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Harry Styles postpones all world tour shows for rest of year due to Covid-19



Harry Styles has postponed all of his planned shows for the rest of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The chart-topping singer said “everyone’s health and safety remains our top priority” as he pushed back tour dates in South America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

He added: “I really hope to play the shows as planned for 2021 but will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and months.

“I can’t wait to see you all on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

Styles, 26, had been set to take his Love On Tour tour to Monterrey, Mexico, at the end of the month.

This would have been followed by performances in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, New Zealand and Australia.

The North American and European dates had previously been pushed back to next year.

They included a planned Halloween-themed “Harryween” at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Styles’s most recent album Fine Line was released in December last year and was supported by the singles Lights Up, Adore You, Falling and Watermelon Sugar.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery v2.9.2 MOD Apk Download [Unlimited Energy and Shopping, No Country Lock]




Shout out to all the Harry Potter fans out there!! Thrilled for your next adventure? Jam City Inc. welcomes you to your next exciting adventure. Now enjoy the world of magic with the new and updated version of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

Do you want to take an entire look at Hogwarts? Then you are in luck. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will indulge you all over again in the world of witches and wizards. It cannot get more real than this. With the jam packed graphics and the amazing UI’s the app has done wonders for the multi-player role playing game. Create your own adventure with the options that you choose during the game. Gems, Coins, Energy are all unlimited this time.

We all remember the famous “Harry Potter”, how harry and his friends took on some life changing experiences in every series and discovered some deep secrets. While the series may have ended but you can still re-live the adventure with this game. With all the mysteries undiscovered download the app and discover the wonders of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk:

The developer of the apk has done a great job by introducing some new features to the game. You can now purchase an unlimited supply of energy and never run out from playing the game. The developer has also removed the ban it had put in some countries and they were not able to play the game.

The game is now open to anyone and can be played anywhere in the world. You can also purchase the gems and the coins in the game. The user experience has also been upgraded and we couldn’t have been much happier. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is not exactly like the movie. The developer has done a clever job and customized the game according to the player. It is up to the player to choose the options inside the game and the story unfolds accordingly. Isn’t that cheery on the cake.?

To all the Harry Potter fans out there do not wait for the next update, download this one and enjoy the magic!!

Details of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk:

Check out the list below for the version details of the apk and much more.

Apk name:                   Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod apk

Apk Version:                v2.9.2

Genre:                         Adventure

Developer:                  Jam City.Inc

Apk Size:                      96MB

Android Support:       Yes

Price:                            Free

Last Update:               19/09/2020

Detail feature list of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk:

Can it get any real than this? You are invited to this Magic School of Hogwarts. Welcome to this adventure of Role playing game. Check out the latest features of this mod apk and enjoy the world of Harry’s RPG:

1) The Unlimited Energy:
The unlimited Energy feature allows you to keep playing the game until you are exhausted. You can also buy the energy and it will be permanently stored in you account.


This feature allows you to buy gems and coins. But they still cannot be used for the in-app purchases.

3) No Country lock:
It was marked an not playable in some countries but cannot be played in any country. No country locks indeed.

How to Download and Install Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk:

As any apk download works on the android devices.

1) Download the apk file.

2) Remember to enable the “Unknown Sources” in the settings option on your android.

3) Install the apk and dive into the world of Magic.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk Gameplay:

Check out the link below for some features of the Gameplay:

Download harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2:

Download harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2:


This game is a fun adventure with jam packed graphics and outstanding UI’s the developer has done wonders. Jam City Inc. has recreated the world of Witches, Wizards and Magic for us. Want to unravel the undiscovered mysteries of Hogwarts ,go ahead and download the latest apk. This time it gets better with Unlimited Energy you can play the game endlessly. Wondering can it be played in your country worry not this apk has removed all the barriers and can now be played in any country worldwide. But don’t forget to build strong relationships with your fellow adventurers. Form those strong bonds and relationships and come out a warrior. Hope you enjoy your adventure.


FAQ’s: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod v2.9.2 Apk:

1)What is the mod apk?

MOD apk is the modified version of the original app.

2) Is it safe to download the apk?

