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Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Jesse Metcalfe Confirms DWTS Stigma, Why He Kept Telling Them No



Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Jesse Metcalfe Confirms DWTS Stigma, Why He Kept Telling Them No

ABC’s Dancing With the Stars spoilers reveal that Jesse Metcalfe was recently eliminated. Since then, he is opening up about his time on the show. He also confirmed that he turned down the gig two times before because of “DWTS stigma.”

The Hallmark fan-favorite and soap alum explained why it’s now acceptable to be on the series, whereas it really wasn’t in the past.

What is ‘DWTS Stigma’?

DWTS spoilers reveal that in the past, actors were discouraged from appearing on the dancing competition series. There was a stigma attached if one decided to accept the offer to be on the popular ABC TV show. Metcalfe told Us Weekly,

“I felt like then there was a major stigma before. Roughly 10 years ago, there were [sic] a lot of people saying what actors should or shouldn’t be doing.”

DWTS Spoilers: Third Time’s the Charm

It is due to that stigma that prompted Metcalfe to turn down the show two times in the past. However, he accepted the third time he was asked. So, why the sudden shift? Is there something specific that made him change his mind?

Changing Landscape in Entertainment Industry

Dancing With the Stars spoilers reveal that the landscape in the TV and film industry has changed drastically throughout the years. What actors were discouraged from doing before is now more accepted. One of those has to do with actors appearing on the long-running series.

“I feel like it’s a completely different landscape in the entertainment industry right now… I feel like you can kind of do whatever you want now in the entertainment industry, as long as you are authentic in the way you do it.”

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Jesse Metcalfe on Winner’s Choice

So, now that Metcalfe is out of the competition, does he have anyone that he hopes will make it to the end? He certainly does and opened up about his “winner’s choices.” He’s pretty confident that Justina Machado is going to win.

However, he’s also rooting for Johnny Weir. The one person that he thinks never had a chance? Metcalfe pointed the finger at himself and never believed he would win. Even so, he’s grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

What do you think of Jesse Metcalfe turning down DWTS twice before due to the stigma? Let us know what you think and remember to come back to CDL for the hottest Dancing With the Stars spoilers, updates and news.


Warm, comforting upholstery to make your home a haven




As the nights draw in, the idea of a cosy, welcoming retreat is ever more appealing. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or updating an existing scheme, bringing in a new sofa, armchair or upholstered bed can play a big part in creating an inspiring new look.

At there are styles to suit every taste from traditional to contemporary. While the huge range of fabrics includes beautiful tactile velvets to bring in a luxurious feel that’s perfect for this time of year.

Explore our top picks to make your home feel like a restful haven this season.

1. Make a cosy nest to retreat to

Find a corner for some me-time and settle down with a good book. A chair with a unique look is bound to lift your spirits, and this Ernest armchair in Butterscotch cotton matt velvet from is just as individual as you are.

Its curvaceous shape and sleek wood legs are a nod to mid-century styling, while the buttoned back beckons you to relax. In deep yellow tones set against a dark backdrop it’s a bold option. Add a floor-standing reading lamp, angled to create a pool of light just where it’s needed.

Buy now: Ernest Armchair in Butterscotch Cotton Matt Velvet, £1,040,

2. Bring in soothing colours

Tweak the classic blue and white scheme to suit today’s way of living and you’ve got a scheme that’s inviting, calm and incredibly easy to live with. Deep blues work extremely well with new neutrals like blush pink and a drop or two of black will help to ground the scheme.

To hold it all together invest in a classic sofa, such as the Patrick in Prussian Blue cotton matt velvet from Based on the classic chesterfield shape its high arms and buttoned back will enclose you in a warm embrace.

Buy now: Patrick 2 Seat Sofa in Prussian Blue Cotton Matt Velvet, £2,190,

3. Hone in on tactile, sumptuous textures

We all need that perfect spot to rest and curl up in. Our very own sanctuary to begin and end each day – it does wonders for our wellbeing. Choose soft, touchy- feely designs that are inviting and draw you in. And a rich velvet bed, layered with open-textured linens and plush velour pillows, makes for a bedroom that’s decidedly grown up.

By selecting the rich tones of Plum smart velvet the silhouette of the Thea double bed from is heightened. The curvy headboard is neatly balanced by slim timber legs.

Buy now: Thea Double Bed in Plum Smart Velvet, £1,250,

4. Let your personality shine through

Your home is a representation of who you are and should reflect your personality. When things are unsettled in the outside world, you want to create an environment at home in which you feel stimulated and your interior choices make your heart sing!

Create a lively sense of contrast by pairing jewel-bright shades, such as this Saturday sofa in Peony cotton matt velvet from, with hot yellow and deep blue cushions.

Buy now: Saturday 2 Seater Plum Sofa in Peony Cotton Matt Velvet, £1,640,

Are you ready to turn up the cosiness in your home?

With you can get that ‘ahhhhhh’ feeling as soon as you walk through the door by designing a sofa that’s perfect for you and your home. Simply choose your style, select your size and pick from a range of over 100 luxurious fabrics to create something that’s truly unique. Your piece will then be handcrafted especially for you and delivered to your door by their friendly deliver team.

