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Netflix shares trailer for Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins



Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins

Netflix released the official trailer for the series Emily in Paris that is coming to the streaming service on Oct. 2, 2020.

The series stars Lily Collins as Emily. It’s created by Sex and the City creator Darren Star.

A few months ago, Netflix announced they acquired the series from Paramount. The series will consist of 10 episodes and should do well for the streamer considering the success of Sweet Magnolias, which is also a romantic dramedy series.

Emily in Paris follows Emily as she relocates from Chicago to Paris to pursue a new position as a marketing executive. Her goal is to win over her co-workers with her fresh ideas. Her American views cause friction in the workplace as she tries to acclimate to her new life in a new city. Since this is a romantic comedy, Emily will most assuredly have at least one romantic encounter.

From the trailer below, we can see that this series contains gorgeous fashions, handsome men, and all the beauty you find in Paris.

Emily in Paris trailer

Collins stars alongside Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery. Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) also stars in the series.

In the trailer, we see Emily try to juggle living in a new country, meeting new people, including a handsome next-door neighbor, finding her footing at her career, and teaching her colleagues the difference between sexy and sexist.

The trailer gives us great Sex and the City vibes with fantastic fashion and big city life.  This isn’t a surprise considering Star is the creator. Another SATC connection is Patricia Fields, who lends her fashion expertise to Emily and Paris and worked on SATC.

Emily in Paris premieres on Oct. 2 on Netflix.

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Southern Charm’s Season 7 Trailer Teases Kathryn Dennis’ Drinking, White Privilege, Austen Kroll’s Relationship Drama, More




Bap a do! The Southern Charm cast is back and bringing the drama in the first trailer for season 7 of the Bravo series.

Craig Conover kicks off the trailer by slamming friend Austen Kroll for his continuous relationship issues with Madison LeCroy.

“When you’re in an unhealthy relationship, you start acting like a little bitch,” Craig, 31, says before asking Madison, 29, if she even loves the beer maker.

The trailer then switches to the hairstylist telling her on-again, off-again boyfriend that they need to go their “separate ways.” She later taunts him, calling Austen, 33, a “beta bitch” while at one of the group’s extravagant gatherings.

Fans also get a glimpse at a possible new love interest for Madison in newcomer John Pringle, who tells Craig their relationship status is “TBD.”

Leva Bonaparte, John Pringle, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy and Craig Conover John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Season 7 of the Bravo series promises even more tension that usual, having been filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic quarantine and during the Black Lives Matters protests.

“For me it’s about the change I want to see in this little southern town of mine,” newcomer Leva Bonaparte tells the Charleston crew.

Southern belle Patricia Altschul is briefly shown having her butler, Michael Kelcourse, disinfect a box sent to her house amid the COVID-19 crisis, while Shep Rose reveals that someone he knows contracted the virus.

Viewers get a peek at all things Kathryn Dennis as well, including her drinking problems, friendship drama with Danni Baird and her alleged racist remarks.

“Oh, my gosh, what is she doing? She’s off the wagon,” Kathryn, 29, says in the clip, poking fun at herself after being seen taking a shot. She later claims that “she’s the furthest thing from racist” after a statue of her relative, former vice president John C. Calhoun, is taken down in Charleston due to his association with slavery.

The explosive trailer didn’t leave out original cast member, Thomas Ravenel, although he was only mentioned by name. “Thomas got a girl pregnant and she’s having the baby,” Kathryn spilled to Danni, 36, referencing Thomas’ newest baby, son Jonathan, who he welcomed with ex-girlfriend Heather Mascoe in July.

The teaser for the upcoming season of the reality series came after serious cast shakeups earlier this year.

Original star Cameran Eubanks announced her departure from the show, in May 2020, saying she “must protect what is sacred” and that “some things aren’t worth a big paycheck.”

Her shocking exit came after her husband, Jason Wimberly, was “falsely dragged” into drama surrounding the show and Cameron, 36, following “ridiculous and fake rumors” about her marriage and Jason allegedly having a mistress.

The same month, Naomi Olindo, whose dating drama with Craig hooked fans in year after year, confirmed she wouldn’t be returning to the series.

A source later confirmed to Us Weekly that Chelsea Meissner and Eliza Limehouse were also out for season 7.

Season 7 of Southern Charm premieres on Bravo on Thursday, October 29, at 9 p.m. ET.

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Kristin Cavallari Speaks Out on Her Divorce from Jay Cutler




Five months after their split, Kristin Cavallari is opening up on her divorce from Jay Cutler.

While the split announcement was shocking to many, the pair had been struggling with their marriage for years. She told People magazine, “I always thought it was interesting when people would refer to us as ‘couple goals.’ I was like, ‘If you guys only knew.'”

“It didn’t happen overnight,” Cavallari emphasized of their separation. “We tried really, really hard for years and years. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.”

Kristin and Jay did their best to hide their troubles until they couldn’t anymore during the final season of their show “Very Cavallari.” She shared, “We definitely kept a lot of stuff private. Producers saw stuff, but they didn’t put it in the show — which is good, because I don’t want my kids to ever [see that].”

As for what went wrong in their 10-year relationship, Kristin revealed, “Every relationship has their stuff. I met Jay when I was 23. I was a baby. Jay and I had so much love for each other, but we grew up.”

She added, “When you work at something for so many years and nothing’s changing, I think you have to just make a decision. We all want to be happy.”

The two are keeping it amicable while co-parenting their kids Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 4. She noted, “I still care so much about him and talk to him almost every day. We have three kids together. He’s going to be in my life forever.”

Kristin is “relieved” that “Very Cavallari” is ending after three seasons. She explained, “My kids are the most important thing to me. What’s best for them? Probably not doing a reality show, having to talk about divorcing their dad.”

Nowadays, Kristin is focused on self-care, saying, “I’ve been putting everybody else first. I’m going to focus on me for a minute, look inward and figure out what I ultimately want out of life.”

Cavallari, who said she is “excited about the future,” has no regrets about pulling the plug on her marriage. She said, “I’m proud for making this decision. It wore at me every single day for years. I feel like my whole world is opening up now because of it, and I’m just feeling the best I’ve felt in a really long time.”

In April, Kristin and Jay announced they were getting a divorce. In a statement on Instagram, she wrote, “We have nothing but love and respect for one another and are deeply grateful for the years shared, memories made, and the children we are so proud of. This is just the situation of two people growing apart. We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we navigate this difficult time within our family.”

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Tyra Banks Sends a Message to Haters Amid DWTS Criticism




Tyra Banks is no stranger to calling out her haters.

During the latest episode of Dancing With the Stars, which aired on Tuesday, Sept. 22, the newly appointed host admittedly “messed up” her lines—and viewers were quick to call her out. In a response to the negative commentary, the supermodel took to TikTok right after the show to address her naysayers.

“Tonight I hosted the second episode of Dancing With the Stars and yeah, it wasn’t perfect,” confessed the OG Top Model. “Yeah, I had a lot of fun but I messed up, I said the wrong words, but I kept, kept going.”

She even compared her slip-ups to 18-year-old Skai Jackson, who made a noticeable misstep during her performance that almost caused her to fall atop professional dancer and partner Alan Bersten.

“She got back up and she kept going, and because of that she’s here for another week,” Tyra said. “So the message is: I messed up this week, Skai messed up this week, but we’re gonna keep on going and going.”

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