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Trinkets Season 3: Know The Details Teased By The Officials For The Upcoming Season



Fans of this series very well know that it arrived on the streaming program Netflix in 2019, and the show has been adapted from a novel. The show got a good response after its first season, and it didn’t take much time in the arrival of its second season. The second season arrived on Netflix, and fans are now waiting for the new season. So here are major deets you should know about the upcoming series.

Will It Going To Happen

In any case, according to the current situations, it is revealed that the second season of the show was the final season. So there will be no more third season, and we can likewise preclude it if, by one way or another, showrunners choose to bring back the show for the third season.

Source: Bustle

Will We Have Season 3

The second season arrived recently, and this will be too early to expect the arrival of the third season. Notwithstanding, there are a few reports that declared that the show couldn’t be restored for the third season as the second season was the final season. So we need to sit and wait for the official affirmation of the show, whether it will be renewed for another season or not. No, the show’s not been dropped as the status of renewal is expected upon many reasons and second seasons response.

What’s The Cast Details

• Brianna Hildebrand as Elodie Davis

• Kiana Madeira as Moe Truax

• Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha Foster

• Brandon Butler as Brady Finch

• Odiseas Georgiadis as Noah Simos

• Larry Sullivan as Doug Davis

• Linden Ashby as Whit Foster

• October Moore as Vicky Truax

• Henry Zaga as Luca Novak

• Parker Hall as Spencer

• Jessica Lynn Skinner as Kayla Landis

• Haley Tju as Rachelle Cohen-Strauss

• Katrina Cunningham as Sabine

• Joy Bryant as Lori Foster

• Andrew Jacobs as Ben Traux

• Chloë Levine as Jillian

• Austin Crute as Marquise

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One’s white. The other’s black. But their mom wants you to know they’re still identical twins. Why buying refurbished devices is better for the planet Fifth-grader starts petition to rename middle school after Ruth Bader Ginsburg Global mayors are declaring their commitment to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a sustainable future School responds to a parent’s book complaint by reading it aloud to the entire student body Hero pilot ‘Sully’ asks Americans to deliver a clear cut message to Trump on Election Day




Editor’s Note: We used “black” in lowercase for our headline and the body of this story in accordance with emerging guidelines from the Associated Press and other trusted news outlets who are using uppercase “Black” in reference to American descendants of the diaspora of individuals forcibly brought from Africa as slaves. As part of our ongoing efforts to be transparent and communicate choices with our readership, we’ve included this note for clarity. The original story begins below.

On February 26, 2019, Stacy and Babajide Omirin of Lagos, Nigeria got quite the shock. When Stacy delivered identical twins through C-section one came out black and the other, white.

The parents knew they were having identical twins and expected them to look exactly the same. But one has a white-looking complexion and golden, wavy hair.

“It was a massive surprise,” Stacy told The Daily Mail. “Daniel came first, and then the nurse said the second baby has golden hair. I thought how can this be possible. I looked down and saw David, he was completely white.”

“I called my husband in so he could see what we had here,” she continued, “I didn’t understand. He couldn’t believe what he saw either. They are so adorable and it felt like we had been given a miracle.”

The boy’s father was overjoyed when he saw the unique pair arrive into the world.

“Their dad was really overwhelmed and immediately named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ so he fondly calls him Mr. Golden,” Stacy told Bored Panda. “He was all overjoyed seeing his boys. He stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever.”

David was born with a condition called oculocutaneous albinism which affects one in 20,000 births each year.

It occurs when the body produces little or no melanin, resulting in a lack of hair pigment and light skin. It can also cause visual problems, but Stacy says Daniel is perfectly healthy.

According to Action on Albinism, albinos in Nigeria suffer from a “high level of discrimination.” Nigerians with albinism are more prone to live in poverty, resulting in a lack off access to education and basic healthcare.

A study conducted in 2014 found 41% of persons with albinism interviewed exhibit mental health issues related to being a person with albinism.

The twins are often the center of attention when the family goes out in public, so they started an Instagram page to create “awareness” about their unique family. “We opened an account for them because we believe they have a story to tell to the world,” Stacy said.

“I have to answer questions all the time when we are out. People say ”excuse me madam, which one of the kids is yours?”” she said. “I just say both of them are mine and people look at me as if I am joking.”

Some women have told the family that they pray at night in hopes of having twins like Daniel and David. “They are special to everyone and I love them. It feels special to be their mother because they are a special kind of twins,” Stacey said.

