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TU MILIYA TWINJ (Part three)



Taneja Mansion

Everyone was having breakfast, suddenly bell rang. Aditi went to check and came back.

Leela: Kon tha puttar ??

Aditi: Vo Sharma Uncle aaye the unki beti ke shaadi ka card dene.

Arijit: Naa jaane humari Twinkle ke kab shaadi hogi. He said taunting her.

Twinkle: Kyaa kahan apne Bhai ?? She really hates when somebody talks about her marriage.

Arijit: Wahi jo tune suna. Pta nhi kab iss ghar se jayegi. Twinkle glared at him.

Twinkle: Mein kyu jaungi yeh mera ghar hai.

Arijit: Alee meri beti tera ghar yeh nhi tera ghar to voh hai jaha tera husband hoga. Twinkle frowned and leave her food.

Twinkle: No this my house and I will not go anywhere. She said and stood up.

Arijit: Tera ghar toh vahi hai jahan tera husband hai. Twinkle came towards him.

Twinkle: Main kyu jau nhi jaungi kabhi…hamesha yahi rahungi.

Arijit: Tera husband ayega aur tujhe le jayega phir tu kabhi yaha nhi reh payegi.

Twinkle: No no no no. She started beating him.

Arijit: You have to go. Twinkle stamped her foot.

Twinkle: Papa tell him main yahi rahungi naa yeh mera ghar haina. Rt nodded.

Arijit: No no baby you will go one day to your Sasural. Meri Twinki apne sasural jayegi. He said and ran from there Twinkle was also running behind me. They were running in hall and Twinkle was beating him with pillow. Leela gestured Rt and he just nodded. Arohi frowned to see her Papa getting beated.

Arohi: Bua why are you beating my Papa ?? She said keeping her hand on waist.

Twinkle: Because baby your Papa wants to shooo you and me. She said still beating him.

Arohi: How ??

Twinkle: Apke Papa mujhe aur apko kisi ke saath bhej denge.

Arijit: No my baby will not go just you will go. I will not get my daughter married. He said cuddling Arohi.

Twinkle: Acha then I will also not go.

Arijit: You will go because Papa don’t love you haina Arohi.

Arohi: Haa Bua Nanu just love me not you. You will go one day.

Twinkle: You Pidhi. She said trying to catch her but Arijit didn’t let her.

Aditi: Bass karo Arijit kyu tease kar rahe ho Twinkle ko. They went towards dinning table.

Twinkle: Papa I will not maary any one!! That’s it. She said and left for college. Arijit laughed loudly.

Leela: Dekha apne kaisi hai Twinkle.

Rt: Haa ek dum ziddi par kya kare.

Arijit: Papa I was just teasing her.

Leela: Tere Papa ne Twinkle ke liye ladka dekha hai.

Arijit: Whattt who ??? Rt tells Arijit about Kunj. Papa he is nice guy I had heard about him but you know Twinkle.

Rt: Don’t worry just don’t tell her anything. I will talk to Mr Sarna.

Sarna Mansion

Kunj was leaving for office but Usha stopped him.

Kunj: Haa Maa kya hua.

Usha: Aj tu office mat jaa.

Kunj: Kyu Maa.

Usha: Vo Alia yaad hai tujhe meri friend ke beti. Kunj nodded. Aj vo tujhse milne aaa rahi hai. Kunj shocked.

Kunj: Whyy?? I mean Maa.

Usha: Mein kuch nhi janti tu jaa raha hai uske saath bahar bass.

Kunj: Office ka kya hoga Maa. Kal chala jaunga uske saath pakka. He said with puppy faces.

Usha: Meri baat kyu manega tu. Kunj knew she will do emotional black mailing so he agreed.

Kunj: Acha thik hai mein bag rakh kar aata hun. He entered in room kept his bag in side and sat on the bed.

Kunj: Phirse uss chipkali ke saath. Ufff babajii kaha phass gaya. He said being frustrated. He went downstairs and Yuvi came to him.

Yuvi: Chal Kunj office chalte hai.

Kunj: Nhi tu jaa yaar main ajj nhi jaunga.

Yuvi: Kyuu.

Kunj: Vooo. He was about to say but a voice came from front.

Voice: Heeey Kunj. A girl came towards them and Kunj made faces.

Kunj: H…..hiii Alia.

So Alia Usha’s friend daughter.

Sorry I didn’t got any other girl 😓😓.

Alia: Hii…..ammm sorry I forgot your name.

Yuvi: Yuvraj Hii.

Alia: Yeahh. Manohar, Surjit, Anita and Usha came Alia touched their feet and greeted them 😒😒😒. They also blessed her half hearted except Usha.

