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Lisa Curry thanks fans for the ‘outpouring of love’ after the death of daughter Jaimi Kenny



Lisa Curry has thanked fans for their support following the death of her daughter, Jaimi Kenny.

The Olympic gold medallist has been overwhelmed with love and support in the days after Jaimi’s death earlier this week.

“Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and strength we are receiving. There are so many messages from so many people and it’s difficult to get back to all of you but in time we’ll try,” Curry wrote on Instagram while sharing a sweet photo of her and Jaimi holding hands.

“Sadly, I know that we are not the only parents who have lost a child… so to all the parents who have lost a child, and to those who will, today, tomorrow…. somehow i guess we get through it. The grief is immense and we are allowing it to take its course.”

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Curry then pleaded with other parents to appreciate every moment they have with their children because life is just too precious. She only had 33 years with Jaimi, her firstborn child with ex-husband Grant Kenny, and she would do anything for one last hug.

“If I can ask you to do something from Jaimi… right now, go and give your children the biggest hug and tell them how much you love them, and do that everyday because you’ll never know if it’s the last day,” she wrote. “Our beautiful Jaimi. Resting peacefully now.”

Lisa Curry and daughter Jaimi
Lisa Curry and daughter Jaimi. (Instagram)

Curry and Kenny lost Jaimi on September 14 following a long-term illness. Yesterday, the former Olympian spoke out for the first time since Jaimi’s death, telling fans she was “completely broken”.

“So loved. So beautiful. So kind to everyone…. So painful. I can barely breathe,” Curry shared on Instagram. “Jaimi will forever be remembered as a caring, bright and loving soul who always put others before herself. Her love of flowers, cooking, art, decorating, photography, babies, the beach, and helping others will always be remembered.

“Our hearts are broken and the pain is unbearable but we cherish every wonderful moment we got to share with our treasured and so loved first child.”

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Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci Are Doomed for Heartbreak in the Supernova Trailer




Don’t let the allure of a Colin Firth beard and fisherman sweater combo deceive you: This is some serious business. In the first trailer for Supernova, Firth and fellow babe Stanley Tucci star as a longtime couple who decide to take an RV trip across England following an early-onset dementia diagnosis for Tucci’s character, who, with every passing week, gets a little less lucid. With the duo driving around the country to visit old friends and family members, it becomes fairly obvious that this is less of a holiday and more of a farewell tour. “I want to be remembered for who I was,” Tucci says, “and not who I’m about to become.” Supernova, which will premiere at the London Film Festival in October, has yet to secure an American release date.

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Kendall Jenner Posts Racy Selfies, Nearly Suffers Nip Slip




All summer, we kept you updated on the glory of Kylie Jenner’s quarantine content, which allowed the citizens of a pandemic-ravaged nation to live vicariously through a jet-setting billionaire as she posed in an endless array of high-end bikinis.

But now, the seasons have changed, swimwear is giving way to cardigans — and the Summer of Kylie has yielded to the Fall of Kendall.

We don’t mean “the Fall of Kendall” like her empire is crumbling or anything.

We just mean that of all the stylish members of the Kard clan, Kendall is the one with the closest ties to the fashion industry, and if The Devil Wears Prada taught us anything, it’s that the fashion industry loves autumn.

Don’t get us wrong — Kendall can rock a bikini like few others, but sweater season is her time to shine.

Kendall Jenner's Near Nip Slip

Especially since her idea of a sweater looks like something a librarian would wear while posing for her OnlyFans page after hours.

Yes, as you can see, Kendall’s sweater tells us that cooler temperatures are here.

And that’s not the only aspect of this pic that suggests it might be a bit chilly in that room.

Kendall In a Cardigan

Kendall seems to have accepted a challenge here.

Not everyone can make a cardigan sexy, but it seems she’s up to the task.

These pics are taken from an Instagram Story that sadly wasn’t up for very long, but in the corners of the internet where weirdos perv out to Kendall Jenner (of which there are many), witnesses swear Kendall moved around in such a way that a nip slip seemed inevitable.

Kendall Jenner Wears a Bikini on Vacation

UK tabloid The Mirror reported that Kendall “risked exposing her chest” which is a weirdly formal way to talk about a near nip slip on Instagram, but that’s the Brits for you.

We can’t say for sure how close Kendall came to exposing herself, but the same newspaper claimed that “the tight cardigan top looked like it was behind pushed to the limits of its design as a solitary button desperately held the top in place.”

Damn. We’ve read descriptions of epic battles that were less riveting than that!

Kendall Jenner: Boob Selfie 2020

Obviously, Kendall Jenner nude photos are nothing new, but the model’s talent lies in taking fully clothed pics that are sexy enough to make you forget about her past experiments with full nudity.

Now that’s talent.

And it looks like Kendall’s skills are soon to pay off like never before.

Kendall Jenner's Bikini Selfie

It was recently announced that Kendall and Kylie are collaborating on a new line of cosmetics.

That means older sis might soon be joining younger sis in the ultra-exclusive billionaires’ club.

Not only are the folks in that tax bracket overwhelmingly male very, very few of them are in their twenties like Kylie and Kendall.

Kendall on Top of Kylie

Yes, both sisters are at points in their respective careers where they don’t have to post thirst trap skin pics on social media.

They just do it for the love of the game.

And for that, we thank them.

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