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Stumptown’s Fate Uncertain in Another Stunning Renewal Reversal



And, another one bites the dust.

Despite a renewal and even getting mentioned in the ABC Fall 2020 slate of programming last June, ABC has swung the ax on Stumptown.

Heavy is the heart that watches broadcast TV in 2020.

Stumptown wasn’t a ratings heavy hitter, but the quirky premise and star appeal of lead Cobie Smulders ensured a healthy audience.

The story follows Dex Parios (Smulders), a veteran who has seen better days.

She began pretty down on her luck but with a trusted group of friends who had her back.

As the season progressed, Dex earned her Private Investigator stripes by taclking difficult cases and putting her trust into mentors.

Losing It - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 17

It didn’t always work out, but we still loved watching her.

Other stars include Jake Johnson, Tantoo Cardinal, Cole Sibus, Adrian Martinez, with Camryn Manheim and Michael Ealy, all playing characters with a vested interest in Dex.

Some were even love interests, as while she might be troubled, Dex didn’t have a problem catching the eye of people of both sexes.

You won’t be surprised to discover that ABC is blaming COVID for the death of Stumptown.

Frantic Tookie - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 18

The series films in Los Angeles, but although other productions have gotten underway in the city, Stumptown wasn’t one of them.

There is a little light at the end of the tunnel, though, to keep your spirits high.

ABC Signature, the studio behind Stumptown, isn’t giving up hope for the show just yet.

Although the cast and crew have been notified of ABC’s decision, the studio is going to shop Stumptown around elsewhere.

Heading To LA - Stumptown

In other words, it’s time to make your voices heard so that the thunderous applause rounding up other services to take the plunge with Stumptown.

Stumptown joins The Society, I’m Not OK With This, and I’m Sorry as the latest casualty of the COVID virus, and they all hurt.

You can still watch Stumptown online right here via TV Fanatic to relive Stumptown Season 1.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She’s a member of the Critic’s Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.


Watch as Weird Al Sings A Song About Last Night’s Debate: America Is Doomed




‘Weird Al’ Yankovic already has a song about last night’s 2020 Election Debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Yankovic teamed up with the Gregory Brothers to pen the song, which is called “America Is Doomed, The Musical.” The debate has been on the minds of nearly everybody who tuned last night, which is evident if you spend more than 10 seconds on social media. CNN’s Jake Tapper called it, “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.” While Tapper’s description seems a little over the top, many people from both sides of the aisle are agreeing with it.

As it turns out, Weird Al Yankovic was more than a little freaked out by the first 2020 Presidential Debate. Yankovic begins the video by screaming into the camera, before being asked to something a little more “dignified.” From there, it’s classic Weird Al, though it’s a little darker than some of his older material because he’s taking on current events. Regardless, “America Is Doomed, The Musical,” is a catchy song that will more than likely find a lot of people humming along.

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What sets “America Is Doomed, The Musical” apart from older Weird Al Yankovic material is the fact that he and the Gregory Brothers implemented parts of last night’s debate into the song. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden can be heard singing about the public health crisis in one particular verse, while Yankovic takes on the role of moderator between the two presidential hopefuls. They even get into the economy, and from there, things start to spiral out of control, just like they did in real-time last night.

Weird Al Yankovic and the Gregory Brothers aren’t the only ones flipping out over the first 2020 Presidential Debate. Mark Hamill went to Twitter last night to say, “That debate was the worst thing I’ve ever seen & I was in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Comedian Patton Oswalt came on and suggested that American people bring in John Wick to moderate the next debate, while screenwriter Jeremy Slater said, “That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I wrote Fantastic Four,” after watching last night’s debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

There are two more 2020 Presidential Debates scheduled to lead up to the election, which takes place on November 3rd. Next week will see Vice President Mike Pence go up against Kamala Harris, with the presidential debates starting up again the week after that. It’s unclear if Weird Al Yankovic and the Gregory Brothers will be writing songs for each of the debates, but it would be nice if they did for everybody’s sanity at the moment. The New York Times were the first to host the video for “America Is Doomed, The Musical,” but you can check it out above.

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Stevie Nicks Says Harry Styles ‘Is Definitely In The Running’ For Her ‘Rhiannon’ TV Project




By Brent Furdyk.

Stevie Nicks has made no secret of being a huge fan of Harry Styles’ music, and if she has her way the “Watermelon Sugar” singer will be involved in her upcoming TV miniseries based on one of her biggest singles.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Nicks discussed her in-the-works TV miniseries based on a series of novels about the Celtic goddess that inspired her 1975 Fleetwood Mac hit “Rhiannon”.

After purchasing the rights to the books, Nicks wrote 10 unreleased songs for the project, which has also been reported as being a book or movie.

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Admitting she still doesn’t have a cast in mind, she did reveal that Styles “is definitely in the running.”

She joked that she only wants Styles as he is right this moment. “I’m going, ‘Harry, you cannot age one day. You have to stay exactly as you are. I’ve already sold him on it,” she said.

Earlier this year, Nicks told Rolling Stone that while she’s been quarantining, Styles’ latest album, Fine Line, has been her constant musical companion.

“Harry is recounting a lot of experiences that I had in my own life, beautifully. And making me remember stuff, and bringing back memories that I really didn’t love and memories that I did love,” she said.

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“For me to hear a record made by somebody in his mid-20s that says a lot of things that I haven’t gotten around to saying yet blows my mind,” she added.

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The Many Styles Of Harry

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Timothy Ray Brown (aka ‘The Berlin Patient’), the First Person Cured of HIV, Dies of Cancer at 54




Timothy Ray Brown, the first man cured of HIV through stem cell transplants who was known for many years as “the Berlin patient,” has died of cancer at the age of 54.

The AP reports: “Brown died Tuesday at his home in Palm Springs, California, according to a social media post by his partner, Tim Hoeffgen. The cause was a return of the cancer that originally prompted the unusual bone marrow and stem cell transplants Brown received in 2007 and 2008, which for years seemed to have eliminated both his leukemia and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. “

Brown’s life was celebrated by AIDS activist Peter Staley, who wrote on Facebook: “The chance he took with his docs in Berlin helped reignite AIDS cure research. He became our proof-of-concept. And wonderfully, he became our friend. Frightened to go before the press after some brain damage from the bone marrow transplant he went through, Tim ended up doing dozens of pitch-perfect interviews, and then joined the international club of AIDS activists, attending all the international AIDS conferences, hugging us, dancing with us at the off-site parties, and obviously loving that he had found our beautiful family. His partner Tim Hoeffgen was often by his side. Timothy became our smiling example of hope for a cure. A heavy responsibility which he never shied away from. He was a rascal too. I bumped into him in the back rooms of the no-pants party in Amsterdam two years ago, and laughed with joy when he told me he was on PrEP. ‘It wouldn’t be cool if the only guy cured from AIDS got it a second time,’ he said, with a huge smile.When the cure finally comes, let’s all have a communal toast to this amazing man.”

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