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Borat Sequel Spoilers Leak in Sacha Baron Cohen Interview



If you have been eager to get as much information about the upcoming Borat sequel before its debut on Amazon on October 23, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s recent conversation with Maureen Dowd in The New York Times is (deep breath) Very Nice!!!!

While much of Dowd’s conversation is devoted to Cohen’s recent turn as Abbie Hoffman in Aaron Sorkin‘s The Trial of the Chicago 7, it is quickly evident that the Times columnist has had eyes on the long-awaited follow-up to Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the shot-in-secret Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Jagshemash!

In addition to what has been seen in the trailer, we now know a few more things. For starters, Borat Sagdiyev, returned to U.S. and A., uses the flower bed outside the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan as a rest room. He will also apparently run down a busy street in lacy pink lingerie. And, when he goes to purchase a cake, he will ask the baker to inscribe “Jews will not replace us” (plus a smiley face) in icing.

Dowd also confirms what was suspected, that his appearance at a right-wing rally (singing “inject them with the Wuhan Flu” and “chop ’em up like the Saudis do”) was part of the film.

Much of the story will involve Borat’s daughter, who is kept in a cage (“nicer than Melania’s cage?”) and, Dowd lets slip, is brought to a department store looking for the “No means Yes section.”

As seen in the trailer (and, back in February, on unknowing news outlets), Borat will try to present his daughter as a gift to Mike Pence, mispronounced in the most immature manner possible. To do so Cohen had to wear a 56-inch fat suit and wait it out at the most ignoble spot at CPAC.

“I ended up hiding in the bathroom, listening to conservative men go to the toilet for five hours until I broke into the room. We were surrounded by Secret Service and police and internal security,” Cohen said.

Cohen also detailed what it was like to live in lockdown for days, in character, with Internet-fueled conspiracy nuts. “I was waking up, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, going to sleep as Borat when I lived in a house with these two conspiracy theorists. You can’t have a moment out of character.”

Dowd’s conversation also gets into the actor’s marriage to Isla Fisher, his previous run-ins with Donald Trump, and, perhaps most striking, the news that Cohen’s favorite Adam Sandler film is You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and that he “tried to get that movie, to rewrite it, to appear in it.”

Team-up Zohan sequel when?!?!?

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Miley Cyrus Goes Live With Sen. Kamala Harris




By Brent Furdyk.

54 mins ago

There’s no mistaking who Miley Cyrus is supporting in the upcoming U.S. presidential election after her announcement she’ll be hosting a chat with California Senator Kamala Harris, vice presidential candidate running with Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, the “Midnight Sky” singer took to social media to announce that she and Harris would be speaking via Instagram Live, and welcomed her 116 million Instagram followers to watch.

going live with Senator at 3:30 PT / 6:30 ET on my IG!

— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus)

Cyrus admitted she was “nervous” about speaking with Harris, telling the candidate she was “honoured and in a state of disbelief” to be speaking with her.

Asking her first question, Cyrus admitted the fraught lead-up to the election had been “tough and exhausting and challenging and strenuous on all of us emotionally,” and asked Harris how she remained hopeful.

“I’ve been running the gamut of the emotions,” Harris admitted, telling Cyrus she’d been particularly saddened for the “220,000 people who died over the last seven months, in particular those who, because of the nature of COVID, couldn’t be with family.”

Later in the conversation, Harris spoke about the importance of addressing climate change, pointing to her home state of California, which has been plagued by wildfires this summer, and the storms that have battered the states on the Gulf Coast.

“It has been, in a large part, younger leaders who are forcing accountability, forcing leadership to embrace science,” said Harris, “to invest in renewable energies and to invest in the need that we all have to drink clean water and breathe clean air.”

The entire conversation can be viewed below:

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Why Jackie Chan Doesn’t Do Hollywood Movies Anymore




In the 90s and 2000s, Jackie Chan was the most popular action star Hollywood had to offer, starring in one hit franchise after another, from Rush Hour to Shanghai Noon. But then the actor appeared to have a cooling-off period as he was seen in fewer and fewer Hollywood movies. In a recent interview with Filmelier, Chan explained the reason for his absence.

Starting off by explaining that he “never left America,” the 66-year-old actor revealed that he could not “find the right script.” Finding himself typecast as an action star, Chan stated that he “received so many scripts, but the role is… a cop from Hong Kong!”

While the actor is no stranger to cop roles, which allowed him to showcase his athletic ability and made him a star in both China and the rest of the world, Chan has stated that with growing age, he wishes to transition to more dramatic parts. That was why he agreed to take on the role of a Kung-fu mentor in 2010’s Karate Kid reboot.

The role showed western audiences that the actor was capable of holding the camera’s attention with his immense charisma even while portraying broken characters. After that, Chan went back to China to work on local movies that he produced and starred in. His last American outing was in The Foreigner alongside Pierce Brosnan in 2017, in a role that was a mix of drama and action. For Chan, it is important to show viewers that there is more to his artistry than kicking and punching.

While Chan wants to be known as an actor who can fight rather than simply an action star, he said he has not turned his back on action-comedy movies and will continue to do them in the future, as long as he can work in other genres alongside.

Most recently, action fans were delighted to discover the slightly-bewildering trailer for a Russian movie named Iron Mask, which united Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger onscreen for the first time for an adventure movie. While the two action icons have shared the screen before, thanks to Schwarzenegger’s brief cameo in Chan’s Around the World in 80 days, this was the first time the duo were seen battling each other in a fantastical adventure setting.

Hopefully, the coming years will see Chan appearing in more dramatic roles in Hollywood. While the actor rightfully deserves his title as one of the greatest action stars of all time, his movies in China also showcase his gifted dramatic chops. There are a lot of actors who can do action in Hollywood, and a lot who can do serious drama. But Chan, along with Tom Cruise, is on a very short list of actors who can do both equally well. A team-up between the two could give Hollywood its best action-drama film in years. This news originated at

Neeraj Chand

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Tim Burton ‘is creating an Addams Family TV series’ and we cannot cope




Tim Burton is said to be creating his own Addams Family TV series and we cannot cope with this information.

The acclaimed director, who is behind the likes of Big Fish, Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd, is looking to ‘executive produce and possibly direct all episodes,’ according to Deadline.

And it looks as though the project has already caught the eye of Netflix, which is in the running to host the show.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but it’s thought that the live-action series will be set in the modern-day from Wednesday Addams’s perspective.

The original movie saw Christina Ricci star as Wednesday, while Anjelica Huston took on the role of Morticia, Raul Julia as Gomez, and of course, Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester.

Since then a number of remakes have emerged with the most recent dropping just last year in cartoon version, where Snoop Dog voiced Cousin It.

The show has also been written as a musical for the stage, with Andrew Lippa at the helm.

Tim Burton is known for working closely with Johnny Depp and his former wife Helena Bonham-Carter, who have both starred in his movies several times.

However, since their split in 2014, Helena has expressed how she finds it difficult to work alongside the star.

Speaking on the Grounded With Louis Theroux podcast, the actress said that the pair ‘came a cropper’ while making Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ‘because we were both so out of our depths’.

She explained: ‘I’d never sung before, he had never done a musical and it’s that classic thing that you take your stress out on the person who you know best and we really didn’t get on during that one.

‘Amazingly I got pregnant but let’s not get into that,’ she added. ‘We had a lot of laughs but there were times when working together was not harmonious.’

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