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Did Gigi Hadid Give Birth? This Detail In Bella’s Instagram Has Fans Convinced



Fans have been invested in Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy since the model confirmed on April 30 that she and boyfriend Zayn Malik are expecting their first child. The excitement started with fans stalking social media for any hint of Hadid’s baby bump, and has only grown from there. Hadid has given just enough information to the public to keep fans feeling involved, but has also kept much of her private life, well… private. When mid-September hit, fans went on major baby watch as Hadid’s due date approached. So, when Bella Hadid posted a sweet pic with her sister accompanied by an interesting caption, fans wondered: Did Gigi Hadid give birth? Here’s why.

While Gigi never gave an exact due date for baby girl Malik, she teased the timeline on Instagram along with intimate photos from her maternity photoshoot. Gigi told fans that she was 33 weeks pregnant when she posed for the pics on July 26, which would mean the baby is set to arrive any day now.

So, when Bella shared a rare photo of her and Gigi showing off their stomachs on Tuesday, Sept. 15, fans dug deep into her caption for any new information. What they found was one tiny detail that had ZiGi stans convinced the couple’s baby already arrived.

“June 11, 2020,” Bella captioned the snap. “Two buns in the oven except mine is from my burger and gigi’s is from @zayn ✨👼🏼✨ i love you both so freaking much -can’tstopcrying.”

Fans couldn;t help but notice Bella had dated the picture Sept. 11, which is four days before she posted the pic. Bella’s post could obviously be just an appreciation post for Gigi and Zayn, and perhaps it was taken on Sept. 11, which could explain the random date. As for fans, they’re convinced the “can’t stop crying” comment must be because Gigi and Malik’s baby girl is here.

“Question, how far along is Gigi?” one Twitter user wrote, reposting Bella’s pic. “This post makes it seem like she just gave birth!! I don’t know the calculations but if she did, CONGRATS.”

“Does this mean Gigi gave birth!?” another fan asked.

As if Bella’s post wasn’t enough to get fans excited, their dad, Mohamed, also shared an IG photo of himself, writing, “A very happy day today,” which furthered the speculation Gigi gave birth.

“Is it because of zayn and gigi?” one fan wrote in the comments section. Another commented: “Please say thats is about zigi.”

Mohamed shared a second photo on the evening of Sept. 16 that featured a handwritten letter addressed to his “little grandchild.” In the letter, he gushed, “Know that Grandpa’s always near. I’ll do anything, anything for you my dear.”

The letter could be another clue Gigi gave birth, but it could also be a sentimental note to his unborn grandchild.

With no official confirmation that baby Hadid-Malik has made her big debut, fans are definitely more excited than ever to celebrate as soon as that confirmation finally comes.

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Drew Barrymore’s Emotional Reunion with Ex-Husband Tom Green, Plus: They Recall Unique First Date




Famous exes Drew Barrymore and Tom Green met up for the first time in 15 years on her talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

It was an emotional reunion for the pair, who began dating in 1999 when they made “Charlie’s Angels” together, and who wed in 2001. The couple split later that year and divorced in 2002.

Drew revealed to the audience that they “haven’t seen or spoken to each other in far too long.”

Tom praised her show, saying, “It is nice to see you every day bringing this burst of optimism and happiness to the world right now.”

When he passed along a “hello” from his parents Dick and Mary Jane, Drew got emotional, recalling a trip they took to his parents’ lake house.

She explained, “I don’t know why, but sleep is, like, it’s just been, like, a weird thing for me. I remember this night just being so content. And I was at your parents’ lake house and I remember hearing all their voices upstairs and I was just by myself and I was going to sleep and I was like, ‘Yeah, this is what safety and contentedness feels before you’re going to sleep.’ And I will never forget that night, and I love your parents and I really love you and I celebrate you.”

Tearing up, she continued, “You know, when you say 20 years, it’s sometimes… it’s the blink of an eye, and sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, we’ve lived so much in these last 20 years.’ You’ve had a whole life and I’ve had a whole life. It’s just really nice to come together and check in and talk about it — it just thrills me to no end. I think the world of you and I celebrate you and I always have and I always will.”

Tom replied, “Thank you, Drew. This is really, I was so happy when you invited me on the show. It’s been too long. It’s nice to reconnect. We really did not talk for about 15 years, I guess, and this is really the first time we’ve looked at each other face-to-face in 15 years.”

Beaming, she recalled calling him and asking him to be a part of “Charlie’s Angels,” and Tom remembered them hitting it off right away.

Green told her, “That was so exciting, getting to do that movie with you. And you know, we kind of sort of hit it off right away, pretty much. We had a lot of laughs together. I think one of our first dates, I think we went and bought lobsters because we both love animals and we both got lobsters and we released them into the ocean. That was what we decided to do.”

Barrymore also credited him for her “Annie Hall phase,” saying, “You bought me a camera and I still have it, the Pentax K1000, and you got me started into what would become two decades full of being a real photographer, and you got me into my whole Annie Hall phase of taking photographs, which is such a beautiful art.”

