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Firefighter Spots A Stray Husky Running Along Train Tracks And Sets Out On Mission To Save Her



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Maxx Powell, a firefighter and vlogger from Washington, was driving down the road while making a YouTube video when he spotted a stray dog up ahead.

A beautiful husky was wandering down the train tracks, all alone in the middle of the day.

Maxx kept his camera rolling, thinking it’d make for an interesting vlog. He couldn’t bear the thought of seeing the stray dog getting hit by a train, so Maxx pulled over and tried to get her attention.

He quickly realized this husky was incredibly sweet and affectionate — so he scooped her up like a hero, placed her in his truck, and drove her to the local vet.

When the doctor discovered the dog was not microchipped, Maxx’s heart immediately skipped a beat. He knew he wanted to convince his wife to let him adopt her.

Maxx took the husky back home, and as much as he wanted to keep his dream dog he knew he needed to find out if she had an owner who was looking for her.

Watch the video below to see how this amazing rescue (and ultimate reunion) unfolded.

Video Credit: Newsflare

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San Francisco Movie Theaters Reopening In October




Indoor movie theaters in San Francisco will reopen their doors on October 7 for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down in March.

San Francisco’s indoor movie theaters are reopening in October. All movie theater chains closed down back in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in many film studios delaying the release of major films like No Time to Die and A Quiet Place Part II. The shutdown caused many theaters to struggle financially, particularly AMC Theaters, which was on the brink of filing for bankruptcy. While many movie studios pushed their film releases into late 2020 or early 2021, theaters, including AMC and Regal Cinemas, started to reopen their doors this summer in time for the arrival of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. While some theaters in the U.S. remain closed, more are beginning to open, even in locations that have maintained strict limits.

According to Variety, San Francisco city officials have given the go-ahead to reopen indoor movie theaters starting October 7. As the theaters prepare to open their doors for the first time in nearly seven months, they must implement strict social distancing guidelines. Theaters must limit their capacity to 25% up to 100 people and cannot sell concessions or allow outside food or drink.

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California already began the reopening of indoor theaters in several counties in September, including San Diego, Sacramento, El Dorado, Orange County, and Fresno. However, Los Angelas remains closed due to its high COVID-19 rates.

Movie theater empty coronavirus

Theaters have not necessarily profited from their gradual reopening, even with the release of Tenet, which many theaters hoped would be the movie that would bring audiences back. Some doctors have warned that a trip to the theaters might not be a good idea, even while wearing a mask and not consuming any food or drinks. Now movie-goers in San Francisco and other locations with open theaters will have to decide for themselves if it’s worth the risk.

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Source: Variety

Cinemark Movie Theaters

Cinemark Is First US Movie Theater Chain To Announce Reopening Date

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This Year’s Academy Nicholl Screenwriter Winners Spotlight Five Up-and-Comers




Writers will present their scripts at a virtual table read in December, and follow in the footsteps of some of Hollywood’s rising scribes.

The Academy Nicholl Fellowships Committee has selected the five winning fellows of the 2020 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition, who were winnowed from ten finalists out of 7,831 scripts submitted for this year’s competition. Each winner takes home a $35,000 prize. Their scripts will be highlighted at the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Awards and Virtual Table Read by an ensemble of actors on Thursday, December 3.

The 2020 winners are (listed alphabetically by author):

James Acker, “SadBoi”
Beth Curry, “Lemon”
Vanar Jaddou, “Goodbye, Iraq”
Kate Marks, “The Cow of Queens”
Jane Therese, “Sins of My Father”

The 2020 finalists are (listed alphabetically by author):

Kris A. Holmes, “The Seeds of Truth”
Fred Martenson, “Demons in America”
Robin Rose Singer, “The Lions of Mesopotamia”
David Harrison Turner, “Safe Haven”
Andrew Wankier, “Three Heavens”

The fellowships support each writer’s completion of a feature-length screenplay within the year. (The Academy neither acquires rights to the Nicholl-winners’ scripts nor gets involved commercially with their completed work.)

The Academy Nicholl Fellowships Committee is chaired by Academy Short Films and Feature Animation Branch governor Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The members of the committee are John Bailey and Steven Poster (Cinematographers Branch); William Mechanic (Executives Branch); James Plannette and Stephen Ujlaki (Members-at-Large); Julie Lynn, Peter Samuelson and Robert W. Shapiro (Producers Branch); Bobbi Banks (Sound Branch); and Eric Heisserer, Larry Karaszewski, Dan Petrie Jr., Misan Sagay, Dana Stevens, and Tyger Williams (Writers Branch).

The global competition, which identifies and encourages new screenwriters, has awarded 166 fellowships since its 1986 launch. Many winners have gone on to storied careers, but a look at last year’s winners is revealing.

Matt Harris is in post-production on his fellowship dramedy “The Starling,” which Netflix recently acquired for a reported $20 million based on the script and a four-minute sizzle reel. Also for Netflix, Michael Werwie adapted Robert Kolker’s true story “Lost Girls,” directed by Liz Garbus and starring Amy Ryan (the film debuted at Sundance in January).

Rebecca Sonnenshine is the co-creator of a new Netflix horror series based on the horror podcast “Archive 81.” Also for television, Terri Miller and Andrew Marlowe are showrunners for CBS’s “The Equalizer,” starring Queen Latifah.

On the film side, Alfredo Botello is co-writing Malcolm D. Lee’s animated “Space Jam: A New Legacy” (July 16, 2021, Warner Bros.), produced by Ryan Coogler. Writer-director Nikole Beckwith is in post-production on “Togetherish,” starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison.

In the works, James Mottern is writer-director of the upcoming production “Summer Madness,” starring Anna Faris. Elizabeth Chomko is set to direct the upcoming film adaptation of the Bess Kalb memoir “Nobody Will Tell You This But Me,” from producers Julia Lebedev and Eddie Vaisman. Melissa Iqbal is adapting the novel “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August” to the screen. And S.J. Inwards is writing a YA-centric musical “Lady Macbeth” feature project for Amazon Studios.

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Hulu’s ‘No Man’s Land’ Tackles Love & War in a Conflict-Ridden Syria




A conflict-ridden Syria serves as the backdrop for this eight-part drama about love and war.

In 2014, young, successful Parisian Antoine (Felix Moati, above) heads to the Middle East desperately seeking news that his sister Anna (Melanie Thierry), seemingly killed by terrorists two years earlier, might be alive. Taking reckless chances, he soon finds himself in the unfriendly hands of a Kurdish women’s militia fighting against the rising Islamic State.

“The female fighters are protecting their territory, and we wanted to explore what it means to be a woman willing to sacrifice her life to fight Isis,” explains cowriter Amit Cohen. “We use Antoine’s journey as an emotional anchor for the audience as he begins to realize the story is bigger than his sister’s.”

Mostly filmed in Morocco and Belgium with actors from 16 countries, No Man’s Land also follows three London friends who joined Isis, and a shadowy operative named Stanley (James Purefoy, The Following). “Though we hope people are inspired to learn more about the region,” says Cohen, “our show is not really about the civil war, but an emotional story of very relatable characters.”

No Man’s Land, Premiere, Wednesday, Nov. 18, Hulu

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