To discover the whole luxurious collection and begin designing your dream sofa simply visit

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Fixed Blade and Folding Survival Knives (Selection and Care)




Guest post by Josh C

Any Prepper, Survivalist, Hunter, Camper or Outdoor Enthusiast should have a good knife and know how to use it.  A good survival knife is the single most important piece of equipment you will ever have or use.  With it, you can procure fire and food, and create shelter and other structures. Just as there’s a tool for every job, a wrench for tightening bolts, a hammer for pounding nails, there’s a knife for every task.

If you’re blazing trails or clearing brush you would want a Machete (check out this awesome CRKT Machete out on Amazon). If you’re splitting kindling or dressing game the obvious choice would be a Fixed Blade. Cutting rope and carving tent stakes then falls to the Folding Knife (this is one of the best folding knives priced at under $20).

Let’s take a look at the parts of a knife. The blade is made up of the edge, the tip, the point, and the coil. The tang is the part of the blade that runs through the handle.

When choosing a knife there’s a simple guideline to follow:

Hold the knife, how does it feel in your hand? Does it fit your hand comfortably? Is it too heavy for you to use effectively? Is it too big?  Look it over, what is it made of? Are you going to be comfortable carrying it around with you on outings?

Use the knife, is the blade-shaped correctly for the jobs you may need to use it for? Will you be able to comfortably use it for an extended period of time? Go over all the cuts and slices you may need to make.

Research it; ask people who have it how it handles. Read reviews on it, many times have I bought a knife on impulse to have it break the first time I use it.

Price It, I have never spent more than twenty-five dollars on a knife. That said you should not skimp on quality, the knife you purchase has to be perfectly suited to you for you to survive.

Now, let’s take a look at the types of Cutting Edges there are available.

In a survival situation, a good chopper can make a world of difference. While an ax or hatchet would be equally useful for chopping, they lack the finesse of the machete.

There are several different styles of machetes ranging from the Gurka Kukri to the South American Bola. The only good way to find the style that suits you is to get out there and use it.

Fixed blades:

A good fixed blade is essential to your survival. When choosing a fixed blade one thing to keep in mind is whether or not it has a full tang.

The tang is the portion of the metal that runs through the handle. A full tang provides extra support for chopping and slicing or anything that requires putting any stress on the blade.

Also, try to stay away from hollow handled “survival” knives. These are accidents waiting to happen.

If it has a hollow handle than it has no support from the tang and is therefore probably the worst tool you can take into the woods.

A blade length of between 4 and 7 inches is probably best for survival and bushcraft purposes, any larger and it becomes too cumbersome to use effectively, any smaller and you might as well use a folding knife.

Folding Knives:

The Folding Knife provides amazing control when carving and doing fine work. There are to types of folders, Pocket Knives, and Multi Tools.

Pocket Knives can be divided into two further categories, Jack Knives, and Pen Knives. Jack Knives are hinged on only one end but may have more than one blade.  Multi-Tools are divided between Multi-blade Knives and Multi-pliers.

Multi-blade Knives are hinged on both ends like Pen Knives but in addition to multiple blades, they have tools such as scissors, bottle openers, corkscrews, and screwdrivers.  They are traditionally the only type of knife with a blade that locks in place, although it does not have to. Pen Knives are hinged on both ends and have multiple non-locking blades.

This style of knife was made popular by the Victorinox knife company. Multi-pliers are basically Multi-blade Knives that fold up inside folding needle-nose pliers. The Leatherman Knife Company made this tool popular. Sometimes generic multipliers are referred to as Leatherman tools.

There are two common types of steel used in making knives. The first being stainless steel, stainless steel has the advantage that it is virtually indestructible and in theory, won’t rust.

That said, it will tarnish over time, and will not keep a good edge for very long. The other type of steel is ‘carbon steel’. Carbon steel will take and hold an edge better than stainless but will rust if exposed to the elements.

There are several things that you can do to extend the life of your knives or any tool for that matter.

First, keep it dry. ‘Dry knives live long lives’. The process of rusting is scientifically known as rapid oxidization. If you leave an apple out in the open air for any period of time you will notice that it will start to turn brown.

That is called oxidization, which basically means that the fruit is losing moisture. Rusting occurs when metal gains moisture (whether it’s through being left out in the rain or other), and then rapidly losing it.

Keep it clean. If you ever have to cut a piece of food with your knife, and it’s still all sticky from that piece of pine you cut through the other day, then what are you going to do.

Sap and other sticky substances and residues can easily be removed by rubbing at the sap with rubbing alcohol and using a dish scrubby or rough sandpaper.

Finally, keep it sharp. A dull knife is much more dangerous than a sharp one. When carving with a dull knife you have to force the knife more than is necessary, making it harder to control. It is also a lot easier to work with a sharp knife.

There are many methods of knife sharpening, included are:

The Sharpening Steel (honing rod). The honing rod is a long round file used for quickly sharpening longer blades. Sharpening (wet) Stone. The sharpening stone is the most reliable knife sharpener out there. It has been used since before our forefathers came to America.

