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Having graduated in the top 10% of Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) cadets nationwide in 2012, Pat Robinson was ready to take on a career in the Air Force full speed ahead.

Despite her stellar performance in the classroom and training grounds, Robinson feared other habits she’d picked up at Ohio University had sent her down the wrong tracks.

First stationed near Panama City, Florida, Robinson became reliant on alcohol while serving as an air battle manager student. After barnstorming through Atlanta’s nightclubs on New Year’s Eve, Robinson failed a drug test and lied to her commanding officer about the results.

Eleven months later, she was dismissed. Feeling ashamed and directionless, Robinson briefly returned home to Cleveland before venturing west to look for work in San Francisco.

After a brief stint working at a paint store, Robinson found herself without a source of income and was relegated to living in her car. Robinson’s garbage can soon became littered with parking tickets and her car was towed. Golden Gate Park’s cool grass soon replaced her bed.

“My substance abuse spiraled very quickly,” Robinson said. “You name it, I probably used it. Very quickly I contracted HIV and Hepatitis C. I was arrested again and again and was finally charged and sentenced to substance abuse treatment.”

Two failed attempts to get clean later, Robinson knew she desperately needed to pick herself up. During her third stay at a substance abuse treatment facility, Robinson learned of Back on My Feet — a nonprofit that combats homelessness through the power of running — who was there to extend a hand.

After working through the 12-step program for 60 days, Robinson labored through running her first mile after joining Back on My Feet.

“I kept asking myself while I was running — am I trying to kill myself?” Robinson said. “I couldn’t remember the last time I ran. But the volunteers were all happy and wanted to get to know me. I was all skeptical and quiet and questioning why they were so happy.”

As she continued to run with Back on My Feet, Robinson realized that their joy came from a genuine sense of support and encouragement between the volunteers.

Courtesy of Back on My Feet

“Members were pushing each other beyond our limitations,” Robinson said. “I was still doing treatment for Hepatitis C and HIV and I had to just set my pain aside and push myself every single moment otherwise I would give myself an excuse to be stagnant and depressed.”

After she received treatment for Hepatitis C, Robinson’s energy level skyrocketed. She began studying to be a personal trainer, taking fitness classes and worked with Back on My Feet to rebuild her professional and financial outlook by creating a resume and going through credit reports and housing applications.

Back on My Feet also set Robinson up with financial literacy workshops at the Capital One Cafe in San Francisco.

“They definitely motivated me to see a financial life beyond my imagination but instead a reality of wealth,” Robinson said.

Capital One has partnered with Back on My Feet’s since 2017 and helps its members establish themselves financially. Back on My Feet members have the chance to sit with Cafe ambassadors for one-on-one sessions to answer their questions and go over personal financial necessities like balancing a budget, managing credit and making a plan for financial independence.

“They are people who are starting all over again from scratch and we are here to give them clarity for whatever questions they may have,” said Denza Young, a San Francisco Capital One Cafe ambassador. “Capital One truly is reimagining banking because everything they do: their belief system, their challenges… everything is connected to their money. When they can get clarity on whatever it is that gives them their hurdles it helps them set their goals and think about self-care differently.”

In addition to offering free workshops, Capital One provides grant support to Back on My Feet. In May, Back on My Feet awarded Capital One with its Corporate Pacesetter award.

“It is no surprise that this nonprofits’ values align closely with ours in bringing humanity to banking and empowering our customers in their journey to be financially successful,” said Nerissa Davis, West Coast Market Executive for the Capital One cafe network. “We are so proud of the people we are able to support through our partnership with Back on My Feet and look forward to continuing our journey together to make a difference in the community.”

This partnership has empowered members like Robinson to pursue personal, professional and financial goals that they once saw as unattainable.

Robinson began training for The Giant Race and received word just days before running her first half-marathon that she had been hired as a personal trainer at a local fitness studio.

With her new-found path, Robinson now had confidence to achieve a goal that once seemed unthinkable.

“To me, crossing that finish line meant the culmination of salvation,” Robinson said. “If you would have told me five years ago that my life was going to be spared and that I would be given the courage and ability to cross any finish line, I would’ve deemed you crazy, even though I was the one truly in psychosis.”

Her personal progress aside, for Robinson, it’s the impact she has on others that means the most.

“The accomplishment that I’m most proud of is being able to give back to Back on My Feet by leading Workout Wednesdays,” Robinson said. “People call this my career, but I call it a blessing.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced her fitness studio to close, Robinson continues to help those around her through leading socially distant runs with Back on My Feet members. She has also been creating a video for San Francisco Community Health to send to their clients so they can exercise at home.Since March, she has cooked and distributed hundreds of meals to support people in her neighborhood facing homeless — a challenge she knows all too well.

“I haven’t touched a harmful substance in three years and to me that means freedom,” Robinson said. “To anyone who is currently struggling with addiction or experiencing housing insecurity, ask for help, and know that help is on the way. Don’t be afraid.”

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Google Meet 60-Minute Limit For Free Users Delayed Until Next Year




Until next year, users of the video conferencing web application can continue to chat with friends and family members for 24 hours if they want.

It’s good news for Google Meet fans as the tech company has decided to continue to let people to use the video conferencing app for free without a 60-minute time limit until next year. So users can chat with their family, friends, colleagues, therapist, or really any random people on the internet without the worry of being cut off. Technically, the time limit is 24 hours, but it’s unlikely anyone would want to chat that long.

Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is an enterprise version of the video chat component of Google Hangouts. Meant to compete with other video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, the app is designed for online meetings and can be synced with Google Calendar. Google Meet is available as part of the company’s subscription-based G Suite web applications. Back in April, in light of COVID-19 forcing people to socially distance from one another, Google also made the product free for anyone with a Gmail account.