Yes, there are many doubts regarding the download of apk’s but this totally safe and reliable.

3)Is the download free?

Yes, the download is completely free and can be downloaded from google or any other apk website.

4 )When was this version released?

This version was released on 19/09/2020.

5) Can the apk work on both android and iOS?

No ,only android users cannot be downloaded on both iOS .

6) Can it downloaded on the PC?

Yes, you can download the game on your PC as well.

7) Is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery locked in my country?

This latest version has unlocked the game in all the countries. You can download and play it anywhere now.

8) Is the game version exactly like the book?

No, the game version is not exactly like the book. It has some new storylines and adventures waiting for you to unlock.

9) Is it a multi player game?

No, this game cannot be played with different players, but you can interact with the characters of the game.

10) Is this is a simulation game?

No, this cannot be said as a simulation game it is an adventure that we need to unravel.

11) Does this game have levels?

Yes, the game has different levels .At each level you will gain something new.

12) Is this the only version of the game that has been built?

No, it does have some other versions too.

Hope you have fun!!

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Britney Spears Social Media Posts Are Igniting Major Curiosity And Controversy Amongst Fans! Look for more details!




It seems like, amidst all the controversial upheavals, Britney Spears is again making headlines due to all the Instagram pictures she has been posting lately. Her ongoing legal battle has ignited major drama and now her social media aims also seem to be igniting questions amongst fans. 

Britney Spears’ Images Are Igniting Fans’ Curiosity!

While fans have been questioning her mental.stability and shown their concerns over Spears’ images which looks a bit disarrayed, the singing sensation has been clearing the air saying she is all okay and these pictures have a meaning. Britney Spears have addressed  the issue and said that while she is completely aware of how the dress has been repeated , but this is done for project rose!


She has described that the repetition of these dresses and the background and backyard set photos are a part of the Project Rose! Fans are not really convinced it seems. 

Fans Are Questioning The Authenticity Of These Images!

The whole controversy has reached to such a point that fans are even claiming that some of the images on Instagram are literally screenshots from earlier videos. Fans are not be believing anything that the pop star is posting lately and pointing fingers at the whole issue.

Moreover, the singer recently shared a picture on social mediarecalling her beautiful trip in Maui.  She was seen horse riding while enjoying the holiday with personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari. The singer has been posting inspirational quotes and pictures on her social media amidst the whole issue going on with her father Jamie Spears regarding the conservative issue which has ignited huge fan outrage amongst Britney fans. There has been no conclusion as of yet. 

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Ryan Reynolds Announces An Aviation Gin Edition That’s Perfect For Your Homeschooling Needs




Always looking to lend a hand, Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the latest version of his liquor offerings: Aviation Gin Homeschool Edition. Housed in a massive bottle, Reynolds promises this latest offering from his gin brand can help with a “variety of subjects” during these unusual back to school times. From “fourth grade geography” to “whatever the f*ck new math is,” Aviation Gin has you covered.

The tongue-in-cheek ad is yet another in a series of social media videos that prove how Reynolds is the master at bringing snarky charm and eyeballs to any brand. He recently scored laughs by coaxing Rick Moranis to appear in an awkwardly fun commercial (for Mint Mobile) where Reynolds equated Moranis’ acting hiatus to an… unlimited data plan. (We mentioned it was awkward, right?)

But Reynolds isn’t just lending his comedic wit to brands during this pandemic. The Deadpool star also took part in a public health initiative to encourage his fellow Canadians to wear masks. Not just for their safety, which is obviously important, but for his poor mom who is stuck at home instead of prowling for young lovers, and Reynolds won’t have it. Here’s the message he recorded after being asked by British Columbia Premiere John Horgan to get millennials on board with masks:

“My mom, I mean, she doesn’t want to be cooped in her apartment all day; she wants to be out there cruising Kitsilano Beach, looking for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on. She is insatiable. But here’s the thing. I hope that young people in BC don’t kill my mom, frankly, or [environmental scientist] David Suzuki, or each other. Let’s not kill anyone. I think that’s reasonable.”

You can listen to Reynold’s “voicemail” below:

(Via Aviation American Gin)

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