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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update



Piyush shows the wedding cards to everyone. Omkar likes it. Maaji says we have written the cards on marble. Omkar says my relationship won’t break with Mayura ever. Mayura and her father come there. She says the card is nice but I won’t the marriage till my sister doesn’t get married with a nice guy, she is weak after all this. You must understand that she has lost hope. How can I have a good marriage with her condition like this. Omkar looks down. Mayura says I have come to talk to you Omkar. Say something. Maaji says you are pretty but egoistic, you think my son has to listen to every demand? You like to say no a lot? Mayura looks on. Her father supports her and they leave from there. Omkar is angry and leaves. Mayura comes out of the house and cries. Her father says you can’t break like this. Mayura says I didn’t want to hurt Omkar and my sister.

Omkar throws things around in anger. He says I will get married tonight only. Maaji says calm down and give me time till tomorrow morning, please. Omkar says okay till then, he leaves. She sees Piyush there and thinks I have to keep his faith up. She says he is hurt. Piyush says but he is saying to forcefully marry her tonight. Maaji says he is just angry and wants to marry her. He loves her a lot.

Mayura comes to Megha’s room and says I have canceled the wedding. The family see them and are worried for them. Mayura cries hugging Megha. Megha holds her hand and recalls how she was jealous of Mayura marrying a prince like Omkar. How she had said that I hate her beauty. She thinks that I will get married first.

In the morning, Omkar gets things ready for the wedding and says I am coming Mayura.

Scene 2
Omkar comes to Mayura’s house and calls everyone. Megha and others look on. Omkar shows them shagun. He tells Megha that nothing bad will happen with this house anymore. I have come with Megha’s happiness, both the daughters will marry in our house only. All look on. Piyush and Maaji come there with Sanjay. Omkar says I have brought Sanjay’s proposal. Maaji says he is Omkar’s cousin. Omkar says he is a sincere person and wants a life partner with a good heart. He asks Megha to talk to him if you want. Her father says we are lucky to get a proposal from this house. Mayura asks Megha if she is happy? Sanjay tells her that whatever happened had nothing to do with you. I am not saying yes to this proposal in any pressure. I just want to keep you happy. Omkar says I just want to request to get married to Mayura. We can do mehndi today and the wedding tomorrow. Mayura’s father says we accept this. We will do the wedding tomorrow. Mayura thinks if Megha is happy then I am happy. This all happened because of Omkar. Omkar goes out to take a call.

Mayura comes to Omkar and blushes. He says what happened? Mayura kisses his cheek. He is mesmerized to see her. Megha sees them and is jealous, she thinks that I always got worst people because of her, I will use this card to make Mayura feel pain.

PRECAP – Maaji burns some papers and thinks Mayura should never know this. Mayura and Omkar get married.

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Late director Sachy’s Prithviraj movie to go on floors?




Late director Sachy and Prithviraj were to team again for a movie titled Vilayath Buddha. With the unexpected demise of the acclaimed director, the movie was eventually dropped halfway. Now, the latest is that director Sachy’s longtime associate Jayam Nambiar is taking over the project.

In a recent interview given to a leading daily, director Jayan said that it was Prithviraj, who suggested him to take over the project. Jointly scripted by GR Indugopan and Rajesh, the movie is expected to be bankrolled by Prithviraj’s home banner, Prithviraj Productions.

The film is based on GR Indugopan’s novel ‘Vilayath Buddha’, that revolves around Bhaskaran master and smuggler student named Double Mohanan. Going by the novel, the movie is about a master who grows a sandalwood tree in his yard while his student challenges his teacher that he will cut down the tree.

Prithvi vilayath mo

Reportedly, Prithviraj Sukumaran is playing the role of a smuggler in the movie. Details regarding the rest of the cast is expected to be revealed soon and is expected to start rolling only after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prithviraj and Jayan Nambiar are working on another project which is a mythological film that will be shot completely in virtual production.