“The Drew Barrymore Show” airs weekdays. Check local listings.

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‘Track the Problem.’ Ibram X. Kendi on Using Data to Dismantle Structural Racism




The historian and writer Ibram X. Kendi, whose research and work on antiracism have risen to the forefront amid a worldwide reckoning over systemic racism, was named as one of TIME’s most influential people of 2020. Speaking at a TIME100 Talks broadcast that aired Friday, Kendi emphasized the importance of keeping the focus on his work and the steps he has laid out to dismantle structural racism.

Among Kendi’s central arguments is that the root of racism isn’t people, but the policies that cause racial inequity and injustice. It’s those policies that we need to focus on changing, he says.

“Racist ideas make humans believe that there’s something wrong with other humans, that there’s something wrong with those other racial groups, there’s something wrong with those people who don’t look like us,” says Kendi.

One crucial sphere where Kendi is fighting for improvement is healthcare, where racist policies persist.

“It’s not enough that every American has access to free healthcare … it must be high quality,” he says. The high-quality care Kendi is calling for includes not being mistreated due to race—an issue that has been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted new levels of racial disparities in healthcare. Black Americans are dying of COVID-19 at a rate more than twice that of white people.

To track some disparities, Kendi spearheaded the COVID Racial Tracker, a joint project between the COVID Tracking Project and the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. Kendi says that the project, which can serve as “a mirror” for America, has regularly unveiled racial disparities from the pandemic since its launch in mid-April.

“We have consistently found that Black and Native and Latinx people are disproportionately being infected and killed with COVID-19,” he says. “And, we know that in order for us to go about solving the problem of racism, we have to see and measure and track the problem through racial data.”

Kendi aims for this data-centric approach to eventually lead toward informing the proposal of new policies that eliminate or heal such racial disparities.

The ongoing global movement for racial justice faces the risk of being remembered “as a time in which you had a greater awareness of racism, potentially, than any other point in American history, but that awareness did not translate into action,” Kendi says. Still, if the current level of awareness does translate into large-scale, radical change, it can lead to “equity in areas that has never existed before in United States history,” he says.

Kendi has also spoken about his battle with colon cancer, which he didn’t publicly announce until about a year after the initial diagnosis. For Kendi, this has served as an important reminder to go about life with an increased level of kindness toward others.

“There are many people right now who are walking around battling a serious illness that we don’t know,” he says. “So I think it just shows us the importance of being graceful and caring to people.”

Write to Anna Purna Kambhampaty at [email protected]

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Carey Mulligan Joins Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein Film ‘Maestro’




Carey Mulligan has joined the cast of the Leonard Bernstein film “Maestro” that Bradley Cooper is set to direct, an individual with knowledge of the project told TheWrap.

Mulligan will play Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, wife of the legendary composer/conductor. The film is not a biopic but spans over 30 years and tells the story of Bernstein’s complex marriage and relationship with his wife Montealegre, a Chilean-born actress — from the time they met in 1946 at a party and continuing through two engagements, a 25 year marriage, and three children: Jamie Bernstein, Alexander Bernstein and Nina Bernstein Simmons.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Carey Mulligan will play our mother in ‘Maestro,’” says Jamie Bernstein, speaking on behalf of her siblings in a statement to TheWrap. “Carey will surely capture Felicia’s unique combination of wit, warmth, elegant beauty, and depth of emotion. We also love the way Carey conveys a kind of storybook European grace, which was something our mother embodied as well.”

“I was struck by Carey ever since I saw her on stage many years ago and I haven’t missed a performance of hers since,” Cooper added. “I am humbled to be working with such a mammoth talent, as well as such a kind person in Carey.”

“Maestro” was originally set at Paramount, but Netflix will now take over with Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips set as producers. Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment are still attached. Cooper will also produce via his Joint Effort banner as well as Kristie Macosko Krieger, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Fred Berner and Amy Durning.

Cooper also co-wrote the film and is set to star in the film that will be his directorial follow-up to his debut “A Star Is Born.” “Spotlight” screenwriter Josh Singer co-wrote the script with Cooper.

Production is expected to begin on the Bernstein film next spring, and Netflix plans to give the movie a theatrical release as it has done with “The Irishman” and its other awards contenders.

Cooper obtained the rights from the Bernstein estate and has been working closely with Bernstein’s children, Jamie, Alexander and Nina for the past three years.

Mulligan will be seen starring in Focus Features’ “Promising Young Woman” later this year. She will also be seen starring opposite Ralph Fiennes in the upcoming Netflix film, “The Dig.” Mulligan was nominated for an Oscar and won the BAFTA at the age of 25 for her breakthrough performance in the Oscar- nominated film “An Education.” Since 2014, Mulligan has been a global ambassador for War Child; she works closely with the organization which helps children affected by conflict.

Mulligan’s is repped by by CAA, Julian Belfrage Associates, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman.

Deadline first reported the news of Mulligan’s casting.

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