Yuvi: So that’s why you are not coming office. Kunj nodded and Yuvi chuckled. Kunj didn’t liked her at all and everyone knows it.

Manohar: Chalo Yuvi office.

Yuvi: Aap jayiye main aa raha hun. Manohar Surjit left.

Alia: Kunj you are looking more handsome than last time. Kunj fake smiled. She came towards him and kissed his cheeks. Everyones eye came out and moth fell open😮😮😮. Kunj gulped.

Yuvi: Ohhh poor bacha ajj toh tu gaya. All the best. He whispered in his ears. Kunj made puppy faces. He left for office.

Alia held Kunj’s elbow and moved.

Nandini: Bhaii ?? She asked him.

Alia: Ohh Hii Nandu. Nandu just faked smiled because she hates her.

Kunj: Nandu Maa ne Alia ko mujhe Amritsar ghumane ko kaha hai toh.

Nandini: Ohhh Bye Bhaii. She waved him and left. Alia pulled Kunj outside the house and made him sit in car.

Kunj(thinks) : Baccha lena babajii.

Alia: Soo Kuuuu where you want to go ??

Kunj: Kuuu ??

Alia: You only baby KUNJ so Kuuu. Kunj nodded.

Kunj: No need just call me Kunj pleasse.

Alia: Ok Baby. She started the car and went to explore Amritsar. First they went to Company bagh then visited Musuem. All the while Alia was sticking and flirting with Kunj but he didn’t gave her heed (he was having a hard time 😆😆) . They were in restaurant eating lunch.

Alia: I am so happy that you are here. I was thinking to shift NY only but you came.

Kunj just hummed.

Kunj: Aaaaa…. I think we should go back home. I am tired and also have some important work.

Alia: You got tired so easily but I wanted to roam more.

Kunj: No no need next time we will do it. I am here only. After sometime finally Kunj was released from Alia and he went his office


So that’s it. Hope you enjoy reading the episode. Please vote 🙏🙏

Precap: Manohar and Rt to meet.

Thank you ❤❤❤

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Roja 28th September 2020 Written Update: Roja narrating the puranam to Grandy




Roja 28th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun asking to Anu who should wear the sarie. She stays there silent. Annapoorna says to Arjun don’t scar her. Arjun replies how dare her tries to remove Roja sarie infront of everyone still Mahabharatham going on here. He beats Balu to warn Anu. He again ask to her she replies to him as Roja.

Roja should wear the sarie. Annapoorna ask to Anu why did she supporting Roja she has all rights to wear her mom sarie. Anu replies that she is leading this function so let’s concentrate on it . Arjun says Roja is sad because of grandy so he ask Anu to cheer her. She goes near her without option , Yasodha and Annapoorna stare her in open mouth. Kalpana smirks seeing her.

Arjun says that Roja eyes were swollen due to continues crying so he ask her to wipe it before its falling down. Anu done that too Annapoorna got frustrated and tell to Yasodha that Anu is so innocent that’s why she obeying them. Kalpana says everything got solved let’s go to temple. Annapoorna nods uninterestedly. Arjun ask Anu to accompany her. Everyone leaves to temple.

Roja , Arjun, Kalpana and Pratap were standing near idol and worshipping god. Roja stare Annapoorna standing aside not participating in pooja. Roja says she wanna see Grandma participating in it instead of standing alone . Its hurting her a lot. Arjun says today morning she hurted Roja that much and tries to remove her sarie though she needs her participation in it.

Kalpana says she gave that lakshmi dollar and gift from her side its an biggest achievement so satisfied with this. Annapoorna is bit egoistic person so she won’t do which she don’t like to do. Roja felt sad hearing it so Arjun assured to her he will bring her here. Arjun provoked Anu to convince Annapoorna and takes her to do pooja orelse he will reveal her truth here itself.

She goes near Annapoorna to convince her. She provoke her that if she don’t participate then they will cheat in this pooja. Annapoorna joined in that poja without option for Anu. Roja ask to her why did she stand aside. She replies to her they ignored her that’s why.

Kalpana ask to her when did she done like that? She needs her blessing for her kids. She request her to give the vettrilai to Arjun and Roja. Arjun tease her by saying why did she forcing her because he has no sunnbu and paakku to eat this. Annapoorna shouts that he is looking down on this pooja.

If he don’t do pooja without heart then nothing will work out. Arjun ask to them what if garlands won’t join together . Balu replies they won’t be together too. Kalpana shouts on Balu for talking nonsense. Annapoorna gave vettrilai to them to start the pooja. She stays back when Roja fell on her feet. Priest ask them to walk near pond.

