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‘Married at First Sight’: 7 Key Moments From ‘Dealbreakers’ (RECAP)



[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 10, “Dealbreakers.”]

Domestic life continued in the latest installment from Season 11 of Lifetime’s hit reality series Married at First Sight.

While this is easier for some of the more compatible couples, it was a challenge for others who have had a harder time adapting to married life. This week’s episode, “Dealbreaker,” saw plenty of dealbreakers brought up as the five couples learned more about their new spouses.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the major moments and drama from the episode, but beware of spoilers ahead.

Pet Peeves and Daily Routines

(Credit: Lifetime)

The episode opened like most others, with the couples starting a new day together by waking up and going about their routines. First up are Woody and Amani, who gather around the single sink in their shared bathroom, lamenting the fact that there isn’t two for them in the space. Henry and Christina in the meantime get more comfortable with their routine as they discuss folding clean towels fresh from the dryer.

Quirky duo Amelia and Bennett are still on cloud nine, but there’s some issues arising around house chores as she notices his need to keep things tidy. In an effort to find common ground in this area, Bennett introduces a chore draft and they happily choose from a list of tasks they can both live with. Ultimately, it seems that Amelia expects Bennett to pick up most of the chores, considering her busy work schedule.

Olivia is adjusting to Brett’s habits, but not so easily, as she whines about his alarm clocks and day to day routine. One silver lining she finds is that making a bed is fun with a partner as they spread fresh sheets over the mattress. All is not well at Karen and Miles’ place though following last week’s rift over his remarks about sex and intimacy. Displeased that Miles marked down sex on their calendar, Karen spent the night at her own apartment and he remains distant, hoping to give her space before trying to learn more about the reasons for her abandoning him at home.

When the story comes back to Amani and Woody, their differences become clearer as she notes his piles of laundry around the apartment. The tidier Amani then brings up that hand sanitizer is hard to find while concerns over coronavirus grow, as the series was filmed amid the start of the pandemic. While in their kitchen, Amani broaches the topic of children and discipline. Woody thinks giving your kids a “whoopin'” is fine, while she refuses to allow such behavior, forcing him to reconsider his thought process. Can they come to an understanding?

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

mafs season 11 karen miles

(Credit: Lifetime)

When Karen finally returns to her shared apartment with Miles, they sit to have a serious discussion about what’s okay and what’s not okay in their relationship. She levels with her husband, admitting that the way he broached the topic of intimacy made her feel uneasy and unsafe in her own home. Feeling bad for having made Karen feel this way, Miles promises to tone down his approach as she promises to boost her affections towards him.

Activities and Socializing

MAFS Season 11 Cast

(Credit: Lifetime)

Olivia tries to deepen her bond with Brett by doing something he enjoys, which is rock climbing. The adventure goes well and the couple end up gathering with Amani and Woody and Christina and Henry for some brews and crayfish. Discussing how they’re all learning new things about each other, Woody and Brett learn their snoring habits equally annoy their new wives. Meanwhile, Henry and Christina appear to be on better terms, gushing about their recent golf and dance outings. Henry even notes that his wife was sexy, making Woody proud that the shy man is opening up. Christina then claims she’s pregnant before quickly amending that she’s just kidding.

As the day continues, Amani breaks off to have a chat with Henry and learns that he’s having a tough time with Christina’s lack of patience, claiming that it’s a turn-off and deal breaker for him. This shocks Amani, but she’s honest with Christina later, as she reveals what Henry told her earlier with Olivia by their side. Christina is shocked to learn her husband has a deal breaker, and it’s clear that his convo with Amani will backfire at a later point in time.

On the other side of things, Amelia and Bennett catch up with fellow couple Karen and Miles for a round of Bocci ball. Playing for kisses, the day is playful as Karen and Miles get more affectionate than normal and Amelia and Bennett are their usual playful selves.

Deep Discussions

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

(Credit: Lifetime)

Henry and Christina follow up from their day out and as presumed, it’s not pleasant as she calls out her husband for not being honest with her. Henry admits that he told Amani certain things, but that doesn’t mean he’s not feeling better about his relationship with Christina. The deal breaker comment is hard for Christina to get past, but when Henry says he will continue to try with this marriage even though he’s unsure about the results, Christina eventually finds some even footing with her husband.

Karen and Miles have a more cheerful exchange talking about their day with Amelia and Bennett as well as debating favorite colors and teasing each other about their shoe obsession — she even agrees to snuggle in bed.

Guy Talk

MAFS Season 11 Woody

(Credit: Lifetime)

Miles and Woody meet for some guy time as they discuss their marriages and while Woody gushes about Amani, Miles can’t help but note Karen’s slow pace with their physical relationship. While Miles is okay with this for now, Woody is concerned it won’t be good for his friend in the long run if Karen doesn’t pick up the pace when it comes to being affectionate soon.