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Next month, Google Meet was going to restrict those calls to an hour. Even at 60 minutes, Google Meet would be a pretty good option when compared to Zoom, which cuts off free calls at 40 minutes but now that time limit has been deferred. Google Meet’s group product manager Samir Pradhan wrote in a blog post Tuesday that the September 30 cutoff had been pushed back until March 31, 2021. This means any Gmail user can still schedule video meetings that last up to a full day throughout the holidays and beyond.

Other Google Meet Features

Google Meet and Google Jamboard


Pradham wrote in the post that since Google Meet redesigned the product to appeal to non-business users as well, the video conferencing tool has been used by millions of people for a variety of different types of meetings, including book clubs, trivia nights, band practices and even dance parties. Google Meet also includes some newer features that might appeal to video chatters, such as integration with both G Suite’s digital whiteboard Google Jamboard and Nest Hub Max, which allows users to make hands-free calls on the device. Users can also choose to blur the background so only they appear in focus in the video stream and hide their possibly messy surroundings.

In another recent update, Google Meet increased the number of video tiles users can see on a screen to 49. Granted, that could make for a rather confusing and loud conversation, especially if some of the video streams are showing more than one person. But it’s an option for those who, say, may want to have a holiday phone call with their insanely large extended family across the globe. If they feel they need a bigger screen to see everyone, they can always cast the call to their TVs. For whatever purpose it’s used, Google Meet is a good video conferencing tool and the decision to hold off on imposing a time limit for free calls will likely continue to be a boon for the company.

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Source: Google

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How Star Wars’ New Crossguard Lightsaber Is Different From Kylo Ren’s

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HBO Orders Weekly Late-Night Show from Sam Jay




The “Saturday Night Live” alumna is bringing her comedic talents to HBO.

HBO is bulking up its slate of weekly late-night programming with an upcoming series from “Saturday Night Live” alumna Sam Jay. WarnerMedia announced the untitled show on Tuesday.

Per WarnerMedia, the project will be a weekly 30-minute late-night show in which Jay tackles the top trending topics in urban and world culture for the week — including race, politics, sexual identity, science, celebrity, religion, and more — and examines them from her unique and subversive point of view.

The series will be executive produced by Jay, Prentice Penny for A Penny For Your Thoughts Entertainment, Chris Pollack (HBO’s “Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds” and Netflix’s “Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping”), and David Martin and Kara Baker for Avalon.  Alex Soler also will serve as co-executive producer for A Penny for Your Thoughts Entertainment.

“I’m really excited to bring my point of view to late-night television and have felt nothing but support creatively from HBO and A Penny For Your Thoughts,” Jay said in a statement. “So everyone wear your mask and vote so I can make my TV show! Thaaaanks!”

Jay’s upcoming show, which does not have a premiere date, will mark HBO’s first female-fronted weekly late-night show (“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” airs on the WarnerMedia-owned TBS and is available for streaming on HBO Max). HBO’s other weekly-late night programming includes “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” and “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

The diversity of late night has received a boost recently with the launch of new streaming services; NBCU’s new platform Peacock is the home to “The Amber Ruffin Show,” hosted by “Late Night With Seth Meyers” veteran Ruffin, and “Wilmore,” hosted by long-time late night entertainer Larry Wilmore, who previously hosted Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” until it was abruptly canceled in 2016.

“Sam is fiercely funny, provocative, and a complete original. Her comedy seamlessly glides between vulnerability and grit, and she always makes you see the world in a whole new way,” Nina Rosenstein, HBO’s executive vice president of programming, said in a statement. “Joining forces with Prentice to bring Sam’s talent to late-night is a perfect fit.”

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‘NCIS’: Is It Time for Bishop & Torres to Break Rule 12? (POLL)




According to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), never date a co-worker (Rule #12). And while NCIS Season 1 saw Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and forensic scientist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) together, and everyone knows about the will they/won’t they of it all with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), we haven’t seen teammates date in 17 seasons. Could that change in Season 18? Should it?

The CBS procedural has clearly set up Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) to be Tiva 2.0, with the most obvious hint at their romance coming when they ended up on a double date in the Season 17 episode “No Vacancy” (pictured above). Unsurprisingly, neither one of their respective relationships lasted after that.

That’s not the only trope we’ve seen with the two. We’ve also had instances like the undercover-as-a-couple episode (“High Tide”) and the playing-a-couple-as-other-characters-in-a-story episode (“Ephemera”). Chances are, whether or not Bishop and Torres do ultimately get together, we’ll at least get a couple more teases this coming season.

Valderrama didn’t know what was coming up for other characters when he recently spoke with TV Insider, but he did say, “I certainly don’t think that we will do something the show has seen before, and we’re definitely trying to work on doing something different.” If that becomes true for the potential relationship between his and Wickersham’s characters, we could very well see a romance between teammates for the first time on NCIS.

But should they get together? Both have quite a lot to figure out — Bishop is training with ex-CIA instructor (and Ziva’s ex-landlord) Odette (Elayn J. Taylor), and Valderrama has teased that Season 18 will delve into Torres’ past and family. Now probably isn’t the best time. Plus, the beginning of the season is jumping back in time to the mission that took Gibbs away during Episode 8 of last year, “Musical Chairs.” Therefore, it may be some time into Season 18 that we catch up to present day again.

Once the show does explore those aforementioned aspects of their lives in the current timeline, that will be when it becomes feasible to see these two together. But until then, we won’t be holding our breaths.

What do you think? Vote in our poll below.

NCIS, Season 18, Fall 2020, CBS

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