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Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates



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The Rising of the Shield Hero is a Japanese Mild Book arrangement by Aneko Yusagi. The epic mechanism has been adjusted to a manga arrangement by Aiya Kyu, alongside the arcade arrangement by Kinema Citrus surfaced in January 2019.

The story follows Naofumi Iwatani, who’s drawn to a parallel world alongside three children from parallel universes to be the Planets Cardinal hero. At the same time, they need to safeguard in the beasts, Waves.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date:

The manufacturers and staff have a green light for the renewal of the sequence. But, there’s no clarity about a specific release date. In addition to this series, it will have a season three too. Till now, some expectations may come somewhere around 2021.

Nonetheless, the outbreak is a significant barrier in the release of new seasons of several screens. Now it will be interesting to observe the impact of the epidemic on this discharge. For more in-depth information, stay tuned before any new info arrives.

The cast of this season 2:

We have got no news of confirmed characters in the upcoming season. It might reach you soon. However, the throw could comprise:

  • Alen Lee
  • Erica Mender
  • Morgan Berry
  • Billey Kameez
  • Brianna Knickerbocker
  • Xander Mobus

We have no information regarding who is staying in or who’s going out in the collection. But these are the particular functions which likely to survive to entertain all audiences.

What Do We Know About Season 2? [Spoiler Alert]

The lovers are rather keen to view Naofumi back in action battling with the waves. However, details regarding the narrative of Season 2 are fully revealed. The production company was tight-lipped about the plot for Season 2. It is very likely to follow the events of Season 1. There has been a rumor that Season 2 will be dependent upon volume 12 of this anime book series. Individuals who have read the Western publication you could have a legit idea about what could happen in the upcoming season.

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Someone started a brand called ‘Biden Beauty’—and the internet is perplexed




A new company known as “Biden Beauty” is selling everything from makeup sponges to tote bags in an effort to send the former vice president back to the White House.

No one appears to know who exactly is behind the mysterious brand, but its aim is apparent on its recently launched website.

“Meet BIDEN Beauty – the most influential influencer beauty brand of the year,” the company’s website says. “We’re merging beauty and politics in order to bring forward a message of agency, diversity, and inclusivity within the beauty communities – and beyond.”

Biden Beauty states that it intends to donate 100% of its profits to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as well as Biden’s presidential campaign.

One of its products, the BIDEN Beat Makeup Sponge, is selling for a little over $20, and it reportedly aims to correct orange.

In a statement to Fashionista, an anonymous spokesperson argued that beauty has always been political.

“It’s no secret that the beauty community is the most powerful and influential in our modern day,” the spokesperson said. “Being a ‘beauty insider,’ my team and I wanted to amplify our community for the better good.”

The unexpected company launch led to mixed reviews online, with some applauding the effort while others appeared largely confused.

At least one popular beauty journalist shared the news in a positive light.

Another writer, however, seemed perplexed at the mashup of politics and beauty products.

Even though the brand was not launched by Biden himself, some users attacked the brand as an empty and meaningless gesture.

“Honestly creating a ‘Biden Beauty’ brand strategy to sell $20 blue sponges and absolutely zero other beauty products is an extremely mentally advanced campaign fundraising grift on the same level as those Jeb Bush guacamole bowls,” @Kelibacy said.

Some appeared to have little or no opinion all on the Biden Beauty phenomenon.

“And on this day in the presidential campaign race, I learned that there’s an anonymous group of ‘beauty industry insiders’ selling fashion items under the moniker ‘Biden Beauty,'” @ElizLanders said.

As you’d expect, many used the opportunity to mock the unique venture.

Biden Beauty says it plans to introduce new products in the near future and may also reveal the individuals behind the brand.

Whether Biden Beauty’s makeup sponges will convince any undecided voters to choose the former vice president over President Donald Trump remains to be seen.

The post Someone started a brand called ‘Biden Beauty’—and the internet is perplexed appeared first on The Daily Dot.

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Pro Chefs Share The Most Common Mistakes That We, Amateurs, Make (30 Pics)




Eating is loads of fun, but in order to do that, you’ve got to get off the couch and cook (let’s pretend that ordering pizza isn’t an option). The good news is that cooking can be incredibly enjoyable and it will put your creativity and dexterity to the test. The bad news is, watching Gordon Ramsay shout at amateur cooks for the 100th time on YouTube won’t make you a brilliant chef if you don’t hone your skills like a cuisine samurai.