Precision Sharpening Systems. There are many different types of manual sharpeners and kits on the market. Okay, now I have a question… What’s your favorite survival knife?

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Bagel topping ideas – 9 fresh and nifty toppings for bagels




Bagels are the absolute GOAT, and no one can refute that fact!

What’s not to love about bagels? They are delicious beyond human imagination. They are portable and convenient to eat. And they are the perfect meal that you can have any time during the day.

Although plain or cream cheese bagels are the perfect on-the-go breakfast, there are so many fun bagel toppings that you can try to experiment with, especially when you’ve got some time on your hands.

Some bagel toppings are amazingly refreshing and light, while some others are oh-so-filling.

So, step out of the familiar plain cream cheese toppings and explore the following creative and often fun bagel topping ideas!

Bagel topping ideas

Bagels are fun to consume because there are just so many different toppings that go so well with them, with each topping fun and scrumptious in its unique way.

Here are my absolute favorite bagel toppings that you must try:

Nutella and strawberries

Take out that enormous jar of Nutella and spread a generous amount of this delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread on top of fresh bagels.

Top the Nutella with halved strawberries and then sprinkle some chopped hazelnut for a divine-looking bagel topping.

Garden fresh with cream cheese

If you’re looking for refreshing bagel topping ideas, then look no further than this cream cheese topping.

Mix ¼ cup of chopped fresh dill with 1 cup of softened cream cheese and chill the spread for about 2 hours.

Put the chilled spread over your bagels and then top them with shredded zucchini and carrots for a refreshing, crunchy, creamy, and ultimately flavorful meal.

Another cream cheese!

This is another one of my cream cheese favorites!

Combine ¼ cup of key lime juice with 1 cup of softened cream cheese and let it chill for about 2 hours before spreading it on top of your bagels.

Then, sprinkle the cream cheese with shredded coconut, toasted macadamia nuts, and grated key lime peel.

Wanting a twist with your avocado toast? Try this fun bagel topping!

Avocados work well on top of bagels, thanks to their creamy texture and versatile nature.

To keep things simple, put some cut avocado slices on top of your bagels and top them with a poached egg for an oh-so-delicious bagel delight.

Nothing says comfort food better than a generous aid of peanut butter and red apple jelly on top of freshly-prepared bagels.

This old school topping is a must-have if you’re in the mood for a cheer-me-up food!

Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Looking for truly fun bagel topping ideas? Look no further and dish out a pizza bagel!

Top your fresh bagels with spicy marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni slices for a cheesy and meaty treat!

Don’t forget to microwave the bagel for a minute or two so that the cheese becomes mouthwateringly gooey.

Ham and cheddar

At times, all you want is a simple yet delectable topping for your bagels, and nothing works better than the classic combo of ham and cheese.

So, put some ham and cheese in between two bagels and enjoy a ham and cheese bagel sandwich!

Chicken parmesan

Put that leftover breaded chicken parmesan on top of a bagel. Make sure to add that marinara sauce and some extra melted mozzarella on top for a tasty bagel, chicken, and cheese galore!

The flavor of parmesan chicken combined with marinara’s tanginess and the texture of bagel is indeed magical.

The Caprese style

Why don’t you try out the Caprese style and put some pesto sauce, mozzarella, and tomatoes on your bagel? I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this tasty combo.

Alternatively, you can put some burrata cheese on top of the spread to take your bagel toppings game to another level.

How to serve bagels

You can serve bagels as is with a simple cream cheese topping or with other toppings.

You can also create sandwich fillings such as BLT or the breakfast favorite bacon, eggs, and cheese and then put them in between two bagels for a  bagel sandwich.

Tips and tricks

Here are some bagel topping tips that you need to remember:

  • If you put soft cream cheese on a hot bagel, the cream cheese will melt. I advise you to allow the bagel to cool slightly before spreading the cream cheese on it. It doesn’t need to be cold but do be careful of melting and dripping cream cheese.
  • Use cream cheese as a bit of glue to keep other items on the bagel. For example, put the cream cheese on the bagel and then add diced green onion on top. The onion will stick to the cream cheese and stay on the bagel better.
  • If your bagel isn’t pre-cut use a serrated knife to cut them in half. Lay the bagel flat on the counter and cut it horizontally. Stop cutting half way through and then stand it upright and finish cutting it. Check out the full process here.

The bottom line

Next time you find yourself in a rut with your usual plain-cream-cheese-only topping on your bagel, these alternatives I’ve uncovered should finally allow you to consume bagels like they’re meant to! And you’re welcome!

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on bagel topping ideas.

Make sure to try all of the toppings as each brings something unique to the table. Serve your bagels with the toppings or make a bagel sandwich by putting the toppings in between two bagels.

Bagel topping ideas – 9 fresh and nifty toppings for bagels

  • Author: Renee’ Groskreutz


Here are nine of the most delectable bagel topping ideas to try, from the classic PB&J to avocados.



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