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‘Nishabdham’ has got importance for all characters: Anushka Shetty




Anushka Shetty, who awaits the OTT release of ‘Nishabdham’ on October 2, has described the film as an interesting thriller wherein she plays a challenging role. In this interview, catch her talk about how the project fell in her lap, working with Madhavan, getting trained in sign language, and more.

After ‘Bhaagamathie’, there has been much gap in your career. Your fans have been eagerly waiting for your next. Why did the gap happen? Was it planned? How did the journey with ‘Nishabdham’ start?

After ‘Bhaagamathie’, I went on a sabbatical deliberately. Sometime in 2018, Kona Venkat garu and Hemanth Madhukar narrated the story of ‘Nishabdham’ to me and I was bowled over by the script. My character is atypical and I strongly felt that I should go for it. Not only did the story came searching for me, but also I loved it.

You apparently learned the international sign language for playing the role of a mute artiste in the movie. What was the homework like?

Sakshi is both deaf and dumb in the movie. This aspect of the character made me take it up as a challenge. For a couple of months, I got trained in sign language. After reaching America to shoot for the film, I realized that the international sign language is different. I once again got trained in it there from a 14-year-old girl. It was a great learning experience.

The film was supposed to release in theatres on April 2. As destiny would have it, the pandemic has played the demon. And, as a result, ‘Nishabdham’ has become the first direct-to-OTT release of your career. How do you see it?

Although theatre and OTT are contrasting experiences, it is important for us to see OTT in a positive way. Because of the unique situation we are in, technology-driven options have to be explored to reach out to the audience. We have to go for these changes. Let’s welcome the new normal. Although it feels a bit strange that ‘Nishabdham’ is unexpectedly coming out on OTT, I hope the audience are going to love this change.

Nishabdham has got importance for all characters: Anushka Shetty

This is your first film with Madhavan in 14 years. What was the experience of working with him?

I had worked with Madhavan for the first time in the initial days of my career on a Tamil film, in 2006. It was a wonderful experience working with him after all the years. It helped that both of us have played challenging roles in ‘Nishabdham’. Besides our roles, every character in the thriller has got a place in the story. This is not a story that takes place only between two individuals. The screenplay lends importance to a number of other characters. It’s a thrilling ride, I must say.

Technical departments, especially background music, play a key role in thrillers. Since you have watched the final copy, what is your take on the BGM?

OTT can’t be a match to the sound system of the theatre. The quality of sound is different on streaming sites. But if you go for headphones and a home theatre experience, the user experience improves vastly. As for ‘Nishabdham’, both music (by Gopi Sunder) and background music (by Girrish Gopalakrishnan) are big assets.

Tell us about the director-producer duo.

Hemanth Madhukar comes with a lot of clarity of vision. He knows what he wants from his actors. It’s because of him that the output is so terrific. Kona Film Corporation and People Media Factory have set high standards for themselves. For an experimental film like this, they have spent without compromising anywhere. They are passionate and have a lot of daring.

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Is this the final list of contestants of Bigg Boss 4?




The fourth season of the most popular reality game show Bigg Boss hosted by Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan is all set to begin on October 4 on Vijay TV, and fans of the show are eagerly waiting to watch the show.

There have been numerous speculations on the list of participants of this entertaining show, and in the recent times several stars have been issuing denials on the rumours on their participation as well.

Now, days before the start of the show, here’s a list of the most probable contestants of Bigg Boss 4:   

Ramya Pandian, 

Shivani Narayanan, 

Rio Raj, 

Super Singer fame Aajeedh, 

Folk singer Vel Murugan, 

Anu Mohan, 

Actor-producer Jithan Ramesh, 

Veteran actress Rekha, 

Actor Suresh, 

Actor Aari, 


Sanam Shetty, 

VJ Archana, 

Aranthangi Nisha, 

Balaji Murugadoss, 

Model Somesekar. 

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