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The Quarantine Stream: ‘Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh’ Marks a Hilarious Return to the Comedian’s Musical Roots



(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Special: Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: Taking a break from his seemingly never-ending streak of original movies at Netflix, Adam Sandler returned to his comedy roots by heading out on tour to film a new comedy special. Armed with a series of silly new original songs, Sandler entertained thousands at over a dozen different venues to shoot this special that reminds you how funny he can be, especially when he doesn’t have to bring all of his usual partners in crime with him.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Long before Adam Sandler got a deal to make mediocre-to-terrible original movies for Netflix, he was a rising star who skyrocketed to fame thanks to his goofy and frequently musical antics on Saturday Night Live. Sandler even had his own comedy albums. But his musical comedy shenanigans took a backseat to his movie career when he became a big screen sensation. Thankfully, it appears his ongoing deals with Netflix gave him enough money and spare time to create a spectacular array of new comedy songs, and it’s the funniest Sandler has been in a long time.

Sandler’s songs made him famous on SNL, ranging from “The Chanukah Song” to “Lunch Lady Land,” and he delivers the same kind of oddball tunes in 100% Fresh. In the special, Sandler sings about everything from the deformed ears of UFC fighters to remembering his phone, wallet and keys. Sandler also has several songs about fictional characters like “Bar Mitzvah Boy” and “Grandma’s Roommate.” For those who love Sandler’s immature side, don’t worry, he also has songs called “Vagina Fart” and “Dick Pic.” Many are bite-sized musical bits rather than full fledged songs, but there are a few longer songs that brings the laughs too.

Accompanying some of the songs are amusing animated sequences, not to mention an array of pictures from Adam Sandler’s own life. While most of the songs are just comedic nonsense, there are plenty that are also inspired by Sandler’s personal experiences. But for all of Sandler’s silliness, easily the best part of the special is when he digs into a couple touching tunes. Not only is there a new rendition of the ballad “Grow Old with You” from The Wedding Singer, but Sandler gives an emotional tribute to the late Chris Farley, complete with a photo montage that will bring tears to your eyes. He even performed it on Saturday Night Live.

100% Fresh serves as a reminder of the kind of great comedy that Adam Sandler can still deliver, but it’s also frustrating when you see the likes of Hubie Halloween, Sandy Wexler and The Ridiculous 6 all over Netflix. Why can’t Sandler give us more like 100% Fresh, or at least tap into what made movies like Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy so funny? He’s clearly still capable of quality comedy, and it would be nice if he put the same effort into his Netflix movies that goes into acclaimed performances like Uncut Gems. Then Sandler might have a movie of his own that can legitimately be called 100% fresh.

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The Dallas Cowboys host the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football!

What a strange season it’s been for the Cowboys. Last week, Dallas lost star quarterback Dak Prescott to a season-ending injury but still exited Week 5 with a 37-34 victory over the New York Giants. The 2-3 Cowboys find themselves in first place in the dreadful NFC East as they prepare to battle Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. After a Week 5 victory over the winless Jets, Arizona enters tonight’s contest at 3-2. Can the Cowboys get to .500, or will Kyler and company improve to 4-2? We’re about to find out.

Here’s how to watch Monday Night Football live on ESPN.


Tonight’s game is scheduled to begin at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN.


If you have a valid cable login, you can watch Monday Night Football live on ESPN via the “watch live” section on the ESPN website or the ESPN app, which you can download on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.


No cable login? No problem! Live local and primetime NFL games are available to stream for free via the Yahoo Sports app and NFL app.


You can also watch ESPN live with an active subscription to fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or AT&T TV NOW. Many of the aforementioned services offer free trials for eligible subscribers.


Yes! If you have a valid subscription to Hulu + Live TV, you can watch the Cowboys game live via the service’s ESPN live stream. Hulu + Live TV offers a seven-day free trial for eligible subscribers.

Kyler Murry evading a tackle
Photo: Getty Images


Yes! FuboTV now offers ESPN. A seven-day free trial is available for new and eligible subscribers.

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Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart reunite for project




Love Island 2019 star Curtis Pritchard got the “full-on surprise” of his life recently when his one-time partner Amy Hart made an unexpected appearance on his and brother AJ’s podcast.

The dancer-turned-reality star was recording the first episode of the siblings’ new series when former air hostess Amy, whom he was romantically linked to during his time in the villa, was brought in as a guest during the recording of new podcast series AJ vs Curtis.

“It was a full-on surprise,” he said on Lorraine this morning (October 19).


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“We were recording the second episode and AJ was trying to set the cameras up in a certain way and I was like, ‘No, we need to do it this way’ and he was like, ‘No, we’ve got to do it this way’, so I was like, ‘Alright fine, we’ll have it your way,'” he continued.

“Then we started recording and I didn’t expect Amy to come on. She popped on and my heart skipped a beat, I didn’t know what to say. But it was great, it was a good episode.”