Luckily, the internet is full of helpful professionals. These cooks are sharing some of their wisdom with amateurs and helping them avoid the most basic, common mistakes that some of us are guilty of. Personally, I overcrowd the pan. No wonder cooking’s harder than it should be.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best bits of cooking advice to improve your (and our) food making skills, so scroll on down and upvote your fave tips. Remember to share your own cooking advice in the comments, Pandas!

Taste as you cook. Continually adjust seasoning (salt level) as needed. Acidity is also a very overlooked aspect of seasoning. Tons of dishes light up with a little lemon juice or vinegar.

Bran_Solo , Pixar Report

Some people who are new to cooking might not realize that they can add salt to boiling pasta water instead of sprinkling it over it when it’s cooked. Pro-tip: this works with everything you boil. Rice—check. Broccoli—check. Buckwheat—check.

If you end up over-salting things, don’t worry—be happy (and add more water or decide that everything’s messed up and chuck a bucketload of potatoes and other veggies inside to make a really weird soup). Meanwhile, if you oversalt a soup or a sauce that you’re making, you can always chop up and add more ingredients to balance out the flavors.

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Pastry cook here, on the sweet side of things, my biggest piece of advice is to follow the recipe exactly if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Baking is basically science and if you don’t calculate substitutions right, it’s never going to come out right. Also make sure you have good ingredients. That box of baking soda from 5 years ago is not going to work that well anymore.

freakykukki , Bill Holsinger-Robinson Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes SLOW THE F**K DOWN! Just because you saw Gordon Ramsay chopping s**t at a thousand miles a minute on a youtube video doesn’t mean that you can do that. Cut first, go slow, and speed will get there.

I_smell_awesome , Chris Gladis Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes My pro chef and former chemist friend gave me an earful for putting my tomatoes in the fridge.

He explained how the cold temp. changes the chemical composition and makes them taste s***tier.

I no longer put my tomatoes in the fridge and they are tastier.

Ryan Tir Report

The Everygirl suggests that when chopping onions, you should keep the root intact to make all the slicing and dicing easier.

Personally, I chop off both ends of the onion and slice it in half to make it easier to peel. I usually end up crying because a) onions make me cry; and b) I realize that I’ve once again forgotten to chill my onions which prevents a) from happening in the first place.

Not a professional chef, but if you’ve put enough salt in your dish and feel that putting anymore would over-season it, but you still feel it’s lacking in taste, add some sort of acid.

Lemon juice/zest, lime juice/zest, balsamic/red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar – you’ll be surprised at how much this lifts the dish!

When I was getting interested in cooking, I would skip the acid completely because I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I would always chuckle and joke at how much lemon/lime/vinegar chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Alton Brown put in their cooking.

Then I tried it once.

Now, every dish I make has some sort of acidity in it because it’s just not the same without!

pinhead28 Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes One really common mistake people make is putting food on a cold pan. You should let the pan heat up a bit before you put anything on it.

-eDgAR- , Jim Winstead Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes If the recipe says an ingredient is supposed to be room temperature, make sure it’s room temperature! Eggs are particularly important for this rule — room temperature egg yolks break more easily and incorporate better into whatever you’re mixing. And for something like cheesecake, or anything else with high fat content, cold eggs can actually harden the fat and make your mixture lumpy.

Jonny Hunter Report

Meanwhile, Insider suggests that you keep a close eye on the shelf life of the ingredients you use for cooking. From produce to spices, you want everything to be as fresh as possible. Don’t use black pepper that expired 5 years ago just because you don’t want to put on your anti-corona gear and go to the shop. Fresh ingredients make all the difference (and a pandemic is no excuse to eat poorly)!

Oh, and if you want to feel like a Michelin star chef (and know what to avoid doing), check out Bored Panda’s earlier posts about quarantine baking fails here, as well as hilarious cooking fails here and here. Isn’t it great how skilled we suddenly feel?

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Now, this one is a weird one, but everyone is guilty of it, even some professional chefs. Stirring. Everyone has been stirring stuff wrong for generations. If you have a large pot of something like stew, soup, or sauce, you probably stir in a circular motion, usually clockwise or counter-clockwise, right? Perhaps along the edge of the pot, or in a spiral, either going inward or outward?

Well, you’re doing it wrong. When stirring, do in one of two manners: First, in small circles, working from the outside and going inward. Similar to how you might draw a cloud or petals on a flower. Or, stir in a figure-8 motion. This is especially useful if stirring in an oval or square-shaped container. Also, stir upwards. How? Angle your spoon so that basically, you’re bringing the part of the food that’s closest to the heat source, up to the surface, and vice versa. This allows for a quicker and more even heat distribution. Also helps to prevent burning.