Yasodha stops Anu and says why don’t she plan something to stop this pooja. If that garlands joins together then Roja and Arjun will be united too. Then Anu marriage decision will be taken by her she won’t give green signal to her marriage with Aswin. Anu replies it won’t happen she already planned something . She says strongly they won’t be happy heareafter because only one garland will float another one will drown in pond due to the wait of stone and magnet. Yasodha praised her idea.

Annapoorna says they should be careful in this pooja nothing should go wrong. She says in sarcasm they don’t know anything about this pooja. Roja says she knew it. Its an shiv parvathy pooja. Its proven if shiv is not there there is no shakthi, shakthi is not there there is no shiv ji too. Roja starts to narrate the puranam , everyone listen her silent.

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Anushka Sharma Bold Reply to Sunil Gavaskar’s ‘Distasteful’ Comment




The legendary Cricket icon Sunil Gavaskar on Friday found himself in the midst of a controversy for making distasteful comments on Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma in his commentary during an IPL match.

Following the forgettable performance of Virat, Sunil Gavaskar, who was in the commentary box came up saying, “Ab joh Lockdown tha to sirf Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki unhone, wo video dekhi hai, usse to kuch nahi hona hai (During the recent lockdown he only practised to Anushka’s bowling, I saw a video. But that is not going to be enough).”

kohli Anushka photos

Gavaskar was referring to a viral video clip of Anushka and Virat taking turns and playing Cricket at home. Well, the legends’ remark, however, did not go down well with the netizens fans, with some urging the BCCI to remove him from the commentary panel.

Anushka sharma gavaskar

Now, Anushka Sharma herself has responded to Gavaskar’s comments. “Mr. Gavaskar your message is distasteful is a fact but I would love for you to explain why you thought of making such a sweeping statement on a wife accusing her for her husband’s game? I am sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commentating on the game. Don’t you think you should have equal amount of respect for me and us?I am sure you can have many other words and sentences in your mind to use to comment on my husband’s performance from last night or are your words only relevant if you use my name in the process?”

Sunil Gavaskar virat kohli anushka

“Its 2020 and things still don’t change for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop being used to pass sweeping statements? Respected Mr Gavaskar, you are a legend whose name stands tall in this gentleman’s game. Just wanted to tell you what I felt when I heard you say this” Anushka Sharma posted on Instagram stories.

It may be remembered that it is not the first time Anushka was dragged into cricketing affairs.

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Breaking! Deepika Padukone blasts Modi government over agriculture reforms




Now that we have your attention, let us tell you that Deepika Padukone hasn’t said a word against the Centre’s agriculture reforms. We would like to inform you that the grilling of Bollywood members in the drugs probe is not the only thing happening in India right now. The Parliament, in recent days, has gone ahead with a slew of reforms. Farm Bills and Labour reforms are the most talked-about of them.

To quote columnist Arihant Pawariya, “The session was historic in many ways. Lok Sabha worked for 145% of the scheduled time. The same figure for Rajya Sabha stood at 99%. In all, 27 bills were passed.” While journalists are crying on social media that everyone is only obsessed with the drugs case, our Parliament worked overtime.

Agriculture reforms spawned by the Narendra Modi government have come in for severe flak from critics. Ashok Gulati, the chair professor for agriculture at ICRIER, however, has described the reforms as agriculture’s 1991 moment. “The latest reforms provide a legal framework and give the processors, exporters and organized retailers an opportunity to go big. They will help cut down the intermediation costs, which are pretty high now. The farmer will have a better choice. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, though. This is an opportunity to turn the agri economy into a demand-driven system,” Gulati recently told NDTV.

“Big players will buy in big quantities. Organized retail, which is less than 10% now, hadn’t been given full freedom. Massive investments have to come in now,” he added. Has the government done these reforms because its only concern is witch-hunting Bollywood actors? You decide.

Critics have talked as if farmers don’t need reforms in the first place. Did farmers tell them this? Amitabh Kant of NITI Ayog recently wrote, “We process less than 10% of our food production and lose approximately Rs 90,000 Cr annually due to wastage of produce. This is because of a fragmented cold chain.” This is just one of the demerits of the existing system, which the reforms seek to undo. Deepika Padukone may be the media’s concern, not the government’s.

What is the government doing other than harassing Deepika Padukone and other so-called dissenters? Here is an example: Rs 1 lakh crore has been allocated to the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF) towards facilitating the development of farmgate infrastructure.

But why then are farmers protesting? It begs this question: How many are protesting and in which parts of the country? Outside Haryana and Punjab, says senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, Friday’s Bharat Bandh received a very tepid response.

Come to think of it. Why is it the case?

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