“I believe I am blessed and I am so proud of them.”

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4 Noble (Yet Goofy) Attempts To Make The English Language Less Of A Trainwreck




The English language was invented by a collection of hairy men with poorly healed axe wounds to the head, then refined by a bunch of guys in bad wigs who drank a pint of mercury every morning to treat their syphilis. It was spelled entirely at random until the late 1500s, when the earliest attempts at standardized spelling were made, largely out of spite. Since then, English has grown to become the second most widely spoken language in the world, but some of the most famous names in history have found themselves inexplicably unhappy with the language’s rigorous development process and have proposed reforming English spelling. 

They were obviously wrong. The world is a cruel place ruled by forces beyond our control, and there’s no better way of teaching children that than forcing them to spell “colonel” or “enough.” Does the word “embarrass” need those double letters? No! Will we be changing it? Also no! Memorize it and move on with your life, Timmy, because it’s going to be about 70 more years of this bullshit. But let’s at least take a moment to recognize those brave heroes who tried to find a better way … and failed horribly.


Ben Franklin Tried To Get Rid Of The Letter ‘C’

Ben Franklin was probably the coolest founding father, spending approximately half his time humiliating his enemies and the other half plowing his way across Europe. But every jock has a boring side and Franklin was a passionate advocate of spelling form. Specifically, Franklin wanted to introduce a more phonetic alphabet, where letters correspond directly to spoken sounds. 

In modern English, letters can be pronounced wildly differently depending on context. For example, in “Pacific Ocean” the first C is pronounced like you’re sexually harassing a snake, the second C should sound like you’re choking on an aspirin, and the third C is pronounced like a slowly deflating air mattress around 3 AM. The word “fish” can famously be spelled “ghoti” (“gh” as in “enough,” “o” as in “women” and “ti” as in “action”), while “potato chips” could just as easily be “ghoughpteighbteau tchoghs.” Franklin correctly thought that this was bullshit and eventually came up with his own alphabet to avoid the problem. 

Franklin proposed dropping unnecessary letters like C, which could be replaced with K or S, depending on the sirkumstanses. He also wanted to drop J, Q, W, X and Y, thus making it completely impossible to spell Jamiroquai. To replace the lost letters, Franklin proposed six new ones to represent sounds like the “-ng” in “running” and “jumping,” or the “sh” in “action.” Of course, it took him a while to actually tell anybody about his amazing alphabet, since none of the new letters could actually be rendered on a printing press until Franklin had special blocks of type cast. But he did eventually go public with the alphabet, which was met with a complete lack of interest from everyone. Because it was terrible.

Library of America
Well, gramps is on the ghoughpteighbteau vodka again.

The new alphabet was incomplete, inconsistent and virtually incomprehensible to English speakers, making it a nightmare to learn. But Franklin persevered and his friends were soon staring in horror at cheerful letters asking them to “Kansider chis alfabet and giv me instanses af syts Inlis uyrds and saundz as iu mee hink kannat perfektlyi bi exsprest byi it.” National Treasure would have been a very long movie if Nick Cage had to decipher that shit. One of Franklin’s friends did politely write back that the alphabet could “bi uv syrvis,” but Franklin himself clearly couldn’t quite get the hang of writing with it, using the new spellings inconsistently from one sentence to the next. He eventually dropped the whole thing and the idea faded…or did it?!

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A Rat Named Magawa Is Being Honored For His Heroic And Life-Saving Work




Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She’s the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

When thinking of a heroic rat, your mind might first go to Remy, the chef rat in Disney’s hit Ratatouille.

Next, likely Pizza Rat — otherwise known as the rat who scored a full slice in New York City. But, there’s a new rat in town, and he’s saving lives.

His name is Magawa, and he’s an African giant pouched rat. He lives in Cambodia, and he’s responsible for helping clear undetonated land mines, which is quite a scary job. But he’s quite good at it — and has already made a huge difference in his community.

According to Today, Magawa has already cleared out 39 land mines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance throughout the past five years.

He was trained by a nonprofit called APOPO, an organization that works with animals to help detect both land mines and tuberculosis. The organization believes its rats can help solve a bunch of global concerns.

Magawa’s official title with the organization is “HeroRAT.” And, the title fits. It’s out to prove that rats can do so much more than simply detect pizza on the subway. In fact, all due to the power of scent, these rats are changing the world.

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