PatrickRsGhost , Andy Melton Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes If you don’t have a good feel for how done meat should be, use a thermometer. Ignore any recipe that gives precise cooking times, because they’re rarely going to be correct.

Bran_Solo , wikipedia Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes You take preheating the oven as a suggestion rather than a requirement. it can really affect the texture and appearance, as well as the timings. not preheating can lead to flat/hard cookies and dense/unevenly cooked cakes, among other things.

Thomas van de Weerd Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes You throw all your ingredients together at once and mix them without thinking about their order. If you see butter (or any fat) and sugar listed first in a recipe, it’s a creaming method — which means you mix together the fat and sugar first, until it’s light and kind of airy. When you add the eggs, add them one by one to make sure they mix in well and so that your batter keeps its light texture.

chispita_666 Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes After you mix your cookie dough, REFRIGERATE IT so that the fat hardens and doesn’t melt like cookie brittle or brownie bark — unless you like it that way!

Scott Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Too much or too little salt. Salt is one of the most magical ingredient known to mankind. It can make all the ingredients of the dish shine like stars. It can also f**k up all your hard work by overpowering the other ingredients. Cooking, like every other thing in the world, is about balance. It is the art of balancing flavors that compliment each other

whatisthisidontevenf , Wikipedia Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Pressing burgers to make them cook faster. Don’t you ever do that again.

Also, sharpen your knives. It makes them safer and way less frustrating to use.

Seriously though don’t you ever press that f***ing burger again you bastard.

RebelWarmaster , Nickelodeon Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Start with salt and pepper and get those right first. Seasonings make or break your food, but if you’re just throwing s**t in because it sounds good you’re gonna have a bad time. Also, keep in mind that you can pretty much always add more later but you can almost never take it back out.

[deleted] , rawdonfox Report

A recipe is just a suggestion, not the law. If a recipe calls for garlic, and you don’t much care for garlic, leave it out. Or, reduce the amount.

PatrickRsGhost Report

Hello, I am the chef at a 5 diamond hotel in San Francisco. The biggest thing to learn when just starting to cook, is mise en place. “Everything in its place.” This is ultimately to get food timings correct and precise, and for safety and control reasons. The second biggest thing to learn in the kitchen is safety. I once had a cook with 25 years experience get complacent and splashed hot oil on his face. Now we call him twoface. Cooking is a creative release when done outside of a professional kitchen, so take your time and don’t hurt yourself. The third biggest thing to learn, and I tell all my cooks this everyday, is taste, season, taste. Taste your food, season it, and taste it again. Most people (whether they believe it or not) have the same taste thresholds, so what tastes good for you will taste good for someone else. Last thing I can add if you want to improve your cooking, is to cook more! Cook everyday, because practice makes perfect. Eat. Eat everywhere and anything.


I know one mistake I used to make was to buy canned mushrooms and use those for recipes. The first time I used fresh mushrooms for something, I realized the dreadful error of my ways, and I haven’t bought canned mushrooms since!

Always use fresh mushrooms, people!

TakingItOffHereBoss Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes So many baking issues are solved by simply knowing what ingredients you need and when you’ll need them. And unless you really know what you’re doing, don’t mess with the recipe! Seemingly small changes — like decreasing the amount of sugar or substituting a different type of flour — can have huge effects on the finished product. I always recommend that the first time you try a recipe, you make it exactly as written. After you’ve done that successfully, THEN and ONLY then can you think about changing it up!

Andrea Goh Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Underseason your food, taste it, then reseason to what you think tastes good. THEN RETASTE IT AGAIN. There’s a reason there aren’t salt and pepper shakers on higher end restaurants. The plate put on your table is what it SHOULD taste like.

I_smell_awesome , Kai Hendry Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes You don’t weigh your ingredients. I cannot stress enough how important it is to weigh out all of your ingredients (all ahead of time, if you really want to bake like a pastry chef) on a digital scale. One cup of feathers does NOT weigh the same as one cup of pebbles, ya know? It’s so easy to find volume to mass conversions online, and your baked goods will not only turn out better, but they will be more consistent.

trenttsd Report

You probably aren’t mixing certain things as much as you should be, like creaming butter and sugar isn’t just combining them, you need to beat them until they’re fluffy. The same goes for adding eggs…you’ll get better cookies and brownies if you beat again until fluffy when adding eggs to your creamed butter and sugar. However, you don’t want to over-mix once you add the flour, just mix until no more dry flour is visible. Over-mixing the flour can make your end product tough.


Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes You frost hot cakes and always end up making a huge mess. Just stop. Be logical — if you apply icing to a hot surface it will melt. The cake should at the very least be room temp or even cold if you are doing more intricate decorating.

Sarah C Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE MICROWAVE. Those cooking shows only show the highlights of cooking. Think of the food network as the facebook of cooking. You don’t see the bad s**t that happens, only the highlights.

I_smell_awesome , Kelly Fillinger Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes When you put something in the oven to bake, its very tempting to peak inside. Try to do this as little as possible. When you open the oven door, all the hot air escapes, thus lowering the temperature of your oven. It’s OK if that happens a couple times, but if you keep checking…it’s going to take FOREVER to finish. Finally, invest in an oven thermometer to know the true temperature of your oven. Some ovens just aren’t accurate when reading temperature.

Jaap Stronks Report

Professional-Chefs-Share-Common-Mistakes Always sift your dry ingredients. This is especially important for powdered sugar when making buttercream, because you want the butter and powdered sugar to mix seamlessly.

Chris Waits Report

Note: this post originally had 62 images. It’s been shortened to the top 30 images based on user votes.

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The October 2020 Full Moon Is About Tapping Into Your Inner Warrior




When you look up at the full moon, it’s almost as if you can feel its intensity radiating throughout the sky. It’s so powerful that some witches leave out bowls of water to soak up the moon beams. Some even plan their rituals for the night of the full moon because it gives their spell a boost of magic. Your intuition probably understands the impact a full moon has on the universe, but have you ever wondered about the reason for its power? It may feel obvious when the October 2020 full moon jumpstarts the month on a high note, but is there a logical explanation for all the hype?

As a matter of fact, there is, and lunar cycle can prove it. This cycle is a journey your spirit follows every 28 days. It begins with the new moon, when the night sky provides you with a fresh canvas on which to paint something new. As the moon waxes and gains strength, the image you’re painting becomes clearer and clearer. By the time the full moon takes place, the painting is finished. Whether it’s the greatest painting you’ve ever painted or it was filled with mistakes you can learn from, the experience is what truly matters. Then, the moon starts to wane, which is the steady process of release; of taking the painting off the easel and clearing out your art studio. The cycle begins once again on the next new moon, when you decide what to paint next.

During a new moon, the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign, which is called a conjunction. In astrology, a conjunction always signifies a new beginning. Whatever began during a conjunction comes to an end during an opposition. A full moon is when the sun and the moon form an opposition, indicating the moment that you reap what you sow and embrace the revelations that follow.

The Full Moon In Aries Takes Place On Oct. 1 At 5:05 p.m. ET


This full moon takes place in ambitious, driven, courageous, and passionate Aries. Opposing the sun in Libra, this full moon brings the Aries-Libra axis to life. Aries, the cardinal fire sign, is the warrior of the zodiac; the sign that never backs down from a fight. In fact, Aries thrives when it’s faced with opposition and it knows exactly what it wants. During this full moon, believe in your identity, stand up for what you believe in, and strive to achieve exactly what you set out to achieve. While Libra represents balance, Aries represents extremity. While Libra represents cooperation, Aries represents individuality. While your instinct may be toward togetherness and harmony, this Aries full moon is a reminder not to lose yourself in conformity.

All full moons carry their own specific power, but this one may feel so intense that you don’t know what to do with yourself. For one thing, a full moon in Aries is already jam-packed with intensity, as Aries is possibly the most energetic zodiac sign of them all. However, Aries is ruled by Mars — planet of vitality, aggression, and war — and at the moment, Mars is retrograde. This could feel like a stressful push and pull, as the Aries full moon encourages you to charge forward and initiate something new while Mars retrograde is making even the simplest tasks feel impossible to complete.

To further the pressure, Mars is forming a square to Saturn — planet of boundaries and inhibition — as well as Pluto — planet of death and rebirth. Make no mistake: you are feeling conflicted in so many ways. Not only are your darkest impulses being activated, but you’re struggling to find the motivation to harness your power in a healthy and direct manner. In fact, you may feel as though you’re sputtering around the room like a deflating balloon.

However, the more difficulty you’re up against, the more meaningful the reward will be. Ask yourself how badly you want something. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do in order to achieve something. If you can power through all the obstacles standing in your way and overcome all your self-doubt, it will have a lasting impact on your confidence. That’s the promise of the full moon in Aries.

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