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Partner – “Big Gay Hands”



Canadian guitar-rock duo and Band To Watch Partner recently announced Never Give Up, the follow-up to their 2017 debut album In Search Of Lost Time. We’ve already heard a few songs from it like “Good Place To Hide (At The Time),” “Hello And Welcome,” and “Rock Is My Rock.” And now we’re hearing another, “Big Gay Hands,” a classic rock-style anthem about big gay hands: “Cause you’re a hottie/ So won’t you take those big gay hands and put em on my body?” As Partner explain:

This song is about a wild night on the town filled with queer desire. It is an important song to us because it expresses a feeling we know is shared by many. There are a lot of songs out there about women’s bodies but this is the only song we know about big gay hands. This song is dedicated to the hotties and to those who love them.

Listen and watch Lesley Marshall’s stop-motion music video featuring hands with painted on clothes and googly eyes below.

Never Give Up is out 11/20 via You’ve Changed. Pre-order it here.

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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis and Nick Wrong – Summer & Kyle’s Marriage Can Work Well




The Young and the Restless spoilers document that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) appear to be projecting. Their recent, unexpected repairing is coupled with Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) plan to remarry her ex-husband.

Phick was married twice, with the first union taking place in the 2000’s. The other nuptials happened in the early 2010’s, ending in 2013.

Skyle was a couple in the mid part of the 2010’s. Summer married Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) in 2019. But that union happened through pressure and clearly wasn’t the result of mutual happiness.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Phyllis Sequel Is Questionable

Excuse me, might be the response of all longtime Y&R viewers when responding to the objections Summer’s parents have regarding the Skyle engagement. Phick’s two endings weren’t good, which means that Phyllis and Nick aren’t experts on enduring relationships with each other.

Of course, as Summer’s parents they have the full right and responsibility to look out for their daughter. Phyllis and Nick are also offering parental protection, in not wanting Summer to act too quickly where Kyle is concerned because he’s still married.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Kyle and Lola Connection Must Be Fully Clipped

Kyle and Summer’s Grand Phoenix engagement was sweet. It happened in private and should have stayed that way.

Until Kola legally ends, Kyle and Summer should have kept their engagement plans private. But they’re not doing that, which is causing Summer’s parents to become unsettled.

Phyllis and Nick have eyes and experience. They know that Skyle is likely destined to remarry and that this union will begin on stable ground, as opposed to the initial edition, which was all about pressure. So, wanting Summer to not be involved in an engagement when her intended fiance is still married makes sense.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Summer and Kyle Makes It To The Altar?

A quick answer, or guess at the subject header question would be yes. Summer and Kyle are in a good place right now. They’ve reunited for the right reasons and have learned from their shared and individual histories.

Most importantly, they truly love each other and are also more mature. Neither person is looking at any other relationship candidate, but instead is fully focused on making the next edition of Skyle work.

Talk of marriage and children is good news to Skyle fans, which may eventually include Phyllis and Nick.

CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Young and the Restless. Check back regularly for Y&R spoilers and news!

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‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Calls Out Lindsey Downs – Feud Brewing?




Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman recently called out newcomer Lindsey Downs. And, Tracie reminded Lindsey who the original WEtv troublemaker is. With a new crop of cast members, a lot of viewers compare them to older stars. And, Tracie weighed in recently.

Love After Lockup Update: Lindsey Downs the New Tracie Wagaman?

Even though Love After Lockup is in its third season on WEtv, a lot of viewers say they miss the original cast members. And, even though shows like Life After Lockup bring back a lot of them, many watchers say the new content isn’t the same with all the fresh faces.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup alum Tracie Wagaman chimed in. And, she reminded her followers that there will never be another Tracie. And, that no one can replace her. Clint Brady’s ex called out Lindsey Downs. And, she said Lindsey isn’t the “new Tracie”. Moreover, she added that there can only be one “goddess”.

At first glance, it looks like there may be a feud brewing between both Love After Lockup women. It could be Tracie Wagaman feels like WEtv replaced her with someone new.

Meanwhile, even though there are some similarities between Lindsey Downs and Clint’s former goddess, some viewers draw comparisons between Lindsey and Lizzie Kommes as well. Scott Davey spent over $90k on Lizzie when the pair were together. And, in Lindsey Downs’ case, her Scott moved all the way to Mississippi to be with her. And, he took care of her, her daughter, and her mother financially.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey & Tracie Getting in Trouble?

Even though Tracie Wagaman flaunted her status as an original Love After Lockup cast member, she did it in a tongue-in-cheek way. And, it looks like there’s no animosity between the felon women. Tracie even invited Lindsey Downs to come to Las Vegas to party together.

So, even though Tracie Wagaman called the former convict out, it doesn’t look like there are any hard feelings between the women. And, if Lindsey ever takes her up on that offer, there’s no telling what they could get up to in Sin City. Meanwhile, even though there have been comparisons between the women in recent weeks, the vast majority of Tracie’s Love After Lockup followers agree that there can only be one goddess.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Living it Up in Las Vegas

Even though Tracie Wagaman is one of the most popular Love After Lockup celebs, its been a long time since she was last on the air. And, due to this, a lot of WEtv watchers wonder what she’s up to of late. This is especially true because of her public split with ex, Clint Brady.

Clint was there to pick Tracie Wagaman up whenever she fell down. But, now that they’re no longer an item, it’s up to Tracie to stand on her own and take care of herself. And, she seems to be living her best life in Sin City. She traveled to the gambling destination back in August. And, at the time, a lot of followers thought it’d be a quick trip. But, it looks like she got comfortable there and made the place her new home.

Tracie Wagaman hasn’t shared much of late. But, she told a Love After Lockup fan that she’s “been around”. And, that she hasn’t had much to share. It looks like she stays busy doing her own thing. And, that she is happy where she is. Still, a lot of watchers wonder what’s next for her now that she is no longer with Clint. Moreover, whether or not Lindsey Downs takes Tracie up on her offer down the line is something to see – especially with Soap Dirt sources confirming in July that Lindsey is currently back behind bars.

Return frequently to Soap Dirt for all your Love After Lockup needs.

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Eddie Murphy: The Comedian Wins An Emmy Award for Saturday Night Live Return




The actor took the honor for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys function for his hotly anticipated return to Studio 8H in December.

The episode denoted Murphy’s first SNL gig in quite a while and absolutely viewed as one among his couple of return appearances to the showcase that made him a star. He presented restored a couple of his greatest important SNL characters withinside the scene.

Eddie Murphy Wins An Emmy Award

Murphy was not there to accept the honor on Saturday. Anyway, the Television Academy shared his notoriety discourse in a tweet after his success.

Much obliged to you to each body on the Emmys. Much obliged to you a great deal for giving me an Emmy,” a radiating Murphy expressed. I don’t have an Emmy. This is forty years because of the way that I began Saturday Night Live. This is my first Emmy, so you rock. I have to express gratitude toward Lorne Michaels to put this whole issue all in all and get this going.


Furthermore, I have to thank the fashioned and the journalists and the gathering at SNL. This becomes an absolutely exceptional issue for me to return returned and highlight the showcase flip out the way it did. I’m regardless skimming from it, also, on account of each body for giving me an Emmy.

Other Updates

It’s so exceptional as it becomes 36 years to the day because of how I become at the showcase. For it to show out the way it got out and this on the apex of it. It’s basically actually, as a general rule, extraordinary.

He also expressed he become attempting to do extra on-degree satire. We had been making arrangements sooner than the pandemic hit on doing standup, getting a couple of stuff, on the whole, he taught correspondents. As fast as it’s clear to move returned out there, that is the arrangement.

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