Sweet Gestures

MAFS Season 11 Karen Miles

(Credit: Lifetime)

In a gesture of thanks to his wife Amelia for taking care of him while he was sick, Bennett prepares a meal for her and invites some friends over for a special performance. The evening is well-received as Bennett gets an approving smile and response from Amelia. Later on they have a chat in which Bennett wonders if Amelia would ever let him know whether he’s meeting her needs or not, and she promises she’d be upfront with him but for now she’s happy, and he’s clearly falling in love as he gushes about his feelings for her.

As for Karen, she tries to show Miles that she’s putting in effort on her part by bringing him to a yoga class. The session, which sees them get pretty intimate, clearly has a positive effect as the pair end the night laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s effort at a kind gesture goes awry when she brings Brett to trivia night with her friends. He’s clearly not responsive to the situation, refusing to answer questions, claiming it’s not real trivia and not mingling with her friends. In frustration, Olivia complains to one of her friends that it’s difficult when Brett acts like he doesn’t care.

Woody takes Amani on a date night out, sharing a nice meal and flirting as per usual, proving that they’re among one of this season’s strongest pairings. When he wonders if she feels pressured to say “I love you” back to him following his recent admission, Amani admitted that she did, and didn’t say it only because she doesn’t want to have to live up to a high standard early on and giving Woody the wrong impression.

Henry also engages with his wife, putting a question game together to play with Christina so they can learn more about each other. She tells him his shyness could be a deal breaker for her if he doesn’t make an effort, while also complimenting that she’s seen improvement and likes him more and more each day. Henry seems satisfied, and she also notices that his walls are slowly coming down.

Looking for Trouble in Paradise

MAFS Season 11

(Credit: Lifetime)

In one of the episode’s odder moments, Bennett asks Amelia following a bike ride if she has any pet peeves with him. She can’t seem to think of any while he admits that her lack of cleanliness when it comes to doing dishes bugs him a little. She promises to work on it but refuses to find issue with him and he’s slightly concerned about that. Will it be a sign of trouble later on or is Bennett worrying about nothing? Stay tuned in the weeks to come in order to see how it all plays out.

Married at First Sight, Season 11, Wednesdays, 8/7c, Lifetime


Pic! Kaia Gerber & Jacob Elordi Vacation with Her Family in Mexico




It looks like Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi has reached a new milestone in their budding relationship — vacationing with the parents!

Over the weekend, Kaia and Jacob were photographed on a weekend getaway with her parents Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber in Los Cabos, Mexico.

While Jacob went shirtless in gray swim trunks, Kaia showed off her hot body in a green bikini.

A source told E! about their vacay, “[They] have been hanging out at a beach club, where they were holding hands and making out. They look very happy together, always smiling and pulling each other in close. They seem very into each other and are having a good time.”

“He is never not by her side and holding her close,” the insider went on about their PDA-filled pool session, “Kaia and Jacob swam to a corner of the pool and wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. They are comfortable around Cindy and Rande, too and are not shy about showing affection.”

Cindy and Rande seem to approve of Jacob and Kaia’s relationship. The source claimed, “They have been having dinner together and always end up laughing. The four of them hang out, but they also spend time as couples alone.”

The vacation comes just weeks after the two were seen holding hands several times in New York City.


Earlier this month, Kaia and Jacob sparked rumors after they were seen having dinner at Nobu in Malibu. Another insider revealed to the outlet, “Jacob definitely has interest in dating Kaia, but there is nothing serious going on there. They have many mutual friends and have hung out many times in the past. They both have very chill personalities and similar interests. Jacob makes Kaia laugh and her family adores him.”

Elordi hasn’t addressed the dating rumors, but stressed that he is a “human being.” Stressing how much he misses his family who reside in Australia, he recently wrote on his Instagram Story, “They live in a space of constant anxiety when I am away from them, as do I in the reverse… If you find it difficult to make your way through the day, I get it, life is heavy. I implore you when you feel like this to try a little kindness, pay it forward and I promise it will find its way back to you.”

Jacob was last linked to his “Euphoria” co-star Zendaya, who he was seen kissing on the head in February. At the time, a source shared, “They were showing each other things on their phones and laughing. She seemed to be really enjoy being with him. At one point he reached over and kissed her on the forehead. She had a big smile on her face and was very comfortable with them.”

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The 2020 Emmys Were a Comforting Dose of Normalcy at a Scarily Abnormal Time




The 2020 Emmys had to be different. Such is, of course, the reality for all awards shows right now. But the TV Academy’s annual self-congratulations ritual was begging for a revamp long before COVID-19 hit. Without a host to personalize the ceremony, the downbeat 2019 telecast drew just 6.9 million viewers—a 32% decline over the previous year. Another drop of that magnitude, and it might be hard to justify devoting three hours of Sunday-night airtime to a glorified industry event.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that. Because despite the unprecedented challenge—or, perhaps more accurately, because of it—this year’s Emmys turned out to be one of the most enjoyable awards shows in recent memory. That success wasn’t necessarily the result of any one big decision on the producers’ part. But many of the details worked well, from H.E.R.’s lovely rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” during the In Memoriam montage, to Jennifer Aniston frantically extinguishing a trash fire as part of a gag about sanitizing award envelopes—and then reappearing two hours later flanked by her Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Bits by genuinely funny people like David Letterman (“Regis, I checked; you’re in the montage, buddy”) and Anthony Carrigan as Barry’s NoHo Hank (himself flimsily disguised as a U.S. postal worker) earned their laughs. Inviting essential workers to present a handful of awards could’ve come off as patronizing, but the show avoided schmaltz by actually letting them share their experiences. And clips of luminaries like America Ferrera and Lena Waithe speaking candidly on their early encounters with Hollywood was a welcome alternative to the usual guilty jokes about the industry’s racism and sexism from the obligatory white-guy host.