His trepidation is understandable given how the pair split publicly during last year’s Love Island.

After spending a few weeks joint at the hip and becoming half-boyfriend and half-girlfriend on the show, Curtis realised that he wasn’t quite feeling the relationship as much as she was while staying at Casa Amor.

love island 2019, day 31, amy hart, curtis pritchard


Upon his return, he broke things off with Amy, before later developing feelings for fellow Islander Maura Higgins – something that prompted Amy to leave the competition for good.

But this isn’t the first time the pair have crossed paths since the end of Love Island, with Curtis recently admitting that they’ve “always” been friends after he was asked about running into Amy on a night out last month.

“Amy’s lovely, we spoke after the show and stuff,” Curtis said. “We’ve been in contact and were always friends and never were like, ‘I’m never talking to you again’. We’ve been friends so it was just nice to see her and good to catch up.”

Love Island airs on ITV2 and is available via catch up on ITV Hub. AJ vs Curtis is available on Apple Podcasts.

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5 biggest moments from the Lovecraft Country season finale: “Full Circle”




What happens in the Lovecraft Country finale?

There is no denying that HBO‘s Lovecraft Country has outdone all expectations with its critically acclaimed first season, leaving many wondering what to expect from the highly anticipated final episode. Fans were not disappointed as the series tied up several of its loose ends while brilliantly leaving certain aspects open to exploring in a follow-up run.

The first season finale, “Full Circle,” had no shortage of shocking moments that undoubtedly had subscribers dropping their jaws to the floor

. From spell-casting showdowns to robot armed death chokeholds, here are the five of the most significant moments from the biggest episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

1. Taking a bite out of Titus!

Leti and Tic return to the mysterious tunnels via the magic elevator they encountered back in episode four, “A History of Violence,” in order to resurrect Titus Braithwhite. They bring the racists sorcerer back from the dead in order to remove his protection spell and grab a piece of his chest in the process to give Atticus the advantage against Christina.

But the resilient, dynamic duo isn’t alone in this daunting endeavor as Tic’s mother, Hattie, and Hanna help take down Titus in a spellbinding showdown many years in the making. Later we see Tic commemorate this win by eating the piece of Titus’s chest, washing it down with some satisfying blood, further proving Lovecraft Country’s excellence in outdoing all expectations.

2. That’s not Ruby!

It was hard to tell where Ruby’s loyalties lied due to her body-swapping relationship with Christina. The two had become romantically involved, so it seemed like she may not come thru for Leti when her sister asks for some of MS. Braithwaite for a spell. Shockingly enough, Ruby comes through with some Christine DNA in a potion vial.

But we soon learn that Ruby was caught during her effort to secure a sample for her sister resulting in her untimely demise. The Ruby we see on screen is just Ms. Braithwhite in disguise, thoroughly indicating the ambitious sorceress is as merciless as she is relentless.

3. Kumiho to the rescue!

Ji-Ah has been one of the best parts of the series, and it was pretty apparent they were setting Jaimie Chung’s character up for something big before the credits rolled. And the nine-tailed fox spirit came through in a big way.

The shaman’s prediction of the Kumiho becoming one with the darkness came true as she absorbed the dark energy expelled during the ritual, attaining the same effects that would have occurred had Ruby succeeded in her efforts. As a result of Ji-Ah’s interference, Christina’s plan is thwarted, and viewers are given a montage of vision showcasing Montrose’s letter being delivered to Hippolyta, Tic teaching Diana how to Shoggoth whisperer, and Ruby’s unfortunate fate providing a powerful climax to an epic battle.

4. The death of Atticus Freeman

There was always a chance that one of the main characters wasn’t going to make it out of the first alive, and a lot of us figured Atticus would be the one to bite the dust. Time and time again, he showed that he was ready to sacrifice himself as necessary, and unfortunately, that was the case with the well-crafted season finale.

During the ritual, his blood was drained thanks to Christina cutting some pretty devastating wounds on Tic, and then when you add in the lethal side effects of certain incantations, the chances of survival, no matter how magical a person is, are not good. It’s hard to count out a return from Atticus at some point, given the fact that time travel and other dimensions exist, but for now, the champion of Lovecraft Country has earned some much-needed rest.

5. Diana gets a robot Winter Soldier arm

Just when audiences thought the Lovecraft Country season finale had no surprises left, it brings us back to the place of the ritual with Christina trapped under a pile of rubble. Her cries for help go unnoticed until Diana, and her new pet Shoggoth arrive on the scene.

Christina askes for help, but Diana reveals her new robotic arm that Hippolyta must have constructed for her. She then proceeds to strangle the sinister sorceress until her neck caves in, leaving a bloody mess all over her pretty face. It will be very interesting to see how Diana’s new upgraded appendage factors into future Lovecraftian adventures down the line.

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