documentary Festival.

The 2020 edition of CIFF takes place virtually from Oct. 1-12, with an in-person experience occurring at CIFF’s recently constructed Shotwell Drive-In Theater in Rockport, Maine.

A complete list of the feature films screening at CIFF follows:

Hao Wu, Weixi Chen & Anonymous | USA, China | 2020

Lisa Marie Malloy & JP Sniadecki | USA​ ​2020

A WORLD NOT OURS ​(screens as part of the Mahdi Fleifel retrospective) Mahdi Fleifel | UK, Lebanon, Denmark, United Arab Emirates​ ​2013
Three generations of a family live in exile in a refugee camp in southern Lebanon.


Courtney Stephens & Pacho Velez | USA​ 2​ 020
The American Sector​ takes viewers on a roadtrip to visit fragments of The Berlin Wall, scattered across the United States.

Katrine Philp | Denmark​ ​2020

Pablo Álvarez Mesa | Colombia, Canada | 2020

Chloé Galibert-Laîné & Kevin B. Lee | USA, Germany, France​ 2​ 020

Todd Chandler | USA​ 2​020

Frederick Wiseman | USA​ ​2020

CITY SO REAL (Episodes 1-4)
Steve James | USA​ 2​020

Iryna Tsilyk | Ukraine, Lithuania​ 2​020

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor | USA​ ​2020

Victor Kossakovsky​ | Norway​ 2​020

Nathan Grossman | Sweden, France, USA​ ​2020

Jessica Earnshaw | USA | 2020

Julia Thompson & Kevin Bay | USA​ ​2020

Cecilia Aldarondo | USA​ ​2020

Ian Cheney | USA | 2020

David Osit | UK, USA, Palestine | 2020

Catarina Vasconcelos | Portugal​ ​2020

John Dower | UK, USA | 2020

Carolina Moscoso Briceno | Chile​ 2​019

Leslie Lagier | Canada​ 2​019

David Byars | USA​ ​2020

Amel Alzakout & Khaled Abdulwahed | Germany​ 2​020

Tatiana Mazú Gonzalez | Argentina​ ​2020

Estephan Wagner & Marianne Hougen-Moraga | Denmark, Netherlands​ ​2020

Eléonore Weber | France​ ​2020

Loira Limbal | USA​ 2​020

Garrett Bradley | USA​ 2​020

Sky Hopinka | USA | 2020

Hannah Jayanti | USA​ ​2020

Zeshawn Ali | USA​ ​2020

Ra’anan Alexandrowicz | Israel​ ​2019

Nancy Ghertner | USA, Canada​ 2​020

Alex Winter | USA​ ​2020

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Will a New Royal Biography Finally Reveal Everything About the Sandringham Summit?




In January, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caught the palace off-guard when they announced their plans to step down as senior royals in an Instagram post. Because the couple hadn’t been able to hash out their future beforehand, the palace immediately went into crisis mode and invited Harry to Sandringham, the Norfolk estate where the royal family spends the winter holidays, for talks to discuss the couple’s future. (At that point, Meghan had already returned to Canada to reunite with Archie.) Since then, multiple outlets have reported that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William were all in attendance, but plenty of details about what came to be known as the “Sandringham summit” have never been made public.

According to Tatler, an October book by Robert Lacey, The Crown’s historical consultant, will delve into previously unknown details about the meeting at Sandringham, including Queen Elizabeth’s “angry response.”

Back in June, Lacey announced his new book, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry—The Friendships and the Feuds, and said in a press release that the book intended to discuss their childhoods and the dynamics of their parents’ marriage. Though Harry admitted to tensions between him and William in an interview with Tom Bradby in October 2019, the brothers’ relationship reportedly grew even worse after the royal exit. This summer, royal journalist Omid Scobie claimed that the pair weren’t even on speaking terms until Charles was diagnosed with COVID-19 in late March.

On Monday, Tatler reported that the book will also analyze William and Harry’s relationship during the royal exit, drawing on interviews with sources close to the royals. “It also includes details from a high level insider who has never spoken before about the confrontation between Prince Harry and the palace,” the magazine added. 

A few details about the day did make it out to the public in the days after the Sandringham summit. Immediately afterward, the queen released a statement that said the Sussexes would transition out of their royal roles, adding that she was “entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family.” Later that same day, the Telegraph reported that the royals began their talks with lunch and were eventually joined by three of their aides. The next day, sources told Vanity Fair that the queen was privately devastated about Meghan and Harry’s exit. 

Even though the bombshell royal biography Finding Freedom reported on much of the drama behind the scenes when Meghan and Harry announced their exit, what really happened at the meeting was still shrouded in mystery. Authors Scobie and Carolyn Durand only discuss what a source described as the meeting’s “practical workmanlike approach,” Charles’s assurance that Meghan and Harry were still a part of the family regardless of what happened, and the queen’s insistence that a “half-in, half-out” solution was not acceptable.

Though the existence of a royal “Fab Four” was probably only wishful thinking, reports that the real conflict was between Harry and William, not Kate Middleton and Meghan, date back to the fall of 2018. In Finding Freedom, plenty of attention was paid to the way that William’s reaction to Meghan and Harry’s relationship from the very beginning might have impacted the previously-close brothers. In Lacey’s book, we’ll most likely get some more understanding of where things unfolded from there—and what that means for the future of the monarchy.

Battle of Brothers

Robert Lacey (Harper)

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