Read more: See All the Winners of the 2020 Emmys

Speaking of which: Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t an extraordinary host by any means, but he was certainly better than nothing. (If that seems like faint praise, it’s a whole lot more than I can say for Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes this past January.) His mere presence throughout the evening brought much-needed consistency and enthusiasm to a telecast that, due to its far-flung nominees, could’ve felt scattered or low-energy. In fact, there was something kind of comforting about the very averageness of “Pandemmys” jokes aimed at easy targets like anti-maskers and Quibi (which Kimmel rightly identified as “the dumbest thing to ever cost a billion dollars.”) I mean, what feels more normal than an awards-show host doing just OK?

Anthony Carrigan in a bit as his ‘Barry’ character NoHo Hank during the 2020 Emmy Awards.

ABC via Getty Images—2020 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Really, though, it was the winners who made the 2020 Emmy Awards special. It’s always heartening to see some of the best nominees take home trophies (or have the trophies delivered to their homes via interns driving Kias, as the case may be), particularly after the farce that was the Game of Thrones‘ atrocious final season winning top honors last year. And while there weren’t too many surprises on Sunday, Zendaya’s richly deserved Lead Actress in a Drama upset livened up the proceedings nicely.

As for the favorites that dominated the night—Schitt’s Creek in the comedy-series category, Succession in drama and Watchmen in limited series—each one fulfilled some vital function for Americans toughing out this pandemic year from our couches. And the acceptance speeches reflected how thoroughly the casts and crews understood what we were getting out of their work. Along with his gratitude, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong underscored his dramedy’s cathartic lampooning of the super-rich and mega-destructive with a torrent of “un-thank-yous” to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and nationalist leaders around the world.

Watchmen honorees from Regina King to creator Damon Lindelof and writer Cord Jefferson leaned on the series’ most political moments, such as its wrenching depiction of the 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre in Tulsa, and urged viewers to take advantage of voting tools like Ballotpedia. I was especially moved by Supporting Actor in a Limited Series winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen‘s speech, in which he acknowledged that Watchmen was a story about white domestic terrorism and inherited trauma, before pointing out that “it was also about a god who came down to earth to reciprocate to a Black woman all the love that she deserved. He’d offer her sacrifice and support, passion, protection. And he did all of this in the body of a Black man.” Abdul-Mateen continued, “I’m so proud I was able to walk into those shoes.” He dedicated his Emmy to the Black women in his life.

Nothing captured our collective thirst for comfort, positivity and familial togetherness more than the Schitt’s Creek sweep, which had the show’s major players—gathered in masks and formalwear at a small, socially distanced party—accepting seven straight awards. The Canadian ensemble was humble as always, giving generous shout-outs to each other and fellow nominees they admired, such as Issa Rae. “The internet’s about to turn on me,” Daniel Levy, who co-created the comedy with his father and fellow Emmy winner Eugene Levy, joked after his third time at the mic. “I’m so sorry for making this political, but I had to.” Even when they kept their masks on, you could tell how thrilled the members of the fictional Rose family were for each other. (“I can’t believe that Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are my friends!” exclaimed their TV daughter, Annie Murphy.) Maybe it got a little old hearing them reiterate that the show was a celebration of kindness and inclusivity, but those values could not have been more refreshing at a time characterized by isolation, anger and mourning. For a few minutes on Sunday evening, it was possible for millions of struggling people across the country to imagine ourselves as honorary Roses—punched in the gut by life but united by human decency and capable of finding their way back to something like normalcy, together.

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See Jennifer Aniston and More Stars Celebrate the Emmys in Pajamas




Dressed to impress…and then go to sleep.

It’s not every year that celebrities get to celebrate one of the biggest nights in their career while sitting on the couch. While some big stars decided to still rock the chic clothing and beautiful gowns, some opted for a comfier look.

Celebrities had a lot of fun while wearing their PJs and being super comfy casual. We’re not mad at it. Earlier this month, fashion designer Christian Siriano shared with E! his Emmy’s predictions and why pajamas were all the rage for Hollywood’s biggest stars.

“I think it’s a mix of classy, fabulous pajamas, or elevated suits that are comfortable. Maybe a few slippers,” he explained of how the stars would turn out for the virtual award show. “I think actors and actresses right now, they want to be themselves, and a little more who they are. I think that’s really nice to see.”

He was right! The stars didn’t shy away from choosing comfort over luxury.

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